Paying Hard to Play Poker

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Last week I had a very bad night at my regular poker game. A favorite pastime of mine is playing and hanging around the poker table. In my neighborhood, there’s a private game every Wednesday night and sometimes I really win a lot, but other times I don’t and usually I’m the only woman who plays very late. Some of the guys are in their thirties but most of them are near sixty, I would guess, and I know a few of them pretty well.

We were playing our usual game of dealers choice but Texas Holdem seemed to be the game everyone liked that night. I was into the game for only $100 when Jeff and Vincent walked into the game. Both of them are younger players like me and I was glad to see them. I couldn’t win a hand for shit and was ready to leave, but Jeff sat by me and I wanted to stay a little longer. So I started using more money to try and win what I had lost back. I had pocket aces twice and lost, betting them all the way. I knew what was happening was that I was getting beat with good hands. Some of the guys were feeling bad but had to play their cards.

After I was $500 down, I was feeling pretty sick and wanted to cry. Jeff was up at least $300 and offered to loan me $50 to get started again, but I just felt like leaving. So, he slid his hand on my leg under the table and said,” You know we can probably work something out after the game, just take it and play, you might win it back.” I figured maybe I should go for it and play, but wandered what he’d want later. I knew he sort of liked me and I was dressed kind of sexy, in a matching blue skirt and tank top.

So I played along with it and ended up getting $200 in $50 increments from Jeff. Vincent just watched and said, “Hey, give me some of that money! What the fuck?” and I just smiled back really bitchy since it really wasn’t any of his fucking business. Then the game started kurtköy escort to break up and I knew I’d never get my money back that night. Oh, well I figured. Then Jeff pulled me off to the side and said,” So are you ready to talk about the money?” and I wanted to just walk off, thinking again I decided to say,” Well, I can get some of it together this week and probably have the rest of it by early next week.” Jeff smiled and said, “How about we work it out here and now.” Jeff was laughing and he was actually good looking, tall with dark longer hair and brown eyes. His friend Vince was busy drinking beer and wasn’t really listening. “I want to have me and Vince fuck you in both your holes!! That should take care of it.”

I thought he was nuts and then noticed he was truly serious. “Hey Vince, should we have Roni take all her clothes off for the money? I think I wanna hit that ass!” I was starting to get scared and wanted to take off and started running with my purse, but Vince stopped me near the door and held my arms behind me. They grabbed me and pulled me into the back room. I could already feel Jeff’s hand up the back of my skirt and going in between my legs as he shoved me onto a couch. Vince had my harms still, holding them behind my back while Jeff pulled my skirt off. He also tore my underwear off and pushed a long finger into my pussy.

He laughed and said, “You have such a nice little pussy, but I wanna fuck your asshole, I think I paid for it!” Vince ripped my tank top down to my waist so my big tits were hanging out. He put his hands on my tits, circling the nipples then pinching them harder. Jeff shoved his face between my legs and started to lick my pussy and asshole, forcing his tongue inside my pussy while he fingered my ass. “Oh, you have a dirty little asshole, your nasty!” I told him it hurt and to pull his malatya escort finger out, “Come on, I don’t need to be forced like this, Jeff” I cried but he just kept going and pushed another finger into my ass. “So your going to bend over like a good whore and take it in your dirty ass?” He had my clit in his teeth and I realized I had no choice and agreed. Jeff pushed me onto the floor and said, “Assume the position, then.”

“All right, Vince, you go second! Watch me fuck her in the ass!” Jeff said as I was getting on my hand and knees, I was totally naked with my ass in the air, “Get down more towards the floor and push your ass up.” I heard his pants drop and he took them off along with his underwear. Jeff leaned against me and I could feel his good-sized cock against my ass cheeks. It musta been about 7 or 8 inches and he started to run it into my asshole, pushing into it and making it spread apart. “Oh yeah, relax that ass for me” Jeff said as I started to feel his the head of his cock pushing into my ass. I had begun to rub my clit to try and get over the pain in my ass and make it easier to take. Jeff spread and burned my anal rim as he started plunging in and out while I moaned, “UGH!” and then I noticed Vince was sitting on the couch and watching me. It was so humiliating to be fucked in the ass while he watched my face. It hurt but I kept rubbing my clit to help things along. Vince pulled out his cock from his pants and was rubbing it with his hand as he watched me getting corn holed. He was still drinking a beer.

I saw on the clock the Jeff had been pounding my ass for almost half and hour before he finally started getting close to cumming. He was laughing, “Ohmigod, there’s some shit on my dick, gross you dirty whore!” He started fucking my ass harder and faster, making me cry and moan while he shot hot cum into my ass. kayseri escort He let go from the back of my neck and told Vince it was his turn. Vince smiled and pulled his pants off and said, “Get over here and sit on my cock, you fucking slut” and Jeff grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to Vince, “suck his cock, first, no hey you can suck mine clean first.” Jeff pushed me onto Vince’s lap. His cock was shorter but thicker than Jeff’s and I wasn’t looking forward to putting it into my ass. I strained as he pushed the head past my anal rim and felt the burning inside me. I rubbed my clit again as Jeff pushed his dirty cock into my mouth. I started to gag as I could taste and smell myself but he held my hair and I groaned as Vince put his fat cock deeper into my ass, making it sting badly.

Jeff sat down and watched as Vince made me ride his cock, sliding it deep into my ass, he said, “You better cum, too, and I wanna watch your face.” After all the beer Vince drank, he kept fucking wanting me to do all the work, sitting back with his fat cock in my ass. I started leaning back more and rubbing my clit with my whole hand, feeling all the wetness between my legs, the grinding pain in my ass…. feeling Vince spreading my ass cheeks as he dug in further with his cock, “Ugh, oh, owwey” I cry out, but keep rubbing my clit, I feel myself starting to get close to coming as I spread my thighs and rub hard against my pink outstretched clit…I start screaming as I cum with big fat cock in my ass, “Oh god, ugh, oooh, ooooh, uh!!” I scream as Vince pushes me to the floor and starts to finish himself off in my ass. I am still weak from coming as he grinds my tits into the floor and it only takes him about ten more hard pumps, making me piss myself as he plunges.

Vince gets off me and stands up. Jeff and Vince both laughed because I pissed myself. They get dressed, grab their beer and leave me sitting in a puddle of piss, all naked with my ass raw and full of cum. They tell me not to get up for 20 mins after they’re gone. I know I’m never coming back to this Poker game.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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