Piper Ch. 02

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After our night in the hotel Piper and I got a little more brazen. We continued to spend our lunches in the park, usually involving some sexual contact. Given it was moving into summer I had started to take a change of clothes with me so I could sit in the sun and not boil in my suit. This was generally a singlet or t-shirt along with shorts.

Of course there was nowhere to get changed however, other than in the car or out in the open. So Piper would wait in the car with me while I got changed out of my suit, and admire what she saw, as sometimes my boxers would “accidently” come off also. We would then sit on the grass on a picnic blanket and eat our lunch, before performing some tongue gymnastics of some form or another.

Often this would also continue onto caressing each other under clothing, my shorts often helping the situation. Piper also would often have singlet top on under her jacket, allowing her to get some sun if the jacket was removed, and to bunch her singlet up showing her stomach. At other times when she had a blouse on if the area was quiet enough she would remove her blouse, giving me varying views of her breasts depending on what bra she was wearing. The best view was obviously when she would wear totally see through sheer numbers or lace. Occasionally I could lean over and lick her nipples through the fabric much to the pleasure of both of us, especially when the fabric allowed the moisture from my tongue through easily, and allowed my teeth to be felt as they grazed her.

When returning to the car I would get changed before we left, and again Piper would watch, and if the occasion allowed it, she would lie on her stomach across the front seats of the car and suck my hardening cock into her mouth when I dropped my shorts, often even taking my cock through the fly of my boxers and then suit pants as I continued to get dressed.

Driving back to the office would find my hand up her skirt and fingers inside her pussy or rubbing her clit whenever possible, especially when stopped at traffic lights, and my cock in her hand. We even once got an appreciative beep on the horn from a woman driving a van stopped next to us. Unfortunately our work had a policy of frowning on fraternisation with co-workers, so we would have to tone it down when we got near work in case we were seen.

When in the office, there was still plenty of flirting when we could get away with it. Piper would come to my office and flash her breasts at me, sometimes after taking her bra off, or lifting her skirt to show me her lacy underwear or shaved pussy if she had also taken her panties off. I would return the favour and go into her office and let my semi hard cock free through the fly of my pants, or she would lean back in her chair and let me see her finger busy in her wet pussy, spreading her lips wide for my view or strumming her clit. Once she asked “Do you want some of this?” as she offered her pussy soaked fingers to my mouth, and I of course promptly sucked her juices off.

On a few occasions when she knew I needed to do some work in the warehouse she would follow me out and sit on the warehouse desk next to me, one foot up on the desk with her pussy right next to my face, trying to distract me, and usually succeeding. I of course wouldn’t waste the opportunity to lick her clit or try to slide my tongue inside her.

Other times if I was busy moving boxes around she would sit in the chair fondling herself as I watched out the corner of my eye, or directly when she totally distracted me from eryaman genç escort bayanlar what I was meant to be doing. If I didn’t notice for whatever reason she would let me know with a moan. This generally led to me wandering over to her as she would take my cock out through my fly and suck me deep into her mouth. She also once sat on a ladder platform, which just happened to be the right height for me to lift her skirt up and run my tongue over her pussy.

Piper would volunteer to help when it came to stocktake, which was not always helpful in terms of the stocktake and caused me to take a lot longer than usual. One time she wandered away into one corner of the warehouse amongst some large boxes. “Can you come over here and look at this for a minute,” she asked.

I walked over to find her unbuttoning her suit pants. “Give me a hand?” she asked. I kissed her passionately and helped her drop her pants and black g-string to the floor. She then bent forward over a box just at the right height. “Fuck me, quick!” her simple demand. Who was I to question her judgement?

She was already soaking wet at this stage after lifting the tails of her blouse and suit jacket and I slid straight in. We had to be quick in case my colleague came out into the warehouse, but the corner we were in was far enough from the door that it would allow us to reassemble our clothing to look appropriate before we were noticed. Piper had also thoughtfully selected an area of the warehouse that held goods from her department, so we could pretend we were reviewing that area.

I fucked her roughly as I felt her hand busy on her clit, occasionally brushing the underside of my cock or balls as I slid in and out. She moaned as she got herself off quickly, her hand helping to speed things up. I gently slid in and out while massaging her lower back and butt cheeks as she came down from her orgasm. “Pull out for a second,” she said quietly to me over her shoulder, before turning around and lying back on top of the box stack, spreading her legs wide. “Come in me!” was her simple request, as once again I slid all the way into her.

She continued to play with her clit with one hand, sometimes circling my cock with thumb and forefinger, while her other hand went under her blouse, and judging by the movement I could see toyed with one then the other nipple. This of course helped set me off quickly and she wrapped her legs around behind my bum to force me in as far as possible as I came. She milked me with her muscles while I stayed slowly stroking into her. I then pulled out gently, and she dipped a finger into her pussy and removed a dollop of my cum on her finger, which she sucked clean. She then put on her panties and suit pants.

“I loved the feeling of your cum in my pussy while I was in a meeting with my boss that afternoon!” she told me later. I almost lost it then and there.

Of course all of this meant we were both loving the thrill of perhaps being caught, while still minimising the risk, and having sex in plenty of different places.

One afternoon Piper came to my office and poked her head in the doorway, as usual with her top gaping and her breasts threatening to leap out. Sometimes I wished we worked in an office by ourselves. “You staying back tonight to work?” she asked.

“Well that all depends on what’s on your mind,” I told her.

“Be ready to leave at 5!” she told me. No request, just a statement.

Of course this peaked my interest but she quickly retreated out of the doorway ankara escort bayan and back to her office. So as requested 5 minutes to 5 I shut down my computer and packed my things away, I didn’t want to miss whatever opportunity was about to present itself. Right on 5 Piper again appeared at my doorway. “Drive out of the carpark and follow me,” was her simple statement.

So I walked out to the car and thankfully this wasn’t one of those times due to Murphy’s Law the car didn’t start, and I drove out to see Piper sitting in her car waiting for me. She drove off and of course I followed.

Soon after we came to our park that we visited at lunch time. It was still fairly light being summer, and she drove down to an area that we hadn’t stopped at before. I pulled in along side her as she got out of her car. “Let’s go,” her only comment.

I followed her down a concrete path, and was soon immersed in trees on both sides, and due to the curve in the path, couldn’t see more than 50 metres in either direction. Piper stopped at a park bench on the trail. Through a small amount of trees on one side was a lake, the other, dense trees. “Horny?” was her question.

“You make me horny whenever I’m with you, so yes I am!” I replied. With that Piper stood up and reached under her skirt, her hands reappearing sliding her black sheer panties down her legs, before stepping out of them, leaving them on the ground. She leant back in the chair and spread her legs wide, allowing me an unrestricted view of her gorgeous glistening pussy, obviously wet even from where I was standing.

“Show me how horny you can make me,” she said looking into my eyes. I dropped to my knees and ran my hands up the outside of her stockinged legs to the top of her thighs, before reaching through to caress her smooth shaven lips. My finger was soaked and I hadn’t even caressed further than the outside.

“It looks like you are already horny,” I informed her.

“Oh I think you can get me a bit further!” was her reply. With that I lowered my face so my nose nuzzled her very fine strip of hair above her clit, and reached out very gently with my tongue to run along her lips. She almost immediately started to moan and gently ran her hands through my hair, a slight amount of force ensuring my tongue didn’t leave her.

I lapped away, occasionally entering inside her pussy but mainly staying on and around her clit. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth, while I brought a finger up to play with her pussy, sliding it in slowly, trying to get her pleasure spot.

She stopped my ministrations after a little while. “Stand up!” she ordered. As I stood she fondled my hard cock through my pants, and soon released the fly before reaching in to grasp it. Pulling it out Piper licked the head gently before engulfing me in one motion all the way to the base. She reached under and played with my balls with one hand, while circling my cock with the other and wanking me in time with her mouth movements. I was in heaven with her methods.

Soon she pushed me back gently and stood up, turned around and placed her knees on the bench seat, leaning over its back. She raised her skirt and spread her pussy lips invitingly. As my cock got close to her pussy she guided it into her, moaning as it slid through. “Mmmm that’s so nice,” was all she said.

I wasn’t too rough and passionate with her, it felt better just to go slow, and I wasn’t too sure how her knees would cope with the wooden bench. I etimesgut escort held her hips slightly, and could feel her hand at play on her clit slowly rubbing. We carried on like this for another 5 minutes or so, until once again she wanted a new position.

She sat back in a join of two branches in a tree and once again guided my cock into her glistening pussy, and continued to gently play with her clit. We kissed passionately now and I started to fuck her a bit harder, but it seemed it still wasn’t entirely comfortable for her, so withdrew from her pussy and then knelt down in front of her to lick her pussy again. She spread her lips wide for me to get the best access to her clit as I simultaneously marvelled at her taste and the sight of her pussy.

“I’m getting close, you need to fuck me hard now!” she soon advised. So she bent over the bench once again but from the back, gripping the backrest with her hands as I grabbed her hips and fucked into her deep. She was soon pushing back onto me and we obtained a fast but complimentary rhythm, her pussy soon contracted around my cock as she started to shake a little. “Sit on the bench,” she asked after she had relaxed slightly. I sat and Piper stood in front of me with her back to me, before squatting down and guiding my cock into her once again.

She was bouncing up and down with enthusiasm and I was a little worried the bench may not take the strain, but the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock soon made my think of other things. I sat forward and reached under her skirt to play with her clit, attempting to get her at least close to getting off as I wouldn’t be far off. Just at this stage a woman walked around the bend in the path, a pair of binoculars around her neck, looking for birds I guessed. She couldn’t see what we were doing at first glance, but my hand under Piper’s skirt and her movements in general left no doubt.

Piper didn’t notice her at first but the sound of the woman’s footsteps slowly getting louder brought her around from her concentration. She froze and looked at the woman as she approached. My hand was frozen on her clit under her skirt. The woman gave an embarrassed smile and semi looked away as she continued to walk past us. As she drew level with us Piper suddenly continued to ride my cock without inhibition and moaned. “Fuck me, I’m close,” she demanded, the woman would have heard that clearly as she was no more than 5 metres from us.

I couldn’t move a lot with her sitting astride my lap, but I still thrust up inside her as I raised my arse of the bench as much as possible, driving my hard cock deep inside Piper as much as possible. I grasped her clit between two fingers and pulled at it gently, which resulted in her coming hard on my cock. As she did so she sunk down onto me as far as she could go, impaling herself on me to the base. I was so close to coming myself but withheld.

“Are you close?” She asked. I told her I was.

She got off of my cock and got me to stand in front of her as she sat back on the bench. She took my cock into her mouth and vigorously sucked me in and out. “I love the taste of my pussy on your cock!” She told me as she looked at me in the eyes as she withdrew, before engulfing me once again. With that I was at the edge and quickly went beyond, coming into her mouth. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and continued to milk me until I couldn’t take it anymore, my cock was too sensitive.

By this stage we started to worry that if the woman mentioned to someone what she had seen we might be in trouble, so we quickly got ourselves together. We laughed about it though on our way back to our cars. We kissed passionately once we got back, I wanted another round, but Piper had to get going. It only made me want to do something more brazen again…

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