Outta Control Pt. 02

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My apologies, I have changed the story around a bit, including chapter 1. I just wrote and posted it, before I completed the story, so when I was finished, some shit in Chapter 1 had to be changed, coz it was out of alignment. And I didn’t like it anymore, coz it was kind of shoddy. I know it’s a bit of bother to have to re-read it, but please do, otherwise some stuff wont make sense, and its worth it.

This was just a fun project to start off with, but I am a perfectionist, so this hobby story ended up taking a lot of time (from my holiday)

Basically, this is not a story with some fucking, Its some fucking with a story.

If you don’t like the fucking and are just interested in the story, just read the first and last chapters of Pt 2 to Pt 6

I hope you like it anyway.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

(Wassup Ms Mcdermott ha ha ha ha)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Chapter 1


The door slid slowly open. Even before Mel saw the bitch, the pungent smell of weed hit her nostrils. Well, this bitch was gonna come down from her high real fast.

The tall, slim blonde was wrapped in a hastily thrown on, short gown. Her hair was disheveled and damp, her pale face drenched in sweat.

Mel’s fist was just starting to rocket at her head.

She jumped in shock as she saw her. Mel’s jaw dropped, so did her fist.

“Oh fucking hell!!! Patricia!!!” Mel exclaimed at her elder sister in utter disbelief. Her senses reeled, and the world turned upside down. She held on to the door for support, otherwise she would have just fallen over and fainted.

“Mel!!!” Trish gasped, face going a deathly pale, as if she had seen a ghost. She started to totter, as if Mel had really struck her.

Mel heard a gasp from inside the room. There was a flurry of movement, like someone getting up suddenly, and trying to run for it. Mel tried to enter the room. Trish tried to desperately block her and push her back. Mel growled like an animal and sent her flying to the carpet with one mighty shove.

The other woman had nearly made it into the bathroom.

“Oh h-a-a-a-a-a-i-l (hell)!!!!” Mel howled. “Momma!!!”

Mel tottered to a couch and dropped on her ass like a sack of potatoes. She lay back, a hand on her forehead, trying to soothe her poor head. It was like she had a troupe of African Bongo Players just banging away in there.

“Oh no!!!” Mel put her other arm around her belly and moaned weakly, as her mother slowly closed the bathroom door and turned to face her daughter.

Val was dressed in a short, skimpy gown, which had parted open in her haste. Mel looked at her mom’s cunt for the first time in years. She had a lush, dark red bush, and she was sopped with cumm. Her son in law’s cumm. She even had some on her inner thighs.

“Ugh!!!!!!!!” Mel groaned, simply, absolutely fucking disgusted. Her 45 year old mom blushed and hastily closed the gown.

“Somebody please slap me and wake me up out of this dreadful nightmare. Momma! This is not happening, is it?” she wailed softly as tears welled up into Mel’s eyes.

“Mel! Its not what you think,” Valeria started softly. “There is an explanation to all this…”

“Shut the fuck up!” she said in a weak rasp, too shocked to even manage a decent sneer. “Call Edi and tell him to come the fuck back! And pass me a fucking joint Trish!”

They both stood there, her sis and mom, wringing their hands uncomfortably.

Mel became incensed. “Give me a fucking joint and call my fucking husband and tell him to get his black ass right here, right fucking now,” she shouted hysterically.

They rushed to obey. Though Trish was two years older, Mel had started kicking her skinny ass at the age of 4. And well, though her mom was tall, busty and strong as an ox, when she had tried to whup Mel’s ass, a day after her fourteenth birthday, suffice to say, that was the last time she ever tried it. Her dad, a big, strong, former college football player, had stopped trying to manhandle her at the age of sixteen. The two women obviously had a lil fear for Mel.

As Trish handed her a joint, Val picked up her cell phone and called up Edi. She cleared her throat and spoke in a trembling voice.

“Hallo Edi, this is Valeria… Eh, Mel is here, and I think it would be best if you came back. No Edi, its not a joke. She really is here. Please…”

Incensed, Mel snatched the cell phone and growled, “Edi, come back here right fucking now!”

“Talk to your moms and sis, they’ll explain everything,” he said, with no remorse at all in his voice.

“Edi, get your fucking black African ass over here right now!”

“Yeah right! I aint fucking suicidal,” he replied, not sounding concerned.

“Then I will fucking come kill your ass at Jack’s or at home!” My voice was trembling with barely contained rage.

“Calm down Mel, its all your fucking fault anyway!”

“My fault! That you fucked my Mom and my Sis!”

“Yeah, all this shit is like your chickens coming home to roost,” he laughed.

Mel kadıköy escort suddenly just saw red, and started shouting, cussing him out, using every insult that has ever been used on a black man, and she knew quite a few. To hear her, you would have thought she was the Grand Dragon of Mississippi high on cocaine and having a choleric fit.

At one point, her mother chided her, saying “I know you are angry Melanie, but I will not have you using such vile words.”

Mel tried to kick her with her steel capped boots, but Val jumped nimbly out of reach. Oh boy did she cuss Edi out.

But, suddenly, Mel realized she was talking to herself. He had hung up on her. She tried to call him again, but he had switched his phone off.

She threw herself on the bed where her husband had just been fucking her mother and her sister and sobbed hysterically. Her mom and sis came to her, and put their arms around her. She in their arms and cried like a baby for an eternity. Family is family.

Chapter 2

After showering, Valeria came out of the bathroom, her hair neatly combed, face lightly made up. She was now dressed in a fresh, white shirt tucked into a knee length, pleated black skirt and shoes. She noticed with relief that her daughters had not tried to kill each other in her absence.

Val could have passed for a woman in her mid thirties. She was almost a spitting image of Mel. They had the same round, good natured faces, big, hazel eyes with lush, bushy lashes, the tall athletic bodies and the thick, onion shaped bottoms. Character wise, Val was as good humored, emotional, red blooded and impulsive as her daughter.

Val had expected Mel to continue screaming, ranting and raving. But Mel only looked at her and Trish, her elder daughter like they were disgusting. Val could understand Mel. But if she had the chance to go back in time, Valeria would do it again.

Val stole a look at her younger daughter, who was smoking a fat joint, and drinking a beer. Two empty bottles lay discarded at her feet. She seemed on her way to being tipsy and high.

Trish was still in her dressing gown. Val was sure she was not bothering to put on clothes, just to piss off her younger sister and rub it in. Trish, 28, was very different from Mel. She was tall, slim and her hair was dyed blonde. She had a long, pretty, pale face, and vivid green eyes. Her face lacked the easy good nature that Mel’s had.

As her eyes went from one daughter to the other, Val suddenly remembered the two of them, as kids. Trish had always been a moody cry baby, whilst Mel had been bubbly and adventurous. Trish had been picky about foods, whilst Mel had eaten anything. Very little had changed since.

Trish was pacing back and forth slowly, also puffing on a joint, and sipping on a beer, looking rather self satisfied, and ignoring her Momma and her sis as if they did not exist.

Val started to say something. Mel held up her hand. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, and rang home. T picked up.

“Is yo daddy there? Call him to the phone. Oh, he don’t wanna talk. Say Mama says she blew Uncle Henry at the pool party last summer. Don’t worry what that means, honey, just tell your daddy.”

Mel paced back and forth like a caged panther.

“What the hell are you telling the kid!!!” Edi growled when he came to the phone.

“It’s the fucking truth. I sucked his dick right in the tool shed. When you went off to get them drinks, remember?” Mel said spitefully.

“You fucked my best friend!!!” he asked calmly, but she could hear the cold fury in his voice.

“I didn’t fuck him, I just blew him. And I can tell you that man is hung like a fucking horse. Hallelujah!” Mel taunted. “Now get your ass over here and tell me why you are fucking my moms and my sis! Edi! Edi!” he had hung up.

“Is it true?” her mother asked incredulously. Mel nodded. “And you tell him? Are you fucking crazy? What if he goes there and does something stupid!”

“Well, he should have thought about it, before he fucked my mom and my sis!”

“Well, actually, we forced him!” her Mom said, averting her eyes.


“We blackmailed him!” Trish added. “And its all your fault anyway!”

“What the fuck do you mean?”

“What part of the word blackmail don’t you understand?” Trish retorted. “We told him to…”

“Trish! Shut up!” Val smacked the back of Trish’ head. “Mel, we will not do any talking until your husband gets here. Trust me, its for the better!”

“What the fuck did you blackmail him with?” Mel sneered. “Stop fucking around with me. You wanted to fuck my husband! Huh! Momma! And you, Trish! You just came down from one of your Clan meetings and wanted to try a n**** dick!!!”

Trish’s eyes glowered with rage and she smiled hideously. “Alright then, Mel. Listen, lil sis…”

“Trish!” Val snatched her arm violently and glowered at her. “Remember what you promised Edi! You will ruin everything!!! Now shut üsküdar escort up!”

“You always take Mel’s side,” Trish pouted, getting all sensitive. She even managed a couple of sobs. Val sat down and pulled Trish across her right thigh and started stroking her sobbing daughter’s hair.

“Oh Trish. Hush now, child. Don’t you fret none now…” Val’s voice was all soft and deep.

“Ugh!!!!! I ought to whup your ass and give you something real to cry about!” Mel snorted. She grabbed her phone and dialed. “Hallo, Henry, listen…”

“Hi Mel, funny you are calling, I got your husband just called me up on the other line, just hold on a sec, alright…”

“No listen, Henry, just tell him it aint true… Henry! Henry!” she listened, and groaned… “Oh fuck Momma, that asshole is confessing everything!!! No!” she dropped herself onto her Mama’s left thigh and burrowed her face in the big, ample bosom that had breast fed her. Val stroked her back comfortingly, as she rocked both her grown up daughters on her lap.

Chapter 3

Mel was back in the couch, Val sat on the bed, and Trish was strolling back and forth.

“What does Edi mean its my chickens come home to roost?” Mel asked her mom, exhaling.

“He means from the first time you guys visited us,” Val said, averting her eyes. “I mean, you did get things moving in that direction.”

“Oh fuck!!! That was just a joke!!!” Mel exclaimed.

“No! No! No! Mel! It wasn’t! And you know it!” Val said firmly.

“You both said nothing happened!” Mel said, with just a lil smile of guilt.

“Well, because Trish then… I mean, it went way out of control! And you set it rolling! But we are not speaking another word till Edi gets here!”

“Oh my fucking gosh! I come from one sick family!” Mel said, flabbergasted.

“Well, well, well Mel, you sucked off your husband’s best friend in the tool’s shed, so stop acting like you are different than the rest of us,” Trish sneered.

“Trish,” Mel said in a cold voice, “these fucking boots are steel capped. I can stomp you, and break your fucking legs, like that!” she snapped her fingers. “One more fucking word out of you, and I fucking swear…”

“Oh, why don’t you just try Mel!!!” Trish growled. “Here I am Mel…”

Val pulled Trish onto her lap and held her firmly. “Come on. Come on now. Both of you!”

“Momma, stop baby sitting her. That’s why she has never grown up! Fucking big baby!”

Trish wanted to respond testily, but Val pinched her hard. She tossed her hair and puffed on her joint. Mel puffed on hers. They sat in silence, a pregnant, uncomfortable silence, each lost in their thoughts.

Suddenly, Mel’s phone rang shrilly in the silent room, making them jump. Mel looked at the screen, then took the call.


It was Edi. He didn’t greet her back. “I’ve just spoken to Jen, I’m bringing the kids over, then I’m coming,” his voice was cold, and furious.

“Alright. Coz I am looking forward to some straight answers here.”

“Is there any other friend of mine that you fucked that you wanna tell me about?”

“No. I didn’t fuck Henry either,” she paused, and then blurted, smiling meanly, “I just gave a lil b-l-o-w- job. That aint fucking!” she gave a giggle, just rub it in.

“Are you one of them cracker sluts that cant get enough black dick? Is that it Mel?”

“You one of them n**** that cant get enough white pussy? That you gotta fuck my whole family? Is that it?” She retorted. He hung up. Mel snorted and tossed her phone on the bed.

“And, what did he say?” her Momma asked.

“Nothing. He was pissed. But he is coming.” Mel puffed on her joint.

“Mel, how did you and Edi come together?” Trish asked suddenly..

“What’s it to you?” Mel snorted. “You were always against my husband, from the start. And now, all of a sudden you’re fucking him behind my back!”

Trish snorted. Mel sneered. There didn’t seem to be much love lost there.

“Trish,” Val interjected quickly. “Why don’t you hand us each a beer, and maybe Mel will tell us how she met Edi?” Val said firmly.

Trish handed every one a beer.

“Go and fucking wash my husband’s sperm off first, you disgusting cunt!” Mel growled, and then she laughed suddenly.

“Good that you find it all so funny,” Trish said coldly.

“No, its like before he came here, right, Edi fucked me and came all over me. So I guess all the bitches in my family are wearing that n****’s cumm!”

Val and Trish looked at each other. Trish tossed her hair and disappeared into the bathroom. Mel looked at her mom, grinning hideously.

“Shame on you!!!”

“Mel, please. I mean, you started it all…”

“Maybe! But I was a kid then. You are a grown woman, Momma. I guess you are the slut Momma! Or is it the Momma slut!”

Mel laughed at her, with derision. Val started sobbing, but Mel just laughed on.

Trish came back in, dressed in a pair of shorts and a shirt. She sat next to her Momma, and slid an arm around her, cuddling her.

“Oh tuzla escort go on Momma. Don’t you fret none. Its go’n be alright.” She looked at Mel. “I hope you are very pleased with yourself,” she said to Mel.

“I hope the two of you are very pleased with yourselves.” She said gleefully. “Alright, now stop weepin’ like a lil baby, and I’ll tell you the story.”

Chapter 4

Mel kicked off her boots and gathered her legs under her on the couch. She was stoned and drunk, and obviously feeling amused from the story she was about to tell.

“Momma, you know when I was hanging around with the black girls, back in college, right? In the beginning?”

“Yes,” Val replied, wiping her eyes. “With that colored girl that you once brought home, what was her name…”

“Mona. Yeah, well, Mona and them cooked dinner. And I’d invited this guy along, Brad. We were sort of like seeing each other. He was a cute, nice, soft spoken guy from New Hampshire. And like, Brad brought Edi along, they were housemates and friends. And then I just happened to sit next to Edi. So, we started chatting whilst we ate.”

Mel was now smiling from ear to ear, her face becoming dreamy, as she paused to take a puff. She was very stoned and probably happy to escape to the good old memories.

“Well, Edi wasn’t really my type. Coz I liked huge, muscular guys, like linebackers. Yunno, real big men, like dad. And Edi was sort of lean. I mean, he was muscular but streamlined.”

“Anyway, we were chatting, and the first thing I liked was his voice. It was, well, yunno, deep and sexy, and joyous. Like you listen to his voice and you also start feeling happy. What I really liked was that he was real polite and attentive, he kept reaching for things for me, asking me if I wanted something else. Most of the guys I met back then didn’t care for you as a person, they just wanted to get laid, yunno. I could tell he was taught to respect and appreciate a woman. He made me feel good.”

Mel paused and took a sip of beer, smiling dreamily. Then she giggled naughtily.

“I got up to get something, so I was leaning over the table, right in front of him, and I was wearing these tiny, short shorts, coz we had just come from practice. And I noticed him ogling my ass, so I just took my time and let him have a good look. As I sat down, I just pushed my breasts out,” she giggled. “and his fucking jaw dropped all the way to the floor!”

“You lil tease,” Val giggled.

“If you got it, flaunt it!” Mel giggled. “Anyway, Edi looks into my eyes and says, in a deep, husky voice, “Oh, you are very ripe and fertile. You’re a real woman.”

His voice was all husky. I looked into his eyes, and we just got dreamy eyes and lost for a few a seconds. Then I grunted and rushed to my food.

After supper, they put on some music and we all started dancing…”

“Oh my Gosh! Didn’t he just run away from you, coz I remember what that looked like when you tried to dance back home,” he mother laughed.

“Yeah,” Trish quipped in. “Get all the furniture out the way ‘fore Mel wrecks it all!”

“No Momma. I’d been learning some moves from the black girls. So I danced with him right. I mean, Edi can move Momma, he’s a African. And, I’m like, tryin to show him that I got it goin on too. And he just keeps switching from one thing to the other, teasing me. Then I’m getting exasperated and confused, right? And he goes, “Come here sweet Momma,” and takes me out of my misery. He sort of just pulls me close and puts an arm around my waist and we start swaying together. And you know what!!!” she giggled.

“What?” Val asked.

“He was hard!”

“What!” Trish exclaimed. “And you didn’t run away?”

“No!!!” she giggled. “I was so fucking wet too!!! I kind of like just started grinding against him. Then at the end of the song, he says into my ear, in his deep, dark voice, that just sends showers all over my body,

“What a pity you’re Brad’s girl.”

I says quickly, “No! I’m not his girl.”

He’s like, “He really likes you, and he’s a good guy. He’ll treat you right.”

“And, what was Brad doing all the time?” Trish asked.

“Nothing. He didn’t wanna dance, he was kind of shy. I mean, me and Brad had been to the movies a couple of times and fooled around a lil. But now, all I wanted was Edi. I didn’t wanna leave his arms. But after this one dance, Edi just takes me over to Brad and leaves me by him. So I’m sitting there, watching Edi dance with Mona and all the other girls, feeling mighty jealous. Brad is saying something, and I’m just nodding my head, watching Edi and dreaming of making babies with Edi.”

“What! But you’d only just met him!” Trish said.

“Oh you know Edi. He was so virile and masculine, and he’d this beautiful, symmetrical body, and he moved so well. I just wanted to be his woman and have his babies,” she giggled dirtily. “Or at least, make babies with him.”

“You have always been very impulsive, Melania” Val said with a giggle.

“And, what happened with you and Brad?”

“Well, he drove me home that night, and Edi stayed behind at Mona’s. And I was so horny that I invited Brad in and we slept with each other,” she giggled.

“You did! Gosh, Mel!” Trish exclaimed, giggling.

“Yes. But as I fucked Brad, I was fantasizing of Edi! And then the next morning, Brad says he’d like to date me, and I’m like,

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