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April lived in the dorm that was directly above mine. I’d never seen her room, but I guessed it was like her: well-thought out, but perhaps a little messy. She existed somewhere on the spectrum between “baggy-sweater indie girl” and “yuppie business chick.”

One of the first days of freshman year, I found her with some friends in the lounge painting each other’s nails. She was wearing a white blouse unbuttoned just enough for her cleavage to peek out through the open neck, with her long light-brown hair in a messy bun.

“David,” she called out to me as I microwaved a pop-tart in the dorm kitchen. “Let us paint your nails!”

I smiled nervously. “What’s in it for me?”

“You get to look pretty!”

I had an exam to study for and appearances to keep up, so I declined her offer. As I learned later, maybe I should have taken her up on it.

April and I had a few mutual friends, so I saw her occasionally in social settings. She knew how to handle herself around people, and was generally well-liked, although I gathered that a small contingent of girls absolutely hated her guts. I don’t know what their reason was, and I never bothered to ask.

But for the most part, I didn’t really know April that well at all. I knew she was a business major, I think either accounting or marketing. I knew she had briefly dated a friend of a friend of mine and it had ended badly. I knew she was really pretty, and despite being just a little tall and very skinny, she had a shapely body that turned heads. And that was about it. We weren’t much more than side characters in each other’s lives for most of freshman year.

Until one night we weren’t.

I had a problem in March of my second semester. My roommate never seemed to leave our tiny two-person dorm, and still worse, he never seemed to sleep. The kid stayed up all hours playing video games, and never seemed to go to class.

Naturally, this meant that I didn’t get any “me time,” if you catch my drift. I was horny as hell, and I desperately needed to bust a nut. Unfortunately, I doubted my roommate would be chill with me doing so with him still in the room.

One Saturday in March I had had enough. It was 1:00 A.M., my balls were the color of the deep blue sea, and my roommate was loudly playing League of Legends with his friends from back home. So I went downstairs to the gender-neutral restroom in the common area, locked the door, took a seat on the toilet, googled some porn, and went to town. I was hard the whole walk downstairs — eryaman bayan escort that’s how bad I needed that nut.

With my phone in my left hand, I leaned my left arm against my knee, widened my stance, and stroked my cock with my right hand; slowly at first, then faster, squeezing tighter, feeling my precum drip down my dick and lubing me up even more until finally I was right on the edge and all I needed was just a few seconds longer–

The door slammed open and suddenly shut again.

In a second, I made three important observations:

1. I had not, in fact, successfully locked the door.

2. April was now in the restroom with me.

3. My cock was out.

April, wearing a black bodycon party dress with a short skirt, made a beeline for the toilet. “Move move move!” she called. Bewildered, I stood up, covered my junk with my hands, and shuffled to the side.

April immediately pulled down her panties, sat on the toilet, and sighed deeply as she began to pee.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” she said, panting. “I’ve really needed to go for like an HOUR and it just couldn’t wait another second.

I was so shocked I couldn’t even move. It took us both about fifteen seconds to silently process everything that was happening.

By the time the sound of April’s urination stopped, she understood. “Were you… masturbating in here?” she asked, with an expression that told me she was about to laugh.

“I- uh-“

“You were, weren’t you? Oh my God.”

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? I can’t get any privacy in my dorm. I haven’t cum in weeks. Oh my God. This is horrifying. I thought I locked the door.”

She was giggling now, and it dawned on me that she must have just come from a party. She was tipsy.

“I literally caught you with your pants down!” she said.

“Hey, your pants are down too.”

She laughed, then stood up, pulled her panties up, and flushed the toilet. She started to wash her hands. I didn’t know what to do or say.

“Well, this is… something,” she murmured, chuckling. “I suppose I should let you get back to it, then.”

After drying her hands, she walked over to the door and put her hand on the doorknob. Then she stopped and thought to herself for a few seconds.

“You really haven’t cum in weeks?”


And then I heard a click as the door locked for real.

“You know, I could help you with that if you want.”


“Do you want me to make you cum?”


I didn’t know how to escort etimesgut respond to that for a few seconds. But then I did.

“Well– I wouldn’t want you to have to go to any trouble or anything–“

“Oh, it’s no trouble,” she said, smiling. She walked over to me, my pants still on the floor. She put her left hand on my shoulder, and gently traced the fold of skin on the underside of my cock with her right index finger.

She smiled at me. I began to quietly pant in a fascinating mixture of shock and arousal. Then she got down on her knees.

She cupped my balls with her left hand and closed her small right hand around my shaft, then began to work it up and down while fondling my sack. The deftness with which she twisted her hand for each stroke let me know she had done this before.

She stopped for a moment and spit into her hand to lubricate my cock, then put her mouth on the head while she worked her hand up and down my shaft. Waves of electric pleasure ran through my body, and I panted louder. After a few minutes of this, she took her hand off of my balls and gently scratched my perineum with her fingertips.

That was enough for me. “Ohh, fuck.” I groaned and grabbed her long brown hair, then pushed my cock all the way down her throat as I came thick, syrupy ropes of pent-up cum, my prostate convulsing with each pleasurable shot.

She slowly slid her mouth off of my dick, then swallowed it all. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Did that feel good?” she asked.

“That was incredible,” I said. “Thank you.”

“Okay, now you have to pay me back,” she said, and before I could say anything she had taken her panties off. “Lie down on the floor.”

I was exhausted now, but did as she said. She stood over me so that I could see up her dress, right up to her pink pussy, dusted lightly with brown pubic hair, and her shapely ass.

Then she kneeled over my face and sat her pussy on my mouth. Now she was the one panting.

“Eat me,” she said, and I couldn’t say no.

I dug right in, opening up the folds of her pussy with my tongue, playing with labia, nuzzling her clit with my nose. Once I started lightly sucking her clit, she grabbed my hair and bit her tongue, moaning under her breath.

I started circling her clit with my tongue as she pulled off the rest of her dress. Now she was completely naked — she apparently hadn’t been wearing a bra. I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and pressed her hips further into my face, and elvankent escort she pulled my hair tighter.

“Harder,” she said breathlessly. “Keep doing that.” And I did. And a few minutes later:

“Oh God. Oh my God. Oh my God oh my God oh my God I’m CUMMING,” she said, and I felt her juices fill my mouth and chin as she convulsed above me, holding onto my head like a lifesaver.

Breathless and panting, she leaned down to me, wiped my face off with her arm, and kissed me. Then she grabbed my cock again — it was rock hard once more — and asked, “Can I put it in?”

“Yes,” I said. “Please.”

She dug a condom out of her purse and put it on my dick in seconds. Then she laid down on the tile floor and spread her legs, her eyes looking at me with a desperation, a feeling of *need*, that I simply couldn’t ignore.

I knelt down in front of her and slowly pushed my member into her dripping pussy. She gasped despite herself, and clutched my back. I grabbed her shoulders and began to thrust in and out. We both panted in unison. I put my mouth on her left nipple and began to play with it using my tongue, prompting her to dig her nails deeper into my back.

Her pussy was so tight that every time I pushed in I felt like I was about to hit a wall, and every time I pulled back I thought I just might take her stomach out with me. But I didn’t, so I slowly sped up my pace. Within thirty seconds, my balls were smashing against her round ass with a satisfying rhythmic *thwack thwack thwack.*

April gasped. “David,” she whispered to me. “April,” I whispered back. She wrapped her legs around me and began to move as well, her pussy trying to swallow up as much of my dick as it possibly could. It was ecstasy, pure animal magnetism. It was like I could feel her pussy begging for my cum.

“Cum inside me, David,” she panted breathlessly. “Oh my God. Fill up my pussy completely. Fuck!”

Something came over me, and I grabbed a fistful of her hair and began to choke her. She was practically screaming now between breaths. The whole dorm must have been able to hear her. But I didn’t care. I wanted everyone to know.

“Who owns your pussy?”

“You do. Oh my God, DAVID. FUCK MEEEEEE!”

And as she began to convulse in pleasure on my cock, I came again, pressing my hips as deep into her as I could to blow my load, over and over again, as she clawed at my back in uncontrollable pleasure.

After a minute, it was over, and we both collapsed onto each other. I took off the condom, tied it up, and tossed it into the restroom trash from across the room.

“Nice shot,” April panted.

“Thank you,” I replied.

That night wasn’t the last time April and I crossed paths, nor the first. But what can I say? The memory stands out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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