Please Brother Please Pt. 05 – Finale

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I was sitting on the edge of the bed naked with my legs splayed. Between them was Sylvia’s blonde head gently licking my pussy lips while slowly finger fucking me.

“Oh yes you’re getting it, Sylvia,” I sighed giving into my trembling exhausted body laying back on the bed.

“Oh that’s so good,” I praised in a rasping tremolo voice.

Sylvia’s reply was inaudible as she mumbled her answer into my pussy, which made me laugh.

“Okay let’s take it up a notch,” I groaned taking Sylvia by the ears, “tongue out and gentle circular laps around my hood,” I instructed steering her head in a circular motion. I reached down and grabbed her hand that was pumping my pussy and pulled it in and out quicker.

Sylvia was a good willing pupil and was soon working me solo using her caresses and tongue laps. My pussy was soon bucking on Sylvia’s moist mouth as she started to work on my clit. She started to finger fuck me with a vibrato tempo and my dam broke with me crying out loudly as I orgasmed hard.

After I got my breath back I watched Slyvia licking my cum from her fingers. She smiled at and then jumped on top of me with a huge satisfied grin. “Wow that was great, ” she said in triumph at getting me off.

I fanned my post-orgasm flushed face, “it certainly was, the best oral I’ve ever had.”

“Really!” Exclaimed Sylvia in glee.

“Oh yes you’re a natural carpet muncher,” I commended rising to kiss her cum covered lips.

We lay naked together and slept awhile. I woke to see Sylvia idly stroking her pubes, looking concerned.

“What’s the matter?”

Sylvia turned with a soulful look on her face, “It’s all a bit confusing, I was straight until I met you and now I’m gay.”

I laughed and consoled her, stroking her face, “Gay, straight, bi its all just sex, I’m not as experienced as you think I am. I’m agoraphobic and rarely go out.”

“You’re out now,” said Sylvia with a puzzled look on her face.

“Louise is a friend who’s helped me overcome my agoraphobia, she accidentally sussed that if I was sexually active in some way the sexual would over-ride the fear of being outside.”

“How did she stumble upon that theory?”

“She threw me out into the garden naked as part as my punishment and my nakedness and embarrassment surpassed my agoraphobic feelings.”

“So how did you get here?”

“I kept in mind you were going to eat my pussy,” I laughed.

“Oh thanks a lot,” said a slightly miffed Sylvia picking up a pillow to playfully smoother my face. “Bitch!” She declared letting go of the pillow and twisting my nipples.

I yelped and jumped up and grabbed a pillow and we went into a naked pillow fight, thrashing and laughing as we hit each other with the odd sneaky pull of each other’s pubic hair or attack of each other’s tits.

He hit each other until we were exhausted and fell into each other’s arms onto the bed and kissed.

Our naked bodies heaved against each other until Sylvia finally went up on one arm, “did you really come around here thinking about me going down on you?”

I thought hard about how I would answer. The truth was that I wanted Garth but lost my courage as I neared his house. I liked Sylvia and thought it best, to tell the truth.

“Do you know a bloke called Garth just up the road from you?”

“Cor! Do I, what a dish!” She gushed.

I had his coat and was on the way to give it back and chickened out.” I informed moving up onto Sylvia stroking her pubes.

“So I’m second best?”

“Well it’s my hand between your legs,” I smiled pushing them apart.

“Yes,” she gulped involuntarily.

“And it’s my finger working its way into your pussy isn’t it?”

“Yes,” she groaned with a loud sigh.

“And it’s my thumb rubbing your clit.”

Sylvia sighed loudly as I continued to work her gash and kissed her lightly, “So how on earth are you second best?”

An hour later we awoke in each other’s arms. Slyvia went off and arrived with a cup of tea.

“So how did Louise help you get over your other fears,” inquired Sylvia pulling up her panties.

I smiled and reached out and grabbed the gusset of her panties and pulled her towards me, “One way was getting me together with you, that was great!” I leant forward and kissed her belly button.

“Of course,” Sylvia bragged posing even though I had her ungainly held by her panties, “Do you want my panties off?” She smiled looking down at my grip.

I let go and took a sip of my tea and smiled. “Tea first, always best when it’s hot, like your pussy,” I crudely joked.

Sylvia laughed and sat beside me, “what else has she done for you?”

“She hired me out as a human pony,” I revealed.

“You a human pony, how on earth did she get you into that? Asked Sylvia with a puzzled frown.

“Louise is in the police force and somehow helps the Earl, Lord or Marquis, whenever by hushing thing s up and turning a blind eye to their drug-fuelled perverted parties.”


“I don’t know but a lot of posh snobs and tarts with more titles ataşehir escort than sense turn up to these things.”

“Anyone Famous?”

“I didn’t see anyone, I was too busy protecting my ass and virginity,” I mournfully moaned.

“Sounds so exciting,” Sylvia gushed, turning on the bed to face me, “So what goes on?” She enthusiastically asked.

“I don’t know, I was only a pony, I never got to go in the Mansion,” I truthfully told, “Has Louise ever mentioned the Pony club to you?”

“Once or twice in passing but she always thinks I’ll make more money as a model, I want to go now it must be great in the house being with all those swingers.” prattled Sylvia.

“You must be joking!” I exclaimed, “I couldn’t stand them, the stuck up bastards,” I spat, “still I suppose the ponies got what they wanted,” I added, still a little confused with the whole thing.

“What do you mean, “they got what they wanted?” Sylvia inquired.

“All the ponies wait outside until all the drunken drugged up socialites come out to choose which one of us they want to fuck.”

“So they got screwed by a posh tart back in the mansion?”

“Or some gay snob,” I added.

“Gosh, still sounds awfully exciting,” chirped Sylvia bouncing a little on the bed as her imagination ran wild.

“I don’t know, I didn’t like it, I felt sorry for the ponies even though they were there to be used by their permission. I’d love to do something to spoil there fun,” I mused.

Sylvia burst out laughing, “I know we could sneak down while the ponies are waiting and wank them all off so they’d be useless!”

“Good idea but there are at least thirty ponies, that’s too much wanking even for my wrist! I laughed.

Jamie sat red-faced in the kitchen as I showed him my video of him masturbating naked on his bed with twenty or so of my soiled panties over him. His favourite panties of mine wrapped around his hard spewing cock and on his face breathing in the odours from my seeping pussy.

“So you’re over, using my panties fetish?” I mocked.

“You planted another camera?” He said in bewilderment.

“Oh come on Jamie you’re into my pussy scented panties more than ever,” I argued firmly, “Isn’t that a video of someone who’s been starved of his favourite panties for a month?”

“I could have just stopped for a while,” he pathetically whispered.

“Sure while watching a video of your sister eating pussy on video?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh stop playing the innocent, you got Louise to get that film shot of me and Sylvia fucking because you can’t get enough of my pussy!”

“Oh don’t flatter yourself, look just tell me what you want?”

I moved up to him and looked him in the eye “Just once, just fuck me once and I’ll give you all my soiled panties for life!”

“Oh don’t kid yourself,” he mocked sarcastically.

“Right, from now on I’m sanctioning my panties!” I announced.

“Really!” Jamie smirked, “you know I’m bound to find them.”

“Not if I don’t wear any!” As I turned and walked out in triumph.

I started walking to Sylvia’s house thinking this would be the same route, the same nerve-racking steps I would be taking when I summoned up the courage to see Garth. Again I stopped at Sylvia’s house and rang the bell. Sylvia pulled back the door with a wild enthusiasm backed by her enthusiastic face,

“Quick, come and have a look at this,” she demanded and immediately turned to climb the stairs. I stood in a trance for a second only to be beckoned on by Sylvia halfway up the stairs.

“Come on quickly and close the door behind you!”

I trudged up to the top of the stairs wondering what had her so excited. I wandered into her bedroom, Sylvia was still bouncing with excitement pointing to her open laptop.


She played the video and it showed a naked man in profile from stomach to his upper thigh. His penis was flaccid causing me to look on puzzled.

“Watch, watch this,” Sylvia excitedly squealed.

I watched as a female figure approached him from behind and inserted a metallic probe into his anus and pushed a big red button on it.

There was a snapping sound and then a convulsion from the man followed by a long stream of semen pouring out of his cock in one continuous downpour as if someone had turned on a tap.

“Its amazing isn’t it?” Squealed Sylvia once again!

I was still puzzled, “I still don’t follow.”

“You said you’d like to get back at those socialites, so we wait until the ponies are parked up and then we run down and milk them all. We just ram the probe up their ass’s, push a button and empty their prostates, they’ll be useless for the rest of the night.”

My eyes lit up with the possibilities, “yes but wouldn’t this Lord or whatever have lots of viagra on hand to get them erect again?”

“Useless, Viagra only works with you’re feeling randy and once these ponies have been milked of their spunk all they’ll want to do is sleep.”

My face lit up in devilment, “Oh what fun, but how do you go about kadıköy escort bayan getting one of these?”

“I’ll get a couple from Louise, she won’t suspect a thing as I’ve had nothing to do with the Pony clubs. She’ll be able to get us a couple of milking guns no trouble.”

“You’ll have to get them in time for the end of the month because that’s the last of the pony parties for the year,” I informed.

‘No problem, what’s that in your bag?” She quizzically asked.

“Its a bit embarrassing but could you look after these for a while?”

“What are they?

“My dirty panties.”

I watched through my new spy camera as Sylvia went about seducing Jamie. She had been in our house less than an hour and the smooth bastard already had her in his claws, or so he thought.

I watched them kissing and strained to hear what there were saying.

Sylvia and Jamie were kissing, their hands all over each other. Sylvia disengaged slightly.

“So you liked my video Maria tells me?”

“Oh yes, you were something else,” whispered Jamie as he plunged into her neck while caressing her buttocks. Sylia let out a gasp as he nibbled and licked behind her ear.

“Didn’t it bother you that your sister was in the video?” She said as he pushed her blouse from her shoulders and put his head between her boobs.

“Not at all, you were the star,” he said as he pushed off her bra and suckled on her young ripe breast.

“Oh! That is so nice, I’ve never seen a man masturbate to one of my videos before,” she sighed as he sucked her nipples as he brought her breast up for attention.

“After Maria showed me the video of you pleasuring yourself to my body I just had to fuck you!” Sylvia gushed giving butterfly kisses down his naked torso, lowering herself to her knees. She looked up with big come to bed eyes and started to unbuckle his belt. Jamie lent down and cupped both of her boobs while Sylvia quickly whipped down his trousers and pants, his erect cock springing up in its release.

She leant back and studied his hard penis and smiled. She teased his cock head with her red nails and giggled as his cock hardened more.

I watched on and suddenly felt envious of both Sylvia and Jamie, I wanted them both. I had both Sylvia and Jamie’s genitals in my mouth at different times and now watching them having sex had my emotions confused.

Sylvia was now sucking Jamie’s cock and turned his body so his buttocks were facing the camera. Her hands caressed his inner thighs as she lightly nibbled his balls all the time giving him the eyes. Her hands slithered around and started to knead his buttocks before she slipped a finger along his ass crack. I got ready.

She slipped a finger around his buttonhole and then yelled, “Now!”

Jamie looked confused. I ran along the landing and burst into Jamie’s bedroom.

“What the fuck!” He exclaimed as his head turned to see me. Sylvia still had a firm grip of his buttocks and spread them wide.

I shoved in the probe deep into his ass and pushed the red button for it to shock his prostate.

Jamie yelped as his cock spewed semen without control. It wasn’t ejaculating but flowing out as if a tap had been turned on. Jamie twisted and grunted in confusion looking down at his dribbling cock as Sylvia got away and watched.

“Wow, it really works!” She yelled in triumph as I stood back with her watching poor Jamies prostate empty onto the floor.

Jamie eventually regained some composure and looked at us angrily with his trousers and pants around his ankles covered in his milked cum.

“You bitches!”

A bit later and we’re all sitting around the kitchen table.

“You only had to ask, I wouldn’t have minded.” Jamie tried to reason after being milked by our probe.

“Sure!” I said before going into a sarcastic act, ” excuse me, brother, would you mind lowering your pants so we can thrust this probe up your ass to see if it’ll empty your balls.” Sylvia and I laughed, “Sure you’d be up for that all right.”

Jamie ran the scenario through his head and came around to our reasoning.

“Hmm I suppose so, but what are you girls intending to do with that thing?” He asked.

“We’ll give you the link when the videos up online and we’re done,” teased Sylvia.

“I pity the poor bastards in your hands,” laughed Jamie.

“No, they’ll love it,” gushed Sylvia, giving Jamie a lot of attention, a sure sign she was falling for him, “Would you like to come out with me tonight so I can finish what I started properly?” asked Sylvia.

“Sylvia!” I exclaimed worrying about losing my new girlfriend to my brother.

“I’d love to Sylvia,” answered Jamie, ” but at the moment I’m feeling incredibly sleepy.”

A few weeks later Sylvia and I are in the woods overlooking the Mansion of the latest pony party. We watched as a parade of carriages from the horizon jogged up to the stopping post in the dim light. It was a long way for the ponies to pull a carriage and I marvelled at how I had managed, especially as my co-pony escort maltepe was having his balls attacked.

We watched dressed all in black as all the human ponies let off their boisterous, drunken up class socialites from their carriages.

As soon as the swingers departed and made their way to the Mansion we saw the ponies detached from their cart and led away to be humbled at the bar.

“Did you really go through all of that?” whispered Sylvia, holding her probe like an undercover spy.

“Yes, it’s hard to believe isn’t it?”

“I’ll say, it’s cold enough just watching. She started to laugh, “They’re all beer guts and bollocks,” she giggled as she was used to muscular Adonis-like men in her porn work.

We moved around in the wood and counted at least thirty -five ponies, all naked on all fours tied to the bar before them.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, “I forgot about their tails.”

“So?” Replied Sylvia nonchalantly, “We’ll just have to rip them out as we go along.”

“Ouch! That’s going to hurt,” I informed clenching my buttocks at the thought.

“They’ll understand,” smirked Sylvia.

We watched the long parade of parked naked ponies from the woods as the odd guard walked up and down behind them. Sometimes they would stop especially if it was a Philly and admire her ass or tits. Even from this distance, you could see them yearning to drop their pants and fuck them from behind without permission.

We waited long into the night, huddled up together to keep warm until we heard the cry of, “Prepare the ponies!”

It was the same procedure as when I was there. A long pole was pushed under groups of ten ponies at a time between the knees and hands, something I had missed while I was taking part.

A hydraulic whirl was heard as the poles were slowly lifted and the supervisors went along making sure each pony was lifted under their stomach’s by the rising pole.

Sylvia and I giggled as we watched all the ass’s rise in the air into the strong moonlight. “Look at all those full moon’s,” she laughed.

We would have to work fast in the little window I knew we would have. The time when then supervisors had departed and the swingers arrived. Less than five minutes to milk over thirty ponies.

Sylvia laughed hysterically, “It’s a good job they are on a slope or they’ll all be up to their necks in cum!”

“Quiet!’ I softly reprimanded. I watched as all the ponies had their legs were spread by a spreader bar rendering all the ponies helpless to their fun-seekers. I blushed at the thought that I too was once like that.

A shout went up from the supervisor. “All ready!” I watched as the supervisor made himself scarce as Sylvia brought up her probe like some sperm killing Bond assassin.

“Right lets milk those balls dry!” She said with relish, “Tally Ho!”

We ran down in the dark,

“I’ll start this end, you the other!” I instructed.

I came to my first pony and slowly yanked out his butt plug tail!

“Hey!” I heard him reproach before the pain of the plug removal stopped him.

“Sorry!” I whispered before inserting my probe deep into his ass.

“What!” Was all he could say before I pushed the red button and zapped his prostate. He cried out as I watched his semen gush in one continuous torrent on the floor.

“Oh!” He cried on his organic release, lowering his head to watch the last ruminates flow from his limp dick.

The next pony had been watching and knew what was coming. I grabbed his butt plug tail and yanked it out and then threw it away.

He cried out as well but I knew I was going to have to get rough if I was going to get them all milked. I plunged my probe into his ass and must have hit the right line of attack as it sank smoothly into the depths of his ass.

“Oh, hello!” He said in surprise as I pushed in.

“Quiet!” I reprimanded with a spank of his ass before pushing the red button. In my mind, I was sure I could hear the zap or spark of electric as I watched his ass clench and then his balls give up his bounty. A long stream of sperm flowed down to the ground as he groaned in pleasure.

“What’s going on,?” I heard the next pony grumble into his bit as I wiped the probe to zap his ass.

I slapped his balls to shut him up drawing a strangled groan from him as I started to wiggle the probe deep into his ass. For some unknown reason, I took a dislike to this pony and rammed the probe in hard, wriggling it against any resistance before I had reached optimum depth.

I zapped him twice for good measure and heard him cry out as he released his seed. He must have had the balls off a bull as I heard his semen splash onto the ground below.

The next pony was a Philly with an ass to die for, I could hear her squealing into her bit. She looked so sexy and vulnerable and I longed to have a quick fondle but I had bulls to milk! Unfortunately, her squealing had unsettled the herd.

I looked up towards Sylvia who was speeding through her milking. She was ripping out the butt plugs three at a time making the ponies groan in harmony before diving into her prey and zapping them, all the while giggling. She had got her probe penetration down to a fine art, pushing it in with the smallest of gasps before firing her electric bolt into their ass’s making them give up their sperm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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