Paying the Rent

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Jennifer sighed as the alarm went off, blaring in her ear. She had been staring at the clock for three minutes, dreading the knowledge that she would have to get up today and face a whole new world. The strange apartment, a strange bed, even this alarm clock was strange to her. “Fully furnished”, the ad touted. They hadn’t been kidding. Her new landlord had even stocked it with toilet paper, some food staples, houseplants, even a little bookshelf stocked with some classic literature. Jennifer still couldn’t believe her luck; on the first try, first complex, she got an apartment. For a steal, too – after every three paid months, she would get one free. She wouldn’t have to pay any utilities except the phone. “Electricity in this building is all tied together, so we include that cost in your rental fee,” the company had told her. So she signed the lease agreement, shook on it, and grabbed her bag out of the car.

“Is that all you have?” came a voice from her right. Turning, she saw an average looking man, probably in his thirties, coming around a corner. “I’m Ben, your new landlord. Hobbs and Jenkins called as you left their office. Can I show you to your new apartment?” Lifting her duffle bag, he started towards a door on the end of the building. “We don’t use the main entrance very often, seems like there’s always something wrong with the roof or the pipes. There’s a constant leak – not fun to walk through.” Jennifer thanked him and followed somewhat nervously.

Inside, the building was bright and the hallway seemed almost more like a dorm. “Here’s your place, let me know if there’s anything you need or just want someone to show you around town. This building has a bunch of really cool people in it; we all get along pretty well. You ought to fit in perfectly.” Opening the door, he made a sweeping motion with his arm. “Welcome home, Jennifer. It is Jennifer, right? Or do you prefer Jen?”

“Either’s fine, thanks,” Jennifer mumbled as the rest of her senses took in the apartment. She was impressed, having expected cheesy disco era furniture and second hand décor. Instead, she saw a sleek, classy place that reminded her of an art gallery. Everything seemed to be black and white with occasional splashes of color. She smiled, amazed at her good luck.

After explaining where a few things were in the apartment, Ben left her with one last welcome. Jennifer grabbed her duffle and headed for the bedroom. The few clothes she had managed to bring with her were quickly unpacked and organized. Having assumed she would go shopping after she saw the apartment, she hadn’t bothered buying food or any other household goods. Good thing, she thought to herself, since they’ve already thought of everything. Since she was all but broke, Jennifer needed to save all the money she could until she found a decent job. She rummaged a little in the refrigerator, looked in the cabinets, and managed to come up with a mediocre dinner. Afterwards, she got acquainted with the new apartment and went to bed.

Seven hours later, with the alarm blaring in her ears, Jennifer rolled out of bed, groaning. Leaving the music on, she went about her normal morning routine, taking a shower, brushing her teeth, neglecting breakfast. Her newspaper from yesterday had a few prospects for a good job and her goal was to explore those today. She dressed in her smartest outfit, one her mother had bought her five years ago as part of a college graduation present. Jennifer spent a long and tedious day on the hunt for anything that could give her an income without completely stripping her dignity. Having applied for all the jobs in the paper and a few others that weren’t, she drove home and collapsed on the couch. Thank God for air conditioning.

Almost an hour later, Jennifer woke with a start. Wow, she thought. I must have been more tired than I realized. As she halkalı escort sat up, she tried to recall what she had dreamt. It must have been good, her panties were just the slightest bit damp. Something about… the landlord, Ben?!? Although the thought shocked her at first, she found herself warming to the idea. He wasn’t unattractive, not incredibly gorgeous, but in the long run, do-able. Not like her standards were too high lately. Matter of fact, as long as she didn’t catch anything, she didn’t care after her husband of a whopping two years kicked her out to make room for his new supermodel girlfriend, leaving her with a mediocre duffle bag of clothes and her car. Finding an attorney was a daunting prospect, one that she would address after she found a job. Brushing the thoughts aside, she concentrated on her new surroundings and eventually her thoughts returned to Ben. Deciding it couldn’t hurt to use those thoughts to her advantage, she began weaving a fantasy.

Slipping out of her panties and unbuttoning her shirt, she started massaging her nipples and caressing her own thighs, effectively teasing herself just enough to further her cause. Slipping two fingers into the wetness that was steadily increasing, she massaged her clit with her palm. In no time, she found herself panting and writhing, imagining Ben’s full mouth on her pussy. Not one to waste time, she gave herself a quick orgasm and took a few seconds to recover, just as a knock came on the door.

Quickly straightening her skirt and re-buttoning her shirt, she answered the door. “Hi, I’m Sarah! I’m your new neighbor next door. Ben said you just moved here; so I figured maybe you’d like to go out with some of us tonight, see the sights. I know you probably don‘t have a job yet, so my treat. Whad’ya say?”

Surprised, Jen stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do. She’d never really gone out with ‘the girls’ before, and didn’t know what it was like. Ah, hell. Just try it, her mind told her. Gathering up her courage, Jennifer accepted and then asked Sarah what she should wear. “Well, let’s find something, shall we?” With that, Sarah sauntered into the apartment and headed straight for the bedroom. Stupefied, all Jennifer could do was follow.

“I just love this shirt!” Sarah exclaimed, holding up a silvery velvet v-neck. “What do you usually wear it with?”

Jen shrugged, having never gotten the chance to actually wear it in public. “I dunno, probably jeans. I don’t really have anything for dancing or going out. I never went. I actually brought that with me because I figured it was meant for someone else,” Jen answered, watching Sarah dig through her meager assortment of clothes.

“That’s okay, I have a great skirt for it. You’re what, a 10?” A nod from Jennifer was all it took for Sarah to go running out the still open door down the hallway. She heard the adjoining wall between the closets thump and rattle a little, and then Sarah came bolting back into the room, carrying a slinky long black skirt with two slits up the side well past the knee. “Try it on, we’ll see if it works. If not, I have a shorter skirt that would do just fine too.”

Sarah sat on the bed and watched bemusedly as Jennifer, obviously not used to people watching her change, nervously slipped out of her ‘interview’ suit and into the revealing outfit. She knew she had a nice body, but had always been self-conscious of other people seeing it. Jeremy had picked her apart during their marriage, and now her breasts, perky as a chipmunk on speed, no longer looked appealing to her. Looking at them in the mirror, she tried to force the negative thoughts as far away as her ex husband. It was time to move on and try new things, like this incredibly sexy skirt. The slits that didn’t look so bad before were guaranteed olgun escort to nearly showcase her shaven cleft should she sit down. Still, it was a good combination and she held out her arms and looked inquisitively at Sarah for approval. Encouraged by Sarah’s clapping, she twirled and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Not bad, she thought. Maybe I should have learned how to dress like this a long time ago.

In a flash, Jennifer found herself made up (aided enormously by the exuberant Sarah), clothed, and out the door. In the parking lot, Sarah herded Jen away from her own car and towards a sleek little sporty convertible a few spots down. “We’ll take my car, it’s more fun,” was the only explanation offered. In truth, it matched both Sarah’s boisterous personality and her petite, athletic build. Sarah’s short blonde hair suggested her convertible top was down more often than not.

Downtown, Jennifer was introduced to several young women; all of whom Sarah said lived in their building. They all hit it off wonderfully and began to drink, dance, and flirt all evening with not only the men all over the bar, but playfully with each other as well. Last call came, and Jen couldn’t believe that she had stayed out so late. Sarah noticed the expression on her face and laughed. “Tomorrow’s Friday, Jen… it’s not like you have to get up early to go job hunting or anything. You’ll be fine.” Jen relaxed visibly but still felt like a little girl caught out past curfew.

Sarah, having declared herself designated driver for the evening, hauled Jen into her car and headed back to the apartments. They made small talk on the way home about families, childhood, and sex. Jen was surprised at how experienced Sarah seemed. Jennifer had been with three men in her lifetime, and still felt naïve in the ways of the world. Sarah, on the other hand, had lost count at around 20, and amazed Jen even more with her accounts of same-sex experimentation. Jen thought that was something that only happened in sorority tales or movies. Laughing, Sarah told her that she’d learn plenty living here.

Walking into the building, Sarah and Jennifer ran into Ben, who was sticking halfway out of the ceiling with a tool belt on. “Howdy, girls! Could one of you hand me that pipe clamp?” As Jen handed the repair part to him, Ben winked and mentioned the alcohol on her breath. “Sarah took you out to meet the girls, then, did she?” A nod of assent from Jennifer and Ben chuckled, wrenching the clamp down over a leak. Resetting the ceiling tile, he picked up his equipment and left the girls in the hallway by their doors.

“Thanks for tonight, Sarah,” Jen said. “I’ve never gotten to go out and just have fun before. It was nice. And Ben was right; all of you here in the building are really great. I’m glad I found it here.”

Sarah just smiled and opened Jennifer’s door for her. “Sleep tight, Jen. We’re glad you’re here, too. I’ll see you in the morning, we’ll have breakfast or something.” Jen headed for her bedroom and stripped naked before climbing into bed, exhausted.

Still, she couldn’t sleep. Something kept nagging at the back of her mind, and images of Ben and Sarah from the last few days kept invading her head. Unconsciously, she snaked her hand down her belly towards her clit and started to rub it absentmindedly. She knew just how to please herself, and let her mind roam freely while her hands did all the work, oblivious to her vocal reactions. In the midst of everything, she heard another knock at the door. Grabbing a robe and tying it on in a hurry, she dashed to the door. Ben was standing there, tool belt still on his hips, with an amused look on his face. “I heard my name in here, you sounded like you were in pain, so I figured I’d check şişli escort on you.” She looked outside and saw a ceiling tile ajar in the hallway.

“No, nothing’s wrong, I must have been talking in my sleep or something. I had more to drink than usual. ” she stammered. Ben raised an eyebrow and lifted her hand to his mouth.

“I don’t think you were sleeping,” he whispered as he sucked the pussy juice off her still moist fingers. “I think you want to be fucked. Am I right?” She nodded, almost imperceptibly, afraid of her own reaction but painfully aware of her throbbing sex, aching for attention. Ben leaned into her, inhaling the scent of her arousal, pushing her backwards into the apartment. Jen’s gray eyes were like saucers as he nudged his way into the apartment and shut the door behind him. “Get on the bed,” he ordered in a husky voice. Jen complied, unbelievably aroused. Ben followed her, removing his clothes as he walked. “I just can’t help but want you, and by the way you’re reacting, you want me too.” Jennifer’s only response was to untie her robe and slip it off her body. In the back of her head, she had conflicting emotions muddled by her drinking.

Part of her wanted to run: this was wrong and inappropriate. The bigger, louder part encouraged her, telling her to remind herself this is exactly what she was looking for when she moved across the country looking for a new life. Then all thoughts were pushed aside as Ben bent his head to taste the juices he had only sampled on her fingers. God, it felt so good. Jennifer closed her eyes and savored the sensation of his tongue flicking, licking, and sucking her clit and lips. He dipped a finger into her vagina and removed it to taste all that he could of her, unable to get enough. He had been attracted to her from the beginning. To be able to taste her and fuck her so soon was amazing. He licked her furiously and gently, as if she was a lollipop that he had to get to the creamy center of. His fingers began working her inner folds, feeling for the reaction he knew he would get once he found the most amazing place on her body that could throw her over the edge.

Jennifer couldn’t contain herself. She watched, almost from outside her body, as she thrashed around on the bed, gripping the sheets in white knuckled hands. She bit her lip to muffle the groans that escaped her as he brought her to the brink of orgasm and held her there for a moment, delighting in her tension, before releasing that tension into a billion atoms of pleasure coursing through her veins. Jennifer gasped in a silent scream, unable to move or think; just feeling the waves break over and over without retreating. Ben disengaged his head from between her legs and moved to suckle her nipples briefly before claiming her body, thrusting his cock to the hilt. At the feeling of his cock pressing against her pussy walls, Jennifer regained control of her body and threw her arms around Ben’s waist, pulling at him as if she couldn’t get enough of him inside her. He bent and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices, devouring her sweet mouth. Her body was so yielding, so soft and supple; his thrusts became frenzied with desire. She felt another orgasm building deep inside her and began frantically bucking her hips, digging her toes into the mattress. As her second orgasm broke over her, he felt the contractions on his penis, sending him over the edge and launching his own climax. Releasing his semen deep inside her, the fleeting thought of pregnancy came to his mind, shooed away by the intense waves of pleasure that just wouldn’t end. Jennifer eased out of her stupor and groaned contentedly.

“Thanks, I think I needed that; and I bet you did too,” she teased Ben. He laughed, climbed out of bed and walked towards the door, redressing himself as he reached each article of clothing.

“I know you did, and you’ll probably get more later if you’d like it. Don’t forget breakfast with the girls tomorrow – get some sleep.” With that, the door closed.

Jennifer looked over at the clock. “What time is it?? How long did we fuck?” she thought to herself. Before she could calculate how much time she had before she had to meet her new friends for breakfast, she was sound asleep.

To be continued 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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