Plans For Later

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This is what I was thinking of while I jerked off in the shower.

You were lying on the bed in a white lace bra and panties. You were rubbing yourself and cumming with your hand in your panties while pressing your breast against your body. I was standing at the foot of the bed stroking myself and watching. After you come you lick my balls while I keep stroking. And then you take over and suck me at the same time. You don’t even tease me – you just jerk me and suck until I cum in your mouth. You spit my cum out and drink some water.

I’m still standing there when you pull me on the bed and start to lap at my dick. Then you pull me on top of you. You pull your panties to one side and rub my limp cock against your lips. You are really wet near around your hole. You keep using my dick to rub your lips and clit until I start to get hard again. I kneel on the bed while you get on all fours, take my cock and suck the dickhead. I’m turned on as hell with my dick throbbing but still numb from cumming before.

You kneel to face me and we kiss. I reach down and inside your panties and rub you with three fingers with my middle finger between your pussy lips. My middle finger rubs your clit while the other two fingers keep you lips together. You moan in my mouth and stop kissing for a while. We kiss again and now I am running my fingers all the way from the top of your clit until over and past your asshole. Your panties are really stretching because of my hand. You hug me and put your forehead against my shoulder. I think you are starting to get close again.

You kiss me again and grab and stroke my cock. Then you whisper in my ear, “Slap and rape me.” I push you almost straightaway and slap you as you fall on your back on the bed. You cry out a little bit and my eryaman gerçek escort numaları cock pulses. I reach between your legs as you close them and I spread your thigh while you try to close them. I smell your pussy and lap you through your panties. I drag it to one side and swipe your pussy lips upward and I her you moan. Then I rip at your panties but it stays around your waist. You cry out again. But your pussy is exposed and as I kneel and spread your legs further. I can see your juice in a line from the bottom of your hole down the crack of your ass. You always get like that when you are turned on. I shuffle forward until my dick bumps up against your clit. You are about to say something but instead you moan as I drag my cock down your clit and push into your pussy while I lift your thighs.

I fuck you straightaway since you are so wet and open. My cock feels so numb because there’s so much blood in it and the cumming just now hasn’t worn off. Your hands straighten out in front of you with your palm against me like you always do when I fuck you hard. I lean forward and then you push against me with your hands as I fuck you harder with leverage. You groan, “don’t…something something” as I lean down and kiss your left breast through the bra. Then I rest on one hand over you and pinch your nipple with my free hand. I only do it because I know you cry out when I do. You cry out sharply. I slap you again. You cry out again and I feel a bit regretful but it turns me on even more and my cock still feels good. I tear your bra away with my free hand so the cups are on either side of your body. I rush to grab and squeeze both your breasts with both hands and my full weight on top of you. You are crying out again as I sloppily lick, kiss and suck your sincan escort breasts and nipples. I pinch your nipples again so you will cry out. I know I would have come by now with so many turn-ons but it hasn’t been more than 15 minutes since I came just now. But I don’t take the chance so I roughly pull out and turn you over on all fours.

Before I put my cock inside again I pull your bra off your body. Then I fuck you again straightaway in your favourite fucking position. I want to make you come again so I reach down and rub your pussy slowly at first. Then I move my middle finger higher against your clit and start to rub it faster and lighter. You say something like “uhh or ahh or yess” but it still turns me on so I stop rubbing and just fuck you with both hands holding your hips. I make myself stop and just rub your clit like before. I start going faster and also use my free hand to rub my thumb over your asshole. It’s really wet and usually you don’t notice me touching you there if it’s very wet.

I start to rub your clit faster because your legs are tensing and you are quieter. Then you start to moan “ohh and yahh.” I’m quite sure you are very close because you only say “yahh” when you are really close or when I start touch the *exact* spot on your clit. SO I rub your clit faster and around it in a wider circle to push you further. Then when I guess you have already started to come I push with my thumb against your ass. You cry out, “ahhhh!” and your body is tense so I know you are cumming. I fuck you harder and faster. I wait about three seconds to make sure you are in your orgasm and then I push my thumb inside your ass. You want to try and stop me with your hand but you can’t because you’re in the middle of coming. I’m hoping that it’s batıkent escort making you come harder because it sure was turning me on and getting rid of the numbness. I keep fingering your ass, fucking you and rubbing your clit. It’s a bit clumsy but I don’t think you mind that much as long as my finger was rubbing your clit on the right spot. Your squirming is wearing out but I know I want to finger your ass more before you can stop me so I pull my thumb out and slowly push my middle finger in your ass. Once it’s inside I finger you fast and rub you faster to distract you. It’s really turning me on but your orgasm is ending so you reach back and push my hand away.

The second you do I know you’ve finished cumming so I stop trying to make you feel good. I kneel properly and start to fuck you with long strokes and as fast as I can. You don’t care as much about me fingering your ass because I am fucking you so hard all of a sudden. You are groaning “mmmph and aaah” again. I lean a little and fuck with shorter strokes because I’m pushing faster and harder now. My thigh slapping against your thighs and ass is really loud. It turns me on even more and I know I can come soon. I control myself one last time and fuck you hard and fast. I think it’s like two minutes or maybe less of fucking like this. Then I decide I really want to cum so I lean forward and roughly grab your right and left breasts with just my right hand. I reach and twist your nipples so you will cry out and get me close. You cry out on cue and I pound your pussy with a few short hard strokes and cum while squeezing your tit. You encourage me like always by saying “yeah fuck me, uuhhh, cum, yeah.” I don’t really hear you as I’m just kneeling behind you and lying forward on your back with you on all fours. We kiss with my face still having the look of just cumming hard.

This is where I am spurting all over inside my shower. After writing this I need to go do it again. Goodnight, baby.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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