Playtime with Anna

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My wife Anna and I enjoy a fairly wild sex life. We have been married for almost ten years and the sex has continued to be exciting. She knows what turns me on and thrives on it. I know that every so often she is going to surprise me with some sexual play that is out of the ordinary from what I hear other guys talk about with their women.

Just about every other month, when I come home from work, she will answer the door wearing some outfit and assuming another personality.

“Oh hi Mr. M. You’re home already.” She says wearing little shorts and pig tails.

“Your wife called a little earlier and said that she would be home late. If you have some things to do I don’t mind watching the baby a little longer.”

‘Bam’ My dick is instantly hard as a rock. She’s playing the baby sitter today.

“I do have something I need to do if you don’t mind staying.” I say walking in and closing the door.

“No problem Mr. M. Is it anything I can help you with?”

I unzip my pants and let my hard dick hang out. “You can help me with this.” I say holding it in my hand.

She hungrily drops to her knees and takes it all of the way to her throat.

Anna is wild that way. She’s the sitter, the nanny, the maid or the real-estate agent and she plays and dresses the parts like an actress. Sometimes she wants to resist other times she wants to take charge. She posed as a government agent once. All I have to know is that when she is in some get up when I come home, she wants to fuck.

One particular time we were together Anna was especially lubed. I think I had squirted half a tube of lube onto her body. I even lifted her semi-upside down and stuck the bottle inside of her and squirted it inside. It was wild. We would fuck and then she would pull away and go down on me like a ravenous animal.

We would start fucking again and I would pull out of her and go down on her. I liked erotik film izle the melon flavored lube that she bought mixed with the taste of her pussy. Our bodies were glistening with oil. The whole session was heated lust.

I flipped her over and pulled her ass apart, fully intending to ram it into her pussy but when I saw her puckered rose bud glistening with lube, I was overwhelmed with the desire to fuck her in the ass. She hadn’t protested when I slid a finger into her ass on a few occasions.

I bent over and ran my tongue between her cheeks and over her hole. In no time I was burying my tongue as far as possible into her puckered body while gently drawing her open with my fingertips.

Anna was soon rubbing her clit in unison with my probing tongue and enjoying the experience completely. I raised my head and slid my finger into her ass. At first she was tight and then I felt her relax. I slid another slick finger into her and she moaned a little, her glistening fingers were still rubbing and probing her deliciously loose pussy.

I couldn’t resist the desire to enter her with my throbbing body. Anna’s ass was loose, loose enough to accommodate my hard body. I held my cock in my hand and guided it to her body and slid it in. I tried anyway. As soon as the head of my cock entered her she lurched forward and rolled over. She was suddenly angry with me. It was one of those two inch conversations. The kind where she talks and I feel two inches tall.

I admitted to Anna that the thought of fucking her in the ass turned me on wildly. I felt that after experiencing the anal sensations she would agree as well. I didn’t know why other than it was for us slightly older people a ‘forbidden’. I know the younger girls often times now days will take it in any of the three but for those thirty something’s or older, the back nine is a taboo. The thought of her tight ass choking my cock made film izle me hard just thinking about it.

The whole situation ended up straining our sex life so I steered clear of the topic after that. It was funny though. Any time I saw her dressing or whenever, all I could think about was bending her over and driving my dick into her ass. Just the mental visual picture of her ass pressed against my body while I ejaculated into her was enough to make me hard all day.

About four months later I came home from work and found a note on the door just inside that said ‘Come in the bedroom when you can.’

I went into the bedroom and there was Anna on the bed, her body glistening from shoulders to feet with oil.

“You know what feels good mister?” She said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Being fucked. The bigger the better too.” She said pulling a large toy from under the sheets and sliding it into her pussy. It was a large toy. Her pussy stretched wide to accommodate it. My cock was quickly standing at attention.

“You know what’s even better?”

“What?” I asked. I couldn’t imagine an even bigger toy making its way into her juicy pussy.

“Anna smiled. Getting double fucked she said.

She lifted her butt into the air and slid a smaller toy into her ass.

“Hmmm yea baby.” She said, I think truly getting into it. Anna held the toy in her pussy with one hand while the other slid the plug in and out of her ass.

I began to undress. Anna pulled the plug from her ass and dropped it. She pulled another from under the sheets. It was obviously larger, probably about the size of my swollen erection. Anna slid it into her ass and moaned again.

“I like it in the ass baby. It makes my pussy throb.” The toy was soon was sliding in and out of her puckered ass at a fairly rapid pace.

Anna finally pulled the toy out and dropped it as well. She pulled the seks filmi izle monstrous shaft from her pussy and set it against her ass. I haven’t fucked this one yet.” She said. “It feels so fucking good in my pussy I’ve got to try it.” Before I could say or do anything else she pressed it against her body and the head went in. Anna flinched and it popped back out. “Oh my god it’s huge! You do it. Fuck me with it.” She said seriously.

I was standing there totally nude and sporting a painfully hard erection.

“Ok.” I said. “I’m gonna fuck you with it.” There was no way I was going to stick that huge cock into her ass just now. It would be my cock in her ass.

I grabbed her from the bed and flipped her over. Anna was now bending over the bed. I held her ass apart to expose her slightly open hole and then thrust my tongue into her. Her ass was loose enough to bury my tongue deep. Anna’s fingers went to work on her pussy immediately.

My oral anal didn’t last too long. The thought of her tight hole choking my throbbing body was more than I could stand. I squirted lube onto my shaft and rubbed it around with my hand. With both hands Anna pulled her ass apart and I slid myself into her all the way.

Anna moaned each time I pulled out and slid it back into her until I was thrusting my hips against her ass with enough force to produce a slapping sound. Anna began spouting words at me. “Fuck it baby… fuck me I the ass like you want to. Fuck my ass hard.” Oh, I was definitely going to do that.

I fucked Anna’s ass like so much pussy. The tightness of her hole tempted my reflexes every time pressed against her until two dozen lustful thrusts later I was pulling her ass apart and pressing deeply inside of her. My cock spurted and jerked inside of Anna with an intensity that was even more so because of the orgasm flooding through my body.

Anna moaned deeply and lowered her jerking body to the bed. Her massaging finger circled her clit slower and slower until her bodies tensions slowed and the energy and excitement drained from her leaving only the euphoric tingle radiating up her spine and into her toes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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