Peter and Chloe Ch. 03

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Peter watched as his mother closed her eyes slowly while tilting her head back just a little. His eyes wandered down to see her hips slowly move on his father’s face. His erection stood out from his groin, slightly bouncing with each beat of his heart. He looked at the exposed pussy lips of Brianne and noticed that they were damp. Looking again at his parents and then back to Bri, he slowly moved behind her and placed his cock at her entrance. He felt her push back, causing the head of his cock to start separating her labia. With a slight push, he was totally embedded.

Peter was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about the events earlier in the evening. On one hand, it was incredibly exciting to see his mother come on his father’s face and then to watch him as he fucked her missionary style. It was a strange feeling, however, knowing that his parents were watching as Brianne rode him cowgirl until he came inside her. He thought, but wasn’t sure, that he heard his mother slightly moan when Brianne lifted off him and their combined cum oozed out of her.

He turned his head as he heard the knock on his door. “Peter, you okay?” his dad called out.

“Yeah,” Peter replied.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure,” Peter said as he started to cover himself up.

Peter watched as his dad entered the room. While he was slowly getting used to his family being nude at home, it was still a surprising to see him naked, his flaccid penis exposed. He had no interest in male to male sex, but he nevertheless compared his father’s equipment to his.

“Are you okay?” his dad asked.

Peter nodded slightly and answered, “Yeah, I am.”

“It must have been a little bit of a surprise to walk in on us like that.”

Peter thought for a moment before nodding his head, “Yeah, a little, I guess.”

“Your mom said she talked to you and said that something like this might happen.”

“She did,” he replied, thinking back to the conversation he had with his mother.

Aaron dropped his head for a moment before looking back at his son, “Well, your mother and I really hadn’t planned on exposing you to our sex lives like this. We really wanted to do it different so that if you didn’t feel comfortable, you weren’t put into a position that we’d all later regret.”

Peter sat up and leaned against the headboard, pulling the sheet up at the same time to avoid exposing his groin. “It’s okay,” he said with a slight smile. “It was a little weird. I mean, I know you and mom have sex and all and well, it was kinda, well,”

Aaron smiled a little, “Got you a little excited, did it?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Your mother really loves sex, you know. And so do I for that matter.” Aaron paused for a moment, “And from what I hear, it seems that you like it as well.”

Peter could feel his face turn red.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Peter,” his father continued, “Sex is healthy and it’s supposed to be fun.”

Peter just nodded with a slight smile forming at the corners of his mouth.

“Besides, it looked like you made Brianne a very happy lady. It was good so see that you know how to properly take care of a woman’s needs.”

Peter looked at his dad. First the surreal conversation with his mother about sex and now with his father. He was beginning to appreciate the openness of the conversation and was starting to feel more comfortable with his own sexuality and his sexual desires. But most importantly, he was beginning to realize that he would likely be able to talk to either of his parents about anything to do with sex, should the need come up.

“Thanks, Dad,” Peter said, truly appreciating the conversation.

“You’re welcome, Peter. I’m glad you’re doing okay.”

“I am,” Peter said this time with a broad smile across his face.

“And should you ever have sex with your mother, make sure you take care of her too.”

Peter shook his head, “She already told me that that would never happen.”

Aaron looked at his son and nodded thoughtfully, “I see. Well, you never know.”

Peter watched as his father left the room. ‘What did he mean by that? Did he expect him to have sex with his mom?’


Peter was deep in thought as he poured hot water into his mug in the office break room. While not a huge fan, he did prefer tea now and then. He didn’t hear Chloe step into the room as he dipped the teabag into the water. It was only when he felt her arms wrap around his waist and her head appear over his shoulder that he knew she was there.

“How’s my guy?” Chloe asked as she kissed the side of his neck.

Peter turned so that he was facing her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I’m good. I’ve missed seeing you.”

“Me too. Turns out it’s just a cold, but boy it knocked me on my butt for a couple of days.”

Peter looked into her eyes and slowly closed them as he leaned in to kiss her. He felt her arms slide up around his neck as she pulled him closer. He parted his lips when he felt her tongue caress them. Their kiss became more passionate as it continued. Peter could feel his penis eryaman genç escort bayanlar stir and Chloe could feel a warmth building between her legs.

Peter pulled away slightly with a gasp as he felt Chloe’s hand lightly caress the outside of his trousers.

“Ooh, I wish we had more time,” Chloe said with a smile. “I want so much to take this out and play with it.”

Peter let out a small groan as her caress took on a new vigor. As much as he tried, he was not able to prevent it from becoming harder. “Chloe, oh god, I do too.”

Peter smiled and kissed Chloe again before breaking away to grab his cup of tea. “Want me to make you one?” he asked.

Chloe had dropped her hands in front of her, a smile still on her face, “No, I’m good. Thanks though.”

“Peter,” she started haltingly, “you said in a text message that there was something you wanted to talk to me about?”

Peter sighed, “Yeah, there is.”

“Sounds serious. You wouldn’t tell me over text. Are we okay?” Chloe stated with concern in her voice.

“God I hope so,” Peter quickly replied.

“What is it then?”

“Let’s go to my office. I’m not sure I want anyone to overhear us,” he said as he started for the door to the breakroom.

They entered his work area and Chloe closed the door behind them.

“So, what is it?”

“Chloe, after I left your house the other night I went home and well, I went to my room and undressed. You know, well, we go nude at home now.”

“I know. So do mom and I. But you told me this before.”

“Yeah, but when I went to go outside, well, I saw my mom and dad having sex.”

Chloe wasn’t sure how to react. She was excited to hear about the situation but she wasn’t sure how Peter felt about it. “Did watching them bother you?”

“Well at first, yeah, but then I got, well, I got.”

“Aroused?” Chloe asked with a hopeful voice.

“Yeah, I did.”

“That’s so cool!”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I do. I mean I love watching two people have sex with each other. Remember how turned on I got watching you have sex with my mom?”

Peter broke into a small smile as he recalled Chloe bringing herself to orgasm while he had his cock buried in her mother. “Yeah, I do. But there’s more.”

“What?” Chloe asked anxiously.

“Bri was there too.”

“Oh my god, your parents were in a threesome with Brianne,” she replied, hardly able to contain the excitement in her voice. “That must have been so hot to watch.”

“Yeah, well, my mom said I should join in by fucking Bri from behind while she was giving my dad a blowjob.”

“Holy crap,” Chloe said, her eyebrows arching up and her smile broadening. “Did you?”

Peter looked at his girlfriend sheepishly, “Yeah. I’m sorry.”

A look of concern came across Chloe’s face, “Why are you sorry?”

“Because I, well, we didn’t have a chance to talk about it first. You mad?”

Chloe stood up and placed her hands on the sides of his torso, “Peter, you’re so cute,” she said with a broad grin. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips before she continued, “We’ve already talked about it. I told you that I was okay and even encouraged you to continue having sex with the other ladies in the office. While we didn’t talk about your folks in particular, well, I just assumed that was a given.”

“So, you’re okay then?”

“Of course I’m okay, silly,” Chloe tried to reassure her boyfriend. She took a step back and took his hands in hers, “Did you and your mom?”

Peter shook his head, “No, she already said that that was something that would never happen.”

Forming a small pout on her face, “That’s too bad. That would be cool too.” She crossed her arms in front of her and gave Peter a pensive look, “I’ve only seen your mom a couple of times when she came in to see Brianna and after watching you and my mom, I thought it would be pretty cool to be with you and your mom.”

They both turned when they heard knocking at the door. Peter called out “Come in.”

Andrea stepped into Peter’s work area, “Hi guys, hope I’m not interrupting anything. You’re both still dressed so I’m guessing not” she teased, arching her eyebrows and grinning.

“No,” Chloe responded. She turned to look at her boyfriend and then back to Andrea, “Not that it wasn’t tempting to strip him down and ravish him.”

Andrea placed her hands on her hips and ran her tongue over her lips, “Well, if I didn’t have so much work to get done this afternoon, I’d say let me help.”

Peter turned red as both girls turned to him and looked at him up and down, stopping where a bulge had started to form.

“I’d say that he kind of likes that idea, wouldn’t you Chloe?” Andrea said, giving Peter a wink.

Chloe smiled and nodded her head.

Andrea dropped her hands and slapped them on the sides of her legs, “Anyways, the reason I’m here is that I need your spreadsheet expertise, Peter. If you’ve got some time, could you give me a hand?”

“Sure,” Peter feeling a little sense of relief, “what do you need?”

“I’ll see you later lover,” Chloe said with a wiggle ankara escort bayan of her fingers as she made her way out the door.

Andrea sat down, leaned forward and clasped her hands on the table in front of her. Peter couldn’t help but notice that her top was quite open and the tops of her breasts were quite visible. He shuffled in his seat, “Uh, what, uh did you need help with?”

She spent the next 15 minutes explaining what she needed and Peter scribbled furiously trying to make sure captured all the things that need to be included. It took a little extra effort on his part to focus as the perfume that Andrea was wearing was one of his favorites and it kept drawing his attention away from his notes.

The hours flew by and it was five before he realized how much time had passed. Peter sat back and looked at the work he completed. The format of the spreadsheet had been completed. A lot of the formulas had also been done, though there were still a few that weren’t working quite the way he wanted them. He’d work on them tomorrow.

He was still staring at the screen when he heard Andrea ask, “How’s it going?”

Peter turned to look at her and his eyes focused for an extra second on her legs. She was wearing nylons and wondered for a moment if they were stockings or pantyhose. “Uh, good.” Turning his eyes to hers, he saw a smile and one eyebrow raised, “Uh, I’ve got a lot of it done. There’s still some work I need to do on the math. But it shouldn’t take me too long.”

“Good, I’m glad it’s something you’re able to tackle. Usually I have to do those manually. It will make it so much easier to have the computer do it.”

Peter watched as Andrea slowly came around to his side of the desk, smoothing down her skirt, and leaned back against it. She placed her hands on the desk beside her and her legs were just slightly apart. Peter looked to where they disappeared under her skirt and he could feel his heartbeat kick up a notch.

“So,” she started, “I guess you and Chloe are an item now.”

Peter looked up at Andrea, smiled, and nodded, “Yeah, we are.”

Andrea picked at some lint on her skirt and then looked at Peter, “That’s what Chloe said too. She loves you, you know.”

“She told you that?”

Andrea nodded, “Yep.”

“I love her too.”

Picking at some more lint, “So I asked her if that means that you’re off limits now.”

“Yeah, we talked about that,” Peter replied. He could feel his penis begin to stir.

“Well,” she started with a little sigh, “she said that you’re still to make sure that you take good care of us girls.”

Peter smiled, “I’ll do the best that I can.”

Andrea smiled as well and curled her fingers around the hem of her skirt. “Well, can you take care of this for me? I have an itch that I need you to scratch,” she asked as she raised her skirt revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Peter slid off the chair and onto the floor so that her pussy was in front of his face. Andrea scooted back just a little and spread her legs further apart. She let out a sigh as she felt Peter’s tongue work its way between her labia.


Peter picked up Chloe at her house the following Saturday morning. He enticed her to join him on a short hike in the foothills not far from town. They stopped several times along the trail to observe the scenery as well as the wildlife that darted amongst the trees. Each time they hugged each other and reaffirmed their love and sealed it with a kiss. Peter’s heart was filled with a joy and he knew that he was madly in love with this woman. His jeans also began to fill with each hug. He got to the point where he was embarrassed about it and tried to keep from Chloe noticing it. He didn’t want her to think that sex was the only thing on his mind when it came to her. He really was in love with her and savored every minute he spent with her.

With his arms around her neck and hers around his waist, he looked at her intently, “You are very beautiful.”

Chloe smiled, “Thank you.”

She lowered his hands to his butt and pulled him closer, his groin mashed against her, “Why do you keep trying to hide this from me?” she said with a smile.

“I, I just, well, I just didn’t want you to think, well I’m sorry.”

“Think what? That I excite you? Well, don’t be sorry, you excite me too,” she replied in a reassuring voice.

She reached between them and rubbed his crotch with her hand. She smiled when Peter let out a slight moan.

“When you get excited, it shows,” she said while rubbing him a little more. When I get excited I start getting wet. Only you can’t tell.”

“No, I guess I can’t”

Pulling him closer still, she placed her mouth next to his ear and whispered, “And I’m very wet right now.”

Peter smiled and he felt his cock continue to strain against the confines of his pants. With his lips next to her ear, he whispered in return, “My folks are gone and won’t be back until late tonight. Let’s go back home.”

Peter pulled up to the curb in front of his house and quickly got out. He etimesgut escort offered her his hand as he opened her door and helped her out of the car. Without letting go, he led her into the house, and out the back door.

“Where are we going?” Chloe asked, anticipating being led to his bedroom.

“Ever since I saw my folks having sex out here, I’ve dreamt of making love to you outside,” he replied as he let go of her hand and grabbed some cushions from the chairs and laid them on the grass.

Chloe watched with a growing smile on her face and the emotions begin to well up inside her. When he was finished, he stepped up to her and engaged her in a passionate kiss. They slowly undressed each other until they were both naked. He gently nudged her onto the cushions where, starting with her neck, slowly kissed her body all the way down to her toes and back up again, avoiding her most sensitive area, at least for the moment.

Aaron commented to Sylvia as he pulled into the driveway, “Peter’s car is here. I thought you said he was going hiking with Chloe?”

Sylvia furrowed her brow just a little in a show of concern, “He did. I hope things are okay between them.”

Moving her legs apart just a little more, Peter eased his tongue into Chloe’s slit, finding her clit. He used his fingers to part her labia a little and started to rub the outside of her vagina. He was rewarded with a little bit of a squirm from Chloe.

Sylvia and Aaron looked at Peter’s car again as the got out of their car and made their way to the house. They didn’t hear any obvious signs of Peter when they entered the house and peered into his bedroom as they made their way to theirs.

“Hmm, well he’s not in here,” Sylvia observed. The pair undressed, tossing their clothes into the dirty clothes hamper and made their way back to the kitchen.

Peter felt a pair of hands grab the back of his head, pulling him in tighter. He had to move his head just a little so that he could still breath. He wrapped his arms around the outside of her legs and started twirling her clit with his tongue while his fingers danced in and out of her vagina, rubbing the top of it.

“Sssh,” Sylvia whispered, looking at her husband and placing her finger to her lips. Aaron looked to where she was pointing.

They both smiled as they looked at the scene outside. A girl’s head, who they assumed was Chloe, was laying down, her knees up, and her hands on the back of someone’s head between her legs. Sylvia felt her arousal begin and Aaron could feel his penis respond.

They continued to watch as Chloe grabbed fistfuls of hair and stifled a scream in obvious orgasm. Aaron wrapped his arm around his wife as they watched their son get up on hands and knees and lean forward to kiss his girlfriend. Chloe wrapped her arms around his neck as he placed himself at her entrance and slowly pushed until their hips met.

Sylvia shifted her feet a little as her own arousal become stronger and she could feel the wetness building between her legs. She let out a slight moan as she watched Peter slowly and lovingly move in and out of Chloe.

All of Chloe’s senses were focused on her vagina and the cock that filled it. She slowly moved her hands up and down his side as he stroked in and out of her. She had read where women don’t often achieve an orgasm during intercourse, but she could feel one building from deep within her.

Peter could feel his own orgasm beginning to build as well. His pace picked up just a little. He looked into his girlfriend’s eyes as he felt his semen surge from deep inside, through his cock and into Chloe. He experienced an intense feeling of love and pleasure at the same time.

“Oh,” came out of Sylvia in a whisper.

Aaron leaned over just a little and smiled, “Wish that was you instead of Chloe?”

Sylvia nodded her head and mouthed “Yeah.”

She quickly turned to her husband, “No! Of course not. That’s my son you’re talking about.”

Aaron just smiled and said, “I know.”

She looked at him a little longer wondering what her husband was thinking. She couldn’t resist the scene outside and returned her gaze at the two lovers in the back yard. She turned and could tell by looking that her son was erupting inside Chloe. Chloe had also locked her heels behind Peter, holding him in place. They watched as Peter kissed her and slowly rolled off, rolling her with him so that her head lay on his shoulder in post-coital bliss.

“That was beautiful,” Sylvia softly said, to no one in particular. It became apparent that the two lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms.

“Yes, it was,” her husband agreed. Grabbing a couple of cold drinks, they quietly made their way outside and sat down, keeping their conversation to a whisper.

It was Chloe who first noticed that they were no longer alone. Shaking Peter’s shoulder, “Peter, wake up. We have company.”

Peter raised his head and saw his parent’s sitting in chairs looking at them. His first reaction was that his parents would be upset. But then he recalled walking in on their lovemaking, his father buried between his mother’s legs, who turned and smiled at him and told him that he didn’t have to leave and could stay if he wanted. So, the ‘house rules’ had been informally established – if you were going to have sex someplace other than your bedroom, don’t expect any privacy.

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