Patio Play Ch. 02

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After Ed had fucked and cum in Marge, his prick stayed hard inside her pussy, they lay kissing and cuddling, all our cum was oozing out of her cunt and pooling down by her arse… it was an amazing site.

“Fuck,” Said James, ” I can’t believe that I have just shagged Mom! I have fantasised about doing her for years!”

“I can’t believe that you OR Ed approached her with the intention of screwing her after watching us fuck!” I replied. “That was really audacious of you, what if I had blown my top??

“Honestly Dad. I wasn’t thinking, it was such a turn on watching you, that when you went inside I just said to Ed, ‘lets see if we can screw her as well’ and we came outside!”

Ed meanwhile, had started fucking Marge again, she had her legs up and on his back, she was pushing up to meet his thrusts, grunting each time he sunk his hard shaft into her squelching. pussy.

“Aaah, yes fuck me, fuck me harder, I’m nearly there! Don’t stop, harder, oooh fuck yeeees aargh, oooh, thats nice, keep going, nearly there ooooh aargh, mmm, oooh, you have a lovely cock… Aargh, cummmming, cummming, fuck me harder, yeeees, oooooh, mmmm, Oh, Ed that was lovely, keep going, make that cock fuck me!” Exclaimed Marge, her legs falling to her sides as she came down from her climax.

Ed was up on his hands, arms straight, as he thrust into Marge over and over, his prick almost leaving her cunt on each upward move, her breasts wobbling frenetically as they copulated.

“Cum for me, hon. cum for me, I want to feel your cum filling my pussy.” Moaned Marge.

These words seemed to set Ed off…!

“Aaargh, I’mmm cummming, oooh shute, unum aargh, yes,yes yeeees!” Exclaimed Ed, collapsing on Marge.

Rolling off her, his still turgid prick ‘popped’ out of Marge’s cunt.

“Wow, wow, fuck that was wonderful, thank you, thank you. I never imagined it would be soooooo good” Said Ed.

“Darling, up on your knees please, I need you now, I am so horny I could cum just looking at you!”

Smiling, Marge turned over and onto her knees. “Stick that hard cock up my slutty pussy NOW!” She groaned.

Looking at her cunt, dribbling cum, was SO sexy! I wasted no time and thrust hard into her, my balls kartal escort bayan slapping against her clit. Holding her thighs I started slamming my prick into her, hard and fast! Her breasts, bouncing around under her!! Oh Wow!!

James went to Marge’s face.” Mom, suck me off, will you uh?”

“Come closer hon, put that gorgeous cock in my mouth.” Said Marge.

James shuffled closer, Marge opened her mouth, James’ prick slid in, he tried to fuck her face but she pulled off.

“No James, don’t force it, let Dad’s thrusts do the work. Aaah, oooh that’s nice Love, fuck me hard!”

Opening her mouth she took James in again, this time he allowed me thrusting into her to do the work! By the looks of it, he was getting all his prick in. When I thrust in, Marge’s face went right to James’ pubes, every now and then she gagged!!

“Ooh, aargh, phew, mom, I’m cuuumming!!” James shuddered as he came, holding her head as his cum pulsed out of his prick. He staggered back and sat down, shattered from the intensity of his orgasm!

“Mmm, you taste lovely darling!…. ooh, umm, cuuuumming, yeesss, aargh, mmm, fuuck meee.” She said.

Her cunt spasming around my prick set me off, and I felt my cum rising up my shaft and shot after shot exploding deep in Marge’s very tight pussy…..!!! Sated I fell over her, holding her tight.

“Darling, that was fantastic!” I said.

We lay around recovering for a while, nobody saying anything, all us guys stroking or fondling Marge, who just lay there,legs spread, eyes closed, smiling, enjoying the afterglow!

” I don’t know about the rest of you,” I said, “But I could do with a drink. who’s for tea?”

Looking up Marge said. “Yes please, darling, and I need the loo! Give me a hand up will you?”

Helping her to her feet, I held her tightly, kissed her and said.”Love you lots!”

Grinning at me she took hold of my flaccid prick, squeezed and said.”I know!”

With that she walked off, our cum slowly running down her thighs, with a swagger to her bum she disappeared into the house. Looking around I saw that we had all been looking at her.

“Come on, lets go and make the tea.” I said, picking up clothes escort maltepe and walking to the kitchen. James and Ed following.

It was a strange sight, the four of us sitting around the kitchen table sipping our tea, all starkers!

Marge looked around at us all. Cleared her throat and said. ” That was an amazing experience, thank you all, I have never had such a thorough pounding in my life! But we crossed a few boundaries today, I for one have NO regrets, BUT, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE must find out? Promise?”

“Promise” Said James, ” But can we do it again?”

“I promise as well.” Said Ed. ” I would love to fuck you again Mrs. S. please??”

“We’ll see, Said Marge. “No promises, I need to speak to Jack, I am his wife after all, and shouldn’t be fucking around!! Especially not with our son and his mate!” “Oh, and Ed, considering the situation, I think, when we are alone call me ‘Marge’.”

“Why don’t we all go and shower, then got out for a meal? We can discuss this then,OK?” I suggested.

Every one agreed, James and Ed tried to come with us to shower!

“Go use the family shower” I said. ” Honestly, can’t you guys give Marge a break!!”

Ours is a large shower which we can both use together with ease, so in we went!

Soaping Marge up. I asked. “So, my darling, How do you really feel after that?”

“As I said downstairs, I have no regrets, just a slightly sore pussy!! But how do you feel about it, my love? After all it was me who had ALL the action!”

“I found it very erotic, sexy and it was a huge turn on! As you know I have wanted you to have a threesome for some time, and having James……. well, I would never have thought of him joining us, let alone Ed!”

“You really enjoyed it??” replied Marge.

“Seeing another prick fucking you is a real turn on, more so than I had imagined, and as for two, phew, brilliant!” I said, playing with her clit.

“Mmm, stop that, or we won’t get to have that meal!” Said Marge. “So are you saying that you would not object to the four of us having more fun?” Looking at my hardening prick, she laughed. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’ then!”

I drove and we went to a steak house that serves very pendik escort good steaks! We sat at the bar having a drink whilst waiting for a booth, chatting about nothing in particular. Looking at Marge, James and Ed, it was surreal how ‘normal’ they all looked when I thought of the day we had experienced!

We were shown to our booth (apart from the steaks, Marge and I had chosen this place because of the booths. One could not be overheard.) Marge and I sat on one side with the boys facing us.

We ordered and when the waitress had gone, Marge said, “Jack and I have had a chat about this afternoon, we have decided, unfortunately, that……”

James responded immediately! “Aww Dad!!! Why?? No, please??!!”

Marge and I burst out laughing!

“Only teasing!” Said Marge, “Your Dad is happy for us to continue, he did, after all, give you permission to screw me this afternoon!”

James and Ed whooped and high fived each other.

“Cool Dad, cool.” Said James.

“You really mean it Mr. S., really??” Asked Ed.

“Hang on guys, it’s not MY decision, it’s OUR’S,” I replied, “Mom is the one to thank, I was thinking with my ‘little’ head!”

Our steaks arrived at this point, when the waitress had left. James stood, leaned over Kissed Marge saying, “Thanks Mom, thank you, I love you!”

This was followed by Ed also kissing Marge. “Thank you, Mrs….. Marge!” He said.

“I hope that it will be MY pleasure!” Replied Marge, smirking. ” By the way Ed, something you said today had me thinking… Was today your first time?”

Blushing, he said.”Ummm yes, it was.”

“Oh my, you were very good then, you will make some girl very happy!” Marge said, “How about you James? Was I your first?”

” Umm, no Mom, Brenda was my first, and we only ‘did it’ once, then she chucked me!” Said James.

“You poor boy! She doesn’t deserve you!” Said Marge, “Now,I am going to make a few rules! We have already agreed that one one hears about this, right?”

Both boys nodded.

“Also, we are only going to have sex when Jack is there or gives his permission, Understood?”

Again they nodded.

“Finally, NO, and I mean it!NO anal, that hole is strictly exit! Is that clear??”

“Yes” from both lads.

“In that case, having had protein from James this afternoon and more this evening, I suggest that we go home, what do you think Honey?” She asked.

“I couldn’t agree more.” I said getting up. “Lets pay and go and play!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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