Promises, Promises

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Being a bachelor is great, right? You can do what you want, come and go as you please, with no one to answer to. There’s a side to living the single life that a lot of guys don’t like to talk about however. If you’re not the type of brotha who’s a playboy, with hot, nympho supermodels coming in and out at all hours of the night, if the majority of your sex comes from a computer screen and not a human being, life can be really lonely for the single guy.

That was the sad reality for Chase. He worked 9 to 5 or so at an insurance company at a job that was so incredibly boring that he contemplated running away to Rio every morning during his daily commute. He couldn’t really complain too much, he got away with doing as little work as possible and got paid well enough to go on vacation, party, save a little, and live comfortably. He wasn’t ugly, he was attractive by most standards, but he just wasn’t the sort of guy that felt comfortable going out picking up random chicks. He could if he applied himself to the effort but it just didn’t seem worth the drama.

It was the ride home from work where Chase’s inner sexual demons started taunting him. Living alone, Chase had become addicted to masturbation. He felt guilty about the fact that he felt like he was enslaved to his raging sexual desires. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, he made a deal with himself. “I’m not going to do it tonight. Yeah, I’m not going to do it for another month, starting today,” he affirmed aloud.

Arriving home, Chase headed straight for the bathroom. Pulling out his dick, he let loose with a stream of hot urine into the bowl. It felt good to piss and before the strong yellow stream finished, his dick was getting wood. He stroked it a little and pulled his balls out and started rolling them in his fingers. Catching a glance of himself in the mirror, the guilt hit him and he stopped before he got too carried away.

Getting out of his suit and putting on some comfortable sweats, Chase was free to fix dinner. Well, he ordered take-out because he had never even used his stove before. Committed to his vow, he sat down to watch TV while he ate his buffalo wings. He hadn’t even been home for an hour before he started getting anxious. “I’ll just log on, check my email, and log off,” he said to himself, knowing that it was the Internet that was his downfall.

Before he could even open up a browser, he got an IM from one of his buddies saying, “hey whaz up u gonna cam 2nite?”

“Nah, not tonight,” he replied before he went invisible. He checked his email and bahis firmaları other than notification that an ousted Nigerian parliamentarian was seeking his assistance in getting $2 million bucks out of the country, he didn’t have any emails. He checked his MySpace and Black Planet pages, wrote about how much he hated his job on his blog, and he didn’t see a reason not to check his Xtube page while he was at it. The temptation was just too great and he checked out some of the recently added videos. He watched a few women getting pounded hard in the ass while he played with his nipples, twisting and rubbing them. There couldn’t be any harm in checking out a few tranny vids, could there? Before he knew it, Chase had been watching porn for two hours and his dick was as hard as a rock and he was stroking it with his favorite lotion for lube. He’d been teasing himself the entire time and he was desperate to cum.

He struggled within himself. He didn’t want to go back on his vow but he was so horny, so turned on. He felt ashamed of himself, and guilty. It was almost as if his lust controlled him when he was in this sort of aroused state. Now, completely naked, he was fingering his ass and didn’t give a damn about the empty promise he’d made to himself.

He went to his closet and got out all of his toys. Chase had a collection of dildos that went from small butt plugs he could wear under his suits at work with no one the wiser to gigantic, humongous, enormous dildos that didn’t look like human beings could take them. They ranged in color from light cocoa to the darkest of ebony. His dick leaked precum at the very thought of feeling those huge, fake dicks penetrating his ass.

Part of his arousal was feeling the shame. He felt dirty and abnormal for loving things shoved up his ass but that turned him on as well. He was terrified he was the only brotha in the world who loved women, loved pussy, loved fucking but also loved feeling his asshole stuffed with hard, huge fake dicks. When he was aroused like this, his ass had a mind of it’s own. He couldn’t count how many times he’d thrown every dildo he owned away, promising to never do it again, only to wind up a few weeks later, replacing all the ones he’d discarded and buying even more to add to his collection. He just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that his asshole would get as horny as a pussy, throbbing and desperate to be filled, fucked savagely, and left gaping open.

As hard as he tried, he couldn’t go more than three or four days without it. Something in him took over and it was kaçak iddaa all he could think about. He had a ritual. He went from small to large, talking to himself out loud the entire time. “Ohh, that’s it. Ohhh, it feels so good going in my tight hole. Mmmm, I can feel the head of that dick stretching my anal ring, sliding in deep. Damn, I love feeling that thick shaft in me.” He didn’t even have to touch his prick, it leaked on it’s own. When he did jerk his stiff, hard erection, he craved the feeling of a big, hard dildo deep, deep inside him. He loved feeling slutty and by the time he was in the zone, he as out of control with his fantasies. “Fuck yeah, fill my pussy with that hard meat. Give it to me, fuck me with that big dick.”

Truth be told, he was crazy for the feeling of being penetrated but he was terrified of being bisexual. Those fears seemed to disappear when he was fucking himself; he got off in those moments of depravity by thinking of himself as a faggot gangbang slut, taking on four and five dudes at a time, being used, driving them crazy with his insatiable asspussy that couldn’t be satisfied, that would drain them of their cum and be ready for more.

By 11:00, Chase was deep in his nightly routine and he was ready for the 13-inch dildo in his ass. It was over four inches thick at the base and as black as night. He positioned the base on the wall and got on his knees. He teased himself by rubbing it up and down his ass crack and over his balls. He liked teasing himself, pretending that he had to beg for it like a filthy whore. His asshole was throbbing with desire and he heard himself moan as he backed up on the head. For Chase, that was one of the most intense feelings, feeling that thick head pop in his hole. He taunted his fantasy lover, “Oh yeah, does that feel good? You like the way my tight, wet, hot pussy makes you feel?” He backed up on the dildo and felt every inch as it went deeper and deeper inside. Luckily, he’s laid out some towels on the floor because by the time he’d worked that entire dildo in his ass, he’d pissed himself and it felt damn sexy.

The feeling of fullness was indescribable. Chase wished he could stay like that forever, with that huge dildo deep in him, filling him, keeping him on the edge of pleasure and satisfying a need in him to be filled. He grabbed another dildo and shoved it in his mouth, sucking it like only a cheap whore could. He wanted two real dicks filling him, making him take every inch. In his mind, he was a cum slut, bareback bitch, getting hot cum pumped in him from both ends. kaçak bahis Chase was like an animal, sweating and moaning and fucking himself like crazy. He worked every inch of that thick dildo in his ass and wiggled that ass like a stripper to work it deeper. He got into a rhythm where he would take it all the way out to the head and slam back on it hard, causing himself to moan out in pleasure as he fucked himself over and over again. When he felt himself getting close to cumming, he stopped; prolonging the pleasure was such an intense high he didn’t mind only getting a few hours sleep at night in order to scratch that itch in his mancunt.

When he lay on the bed, with his legs in the air, he could see the dildo going in and out of his pussy in the mirror. He loved looking at his sexy brown hole gape open, imagining loads and loads of hot cum dripping from it. He found himself on more than one occasion licking and sucking a dildo directly from his ass, tasting his manly ass juices and shoving it back in only to lick and suck it again. He talked to himself in the mirror, “Look at you. You are so nasty. Look at you cleaning that filthy dick straight from your shithole. Mmm, it tastes so good.”

When he knew he couldn’t take it anymore, when he knew he was about to explode with cum, he turned on his web cam, mounted his favorite, curved dildo to his chair and gave a show for anyone who wanted to see. His fans loved seeing him ride that thick dildo as much as they loved seeing him stroke his own impressive dick. Every time that curved dildo hit his spot, he would moan like a bitch. “Fuck yeah, I love feeling that big hard dick in my pussy. I’m such a faggot slut. I can’t get enough. I’m addicted to feeling that thick, hard shaft shoved in me. I need it deeper, harder.” The muscles in his thighs flexed and he jerked his erection in time, hard and fast. “I’m such a fucking cumwhore. I love getting fucked in my ass. Shit, fuck me. Fuck, it feels so fucking good. Goddamn bareback pussy boi whore who can’t get enough. Fucking fag boy who loves getting fucked. Dirty, nasty shithole slut, getting that hot, thick dickmeat where I need it. Come on, can’t you fuck me any harder than that? Use this tight manpussy, rip it open. Oh god, I can’t take it, I’m going to cum. Shit . . . Fuck . . . Damnnnnnnn!!!! Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Cleanup was a bitch. The last thing he wanted to do at 3 in the morning was to wash up and put everything away in its hiding place. He knew if he didn’t, Chase knew that if he didn’t put everything away then and there, that when he came home from work later that evening, that he would be too tempted to do it again. And this time made a promise to himself that he wasn’t going to do it again for at least another month.

Copyright 2008 AfroerotiK

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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