Playing Strip Poker

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We were staying over with a bunch of other people at our friend Gina’s house. After several hours of drinking and partying and dancing, my girlfriend, a usually conservative but nevertheless trim and sexy girl, announced that we should play strip poker.

The people left at the party who were not already passed out sat down to play. Low hand would be the loser and have to take off a piece of clothes.

We payed several hands and everyone was losing their shoes and socks and finally my girlfriend lost her shirt and pulled it over her head to reveal her

Victoria’s Secret lovely lace brassiere holding up her nice set of nearly D cup breasts with ample cleavage on display.

One guy from the school swimming team, a tall, studly, well-muscled guy named David started a big losing streak and was quickly down to his Speedo briefs. After another hand, he lost again. Some of the girls started giggling and stood up and swiftly whisked his briefs down. His thick schlong popped out and bobbed around and he stood naked before us all. Some girls stared clapping. My girlfriend was looking straight at his cock which was shaved clean like a porn star. He turned a little red in the face and sat back down, hiding his bare cock from view.

The girls were now purring like happy kittens. David took another drink, and cards were dealt again.

One of the girls asked what would David do if he lost again. Gina, the hot, yellow skin, long-black-haired exotic Asian host of the party who was dealing, said that the high hand would get to tell David what to do.

Again David lost and Gina had a Full House. “Stand up,” she said. David stood and my girlfriend sucked in air and bit her bottom lip.

“I want to see this,” said Gina as she picked up her chopsticks and pointed them at David’s dick. She opened the chopsticks and snagged eryaman escort bayan his cock with them, lifting it up, pulling it to the left and then to the right and eyeballing it close up.

“OK,” she said, smiling, and dropped the cock and put the sticks down. Girls were laughing again. David sat back and hid his cock again.

Quickly another hand was dealt, and surprise, David lost again. This time the winner was a guy who told David to drink a beer. There wasn’t any beer at the table, and my girlfriend said “I’ll get it,” as she jumped up and ran to the refrigerator. She came back with a cold can which she popped open. David stood up and reached for the beer. As my girlfriend handed it to David with her left hand, she inconspicuously placed her right hand on his bare naked ass and lightly stroked it while he chugged the beer. When finished, he put the beer down and my girlfriend let her hand linger on his ass for a few moments while everyone clapped.

They all sat down and another hand went around and surprise, David lost again. This time Gina said she wanted to see David dance lie a stripper (even though he was already stripped). Somebody put on some music and David got on the table and put his hands behind his head. He had no hair under his arms or actually anywhere on his body. He started swinging his dick around in a circle and grinding his hips. My girlfriend was mesmerized, clapping and staring straight up at the swinging dick.

This went on for a minute or two and More beers were brought out. One more hand was dealt and my girlfriend won this time, and surprise, David had low hand again. Gina the dealer must have been pulling cards from the deck and setting him up.

My girlfriend said she wanted to spank David’s bare ass to hoots and applause from the other girls. And she motioned with her finger for etimesgut escort David to come over. He walked over, naked dick in full view and not hiding anything. He stopped in front of my girlfriend with his cock hovering just inches from her lips.

“Bend over,” she said pointing across her lap.

David made to bend across her lap, but his dick, which was now stiffening and getting long pointed down on her leg and prevented him from bending all the way over. He twisted around a little, but the dick went sideways and stuck on her knee.

“Here,” she said as she opened her knees. “Put it down through here,” she said as he lowered the stiffening dick between her upper legs and bent and lowered his body across her lap, giving her full access to his tight round bare ass.

“That’s good,” she said as she playfully swatted him a couple of times.

“Here, use this,” said Gina, handing my girlfriend a wooden cutting board.

The girls cheered as my girlfriend started swatting his ass harder and harder with the wooden board.

David’s ass was getting bright red and the girls were cheering. I thought it must hurt like hell but she didn’t stop and some of the girls were clapping and yelling.

Finally the spanking was done. David’s body had now turned a few full shades of red. He stood up revealing his stiff and hard cock which was now fully erect.

Gina had shamelessly lifted her jean skirt and was lewdly rubbing her across her clitoris which was still covered under her white panties.

David was blushing hard.

Making a decisive “Unh” exhaling sound, Gina stepped towards David and boldly grabbed his hard naked dick, wheeled him around with her hand grasping his hard cock and dragged him dick first back to her room.

The last thing we saw was David’s beet escort elvankent red naked ass as Gina pulled him by his dick into her room and the door slammed closed.

Things started to settle down as everyone was drunk and tired.

My girlfriend and I went to bed, and as we were falling asleep we could hear bodies slapping together and Gina moaning lewdly and loudly saying “Yes, Yes, Yes.” David was obviously giving her a right hard fucking and she was loving it. My girlfriend was up for a long while, breathing hard and listening intently to the sex in the other room.

Later that night I got up to take a piss, but when I got to the bathroom door, it was cracked half open and I could see David in silhouette standing there. My girlfriend was there too, on her knees, taking David’s stiff cock into her mouth and bobbing her head back and forth.

After a minute or two, I saw David put his hands around my girlfriend’s head, holding it in place as he started to thrust his cock harder and deeper into her throat. I could tell she was struggling to take all of it, as she never did anything before like deepthroat my cock.

David, a little frustrated, pushed her head back against the wall so she couldn’t move, held her skull firmly in place with both hands and started to rock his hips back and forth as his cock plunged into her throat. I could tell she was gagging but there wasn’t much she could do. In fact she looked like she had surrendered. It was, like, in a way, totally sexy. In fact, so sexy that David couldn’t hold out very long and after less than a minute he busted his load. A big glob of sperm spilled out across my girlfriend’s lips.

I was getting hard, but I had to pee so bad that I had to find somewhere else to go. I went back to our room and pissed in an empty wine bottle. I was in shock, but layed down, and after a few minutes, my girlfriend came back to the room, kissed me gently on the lips and went to sleep.

The next morning we had to go back early and we left before anyone woke up. My girlfriend never said anything about this incident and we never spoke of that night again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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