Plan B for Boy

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I end up as you can imagine in my girlfriend’s house since she had already prepared the scenario of how she will seduce me one more time.

We lay in her bed after one more round of wild and the same time tender sex since a new phone call disturbs our silence. My nephew Tom was one the phone. In the age of 22, Tom was still looking like a teen cause of his body shape his long hair and his childish attitude. Although from his early ages Tom had a wonderful taste in clothes so his casual dressing his beautiful face and the good shape of his body was an alarm to all the chicks around the area and he had a lot of success on girls. All this success till his parents move to Belgium for work and his past success on women end to a permanent relationship which ended after some years. I asked him about his life where his parents his studies and everything seems to be good. But I realize in his voice that something was missing.

From his early ages, I choose to have him more than a friend than one more parent. So I might deserve a little bit of his success on the girls!! So I was sure that if I pushed him we would tell me what bothers him. After some minutes he finally told me that his sex life was terrible and the only sex contact he was having the last months was in his p.c.!!Because of that, he was thinking to spend all his summer vacations back inland visit his old friends and of course capture some girls the way he knows better here than anywhere else. I didn’t hesitate for a moment to ask him to stay here with me since my house is huge and will be nice to have him around. He agreed that he will stay here for some days but not all his vacations. I hang up the phone asking to kiss my sister which is his mother and he asked me to do the same with his beautiful aunt.

The big day had come. My nephew was on my door. We sit and talk and I could see that he was looking around the house till he finally asked where was his aunt. She came after a while she dropped on his arms and he lifts her just a bit. So far so good I thought and I asked her later to saw him his bedroom. They left for some minutes there…Later we ate and we slept early cause he was tired.

Next day I planned a small trip to a village that had a wine event. I would like to break the ice between the two of them since I would spend many hours in my office the next days and I didn’t want them to become bored the hours that I would be out. I knew that my wife can do anything with 2-3 glasses of wine and Tom is full of joy when he is drunk. After many wines I start to ask him about his sex life his future with women etc. He looked insecure about his future sex life in a foreign country but we manage to calm him down. Me by reminding him that he had a lot of girls in the past and my wife insure him that he is good looking and a safe choice for a woman. We talked for many hours and he told us everything about his past relationship his one night girls even what positions uses in bed. They both looked normal to talk about those things. They also said about movies dancing and by that time I knew that they had so many things to do while ataşehir escort I would be at work.

After a couple of days, the 3 of us was having a good time. Most in the house laughing a lot, playing some games and watching a lot of movies. One night I suggest to go out so we went to a nightclub. My wife loves to dance and I just can’t move. So since Tom was dancing like crazy they would make a good dancing couple. We had several drinks and after some hour I asked her to dance. She laughs cause she knows I never dance but she came. I called Tom to join us and after some minutes I left them dancing. They were dancing like crazy all night long. We return after some hours I thank him for the night that we had and she thanks him by kissing him.

The next day I planned to go shopping with Tom to buy him some clothes just to thank him for being around but since the crazy night, we had we overslept. I woke up first I wake up wife too and wear some clothes as fast as I good to catch the stores open. I asked her to go wake, Tom. She spends some time in his room. I went down looked from the keyhole and she was laying next to him and they were both laughing about our last night. I called him so after some minutes he came out and we both left.

We took many clothes but after some minutes Tom left and came back with a large box. He took me a present…I immediately open it and I saw a jersey of our favorite team. It was so cool. Later he asked me my help of what she would like to have. WELL, when we go out with her she always finds something that she likes so I check it and when the time is right she gets a present…In the same mall that we were this day she saw a beautiful (and a bit sexy)bikini. It was a bit expensive and that was the reason that I hadn’t got it yet. But Tom was ready to spend some money for us so he took it.

Later in that evening in the house, Tom offered her the swimsuit and she told him that she was afraid to wear it cause it was a bit sexier than I would like. I was already in the pool but the door was open so I hear them. Tom advised her to try it right away and meet me at the pool just to see my reaction. Tom had already put his swimsuit and he was waiting inside the pool to see my reaction. After some minutes she came and oh my god she was so hot I looked her left a smile and I didn’t make any comment about it cause I saw that she was loving it. As about Tom? Well, it was difficult to hide what he felt about this bikini or his aunt body cause he left with the mouth open…We played a bit in the pool we ate and we drink (again) so I thought it was a good time for me to take a nap for an hour or so. So I left them and went up. I just slept for 10-15 minutes when I woke up. A noise has disturbed me. She must be taking her bath after the pool. What a fault to make an extra room for the bathroom near our bedroom. I woke up just to tell her to make less noise and return to my nap. And then I saw him. Tom was standing outside the bathroom looking at the keyhole and masturbating. I return slowly to my room and I spend the next hour wondering if I should do anything kadıköy escort bayan about it. You see I never thought that all this talking and the hugs and the dancing will lead to this. And what she felt about this?

The next day he had planned a 2 day trip with his friends. I received a call early in the morning from Helen(my affair)So I had to make a plan about how I would leave later that evening. I pass my day in my business and return home late that afternoon. I asked my secretary to call me later so I have an excuse to leave the house and visit Helen… I made some cocktails and rent a movie so we were both sitting on the couch drinking and watching the film. I could see day by day that she was too horny and my cocktails instead of making her sleepy they make her hornier. She was wearing a red silk robe leaving her beautiful tits almost out of the robe. Her nice dark legs were out also and just for a moment a thought that maybe I should stay home. But thinking of Helen waiting I just hold her back till my phone ring…She was kissing me on the neck and her hand was petting my legs up high.

Suddenly I hear keys in the door. Tom had returned earlier than we expected. He was staring us sitting. She was so drunk that she didn’t make anything to move away from me or hide her body. Tom came and sit between us raise his hands and hug us both. He was drunk. He was telling us about his day and whatever else he could remember about his day. Alcohol was talking… I watched him staring at her and I thought I saw his dick become bigger. I was left wondering what to do but my phone rang. My secretary was informing me that it’s time to leave the house. I told her all the things I had prepared to say just to leave the house. I really didn’t know if I should leave or stay. I finally left the house informing them that I had to go back to work and probably return in the morning.

I return after some hours. There was no one on the couch. I looked from Tom’s keyhole and he was already waking up. His baggage was stored and he was ready to leave… I open his door and he informed me that he was about to leave with his friends. He told me that he had already said goodbye to her and was ready to leave. I hug him we talk a bit and he left. Later I visit her and she was holding me like never before. She told me that she loves me. We talk for some hours left her in bed.

I run down to my office and open the p.c. We have a huge house so to put cameras everywhere in the house was something that I first took care of when we bought the house. She was never a fun of cameras so I made them secret just to avoid her whining. Now was time to watch what happened by the time I left.

From the time Tom got between us, she was almost standing in the air. So eventually after some minutes laid her head on Tom’s arm. Later she moved her hand up to his belly. Looked tender and not suspicious. Tom replied her tenderness by petting her arm. After some minutes he tried to pet her from inside the robe always on the arm. She laughs and now Tom was trying to move his hand near his tits. She stared escort maltepe at his dick which now was totally raised laugh again and stopped his hand. He stopped but the same time She kissed him in the chick. He told her something and then I saw her waiting for his kiss. He kissed her on the chick and she came back with one more kiss this time a bit closer to his lips. They end up there for some minutes.

But after a bit, Tom starts to pet her again in the arm and very soon made his move to her tits. She left him to go a bit further this time. I saw her trembling I was sure that she was too horny by that time. He was already on her breast when she stopped him. She looked him told him something but before she finishes her talking Tom kissed her on lips. She didn’t move so Tom gave her another kiss. And a third one. She stepped back. She was laughing. Tom tried to grab her and move her closer to him but she turned her back on him. He grabbed her with his 2 hands and start kissing her at the neck. This time he didn’t lose his time and moved his hands in her boobs. She left him to feel them and after some seconds looked him. By the way, she turns Tom kissed her again and this time she left him for some seconds. Later he stopped him she turns again in normal position and looked him. She looked him scouting her all over her body she was watching him being too horny for her.

Tom removed his pants and let her see his big dick. She placed her hand in front of her eyes but once again she was laughing. He removed her hand took her close to him and kissed her again. He took her hand and placed it on his dick…She was now replying to his kiss playing with his dick and he had already removed her bra. He stopped kissing her and now he had focused on her tits. She was moving her head all over and she was absolutely ready for anything. After some minutes he took her in his legs he moved her pants and from her reaction, I understood that he was already inside her.They were fucking for several minutes then he dropped her on the couch. He removed her pants and licked her so good. She was about to break the couch with her hands she was so horny. After some minutes he put his dick inside her and fucked her real hard. He ends inside her. She was so happy she was in heaven.

They slept on the couch but after 2-3 hours she woke up. I could see that alcohol was gone. She put her hand on her mouth and she was spinning around the room like crazy. She dressed up quickly and run to her room. She didn’t come out until the late afternoon. Tom woke up one hour later. He noticed that he was naked placed his hands above his head and left there for several minutes. Guess was trying to remember what happened. In some point, he remembered… I saw his dick raising just a bit but he placed his hands over there to cover it. He dressed and run to his room where he starts packing.

It’s been 3 months since that strange night had me and my wife we are better than ever. She hasn’t complained a single moment to her friend about her sex life. I might help a bit to that since the last month I canceled 2 times my visits to Helen and stayed home to bang her. I couldn’t imagine 3 months back that my nephew will save my marriage by fucking my wife…Today I am thinking over with Helen and keep my wife as my only sex partner. I have already spoken to the phone with her ask her to wear the red robe…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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