Pleasure is What It’s About

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Thanks for the comments, votes and feedback on my other stories and poems. It only takes but a moment to vote or leave a comment, so please do, at the end.

Ever just taken one minute, (or maybe just a few minutes!) of your life and made a whole story out of it. I did it in ‘What is it’ and the response was good.

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Here goes:


Fine, tiny, downy hairs, no longer than a few millimetres, tickle my tongue as it grazes gently – just off your skin, across your stomach.

Your back arches and forces your soft flesh against my damp tongue, contact brings a moan to your lips, but its no good with that arch, my tongue is on a downwards slope!

The fine, almost ‘not there’ hairs lead a trail, to the gentle intriguing hollow of your belly button, pushing my tongue inside it, you arch further, contact, pressure, is what you crave for, with soft mewing moans, as my tongue fills your little hollow, and gently dampens it.

My head retreats and your stomach pushes forward desiring to feel any kind of pressure – anywhere, that’s part of the tease. Your fingers are splayed over fresh laundered sheets but they crease easily as your grasp displaces their flatness. Arms stretched diagonally from your sides they tense and bend as your grasp increases with the desire inside you, every touch of my tongue causing a little flinch here or there.

You knew tonight were my rules, – you were not allowed to use your hands on me, and only other parts if asked to do so. – There would be no restraints, nothing as kinky as that, but just a willingness to resist all that could be had for the pleasure of what would happen, tonight was your night, no stimulated pleasure for me, other than seeing you aroused, me spending my time satisfying you, a kind of contradiction that you would be pleasured, but my way.

I blow cold air quickly across your belly button, your stomach retreats to lie flatter on the bed. The sensation is good but cooling, Like I had done to your nipples earlier, the same treatment, they had been gently kissed, then engulfed in my mouth, twisting and dancing my tongue against them had made them stand proud of the firm mound of breast that had attention paid to it earlier, every inch, before the attention to your nipple, warming it, tickling it in my mouth, tonight was not a night for fumbling fingers fast squeezes and harsh pinching, tonight was about tenderness, loving and undivided attention to you.

From my blowing position slightly below your belly button I can see those dark nipples standing proud growing a little more, maybe from the sensation of the same treatment given to them, as I give to your belly button now.

I continue blowing down the line of those, oh so tiny little hairs, till they disappear. Down over the naked flesh, un-blemished by the careful treatment of an experienced hand and a sharp razor.

Blowing down and to the sides, It’s impossible to describe how captivating it is to a guy to get the opportunity to lick the fine crease between thigh and pubic mound, the way so many contours of thigh, eryaman genç escort bayanlar stomach, ass, hip and pussy all lead into the softest most flexible tender joining, flexible and soft, and that oh so positive reaction when licked gently by a tongue.

I blow right there preparing you for the fact that my tongue will be the next contact you will feel in that oh so tender crease, as I blow your back starts to arch again, from the corner of eye I can see your fingers bending ready to take up handfuls of soft sheets. I imagine the anticipation is unbearable for you, making my feeling of achievement, teasing, all the better.

I extend my tongue to that little crease between thigh and public mound just where the muscle behind it is softest, just above the lower pelvic bone, the little area that in those high cut bikinis is crossed by the edging as it draws an enticing line between hip and pussy.

Such a gentle touch that the tensing of muscles and an involuntary thrust from your hips almost lifts them off the bed, forcing my tongue to push firmly against that soft area of flesh. I wonder if you feel it now? The teasing is almost over baby. You know I can’t resist for long.

I take long languid licks at that gentle crease, your hips are trying to move sideways, upwards, trying to get my tongue’s pressure where you want it most.

On my left cheek I can feel the heat emanating from you, growing warmer with each lick and tiny thrust of your hips, I can smell the sweetest un mistakable aroma of your wetness coating you.

I can hear your breathing, ragged, and deep. I can see your body move under the influence of my tongue. I need to taste you!

As I have teased you, I have unbearably teased myself, avoiding any contact between you and the hardness I have is difficult, as I’ve paid you attention, keeping that point of contact off you has been an unending ache deep inside me too.

I lift my tongue from your delicate crease, I see your pussy, dampness coating inner lips, outer lips, and a small trickle running downwards, I burn the image of your turned on pussy into my mind, open, waiting, anticipating, almost visibly throbbing. The last 45 minutes of teasing you have certainly got you to where I want you to be, at bursting point,

As you feel sensations stop I look at you for a brief moment, laid there, chest heaving breathing in and out, an imaginary trail of all the places my tongue has touched and aroused you, from your neck, bare of your long dark hair, gently nudged away as my tongue teased those sensitive, under skin tendons earlier.

Your arms outstretched, bent at the elbow where I planted long trailing kissed along their length, your hands and fingers now splayed and grasping handfuls of bed linen, where they had ended up shortly after I finished kissing your palms, and sucking each finger, in turn, into my mouth, with long suctioned strokes

Your chest slightly flushed from the butterfly kisses that teased around before taking your breasts into my mouth wetting and blowing, blowing and wetting, your nipples standing proud as they ankara escort bayan rise and fall, the ‘tenseness’ and ‘relaxation’ of your stomach muscles as they alternate between pleasured relaxation, and thrusts to gain more.

Your legs either side of me spread a little, tingling flesh, -I guess- from soft tender kisses on the firm skin and firmer, more desiring ones on those soft sensitive areas, behind the knee, the inner thigh, taking time to make sure, in your mind, you could remember every place my tongue had touched, every tiny cell of your skin that had received my attention.

Now as I take in this vision before me, mentally making note of every area I have kissed, your eyes half part, gazing at me, a look of lust only seen a couple of times before in our time together.

“Don’t stop baby, I’m so near.”

I take a moment to let those words sink in as I look at you, so wanting in front of me, its not for self praise that I have done this for you, it’s a welling emotion that between us we are so close, we can bring each other to such an aroused state, such a loving emotion that we both want to be right here. And we can be so relaxed with each other to be like this.

I lower my head. You know what’s coming next your hips are involuntary moving, tiny rocking movements, looking at you I’m sure the air around you is enough to arouse you more, almost charged with our love making.

I blow onto your damp outer lips causing you to recoil a little but as the sensation becomes familiar those little rocking movements return. As I blow I see you open more, almost pulsing open, your tasty juices at the bottom of your pussy increase a little.

I am about to extend my tongue to taste you.

“Baby do it now, or I’m gonna cum without you.”

“Ok baby”

I extend my tongue and run it up your outer lip, a quivering begins inside you. Your stomach tenses and squeezes as though being pulled through the bed, I lick up your other lip and the same reaction happens, I run my tongue up between your outer lips.

Over your concave stomach I can now see bed sheets in your hands lifted clear of the bed its self, arm muscles fully tensed, stomach sucked in by muscles so tense you could pluck them like guitar strings. Your hands release the bed sheets and go immediately to the back of my head.

I stop my movement.

But there’s no way I’m getting away from your steely grip, no way you would let go of my head, you pull upwards on me, my tongue and top lip providing the exquisite pleasure of full on pressure on your clit, my lower lip encasing the openness of your pussy tasting your juices waiting for the explosion.

Your body now curled up off the bed, arched the opposite way to before, your head almost on mine as your un-relaxing grip holds me right there, right where you need all that pressure, I move my tongue side to side across your clit, feeling its engorged size like a pleasure button, being pressed repeatedly, but steadily, movement when you hold me this tight is difficult.

But I feel it, I feel it almost spreading from your stomach, etimesgut escort shooting up through your pelvis up through your chest into your arms and head, down your legs to the extremities of your body, I can almost feel that electric charge shoot along bone and muscle, a moan starts to escape your lips building but not fast enough for the sensation.

Pausing for only the briefest of seconds, the electric pulses at light speed shooting back, faster, down your arms, from your head, from your legs, gaining strength, multiplying, charging every muscle and bone in your body, gathering force, meeting, and doubling in strength, meeting other shooting forces to joint together in the pit of your stomach.

It waits and then like a lightening bolt, it hits your pussy with a strength you have never felt before.

You would be screaming but the feeling has taking your sound away.

Your body so tense it stops me from breathing holding me so close.

My tongue hard on your clit, you don’t have the ability to tell me your cumming, it would be to late any way, I get the first taste of your cum as in flows into your open pussy, filling you full of that bitter sweet taste.

Then a second wave filling my mouth too, I taste the full force of your cum in my mouth and swallow quickly, as another burst erupts through you, filling my mouth again and cascading, to brake the seal between my mouth and your pussy.

It dribbles over my lips, down my chin. Your body relaxes a little, then tenses immediately, through spasms, as waves keep washing over you, gradually it relaxes your arms and I get the chance to breathe at last, but I’m not stopping, I continue the pressure on your clit, gently moving side to side, I know if I release it now, it will be too sensitive to use my tongue on for a little while at least.

You start to uncoil a little as the waves lessen their power a wash away a little, your vocal chords come back into operation as a mewing sound escapes them, gentle in pitch but deep in tone, reaching a slightly higher tone with each sideways nudge of my tongue. Your chest heaving as you lay back on the bed, arms relaxing as the final waves of cum are released from your pussy to my mouth.

I savour your taste in me, you start to shake a little as you come down from your orgasmic high, I can tell you are getting too sensitive for my attention.

You pull my head up from your pussy, as I leave it there exposed to the air around it, I can’t help but appreciate the sight of you just after your orgasm your lips engorged, your whole body flushed with blood, carrying sensations to all parts of your body as you start to relax.

You pull me higher to lay on you, you’ve often said after you cum, you need the feeling of me on top of you, the weight of me, holding you.

I crawl slowly up you as your trembling eases, and slowly rest myself on you, laid with all my weight bearing down on you, feeling the closeness of me with you.

Your eyes open and you look into mine.

We have a minute to take in all the drifting away sensations and start to basque in the afterglow of your orgasm.

I close mine and kiss you, sharing the taste of you in my mouth with yours, through slow, passionate, tongue filled kisses.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too —-and your tongue, now hold me baby.”

We rest through heavy breaths and aching bodies.

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