Phone Solicitation

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Padding aimlessly through her tiny one bedroom apartment, Adrian wished there was a little something more to her life than just this and work. Not that there was anything wrong with this and work but the one night a week she allowed herself out of the apartment and the long hours at work were starting to take their toll. Lazily she scooped some peanut butter out of the nearly empty jar of ‘Extra Creamy’ and slowly licked it from its resting place as she watched the neighboring Sigma house flexing their muscles and wrestle over a “bad call” during a game of Frisbee. Shaking her head, baffled that their could even be a possibility of a “bad call” in Frisbee, she returned to her couch and laptop.

“No, Macy. I’m not posting the photos.” Adrian muttered with a flush.

“Then why did you even take them? I know you’re naked, but they’re artsy. You should really submit them. Really!” Macy fidgeted with her laptop screen. “I hate having a webcam on the top of the computer. It makes it difficult to stay in focus.”

“Yeah, well it’s what we’ve got girl. But about the photos, I took them to see if I could. Now I’m deleting them. Can’t have anyone just gawking at them and at this rate I’m glad I didn’t actually email them to you, you might submit them to some amateur site.”

“Would not. Maybe, okay so I would, but damn girl you’ve got the goods. How about you show me a little web la-ti-da?” Adrian’s overly zealous friend whistled into the webcam while slipping her tank strap over her shoulder in a faux striptease.

“How about not? Gotta go to work, later girly. Love you!” she said closing her laptop. “Dear lord, how did I ever get to be friends with her?” Adrian laughed shaking her head as she went to lay down for a bit. Truth be told, she just couldn’t handle too much of Macy and still had a few hours to kill before a twelve hour at the hospital.

Pulling her hair from its restrictive pony tail, she fanned it out around her on her bed. The lavish locks of gold tinted mocha always made her feel beautiful. She always envisioned herself as a mermaid or goddess when her hair was positioned around her like this. She allowed herself these fantastic thoughts as she drifted into twilight sleep.

Sirens rang out upsetting her slight slumber, her body spasmed in answer to it, her dreams followed her from sleep, but only eryaman gerçek escort numaları long enough for her to realize it was her horrific ring tone. Still unsure if she was happy it was only her ring tone and not a real disaster she flipped open her phone before even looking at the number.

“Um..hullo?” Adrian said slowly with a velvet ridden voice.

“Yeah, this is Scott from…”

It didn’t matter who he was or where he was calling from, Adrian wasn’t comprehending a bit of what was spoken. The gentleman at the end of the line spoke in such a smooth tone it lulled her back to the early stages of sleep. Only moments into his intro he heard her moan.

“Ma’am?” He almost whispered. “Are you still there?”

Nodding sleepily, Adrian asked “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“I’m sure you are, I can’t see you, but you sound lovely. Could you make that sound again?” Scott asked, his voice muffled by his hand cupping the receiver of his phone.

“Mmmhm” Adrian confirmed.

Stirring ever so slightly from her doze, her hand began to slowly trail down her body. She let out a shuddering breath at the feathered caress of her fingertips against her skin. On the other end of the phone, Scott sat riveted by what he was hearing. Surely not. There’s no way a woman would be as bold as to “solicit” a phone solicitor. The sound of Adrian’s dream ridden voice and enticing breathing had him at the edge of his seat and his cock on edge.

“Tell me, what are you doing right now?” He goaded.

A soft moan responded before Adrian did. “I’m .. I’m touching myself.” Another moan and gasp, the phone making a noise as it had moved from where it rest between her ear and shoulder.

“That sounds nice, what else?” Scott asked dropping his voice an octave as he was now becoming increasingly aroused. “Tell me; tell me what you want me to do.”

Adrian’s hand moved lower still, letting one finger slide between her dampened folds. She dipped into herself letting out a soft mew of surprise and pleasure, her breath shallower to her vocal audience.

“I want you to put your mouth on me and keep touching me the way you are.”

She sounded as if she’d been deprived. Scott felt sad for her a moment, then it dawned on him after running her last words through his head. She was asleep. Asleep and dreaming. Asleep, sincan escort dreaming, and masturbating while talking to him on the phone! Amazing. His conscience accosted him for a fleeting moment. “You can’t take advantage of a sleeping woman.” He shook his inner voice. “Not really hurting her if she’s a thousand miles away and she’s the one touching herself… I’m just her dream lover.” He smiled inwardly, “dream lover” he thought. Checking his surroundings realizing that in his call center that he was the last and the lights were dimmed he took hold of this moment and ran with it.

“Mmm, baby, your tits are so perfect. Tasty, sweet. Like honey dew in the summer.”

Adrian had pushed herself to the point sexually that one was bound to wake up. Shuddering she came too seeing her hand down her panties. The sensation between her thighs was enough to make her cry out to any lover. How long had she been touching herself and who the hell was on the phone?! She listened again, hearing Scotts voice, so low and soothing, but breathy now.

“Taste it. Put your finger in your mouth and tell me how good it is.” He crooned.

Mildly concerned, then amused, Adrian smiled. It didn’t matter, but this guy sounded hot. Who cared? She’d had enough of just this and work, it was time to break out of the box. The throbbing heat beckoned her attention between her silken folds once more. Pulling her finger from where it was nestled warmly, she pulled it to her mouth. Slowly she drew it in, finding the taste of her own juices intoxicating. Her other hand moved to her breast. Tugging her nipple caused her to yelp, her arousal causing her to be surprised and overwhelmed with the sensations.

“Honey, tell me, did it taste good? You’ve got me so hot.” Scotts voice lit in her ear.

“Mmhm, so, sweet, tangy, and good. Like the best candy, your favorite.” She breathily answered. “Touch it for me?” She asked

Listening to her sexy voice and kitten like sounds, Scott had taken the liberty of unfastening his pants. It was odd being on the phone with a complete stranger and at work but Scott found himself so hard and so ready that he was oozing. He freed himself from his boxers and slicked the head of his dick with his precum. Laying his head back he could only do as the lady requested.

“Yes, yes baby, I’ll touch batıkent escort it.” He groaned as he began to stroke himself.

The sound caused Adrian’s ears to perk. This man was genuinely aroused, and jacking off to her command. It was almost too much. Her finger roamed back to her panties, she stroked herself through the fine texture of the lace, feeling it dampen further with her every stroke, the bead of her center firmed and throbbed as her inside begged to be entered. She arched as she heard another breathy groan from Scott. Her fingers finding home and stroking over the gentle ridge of her pleasure, she increased her speed to match the sexy stranger.

“Oh god, oh god” she moaned, her heated cunt tightened around her fingers, attempting to milk them as she imagined the stranger’s cock insider her.

“Harder, faster, fuck me harder!” She cried out as she felt herself reach the brink of no return.

Scott could hear it in her panting, her voice. He cupped his balls, thumbing the line of his sack as he gripped his rod with the other hand, twisting as he pulled at himself, her sexy cries of desire urging him on. God! It was too good.

“Cum for me, cum for me baby let me hear you cry.” He growled into the receiver as he felt his load approach.

Adrian pumped harder and faster, two fingers then a third, her pussy aching to explode, her mind reeling, her body begging for release. At his command, she erupted, her cries heard outside by the Sigma boys, enough to have them all stop and look for the location of such an outburst. Scott gave a couple more strokes and followed when Adrian gave her victorious cry, crying out himself as he spurted high and hard. Now nothing but ragged breathing and vocal silence lay between Scott and Adrian.

“Um…I..I..” Adrian finally stuttered as embarrassment flooded her.

Scott regained his composure as quickly as he could knowing that he was about to lose her. Penis still free of his pants, he leaned forward smoothing his tie as if she were any other flighty customer.

“No worries ma’am.” He panted. “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”

The line went quiet a moment. Thoughts numbering in the thousands flooded Adrian’s’ head before she responded.

“No, not today. But could I have your number in case I do need anything else?”

Smiling, Scott could only oblige her. “Of course ma’am. Here’s the number and my name, once again, is Scott. Feel free to call anytime.”

Hanging up, Adrian realized that she was going to be late for work but she could only think “Wait until Macy hears about this!” as she got ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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