Pretty and Pregnant

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It’s been incredibly hard to concentrate on conversation, jobs and chores while not thinking about your legs and butt in tights. When you come home from your night out, give me a kiss hello as you walk in the door and you’ll sense how turned on I am by you. You can feel it in my kiss and in my arms as I take your hand bag from you, then wrap them around you. You can feel it in my hardness as I press against you during our hug.

You will be able to tell how turned on I am by the hunger in my kiss as I pull away from your mouth and kiss your chin, your cheek, your neck. You feel my hot breath on your cool skin and my teeth just nipping at the side of your neck.

I’m sure you’ll get an idea as my hands wander down and lift the hem of your dress, lifting it above your waist. I gently and slowly guide you toward the wall of the hallway so you can lean against the wall. You’ll feel my hands slip under the top of your tights and find the back of your thong, then follow the line of the string down between your butt cheeks. My hands will then glide back up over your cheeks, squeezing them slightly and pulling your hips toward me. As I’m kissing you, you’ll feel me slide your tights down to your knees.

I’ll then reach behind you as I flick my tongue across your lips and suck gently on your tongue, and unzip your dress. I’ll lift it over your head and continue kissing you, pressing you against the wall.

Then, I’ll turn you around so you’re leaning against the wall.Standing behind you, I’ll caress your neck and shoulders, then run my hands over your arms, all the way down to your hands, as you feel my cock pressed against your butt through my pyjama pants. I’ll run my hands back up your arms and across your smooth back until I reach the clasp of your bra. I’ll undo it then and watch you shrug your bra off. From behind, I can see the soft curve of your boobs as they fall free and you swear you can feel me get even harder.

I’ll run my fingers as lightly as possible down your spine until they reach the op of your undies then, kneeling behind you, I’ll place them on your hips and lean in to softly kiss your butt cheeks. As I kiss them, I’ll slowly peel your undies away, until they slide down to sit atop your tights, still bunched around your knees. I’ll move your hair to the side and then run my tongue from the base of your neck down your back and into the cleft of your crack. As I tease you by flicking my tongue along your bum, I’ll gently push your legs apart. From where I’m kneeling, I have the most

perfect view of your silky smooth and nicely damp pussy.

Savouring the view for a moment, I fee your hand on my head, stroking my hair. I kiss your hip, looking up at you pressed against the wall, then I exaggerate moistening my fingers before sliding two of them into you.

I’m smiling as I feel you tense for a moment and hear you gasp. I only push my fingers in a little way before withdrawing them again and keep them hovering around your opening, just so you can feel them there. That sensation of sliding into you was so good that I want to experience it again, so I firmly push into you again, and curl my fingers around so they fill you as much as possible.

In and out, slowly, then gathering speed, I thrust them into you, all the while loving the view of your lips spread apart and my fingers gleaming with your juices. At one stage, I run my tongue from your knees, up the back of your legs , to your but, on both sides.

After a while, I pull my fingers out and lick them clean with a huge smile. At this stage, I see you looking back at me, waiting… I lean forward and kiss you, you’re kissing me back super hungrily, moaning and growling into my mouth. I slide one hand back along your arm until my hand is resting on yours, our fingers entwined, while my other hand slides my pyjama pants down and my feet kick them off.

I’m sure you’ll figure out how turned on I am as you feel me guide myself into you from behind, my hard shaft stretching you apart and filling you up. That hand then slides around your swollen belly and holds you tight as I start to thrust in and out of you, slowly and teasingly.

After I thrust into you half a dozen times, enjoying the natural fit of your ass against my crotch, you’d pull away from me, saying “No no no, this isn’t right!”

My cock would slide out of you and stand upright, shiny and wet. You quickly get rid of your boots and tights, then push me hard against the wall. Kissing me deeply , you’d then lick and kiss your way down my chest, lingering over my nipples, drawing circles around them with your tongue as you hold my hands down by my side. Your teeth and tongue would tease them to hardness and cause me to thrust against you, gasping. The mischievous look you’d give me would be enough to turn any man on.

Then you’d run your tongue down my belly as you knelt, until your cheek grazes the tip of my wang. Knowing what I’m aching for, you’d ignore it and lick down kaçak iddaa the front of my thigh, giggling as I groan in protest. Without warming, you’d dive in and playfully nip at my balls, making me yell in pleasure. Your hands would run up the back of my legs, tight and taut. My hard, wet wang would be right there in front of you, but you’d be ignoring it for as long as you could, knowing it would make the sensation even more intense for me.

I’m sure you’d continue to nibble on my balls while occasionally stopping to kiss my belly and legs, keeping me whimpering with desire and completely unsure of what you would do next. I know that, at some stage, your hands would slide up the back of my legs and your long fingers would grab my ass cheeks, your nails digging in as you playfully assert your authority on me. You’d see how turned on I was, with the head of my dick completely exposed from the cover of it’s foreskin shroud, and a string of fresh pre-cum trailing from the purple head to my now-damp belly button. While kissing and licking me everywhere but there, you’d lean in to break that trail with your tongue and would “accidentally” brush your tongue over the tip of the head, just once. I’d be lucky enough to be looking down at you as you did and would notice the hungry, devilish look on your face. Right now, I’d have one hand in your hair and another sweeping up and down my body, tweaking my tiny pink nipples, firmly caressing my belly and reaching down to my cock. Every time it came close though, you’d slap it away.

I’d feel your hand on the base of it and then hear you giggle as you steer it away from my seeking hand.

I’d gasp and groan as I feel the fingers of your left hand trail down my butt crack and gently trace around …there. Closing my eyes, I’d lean back and enjoy the sensations I’m experiencing and would happily play with my nipple. You don’t like me getting too comfortable though, so I’d hear you clear your throat and I’d look down at you. Kneeling in front of me, not a stitch on, you’d be looking up at me and would deliberately cup one of your boobs and squeeze it gently, massaging it and moving it. Motivated by the look in my wide eyes, you’d run your tongue up the length of my shaft, from the balls to the very tip, then swirl the tip of your tongue around the sensitive head.

When you feel like you’ve teased me enough, you’d place it against your lips and suck gently, drawing it into your warm mouth. Keeping just the head in your mouth, I can feel your tongue swirling around the tip. The sight of you there holding my clock, sucking on it, gently pulling your swollen pregnant nipple, would be driving me wild and I’d start thrusting instinctively. You’d move your head in time with me and start taking more into your mouth, up and down, occasionally stopping to swirl your tongue. After a while you’d stop and take me out of your mouth with a smacking noise. I’d look down and see a trail of pre-cum and spit between your sweet lips and the head; this would disappear quickly as you lick my shaft and take it into your mouth. I can feel your teeth on me as you flick your tongue, holding me in your teeth. From there, you move further south and cup my shaved balls in your hand. You concentrate on them for a moment before expertly taking one of them into your mouth, your other hand gripping and working my shaft. I’ve never ever felt this before, what a sensation. Your mouth is amazing and your hand is an absolute expert in working me. After a minute or two of gently sucking on my balls, you abruptly and hungrily take my cock back into your mouth and suck it hard, moaning along with me.

The difference this time is amazing, with you sucking on me hungrily, moving fast, up snd down, up and down, your tongue everywhere, your hands pumping and squeezing. I’m finding it hard to keep control. My hands would be in your hair by now, on the back of your head, I’d be moaning out loud, yelling your name.

Abruptly, I’d remove my hands and quickly tear my shirt off so I’m left wearing nothing except my glasses and you. You’d look up and grin, sensing how far you’re pushing me and would pull me out of your mouth, not with out one last final swirl of your tongue to make me whimper. Knowing how badly I want you, you’d pleasure me and torment me a little longer by rubbing my dick between your boobs a little to make them wet and slippery, then wrapping them around my shaft. Instinctively, I’d thrust, like I was fucking your boobs. You’d be sliding them up and down me, flicking your tongue over my head when it got close. My eyes would be closed by this stage as I fought to delay my climax, which would be a shame, as I’d be missing the most incredible sight.

I couldn’t take it any longer and I’d pull you away from me before I came. Kneeling down, I’d wrap my arms around you and kiss you deeply, loving the taste of myself on your mouth, my tongue licking your chin and cheeks, anywhere I can find a trace. I’m growling Into to your kaçak bahis mouth like an animal, as you tease by grabbing my tongue in your teeth.

Your hands would be scratching down my back, in my hair, on my chest, everywhere at once. I’d be back where I started, kissing your neck and your ear, nibbling your earlobe, nuzzling your neck softly, running my tongue from behind your ear down your neck to your beautiful delicate collarbone, then kissing my way along it, sucking gently on your skin as I moved to your shoulder. With one hand on your hip and the other holding yours, I’d kiss my way along your arm, enjoying feeling of your arm hairs lightly tickling my lips and tongue. When I got to your hand, I’d caress my cheek for a minute as I smiled at you, then I’d suck each of your fingers deeply, enjoying the faint taste of me on them. You’d be running your other hand through my hair and lightly pulling it.

From your hand, I’d run my tongue all the way back along your arm, along the soft underside, holding your arm out straight, all the way back to your shoulder, where I’d be able to nuzzle and kiss in your armpit, making you squeal and giggle. I’d kiss all around there and then kiss down your side to your hip. I’d then run my tongue all over your belly , sucking gently on your belly button and running my hands over the firm curve. With luck, I’d even feel the baby rolling around in there. My hands would slide up while I’m kissing, up over your belly until they meet the soft warmth of the most perfect boobs I’ve ever seen. Without looking, I’d run the palms of my hands over your hard brown nipples, encouraging them to harden under my touch, all the while still kissing, licking and sucking on your belly and enjoying the faint smell of your very excited pussy.

Since you’re still kneeling, I’m sure I’d stand for a little bit and rub my dick on your boobs, using the thick, wide head like a big tongue, rubbing it around and flicking it over your nipples, making them glisten with moisture. I could see just how excited you are by how hard they’ve gotten and how deep your breathing has gotten. You’d be listening to me moan as the texture and hardness of your nipples rubbed on my swollen, purple head. I’d be moaning your name out loud and groaning deeply. Then I’d kneel back down next to you and one after the other, hold your magnificent boobs in both my hands, softly and lovingly. I’d bend forward and run the tip of my tongue around your areolae, licking up what I left behind, before taking the whole nipple into my mouth and sucking, trapping it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. First one boob, then the other. Part way through this, I’m sure my hand would seek out yours, our fingers meshed.

When both boobs were clean and your nipples enormous, I’d smile at you and lie on the floor next to you, my hand on your leg.

“It’s your turn Honey. Kneel over my face?”

“Ok”, you’d simply answer, without hesitation, then would lift your leg over me, straddling my neck, just out of reach. The view would be amazing; your swollen, wet pussy right in front of me, your belly and boobs, your still-neat hair and that smile…

“There’s something I want to do first”, you’d whisper, your hands on your belly. Knowing what was coming, there’d be anticipation and desire in my eyes, which would drive you on. Your left hand would slide up to your tits and cup one, squeezing it and stretching your already-hard nipple. Your other hand would slide down, over your belly to between your legs. The fingers would slide down between your lips, opening them up in front of me, sliding inside, probing, rubbing, teasing. I wouldn’t know where to look, up or down. When my hand wandered in, you’d “uh uh!” me. So I’d lie there, watching you masturbate right in front of my eyes, not letting me touch you. Every part of your beautiful body, starting to be slick with sweat, is turning me on. The hunger in your eyes as your fingers rub and probe, your other hand holding your perfect boob, your moaning and whimpering. I feel like I’m about to explode.

I’d beg you to let me have a turn, so eventually you’d relent and wriggle down until you’re over my face. Your face would be obscured by your belly, do I’d have to guess that I’m doing the right thing. My hands would slide along your thighs to your bum, holding you close. I’d start slowly licking just outside the lips of your pussy. I’d lightly kiss your lips, take each fold between my lips, sucking and slowly, gently parting them. My tongue would move between and slide up and down those folds, at first barely touching you. As I licked, I’d occasionally slide my tongue deeply into your pussy, getting my first real taste of you, but then I’d return to long, slow, light licks, my tongue penetrating a bit more deeply each time. I might reach up a hand and massage just below your pubic bone, pushing down lightly each time my tongue slides up. My tongue would go deeper into you, but Id pay no attention to your clit, illegal bahis not yet. I’d slide my fingers down to just outside where the folds of your pussy hide you, and gently spread your lips, with the tip of my tongue reaching your clit for the first time.

My tongue would slide quickly over the pink, exposed perfection, moving up for a moment or longer, massaging the hood. My tongue would occasionally lose its gentle touch when it dives deeply into you, returning each time to slide back up to again, to slowly tongue the small, soft length still hidden, protected by its tiny hood. I’d slide my tongue up and down, wanting you to feel what I feel when you slide your mouth up and down my cock, wanting you to feel, as I do, the first pulsing waves that will later grow to a really strong orgasm. I’d take my time at this stage, slower is better. I’d lose myself in foolish thoughts for a minute, between a need for the explosion of your orgasm, and the desire for this moment to never end. Not for long though, and I return to experience the taste and smell of your sex, the sound of your breathing quickening, and the rhythm of your pussy as it thrusts against my mouth, and tightens around my tongue, your creamy white thighs tightening around my head.

Rather than continuing to slide my tongue up and down, I’d soften it and flick your little pink clit with the very end, as your legs gripped me tighter and tighter. My hands would be roaming all over you, sliding along your smooth legs and cupping your amazing arse, using it to pull myself into your pussy, my tongue flicking and my chin inadvertently rubbing between your lips as my tongue continued working. I could probably sense that you’re so close – your moans would be so loud, your legs would be tensing, your thrusts would be so hard and erratic. I’d bring you along as far as I could, sucking and reading your clit, occasionally adjusting my angle to allow my tongue inside you, until I could sense your orgasm was close. At that point, I’d move my head away.

You’d growl at me out loud, cranky and horny, before shuffling back as fast as you could, reaching behind yourself until your hand wrapped around my thick shaft. Raising yourself up I to your knees, you’d place the purple head at the swollen entrance to your pussy, then sink down onto it slowly, enjoying the sensation of it filling you up, sliding slowly in, until you’re sitting on top of me. You’d be looking down on me, smiling as you watch the expression on my face when I feel you slip me inside you. That first moment where I slide into you, you know that’s my favourite part, so you’d stay there for a moment, both of us enjoying the feeling.

While your belly would prevent you from leaning all the way forward, you’d lean as far forward as you can and take my hands in yours, as you start sliding up and down my shaft. Up and down, slowly but confidently, you’d take me in and then slide up until only the head was inside you, before doing it all again. Holding my hands tight, you’d be both stopping me from interfering, but also using me to pull yourself up each time, controlling your movement as you steadily fuck me. Getting yourself into a rhythm, you’d speed up and lean back slightly. I’d raise and lower my hips in time with your rhythm, until we move as one, pounding in snd out in perfect synch.

I’d grit my teeth and grunt as I thrust up into you. Your hands would be on my knees behind you, you’d be leaning back and my hands would reach up and cup your magnificent boobs, holding them steady as you thrust with me, our skin sliding together. As I watch my hands on your boobs, as our voices get louder, I’d see your right hand reach down and I’d feel your fingers around my cock as it slides in and out of you, wet from your pussy.

Just before we reach the point of no return, our bodies sweaty and our voices screaming, you’d raise yourself off me. Momentarily confused, I’d understand as you would get down on your hands and knees, with your butt and a perfect, wet, smooth pussy facing me and your legs spread.

God, what an invitation! I’d easily slid back inside you and hold on to your hips and begin thrusting myself in and out of your warmth. We’d both love this! With every thrust inside you, we’d both moan.


I’d be thrusting hard, my hips slapping into your butt, you swaying as I pushed. My eyes would be fixed on the beautiful white curves of your bum, one hand would move over and rest between your cheeks for a second as I got faster and faster.

Pretty soon I wouldn’t be able to hold off any longer and I’d be close to the edge. You’d feel me tense, but just respond with more moaning. I’d suddenly feel a warmth rush over me as I continue to thrust my hard cock inside you. Our orgasms would hit and I’d empty myself inside you, pushing hard against you. You’d feel me pulse inside you and feel the flood of cum as we both climaxed together, your pussy clenching around me. A few more thrusts and we’d both collapse onto the floor, surrounded by clothes. After a few moments of getting our breath back I’d pull myself out from you with a slurp and we’d both roll onto our backs with the giggles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32