Parallel End

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She stopped her action suddenly, and looked like she was thinking. She moved her hands away from her waistband, then kind of flipped, again, and went sideways from him, stretching one leg out at an almost ninety degree angle to her body. Then she looked at him, smiled, and as she did she lifted the outstretched leg, and rapidly and effortlessly placed it with the knee against her chest.

Then she put the heel behind her head.

He stopped moving and opened his mouth, and she laughed out loud. Coming back from amazement he touched her pussy with the backs of his fingers, and she shivered, closed her eyes, and untangled herself instantly, landing on her knees. She bounced, once, and in that single smooth motion slipped her pants off. She wasn’t wearing underwear. She went up straight on her knees, upright, and in that brief time he could see the muscles of her amazing body, and she was stunning; and he could also see deep scars on the tops and sides of her knees. Then she simply fell backward and opened her legs.

He rolled down and grabbed the upper part of her thighs and went down with his head. When she raised her back he slid a hand under her, arranged himself in line, and went for her pussy. As her knees went further up he pushed his shoulders to her ass and folded his free hand over her belly, then paused and examined her. She had a pretty pussy, with delicate hairs in and around the lips, moistening up at the juncture, and a barely visible clitoris directly at the very top. He brushed the hairs with his lips, then gently mouthed open the cleft and started in with his tongue.

She arched her back, raised her arms, then got comfortable and rested her head backward and up, concentrating and silent except for her breathing.

He noted she’d left her top on, and he wondered, if her knees were that scarred up, what her shoulders and chest looked like. She got very wet very quickly, and her cycle of inhaling and exhaling went ragged shortly into his work. He was surprised at how relaxed she got, then realized she was just very, very comfortable with her body. Thinking she was likely to come quickly, he pulled his right arm out from under her and, while continuing spelling out the alphabet with his tongue, decided to ask her a question.

He said, “Hold still,” and gently pressed a finger on her lips, spreading, and asked, “Okay?”

She said, or muttered, “Mnnn uh huh,” and moved her arms across her chest.

He slipped the index finger into her, found the G-spot and stroked firmly. The gymnast almost jumped off the bed and made a shocked huffing sound: “Huah!”

“Is bursa escort that okay?” he asked, and she pressed her thighs together, strongly, and he had to try to push her powerful legs apart, which took some effort.

She uncrossed her arms, put her hands on his head, and grunted. He went back in and she shook all over. He firmly stroked the spot while spelling out the alphabet on her clit with his tongue, then ran out of letters and amused himself by spelling out city names and dirty words.

She felt great, she felt amazing and soft, and wet. She smushed her pussy to his face, and he got into it, sliding, stroking, and spelling, enjoying the softness mixed with firmness, her smell, her aroma. She whimpered and muttered and grabbed at the hideous bed cover.

It didn’t take long. He was impressed with how easy she did it; very relaxed, very confident and accustomed, but when she came she came HARD.

The solid, small body slammed and arched and thrashed until she forced him away, and she kicked him back, rolled over, and put her hands at her crotch, stroking herself down, shivering. “Uh- FUCK!”

She squirmed on the bed, shoving her hands on herself, eyes closed. He watched her with an unusual feeling of pride. He was glad she’d come, and felt good about it. It felt equal. He realized, too, his cock was getting hard again, a fact he found more than a little funny and ironic.

She rolled over, hands still at her pussy, and looked at his face with a blank expression. Then her eyes lowered, and she focused on him. She lay still for a few seconds, then spoke.

“Do you have a condom?”

He felt surprised, and touched his cock, refreshed and hard, and stroked it while she watched. He hesitated to say “Yes,” feeling oddly like it would seem sleazy to walk around with a condom all the time; but after a second of reflection, he told the truth and answered, “Yes.”

She jammed both hands to her crotch and said, in an actual growl, “Get it,” then rolled over on her stomach, rubbing her pussy.

He jumped off the bed, fished for his jeans (they had somehow traveled under the bed) and yanked the wallet out, dropping about four bucks, his ID card, and a driver’s license on the carpet. She heard the crackle of the package and turned her head, facing a brightly flushed face to him.

She growled again: “Give it to me and come here.”

He handed the item over, and as his knees hit the bed she grabbed him by the hard penis and yanked him over like someone disciplining a disobedient dog. Shoving up, she took the base of his bursa escort bayan cock in a hand, put her mouth over him again, ever so briefly, and somehow tore open the condom package with one hand.

He had to ask: risking interrupting the flow of action, he said, “How did you do that?”

She removed her amazing mouth and murmured, luckily without irritation, “Same as a packet of Advil.”

In one smooth motion she presented the rolled-up condom, and slipped it over him with a seemingly expert hand; she smoothed it once, mumbled for some reason, “That went well,” and turned away on her stomach again. She seemed to hesitate briefly, then looked back a little, checking where he was, and then hopped onto her hands and knees; she dropped her face to the bed, and her amazing ass went up.

He grabbed her waist and hip, sliding a shockingly huge-looking hand down her back, and, guiding himself carefully in a sudden stab of nervousness about the small size of her body, slipped the head of his cock into her pussy.

She gasped and shoved back, hard, and figuring all was well he pushed forward, fully burying his cock in the shivering body below him.

The tiny woman yelled out in a squeaky voice, “FUCK!” and pulled off.

He momentarily got scared she’d been hurt, but instead of running she reached under herself, found his cock and, guiding it to her lips, rocked once, twice, then shoved back against him with a brutal impact against his pelvis. She squeaked again, this time without a coherent word, and folded her arms over her head. He rocked back on his knees, paused, and rammed into her again. The reaction was a deep sound of vaguely associated vowels.

She was fine and he fucked her.

“Lemme come” she exhaled, and he watched, pushing deep, as her hand found herself and she frantically stroked her clitoris. He tried to position for contact with the G-spot area, but it wasn’t perfect from their geometry; he settled for a steady advance and retreat, not varying, but as hard as he could keep up.

Wetness slicked over his crotch and the hair on her dripped tiny orbs onto the bed, making dark dots on the hideous pattern of swirls and blotches. It didn’t take long.

“AH!” The gymnast yelled once and shook all over, wriggled, and froze.

He rammed into her pussy again and pushed, hard, as she pressed back against his belly and thighs. He grabbed her smooth, silky and strong shoulder and hip, felt her skin, and pounded his cock into her body.

She undulated in a violent tremor, making a series of small shouts.

Having bursa bayan escort kept up his end of the arrangement, he stopped thinking about the trash can at the hotel bar and its contents of beer bottles and cigarette butts, focused on the real-time situation, and within moments of enjoying the womanly body in front of him came again; it was very pleasant and good. Very good.

When he was done, he pulled out, lightly tapping an ass cheek with an open palm. As his hand lifted off the girl dropped down flat, face down and breathing heavily.

There was a deep sound of “HUH” and that was it.

He unfolded his legs and sat down, sensitive and aware of his shrinking cock in the condom sheath, feeling the wrinkles build up and the formerly hot come turn cool.

The gymnast, the woman, kept her face down in the coverlet.

After a while, she said quietly, “I really didn’t mean to have sex today.”

She turned her head and freed her mouth. “I thought I’d do a blow job and leave it at that. I don’t know why I did this”.

He met her eyes and said, “Maybe you’re lonely.”

She shook her head. “No, I’m around people all the time.”

Waiting while her eyes closed and she relaxed and breathed, he said, “Then maybe you wanted something for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“It’s so hard,” she muttered. “I can’t have a boyfriend, I can’t date, I can’t do shit. Everybody knows everything about me.” She heaved her lungs and for a second she seemed like she might cry.

“I dated one guy and all anyone did was fucking gossip about it until I got sick of it and broke up with him, and now I can’t do anything and I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

Her back arched and she heaved for breath. “All I wanted was to have some fun and not have everybody know what I was doing every single second of every single day. I go to schools now and the fucking coaches are there wanting me to know what I can do and I can’t do shit. I don’t want anyone to know me anymore.”

She pushed her face into a pillow. “I don’t want anyone to know anything about me.”

He turned away and slipped the condom off, tying the open end shut in a reflexive habit. He stood up, walked to the plastic-bag lined trash can next to the TV, and dropped it in.

Her voice sounded: “Give me my pants. I need to go.”

He grabbed her pants. One of the legs was inside out and he fixed it, then straightened them with military habit and handed them to her. As she reached back and up to get them, he bent over and got on the bed. As he moved his lips close to her ear she turned away.

She said, “No. Don’t kiss me.”

He moved closer anyway, and doing something that would usually be a horrible, unforgivable insult, but under the circumstances was the nicest thing he could think of to do, he whispered gently:

“…What was your name again?”

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