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I open my eyes and find I’m staring into a velvety darkness. My mouth is dry and my head feels like it’s been filled with treacle. What the fuck’s going on? I’m aware of movement around me, of being touched and pulled about and I can hear a muffled voice, but I’m struggling to fully comprehend any of it. And I’m not sure I can move. I take a deep breath and try to focus.

A moment or two later I feel fingers fiddling with something at the back of my head and then I’m dazzled by a sudden brightness as my blindfold is removed. I squint, allowing my vision to adjust and the fog in my brain to clear and I’m greeted by the sight of you standing in front of me. You’re wearing your swimsuit and have your hands on your hips.

“So glad you can join me.” You say with a wry smile.

I shake my head, blink and try to concentrate again. Glancing down I discover that I’m naked, sitting on a small wooden chair with my hands tied behind me. Again, what the fuck? I twist and pull at my bindings, but to no avail. You lean forward, pressing your breasts against my chest and whisper in my ear.

“I’d save my energy if I were you. You’re going to need it.” Then you straighten up. “Yes, you’re definitely going to need it?” You add, nodding at my cock, watching it start to thicken and grow. “I must say that I didn’t expect to see you quite so well groomed.” You circle your finger in the air in front of me, prompting us both to look down at my cleanly shaved torso and groin, and then put it to your lips. “Hmm, I’ll reserve judgment on that…just for the time being.”

I stare at you and say nothing, trying hard to think back.

I can remember kneeling on the path working away and then looking up and watching you get out of the pool. You were wearing the same figure-hugging one-piece swimsuit you’re wearing now and I remember thinking how sexy you looked. Of course, it helps that it doesn’t leave an awful lot to the imagination. You simply can’t escape that wonderful, all-too-revealing cling of the fabric. I remember gazing at the clearly defined contours of your breasts and thinking how fantastic they looked. I’m not entirely sure – this is where my memory fails me – but I think I may have had a bit of a ‘moment’ whilst watching you then. However, I do remember you bending over to pick up your towel and thinking that your bottom, with your buttocks all deliciously accentuated, looked mouth watering too. I also remember you turning round and waving hello before heading off to the house. And then I remember you returning a few minutes later and asking me if I wanted a coffee. But I can’t remember a thing after that.

And now, as my gaze travels up your legs to your crotch where a little of the fabric of your suit has creased in between your legs, there’s the very distinct possibility that I’m about to have another moment.

My eyes move from your crotch to your stomach, up to your breasts – full and firm under the close-fitting material – and then finally to your face. You look even more gorgeous escort kızılay this close. Your smile has waned though and been replaced by a much more serious and determined look. It’s the look of a woman on a mission. And it’s a look that has my head swirling again. I can feel blood pumping along my hardening shaft as I become gripped by an almost insatiable want. And yet despite my growing desire and anticipation, I’m confused. I still have a lot more questions than answers.

“Right, I think it’s about time I taught you a lesson.” You say quietly.

A lesson?

“It’s time I showed you exactly what I do to men who can’t keep their hands off their cocks in front of me.”

You stand studying me for a few more moments, then take hold of the shoulder straps of your swimsuit and start to peel it off. I watch you fold the top half down to your waist, freeing your lovely, shapely breasts. You gaze down yourself and then run your fingers up from your waist and linger at the spot just under your nipples. My mouth goes dry again and my cock swells and throbs as I watch you tease yourself, circling your fingers round and round your areola.

“Once again, I see that I have your undivided attention.” You say, gazing at my cock.

You push your suit down further over your hips, allowing me a glimpse of your pussy hair which you pull and twist gently, before sliding your hand down between your legs. Fuck me. Then you turn around, push your bottom out towards me and slowly roll down the rest of your suit. Even though I’m in no position to do anything else, I sit enthralled as, inch by inch, you gradually reveal your fantastically pert ass. And when you pull the fabric down below your buttocks and give me a tantalising glimpse of the swell of your pussy between your legs, I would have fallen off the chair had I not been tied to it. The anticipation is becoming unbearable.

“Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Is this what you can’t stop wanking over?” You say, looking over your shoulder at me. Then you look down at my cock. “I bet you can’t wait to come, can you? I bet you’d love to fuck this over and over again, wouldn’t you?”

Though it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out, perhaps you know me better than I know myself? I watch you remove your swimsuit and grasp your buttocks.

“Do you have any idea just how lovely and soft these are?”

No. But I can imagine.

“I’m sure that you’d just love to slide that hard cock of yours right inside here?” And with that you bend forward again, part your buttocks and show me your ass. “Just think you could grab these hips and slowly ease your cock deep inside.”

Fuck. Shit. I feel like I’m going to explode.

“Or maybe you just want to fuck my pussy?” You move your legs further apart and slide a finger between the delicious frills of your labia. “Look how wet I’m getting.” You show me the glistening evidence. “You could fuck this as hard and as fast as you like.”

My heart is thumping like a bass ankara yabancı escort drum. I look down at my cock. It’s sticking straight up, solid and straining. And you’re absolutely right – I’d love to do it all.

You straighten up and turn around. “Look at the state you’ve got yourself in?” You whisper, shaking your head. Then you kneel down in front of me. “You really ought to try and exert some self-control, you know?” You say breathlessly, as you slowly and very lightly run the tip of a finger up the entire length of my shaft. “Because this sort of behaviour shouldn’t and can’t be overlooked.”

Oh fuck. My cock gives a violent twitch as your touch ushers more blood into already bulging veins. You rock back on your heels and softly stroke your hand up your belly and along the soft undersides of your breasts. Your nipples are so stiff and long that they seem to pull your breasts upwards as if straining to wrench themselves free. And though I could be mistaken, for a brief moment it looks like it’s you who’s the powerless one as you stare at me through glassy eyes..

You composure yourself and slowly get to your feet. I attempt to read your mind as you stare at me intently. Then you raise your right leg and place your foot flat against my chest. Oh, I see. I brace myself. I’m pretty sure I know what’s coming now. You bend your leg and start to press against me, then pause and look down. I follow your gaze, tracing a line down the inside of your thigh to the swatch of pubic hair and your pouting pussy and then to the large, swollen tip of my cock bobbing about a couple of inches below you. So close. So wonderfully close. You smile – a wicked little smile – then slowly lower yourself enough to dab my helmet with your cunt. My cock twitches, tightens and tries to nudge up inside you. We both exhale. Then you smile again and raise yourself up. The tip of my helmet shines with your wetness and I close my eyes. Every part of me aches for every part of you. And then, as I look at you and take a deep breath, you send me toppling backwards with a firm kick.

I just manage to lift my head and let my arms and shoulders take the brunt of the impact as I hit the cool, hard floor. Well, that’s certainly cleared the remainder of the fog. You move round and stand above me with your feet either side of my face. What a fucking wonderful sight. No part of you escapes my attention. And despite the painful twinge in my shoulders I could stay in this position for hours.

“Tough guy, eh?” You say, leaning down looking straight into my eyes, your breasts and nipples hanging down, drawn towards me.

I say nothing and continue to study every soft curve of your body and then look up at you and smile. Without breaking my gaze you slowly squat down, your pussy and ass hovering just above my face. For the first time I breathe in your sweet, musky scent. My cock tightens again and I curse. You tut and smile.

“You know, you have far too much to say for yourself. I think etlik escortlar it’s about time I shut you up.” And then you slowly lower yourself onto me.

Every one of my senses is set alight as you cover my nose with your cunt and fill my mouth with your ass. I struggle to breathe almost immediately. But I’m not complaining. You feel, smell and taste divine. If this is the way I’m going to go, then I’m going down enjoying myself. And I’m taking you with me.

Now it’s your turn to brace yourself as you reach down and put your hands on my shoulders. Anticipation hangs in the air as you wait for me to respond. But I fight every urge and hold off from doing anything…just for a moment. And then, as you impatiently grind your backside over my face, without grace, reservation or warning I begin to plunge my tongue in and out of your puckered opening. Loud gasps echo around the kitchen that, given my situation, can only be coming from you. Whether you mean to or not you offer me a brief respite when you lift yourself off my face, panting and sweating, and change to kneeling astride me. I fill my lungs with air just before you sit back down again smothering my mouth with your wet pussy. A flood of your sweet, buttery juices bombard my taste buds as I eagerly lick and suck you. Then tiny sparks of light start to flicker across my vision and your moans seem to grow distant. But I don’t let up. I’m not going to let myself pass out before I’ve made you come. And, sure enough, as I frantically push my tongue in and out of your pussy and ass, you quiver, shake and cry out and tighten your grip on my shoulders as you become seized by an all-consuming orgasm. What’s more, as my mind goes into a tailspin and my vision blurs, I can feel my own unstoppable orgasm pulsing out of my cock in wonderful hot streams…

…I open my eyes, startled by the sound of footsteps padding down the path towards where I’m kneeling. A surge of panic sweeps through me and I quickly pull my hand out from the front of my shorts. Fuck. Shit. But no amount of panic is going to stem the flow, not at this stage. My cock throbs and twitches and continues to pump cum into my shorts as you draw near. And the sight of you in your tight swimsuit only exacerbates the problem. You stop a couple of feet in front of me, but I don’t dare to look up, I just stare down, waiting.

“Hello there.”

I take a deep breath. I have to look up now. I prepare for the worst, but I’m surprised to see you standing with your hands on your hips, smiling. Perhaps you haven’t noticed.

“I’ve just been watching you from the house. You really have been hard at it, haven’t you?” You look down and study the front of my trousers. “I’m quite amazed at how you’ve kept going for so long.”

You pause for a moment and smile again. Then you look down yourself, grasp the sides of you suit and with a measured wiggle hitch it up. I watch, slightly open mouthed, as the fabric clings to your hips and pelvis, stretches over your pubic mound and then creases a little into the slit of your pussy.

“You must be absolutely gasping by now? You say, eyeing the dark patch spreading across the crotch of my shorts, and then pause again. “Why don’t you come and sit inside and relax for a bit with a nice, strong coffee?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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