Please Swipe Right Pt. 05

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You can find beauty in any moment if you try hard enough. There are other moments you don’t have to try at all. Claire’s smooth porcelain face enters with a toothy smile. I can’t help but smile back and wonder if she knows. If there’s a part of her intuition that can smell the pussy on my face. That can sense my discomfort that she just missed Camilla by a matter of minutes.

It’s typical of a girl to outstay her welcome. Or is that just me? The person that fears finally being found out? The fear that precedes knowledge of crimes? Or being called out for them? Either way it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that Claire can’t know. Shouldn’t know.

Still I imagine her and Camilla in the parking lot discussing the finer points of my dick size and how to better take it from me so that I could never reproduce. Even still as Claire enters she takes a seat on my couch and lets out a long sigh.

She pats the seat next to her. I take my place and she looks directly into my eyes.

“You know what would be fun?”

*Fucking. “*What?”



A smile spreads across her face. “You’re too fucking horny. God, no, hanging out with Rashana. Can we?” I try to speak but she cuts me off. “She just broke up with her boyfriend and could use some company.”

“I don’t know her very well.”

“That’s why you should hang out! I need you to get to know my best friend.”

I am trapped in the conundrum of the moment. I could say no and she would resent it. I don’t have a good reason to say no. I don’t have anything.

*Except that you fucked her.*

For obvious reasons I don’t want Claire to know that. My life desperately hinges on her not knowing it and yet I’m trapped in a no win situation. I say the only thing that comes natural, another lie.

“I’d love to get to know her.”

We meet for brunch. Claire is wearing a sun dress that is just the right length. Rashana is wearing a low cut black crop top. They both look incredible. Regardless of how much I didn’t want this to happen I couldn’t feel happier that I must look like a king. Two of the hottest women I knew were eating brunch with me and fawning over every single word.

The conversation flowed and Rashana and I pretended to get reintroduced. I have to give it to Rashana. She’s a wonderful actress. She tells me about her relationship woes. We walk about how her ex beat her and what hot garbage he was. Is. The tense tends to get confused. And then she starts talking about me—except it’s not me. At least I can’t recognize myself in the story. In the words she’s using.

“I met this guy—who seemed nice—while rock climbing and he offered for me to stay at his place.” The story was so far exactly the truth. “After we got settled I told him I wasn’t looking to date. I’d already had enough trouble and didn’t need more. He agreed… And—”

“It’s okay Rashana,” Claire reached across the table and grabbed both mine and Rashanas hands. “You can trust me and Paul.”

“He—Oh god—Why not I woke up and he was humping me while I slept. It was probably my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten into his bed but I did and then he did that and…”

*What the fuck?*

I tried to keep the venom out of my voice but it was hard. “You don’t think you did anything to provoke him?”

We both locked eyes and then Rashana spoke. “What could I have possibly done?” Her tone existed without a shred of emotion. Claire turned to look at me. A surprised look at her face.

“You think he just humped you for no reason?”

“Guys are horny Paul. You know that. Literally that was you this morning.” Claire said.

“That’s different isn’t it. We’re in a relationship.”

“Me and the guy weren’t in a relationship.” Rashana said.

“Maybe he *thought* you were.”

“Where would he get that idea after I specifically said we weren’t?”

“I don’t fucking know—”

“Paul, be nice.” Claire interceded.

“Did you guys ever do mutual masturbation?” The table got quiet at my question. It was a risk. A big risk but Rashana was lying about everything that had happened between us.

“What?” Claire said.

“Yeah. Once.” Rashana said.

Claire turned to Rashana. Shocked that I had somehow predicted the unpredictable.

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“The desperate little prick just wouldn’t stop looking at me with these horny fucking eyes. Every time I turned the corner I could tell he wanted to pull his dick out and fuck me.”

“You’re a beautiful women. He was probably confused after you masturbated with him.”

“It doesn’t mean he should have humped her as she slept.” Claire said.

“Maybe the the situation isn’t as simple as it seems. Rashana, what would you do if you saw the guy now? Would you fuck him? What if he had a girlfriend?”

“Oh my god. This conversation is getting wild.” Claire took a long sip from her drink. “We’re really getting into the tea today.”

An emotion passed through Rashana’s face but I couldn’t place it. I wasn’t eryaman bayan escort able to tell if it was good or bad or indifferent. Was it her trying to communicate that I had gone too far? Pushed the envelope of conversation further than she was willing to go?

The fact was that the entire conversation had me on the edge of my seat. i felt my dick itching to be let out and fuck both of them right there and then. The contrast of Claire and Rashana’s skin would be a sort of heaven.

I wanted them both but doubted it would happen. How could it? The lie that I had never met Rashana hung on an atomic thread. It was towing that line that made it all the hotter. If I couldn’t fuck them both together I still wanted to fuck them both separately but something was confusing… Did Rashana really think I had assaulted her? Had I misunderstood our entire relationship? Or was she just fucking with me? She already knew I was willing to cheat but Rashana cheated too. She fucked Claire’s boyfriend, me, after I told her we were dating. There was no hesitation. As I fucked her in Claire’s room she even moan my name and how good my dick felt inside her. Why would she say that, do any of that… If she didn’t want it?

It didn’t matter. Rashana was a whore like the rest of them. Just another pussy to fuck until the next one.

We finished brunched and went about our day. The girls took me to the mall and I got to watch them try out new and revealing outfits.

It wasn’t the worst way to spend the day.

After a few purchases Claire pulled me in and whispered to me. “Do you like Rashana?”

“She’s nice.”

“But do you like her?”

“What do you mean?”

“Would you fuck Rashana?”


The breath was trapped in my throat. “What?”

“Would you want to fuck Rashana?”

“Oh—No, why would you even ask that?” I coughed out.

“Paul, it’s okay. I want to fuck Rashana too… I thought maybe we could have a threesome?” My ears perked up at this.

“Why do you want to do that?”

“Honestly? Me and Rashana have always talked about it. If I hadn’t met you we were supposed to do it with her boyfriend but they broke up so now we only have you.”

Oh what fortune. To get to fuck the girl I cheated on my girlfriend with… With my girlfriend… There aren’t many opportunities like that.

“You sure you’ll be okay with it babe? I would hate for you to get uncomfortable.” I said to her.

“I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Okay?”

I smiled. “Okay.”

We ended the day at Rashana’s house. It was a small studio. She had a bed in one corner. Colored lights that she could change with a remote. Candles were littered about the place.

We were getting ready for what was about to come. Claire went to the bathroom leaving Rashana and me alone.

“Excited?” She asked me.

“I thought you didn’t want to fuck me.”

“I don’t.”

“You’re about to taste my dick again, you fucking whore.”

“I couldn’t say no.”

“Did you want to?”


“She still doesn’t know.”

Rashana spoke into my ear, “Good.” Then kissed the side of my face.

“You don’t make any fucking sense Rashana.”

“Do I have to?” She stood up and straddled me. She’s rubbing her ass against my crotch and I can feel my dick getting hard. “You want me don’t you?”

It comes out hoarse, “Yes please.”

The door to the bathroom opens and we hear the sink flowing. She puts even more of her weight against my cock and moves her hip back and forth four more times. She lifts her leg over mine and sits back down next to me.

She whispers in my ear again, “Now be a good boy.” Planting a kiss on my lips.

Claire enters with a smile from cheek to cheek. I labor to hide mine. The rush of it all. The sweet serenity that follows almost being caught. The funniest thing is that in a few minutes doing any of it would be good. Claire would encourage it. But now? In this very moment being caught was taboo and that is what made it all the better. The taboo of knowing I might be caught.

“Are we going to do this?” Claire says.

“How could I possibly say no?” I reply. A quick grin exists on Rashana’s face for an instant.

Claires sundress is over her head and all that remains are her light blue panties and a bra to match. Her sweet white skin looks soft to the touch. She has a body that longs to be held against mine. A body whose sweet skin has met mine time and time again and I can’t help replay those memories in some sort of slow motion.

Before I know it Rashana is removing her black crop top. Her tits are near my face and I want to grab them. Before I do, maybe ridiculously, I look to Claires for approval. The joke is… I’d be doing it even without her approval.

Rashana’s D-Cups are held in by a red bra. I put my hand on her bra. Taking a moment to feel the fabric. A moment to look into Rashana’s eyes. I want to send her a message. I can’t be sure if it arrives but our eyes are locked and I can feel escort sincan the tension I’ve felt a hundred times before. Rashana moves her hand onto my crotch and gently rubs the head of my cock. I kiss the top of her breasts and move my mouth toward her neck. Kissing her vein and then her jaw. A hand pushes harshly against her bra. I want it gone. I want to feel her skin against mine. Our mouths are locked.

I open my eyes and see Claire watching. She isn’t smiling. She’s just observing. I can’t tell if she’s concerned… Confused… Or just plain toward on. Could it be all those things at once?

I pull away from Rashana and signal to Claire. She comes over and straddles me. Leaning down she kisses my neck.

I whisper to her, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Her blue panties rub against my jeans.

“More than anything.” *More than anything. What a concept.*

“You look worried.”

“I’m just turned on.”

“Me too.”

Between our kissing I can see Rashana removing her shorts. She is also wearing matching panties and bra. She pulls them down and I am spectator to the worlds finest ass. I suppose, the thing is, that every ass is the finest. The finest ass is always the ass right in front of me in this very moment. It’s the way god intended it.

I reach to grab hold of Rashana but she’s too far away. She turns back towards us smiling.

“Do you like what you see?”

Between a mouthful of Claire’s tongue I manage to say, “Yes Raz.”

“Do you want to take it off me?”


Claire kisses me once more with a smile. She hops off and I get onto my knees. I bumble over. Rashana is standing over me. Her fit body is before me with only a bra and panties obscuring her form. The panties and bra have streaks of orange and red that resemble the rising of a phoenix sun. The morning sun that accompanies you on your very first and very best date.

Still on my knees I kiss Rashana’s stomach as my hands move from her thighs to her ass. My hands are holding her ass and my mouth is exploring her pubic region. I kiss her panties. I can kiss where my dick will be in just a few short minutes.

My hands are harshly grabbing her ass. It’s so big that my two hands aren’t enough.

“Have you been a good boy?” Rashana asks me.

I don’t respond. She has a knowing grin on her face. She finally turns around and I go about kiss her ass and pushing my face into it. Taking a deep breathe. Enjoying the sight and feel of a woman as beautiful as Rashana.

Her brown skin and light brown eyes, wide hips, makes her the perfect candidate for fucking. A body built for it.

In the euphoria of Rashana’s body I forgot Claire was even there. She’s standing next to Rashana except her panties are gone.

I grab Claire’s butt and pull her pussy into my face. I kiss her pussy. I kiss her stomach and then her thighs. I worship the very ground she stands on. I look up and Claire is smiling. She’s happy to give me her body. Both girls are because both of them are the same kind of slut. A slut who can never get enough cock.

Claire is pushing her pussy into my face with increasing ferocity. I can’t help but lap up all her juices. My hands are still on her ass. She’s grabbed my face and is pushing it ever closer to her ripe pussy.

She leads me to the bed and lays back on it.

I’m still on my knees. Taking in the smell and sounds of the moment.

Rashana hops onto the bed alongside Claire. I take a moment and pull Rashana’s panties off.

“Wipe that stupid grin off your face.” I can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

I remove Rashana’s panties and get a view of her beautifully delicious pussy but I don’t eat her out.

Instead I return to Claire and with a free hand rub her clit. That’s when I feel Rashana’s hand over mine. She pushes her fingers inside. My hand moves onto her thigh and I continue eating Claire.

Claire’s moans are becoming louder and her hands are holding me in place against her pussy.

A thought strikes me that this is all a performance of jealousy. Claire saw how I worshipped Rashana’s body. How I longed to fuck her. She saw it and acknowledged it. Now she’s holding me against her. Forcing me to eat her out until she orgasms so that she’s one step above Rashana. The ultimate act of dominance. Being able to control me and keep me for herself.

Her hips continue bucking until her moaning suddenly stops. She lets out one long exasperated sigh. Her hand releases my head and she gets a smile on her face. She’s cum at least once… Or is pretending to have cum.

I kiss her. “Can I fuck Rashana now?” There’s a look. She might suddenly realize she’s actually lost but what will she say? No? It’s a bit late for that now.

“Okay.” The sound barely leaves her throat. I don’t care.

Rashana had continued to rub her clit. I change places and finally remove my shirt and pants. This is better. My dick has been hot and raging against my pants. I can feel the elvankent escort bayan magnamity of the moment fill me. I am. The. Fucking. Man.

In the literal sense that I *am* fucking and the metaphorical sense that I am the man who *fucks* incredibly hot chicks. It kind of sounds like a fairy tale. the sand man. The pillow man. The *man.*

Rashana removes her bra but I’ve waited long enough. Before she’s even tossed it aside I throw my weight onto her. My hips are pulsing in and out. Looking to my right, Claire is staring on with a confusing set of emotions. She seems angry and equally turned on. She wants to hate Rashana but at the same time she loves her and the body she inhabits.

Before I know it Claire is on Rashana and kissing her. Their tongues invading each others mouths. The sweet movement. The back and forth of each other meets and their emotions coalesce such that their libido is acting before themselves.

Claire positions herself above Rashana and places her ass directly in front of me. It reminds me of our first date on the beach. When I fucked her in my car. When she pushed her ass into my face. When we kissed and I finally came inside her pussy.

That was then… When I loved her. I still do love her. With everything and yet I love Rashana too. I love their bodies. I love their spirit. I love to cum inside them and give them the all that is me. Why can’t I have them both? Why is it that I have to make a choice? A choice that doesn’t make any of us happier? That in fact takes away from our happiness?

I lean forward and kiss her ass. Licking her from behind. Enjoying the feeling of her soft skin moving against my mouth.

Our bodies danced in the synchronized motion and I could feel my worries slip away. I’m not sure if I’ve ever described it in this way… But sometimes, when I’m not having sex, I have this feeling in my stomach. Not quite the stomach really… In a place before it… Or after it? This feeling that…. That I just can’t fill unless I’m fucking some broad. Until I’m inside somebody who can validate my worth I am nothing. I am nothing more than this moment. The moments where my animal cravings are full.

Rashana is screaming out my name in between kisses from Claire. I pull out of Rashana and grab Claire’s waist. I kiss her back and push into her tight pussy. She lets out a small moan.

“Are you going to make me your slut?”

“You’re both my sluts.” She doesn’t like that.

She pushes back hard. Moaning louder with each thrust. The performance goes on as she continues thinking that she’s losing me. Losing her boyfriend to some skank.

Rashana continues fondling Claire’s tits. Kissing them, sucking on the, doing everything she can to stimulate her further. In between the sucking Claire leans down and they kiss.

The contrast of brown and white skin feels hypnotic. It’s something that shouldn’t matter and yet it makes the moment ever hotter. Ever more exciting.

The realization that all my cheating and floundering has inevitably lead to this moment is a fixation. The happy reality that I haven’t managed to fuck this up. That somehow my efforts have been reward for this.

I continue switching between the two whores. Taking time to kiss and caress their bodies. To live in the moment that has been made for me.

Claire continues to push back harder and louder. She wants me to acknowledge her as the *one.* The reality is that she just *isn’t.* If I could I would leave her for Rashana in an instant. If Rashana would have me.

We fuck and our bodies become tired. My moment comes when Rashana is on top of me and she’s riding me. Her ass bouncing up and down my dick. Claire is alongside her. Kissing her and moving her hands over mine and Rashana’s body.

The sweat and sounds are overwhelming and the toxicity of the moment is growing inside my balls. I don’t want this moment to end but like all things it has to. It has to come to the climax of anything. It has to be more than any other moment before it. Why? because I need it to be. I need this to mean something. To be more than just a fuck.

Rashana’s tight pussy begins milking my cock. My moans start ringing out as my pumping becomes faster and more frantic.

I can hear Claire, “Oh god, you should pull out.”

That’s when Rashana sits herself down on my cock and kisses me.

My arms around Rashana as I pump faster. The cum shooting out of me and into her. Our lips are locked and inseparable for the moment.

When the orgasm subsides I look over and see a confused Claire. A forlorn Claire. This isn’t what she wanted but it is what she got.

Do I really even care?

That feeling in my stomach is gone for the moment. And with that so is any worry about consequences. I roll over from Rashana and slide myself behind Claire. Her naked ass feels nice against my limp cock. I kiss her. She says nothing but I can tell she’s miffed.

Rashana kisses my face from behind. “You filled me all the way up didn’t you?”

I wanted to tell her to shut up… I did… But I loved to hear it. Loved knowing that I had filled her up more than she’d ever been filled before.

It’s what any man wants. The acknowledgement that he is a man.

We fall asleep on Rashana’s bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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