Pool Shark

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Smoke filled the air. It hung there, still and heavy in the bright lights. Men moved and bent over the tables and while waiting for their turns, assumed stances that were meant to intimidate, but instead looked contrived and foolish to me.

I looked across the area and saw you. You in your shiny, slutty black leather skirt. Your little white top showcasing your shoulders. Your hair deliberately tousled to look like you had just been fucked. Your lips red and glossy, hinting that they might leave red marks on some lucky guy’s cock

Yeah, I saw you all right.

I watched you for a few minutes, studying your movements and gestures. Watching your smiles and your coy, teasing head tilts. Watching you bend over in exaggerated positions as you stroked the cue in a practiced taunting way, your fingers circled around the shaft and slowly sliding up.

I saw you looking at the men, sizing them up and making sure they saw you looking. Your eyes poured over them and I know you laughed inside as you watched them getting excited and frustrated.

Yeah I saw you, you fucking prick tease.

And I asked the waitress about you. I have been a regular of the club for years and am a good friend of the owner, so she knew me well. I have rented the club for after hours parties many times, and always took good care of her when she worked them for me.

She said you had been in before, playing the same game…control..tease..and disappointment for all of the suckers that tripped over each other in their willingness to serve as your fools.

I wondered what you did when you left. I was certain you always left alone, because you couldn’t possibly allow any of them to really touch you. How could you respect anyone that would grovel and pose and do anything to get your attention?

You were much better than that. You had standards and even the pretty boys couldn’t meet them. They were either not up to your physical requirements or if they were, they were imbeciles. I reveled in your teasing and using them. The thing that amazed me was that they all thought they could have you.

You and I both knew better. We knew the game, if they didn’t.

I passed up my dinner meeting so I could stay and watch you. I was fascinated that you would invest so much time and care on this game. It was apparent that you had planned this for some time. Your hair and your costume were perfect. You wasted no moves and as I watched you, I could see your choreography in every stance and step and prance and bend and flex and vogue.

I appreciate a woman like you. And like all of the men around you, I decided to fuck you.

Your eyes scanned the surrounding tables as you set up your pool shots. They passed over all of those that were watching you, and I saw a little smile form at the edge of your lips. You were pleased with your audience.

You moved your legs apart as you bent over the table edge, and your skirt stretched over your ass and thighs. The bending caused it to creep up enough for me to see your upper thighs. Your legs were toned and tanned. Your calves were firm from strenuous exercise. You had a beautiful buff body. No wonder they were wanting you.

I liked watching your body too, but I saw something they didn’t.

I saw your frustration. Frustration that you were reduced to showing your ass and teasing strangers in a bar. I know it must have excited you, but at the same time it also left you feeling unsatisfied. I was sure you wanted to meet someone that would take you over instead of try to win you over.

You were teasing men that acted like boys and that had to be fun, knowing that you had it all, but still was empty. How could they take you when they were giving you all of their attention?

You went back to your table. All eyes followed you. You picked up your glass and took a drink. You looked back and I saw a moment’s hesitation and then you sat and turned to face the pool table. You slowly crossed your legs, but not before allowing them a glimpse up your skirt.

It was if they were suddenly in slow motion. Then all movement stopped as their eyes aimed at your pantied V. Only after your leg obscured the view did they move again. They continued to look back at your legs waiting for your eventual uncross. They knew the game and were in.

Everything you did increased the stakes and pulled them in deeper. You had them all. What would you do with them, was the only question.

You squirmed in your chair, shifting your body a couple of times. I figured it was from the excitement you felt, as well as deliberate movements to attract their attentions, but also because you had been drinking for awhile without going to the ladies room.

I know my first opportunity would be soon. I called the waitress and ordered two drinks and some chips. I told her I would be going to make a call in a few minutes and told her to save my table and slipped her ten dollars. She assured me she would.

Now all I had to do was wait.

I loved eryaman escort bayan this game. Stalking the stalker, was what I called it in my mind. I knew the next steps well, and was anxious for them to begin. I mentally urged you to leave your table, even though I knew you weren’t receiving my subliminal messages.

You looked around and motioned for one of the guys near you to come over. He was up in a shot and listened intently to your words. He nodded and I saw you stand and walk toward the back of the bar. He sat at your table, saving it for you. The others high-fived him and hooted at his good fortune. He basked in his new status.

You disappeared into the back. I got up and walked to the bar and then slowly walked to the back, far enough behind you that you were unaware of me. I picked up the pay phone receiver in the hall and waited for a couple of minutes, then dialed my answering machine.

I heard the ladies room door open.

“Nah, I’ll be leaving soon. I’ve been watching this bitch showing her ass on the pool tables here, but it’s getting boring..Same old shit.”

I laughed. I was aware that you were in the hall now behind me. I continued.

“Yeah, she’s ok, really pretty hot looking, but she’s just a tease. Yeah. It’d be a waste of time unless I could keep her in front of a mirror all night so she could see herself.”

At that moment, I turned and looked at you as if I wasn’t aware you were there. I held my look for a couple of seconds, then turned away, as if I was uninterested in you. You walked to the end of the hall and started to enter the bar area but paused, listening to what else I might say.

“OK, I’ll see you later, I saw a couple of girls dancing together, and I’m gonna go dance with them. Fuck no. That one’s just a tease. Yeah, you’re right.”

I laughed harder, and then hung the phone up. I walked to the men’s room and went in.

When I came out, you had returned to your table. I went to the dance floor and moved between the two girls that I had seen earlier. They laughed at me and tried to push me away, but I persisted. They soon gave in and we danced together. They had been drinking for some time and were bold and not shy at all.

They rubbed against me and squatted and bent over and pushed their asses to me. I held their hips and hunched them, and we ran our hands over each other. Any other time, I would have taken them out before the second song. My cock was ready. They took turns dancing in my arms and as I held one, the other would be behind me holding us together. The three of us made love by our movements on the dance floor even as we were clothed.

I tore myself away before I gave in. I am a weak man sometimes and that was a test of my resolve. As much as my physical body wanted them, my mind did not. They only offered their bodies and I wanted more.

My cock disagreed and punished me for my selfishness by stiffening even more and pushing against my slacks as I walked back to my table. You turned just as I approached my table. I saw your eyes drop to my bulging cock outline, and then dart away. I caught you.

Sometimes the thing that isn’t available is the thing you want the most. I had gone to the club for pussy, but I had passed up on a sure thing just two minutes ago. I must me crazy, I thought as I watched the two girls now dancing with another guy. A guy that would soon be in a pile with both of them. Damn, I am so dumb sometimes.

But, I was Don Quixote then, on a sacred mission. Not for the fair Donna Dulcinea, but for a woman that was accustomed to getting what she wanted and then only on her terms. I rationalized that it must be terrible for you to have to be in charge all the time and that you needed someone to take you over and possess you, if only for a brief while. Someone that burned with passion and would be forceful and animalistic and full of fury and lust. Someone that would force you down, push your clothes aside and have you…Someone that would allow you that surrender.

But I am full of shit most of the time. I wanted you for my own selfish reasons. I wanted you because I couldn’t have you.


The bartender gave the last call and there was a flurry of activity as everyone tried to make their last pickup attempts.

I sat down and motioned for the waitress. I ordered another drink and turned to the dance floor. I had my back to you and the tables. I watched as the girls teased their partner. They were ripe and ready. I wondered why he was still there. My thoughts were interrupted by the waitress, as she placed the drink on the table.

I ignored you and the other pool players for a few minutes and then when I felt the time was right, I walked through the area, in front of you. I looked at you for a second as I passed. Your eyes met mine and didn’t look away. You met my challenge as I knew you would, and I think I saw defiance in you.

I smiled to myself as I went back to the telephone in the hallway behind the bar. I dropped etimesgut escort a quarter in the slot and dialed my answering machine again.

Three minutes passed, then four and five. I knew you’d come, but was surprised that you played the game so well. I liked that a lot.

I faced the entranceway and when you appeared, I didn’t pretend to talk. Instead I watched you as you walked to me. When you were there, I hung the phone up.

“You are very good, you know.” I smiled at you.

“Yes. I know”

“You like to play pool or play with the boys?”

“Depends on the boys.”

“I have the club reserved for an after hours party tonight, and I have some time after they close in a few minutes. Show me how good you are…….at pool, unless you’re going to be baby sitting.”

“You arrogant son of a bitch,” you hissed and turned and walked back to your table.

I went to the restroom and then went outside, where it was quiet, to use my cell phone. People left the club as the lights went on and the bouncers and bartenders shut the club down. I leaned on my car and watched them leave.

You didn’t come out, and after I was certain most of the customers were gone, I went back in and checked the bar to be sure they were getting set up. My guests would be arriving in a little over two hours.

I looked across the club and saw you shooting the cue ball back and forth against the back rail. I noticed you glancing up as you repostioned it.

I hurried the last employees out so they could have time for a breakfast break before we started up again, but mainly so I would be alone with you. When the last one had left, I locked the door and went to your table. I sat my drink down and picked up a pool cue from the stand on the wall. I sighted down it and chalked the tip.

You sat on a barstool at the wall bar and watched as I got ready.

“What are we playing?”

“Eight ball.”

“How about nine ball instead?”

“No, I like eight ball better.”

“OK, then, call all shots?”


“And what are we playing for?”

You didn’t answer. I put quarters in the slots and racked a loose rack. You watched intently as I lifted the rack, and you looked at me with a smirk. You drew back and broke, sending balls in all directions, but none went into the pockets.

I surveyed the table and as I walked around, I walked up very near you and stopped there, causing you to move. I moved to the opposite side and looked at the shots. You were directly ahead of the balls I lined up on. You stood against the barstool and were leaning back slightly. That caused your skirt to be slightly raised such that I could see your thighs a little above your knees.

You were trying to distract me. I pulled back and shot and the 4 ball fell into the pocket. I moved and reset on the 3 ball and made it. I missed the next shot and moved away for you to shoot. I sat on the barstool next to yours and watched as you moved across the table and shot. Your next shot was on the opposite side of the table and you came to the side I was at and stretched across the table to shoot. Your skirt was pulled up over your thighs and I could see the crease of your ass.

You shot and missed.

I stayed on the stool for a few seconds as I sized up the next shot. You sat down on your stool as I moved to the table. I sighted down the stick at the cue ball and saw you sitting directly above the ball. Your legs were crossed and you shifted slightly, causing your legs to part a little. Just enough for me to hesitate. And you saw that. A small smile curled at the edge of your lips as you laughed inside at my predictability. I was like all the others.

I saw that look and it encouraged me. I shot and made it, then ran two more. I missed the next and went to the wall bar and leaned on it. You walked around the table looking at the possible shots and when you choose one, I walked behind you and stood about four inches behind you as you bent over. You sensed my presence, but tried to concentrate on the shot. You missed and when you raised up you bumped into me.

I didn’t move and neither did you.

I put my hands on your waist and turned you to me. You looked up into my eyes as I leaned down to kiss your neck. You tilted your head allowing me to place my wet lips on you. I moved all across you and kissed and sucked your neck, leaving wet trails across your flesh. You stood rigid as I enjoyed the taste of the sweat and perfume combination.

I reached up and took your face in my hands and turned your head back to face me. I kissed your lips and you opened your lips to accept my kisses. Your arms slowly circled my neck as we kissed deeper and more passionately.

I moved you back against the pool table. My hands reached for your ass and I cupped your buttocks, feeling the soft muscular shapes. My hands full, I pulled you tighter against my hard cock. Your legs parted as much as possible within the restrictions of escort elvankent your skirt. I moved my hands from your ass and pulled your skirt up until I felt your naked flesh in my hands. My hands grabbed your ass again and I lifted you up.

You clasped your hands together around my neck as you lifted your legs and clamped them around my waist. My cock pressed against your thong covered pussy. I felt the strength of your legs gripping and holding me tight as you held yourself against me.

I kissed you deeper and you met my passion with equal fervor. We moaned and groaned as we groped and drew us together in a desperate need to be one.

I moved closer to the pool table, and I sat you down on the edge. You held tight as I leaned down on you more. My hands slid around your back and untied the straps. I moved back so I could pull your top down to your waist and cupped your breasts in my hands. I leaned over and sucked your nipples between my lips. My hands held and fondled your tits as I sucked and scraped my teeth across your nipples.

They were hard and they stood upright, begging for more attention. My mouth closed over your tits and sucked as much of the flesh in as I could. Your breasts were small, but with hard needy nipples. I loved your little tits, as my hands could be filled with them, without any spilling out and wasted in my frantic need to touch and know all of you.

I kissed your chest as I moved from one breast to the other. I was so focused on that pleasure, that I barely felt your hands feeling my cock through my slacks. I continued my breast play as I felt you unzip my slacks and reach in for my cock. I felt your eager hand gripping my cock and then moving it so that you could pull it out of my slacks.

I felt the warmth of your hands in contrast to the cool air when you had my cock out and cradled in your hands. I felt and played with and kissed your wonderful breasts as you stroked and molded my cock.

I moved away from your breasts and placed my hands on your legs just above your knees. Slowly I moved up your thighs, savoring that feeling that can never be equalled. That moment that I know what awaits my touch, and yet I want to prolong it just a little longer so I can feel the soft smooth texture of your legs.

I squeezed and caressed your thighs as I moved upward, and soon I felt your legs part and I touched that last part of your leg before it joins your torso. And then I felt that sweet crease that marks the valley of warm pleasure.

My cock jumped with joy as I brushed my hand across the crotch of your thong. Even in a cursory touch such as that, I was aware that your silky fabric was wet. I could feel the heat eminating from your pussy. My mind enhanced that feeling and I felt it magnified as I imagined your pussy as hot as a furnace and as wet as a fountain.

My mind was wild and racing as I pressed my fingers into your crotch, pushing the soft material into your labis. Pushing more with my fingers, agiling feeling your lips, swollen and slightly gaping. My fingers curled a little as they pushed deeper yet.

Your face ground against mine and your hands violently stroked and handled my cock, abusing and taunting it to throb and pulse in your grip. My cock jumped in response and dared your hands to accelerate their play.

I slipped my fingers under your thong and I pulled it over to the side. My fingers plunged back, now unobstructed, into your cunt. It was wet and covered them with your hot juices. I scooped as much as my hand could carry and pulled them up to my lips and I sucked them and shared your juices with you. We kissed with my fingers between our lips.

You pulled your legs up and you guided my cock to your waiting pussy. I felt the head fit between your lips, all swollen and puffy, and so warm. I pushed my hips forward and felt that soft velvet sheath tight around my shaft. I pushed deeper and felt your pussy tighten as my cock sank deeper into it.

I paused for a moment, wanting that sensation to last forever. I looked into your eyes as I started to fuck you.

You dropped your hands to grip the table, bracing yourself. I took that as an indication that you wanted to be fucked without limits. I drew back and I held your waist and then as we stared into ech others eyes, I began to pump my cock into you as fast and hard as I could.

My cock pistoned in and out of your cunt like it was part of some syncronized machine, stroking and groaning and cycling without fatigue. Ramming and slamming into you without pause. My cock was so full of desire for your cunt, that it knew nothing else but that sweet warm tightness. My cock was lost to my control and thought, now just loose and wild in it’s need to fuck your cunt as hard and as fast and as deep as it could.

Your eyes were glazed as you looked around, unfocused on anything, with your mind lost as well. And we humped against each other and we groaned and urged each other on.

“God yes, fuck me you son of a bitch.”

“Take this cock, you prissy cunt.”

“Fuck me like a man.”

“Yes baby… I will.”

And we taunted each other as we played on in that original game that nature had designed to make us look foolish. We bucked and thrashed around as my cock plowed your helpless cunt.

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