Piano Lesson

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He was a gentle but slightly strict instructor. Last week, they’d decided to have a lesson at his place instead.

She was slightly nervous due to the sexual tension they normally experience when he’s behind her, his hands over her’s, scrutinising the way she plays. His cologne, slightly spicy, warm, woody and some citrus, would fill her nostrils like some sort of aphrodisiac. When she’d look back at him, she’d flit her gaze to the first few buttons of his shirt undone, his chest peaking through ever so slightly. His presence was intoxicating.

It’s a hot evening when he invites her in. She looks around his apartment. Quietly, he leads her to the piano – a centrepiece in his living room. She sits down and gets accustomed to her new seating arrangement. They begin the lesson.

She can’t help but notice he’s sitting far closer than usual. He breathes in the scent of her perfume, almost hypnotized by it. She continues to play, feigning nonchalance. She makes a mistake… but when she looks over at him expecting some advice, she finds him staring at her as more than just his student, biting his lip.

Quickly, he snaps back to reality and her cheeks flush red. He apologizes, flustered, and he assumes his position behind her, their bodies so close she can nearly hear his heart beating in his chest. He puts his hands over her arms, tracing his fingers slowly down from her elbows until they fit perfectly on top of her hands. For a second, they forget they’re in the middle of a lesson and he starts breathing down her neck, his warm breath running down her t-shirt. Her breathing grows shallow as her heart starts racing. Wide-eyed, turns her head to meet his gaze. He looks into her eyes intently, like he was asking her something. Again, he bites his lip, this time followed by looking to the side like he was at war with himself. Upon turning back to face her, his lips graze against her ear before he whispers: “her perfume is driving me crazy right now”. A deep sigh leaves his mouth… he frowns and pauses. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what that was, let’s continue the lesson,”

He clears his throat and tries to readjust himself, but she stops illegal bahis him and looks behind her shoulder into his eyes. “Teach me…something else.”

He clenches his jaw, privately exuberant. He bends down to meet the back of her neck, passionately kissing her skin all over as their breathing begins to escalate. He licks the warm, salty skin of her shoulder, biting it slightly, then moves up to her jawline, sucking the skin just behind it until its purple. His right hand holds the side of her torso firmly, his left on her left hip, gradually rubbing down to her thigh. His thumb in between her legs presses into her skin through her sundress as he proceeds to nibble on her ear and move his right hand to her jaw. His fingers hold her chin as he makes her look into his eyes. In a low voice, he purrs “I’ll teach you something you’ll never forget”.

He starts moving down her back, both his hands on the sides of her torso. He trails them down at the same time, simultaneously moving his entire body down as he sits on his haunches. His breathing is audible when his fingers finally rest on her waist. Hungrily, he shifts his palms and thumbs to start squeezing her butt. She can’t help but let out a stifled moan. He grabs her hips and helps her to move her ass until its out over the piano stool. He slowly pulls her dress from out under her. He kisses her ass cheeks through her dress as he slowly pulls it up, kissing her skin lustfully. His fingers slowly sink into her skin more and more as he covers makes her cheeks wet with his saliva. He moans all the while as he assaults her skin with kisses and hickies, loving to hear her sighs of pleasure.

Even her underwear is wet from his spit running down between the crevice of her ass. He lowers himself even further down, his tongue sliding against the wet fabric, pressing into her perineum. She lets out a deep moan. “Hmm, you like that huh? Kneel on the stool and lean on the piano,” he orders breathlessly. She doesn’t hesitate to be complacent. He kneels behind her and pulls down her panties so they drop down onto the stool, pleased to see how soaked they are. He grabs the sides of her uppermost illegal bahis siteleri thighs, squeezing her skin to spread her open for him. Zestfully, he pushes his face into her, tongue teasingly licking her (lower) lips, then sliding it in and out rhythmically. Yet he continues to move upwards as his hands spread her cheeks apart. Relentlessly, he keeps licking and sucking her vulva and vagina, moaning her name in his throat until he gains access her clit. His tongue begins drawing circles around it…letting the tip grind against it until he hears her moan louder and louder, then traces circles around it again. He stops for a second and says “you taste amazing,” under his breath before blowing cold air over her pussy. Promptly, his lips attach to and smother her clit, follow by him sucking it. The tip of her tongue licks upwards passionately, switching from fast licks to slow, and hard licks, until her legs start shaking. He starts to hum, a vibration spreading over her clit and lips. Soon, she’s gasping and moaning loudly as she orgasms, smashing the keys on the piano as she fills the apartment with noise.

He comes up from under her while she’s still recovering, and removes his pants. He lifts her up, turning her around to face him and sitting her on his lap. As they sit on the piano stool, he takes his shirt off. His chest, covered in sweat, looks golden in the setting sun. A droplet of sweat running down the center of his torso and down his toned stomach catches her eye, and she follows it until it ends just below the elastic of his underwear. He places his hands on her waist and pulls her in closer to him, his bulge rubbing in between her lips making his underpants wet. He lets out a deep sigh and pauses for a moment, feeling her throb against him before he starts grinding her against him, his hands firmly gripping onto her waist. He looks into her eyes so passionately they might as well orgasm just from eye contact. She leans in to kiss him, him closing his eyes and parting his lips for her, but she purposely takes her time to meet his mouth to torture him with anticipation. He decides to do the same…now grinding her against canlı bahis siteleri him extremely slowly, but deeper than it was before. Soon, they both can’t take it anymore. She kisses him deeply as they stand up. He removes his underwear and slides on a condom while she lifts her dress over her head.

The sunlight captures every facet of her beauty as she stands naked and vulnerable in front of him. “You’re a taste of heaven, truly-” he begins to say, interrupted by her saying “I want you, now.” He smirks, wasting no time in putting his lips on her neck, his teeth slightly sinking in as he lifts her up with his hands underneath her thighs. He sits down and slowly lets her down on his pulsating erection. It feels so amazing hearing her moan while he enters inside of her that he just lets her down on all of it at once, getting both of them out of breath for a second. After a moment, she starts moving up and down slightly, his hands begin firmly caressing her ass. They start picking up the speed… going faster, and faster… he’s lifting her up slightly each time she moves up, until it’s just the tip inside her, and then lets her fall down on him until he’s balls deep inside of her again, so deep it feels like it’s in her stomach. Her walls cling onto him just tight enough to know she’s comfortable but thrilled. They’re both in ecstasy every time their bodies meet.

He starts to moan her name louder and louder as they keep going, she starts screaming out because of how good it feels.

Soon, they’re both moaning each other’s names so loud that the neighbors can probably hear them, but they don’t care.

Both start giving every last bit of their energy into their thrusts, until they’re sweating everywhere.

Their pleasure erupts like a vicious volcano as they climax at the same time.

Gathering their breathing and giggling, they sit there for a while, embracing each other while he’s still inside her.

“I don’t… I don’t do this with my students, I’m not a pervert. I wasn’t planning on this with you coming over and everything either, I just hope you know this was all really sincere and that I want you to be comfortable,” he says after a while.

She smiles shyly. “I appreciate you saying that… I was thinking though… maybe I should come for these lessons more often?”

He kisses her neck and brings his lips to her ear. “I’d like that very much.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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