Our First Affair Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: Rekindled into a Fire Storm

Right on cue my cell phone rang at 8AM, just like she promised in her email and surprise phone call previously that week. She had mentioned she would be in town several weeks ago, but I did not really think she would see me again. The amount of time that had passed, failed attempts on my part in the past, and just the risk that we run by getting together played nasty tricks on me that I had seen her for the last time.

I answered the phone:

…”Has it really been 5 years?” I asked barely able to make out her voice over the cell phone static in my office building and from the highway noise in her cell.

“Has it been that long? You know, I was thinking it has been more like four, but now that you mention it, I guess it has been five. Wow!” She said, sounding shocked that time had passed us by so quickly after we called this off so many years ago out of fear for her well-being and family life.

“Well, you should know, I am not a 23 year-old, young man anymore, I have some premature white hair down my sides, I have to be up at 6:30 instead of whenever I woke up back then, and my body may not be in as good of shape as you remember.”

“Do not worry, it has been five years for me also. I am not 31 anymore either.” She said, and I could hear desire in her voice to be a woman again, not just a wife or mom.

“When can you get free?” I asked with concern that I may have set-up my offsite “appointment” at the wrong time.

“Well, the conference is supposed to end by 11:30 or so, will that work?”

“Yes, that is perfect. I will leave here about 11:15 to make sure everything is ok with the room. Call me when you get close to the exit, and I will give you the room number. Do you remember where it is?”

“Yes, I saw it on the way in this morning.”

“Ok good, so this is a go right? It is safe for me to go ahead and do this, and you will show up?” I asked out of fear of wasting my time and money getting this hotel room for us and those past, failed attempts creeping back into my head despite her trustworthy word.

“Yes, I will be there, do not worry.” She said with a sound of complete confidence in her voice, as if she had put as much planning into this as I had.

“Ok, I will talk to you in a few hours then. I cannot wait to see you.”

“Me neither, talk to you then.”

I could not even think the next few hours in my office. All kinds of thoughts and questions were running through my head. Would I be able to perform like I did before? Would she be as willing to cut loose with me again? Can I actually get away with lying about an “offsite appointment” and not get caught in a trap if something goes wrong here and people scramble to find me? Before when we met, I could easily just make time to go see her at her convenience. This time, real life has set in on me, and it is not as conducive to having fun at a moment’s notice. Plus, my boss was supposed to be out of town, but damn it, he showed up today unexpectedly. I am not a good liar, nor do I even try it unless it is vitally urgent. This was vitally urgent. I needed to see this woman again. I needed to know if the fire we felt those first few times was still there physically. I had not met any women recently that turned me on enough to want to take it to the next level, and I am not the type of person who just goes with anyone that offers to get cheap sex. We never thought of each other as a potential person that would run away with the other one for life and fall in love. That is why we are so special together and let our outside worlds go for those fleeting moments. We are friends and we had sexual chemistry that was hard to match. I needed that release in my life once again. Today was the day, and I was not letting it pass me by, even if I did get caught and fired for fucking a woman rather than being in my staunch white collar job. It was funny how before she was the one limited by time and being caught, now this time, I am the one that is facing those problems because she has the luxury of being in a place where no one will expect her to be elsewhere until at least late afternoon.

9 clicked by, 10 clicked by, my nerves were starting to show as I began unconsciously pacing the office like an idiot talking to all of my friends, notifying them of the “meeting” I had in case they needed me. Hopefully making it known that I could not and did not want to be bothered. Finally, 11:15 rolled in, I gathered my briefcase, and notified my secretary and almost ran out the door. I jumped in my car and took off up the highway to the hotel. I got the room, and settled in by 11:40. Sure enough, my phone rang at 11:50. She was at the exit, and I gave her the room number and told her where to park so I could let her slide in a back door that was next to a stairwell at the room. I watched the front drive out the window of the hotel until I saw the car she had described. I made sure I had the key and took off to the backdoor.

I beat her down there, but it was only a few seconds until her car pulled in the parking spot. I could not see her for the glare on the windshield. She finally got out, and a big smile came across bakırköy escort my face, as she had not changed a bit. Just like when we met before, she had on a typical “mom” type outfit on to not give any suspicions away, but this time, I saw she had worn some flip flops and painted her toes bright red. I knew she did that specifically for my benefit. I knew that this was going to be a great lunch meeting as soon as I saw that. I watched her boobs bounce in her cotton shirt as she walked to the doorway with a big smile on her face. I hustled her inside and shut the metal exit door. She stopped just inside realizing that we basically had this stairwell to ourselves at that time of day when guests were gone and maids were busy cleaning rooms. The thought crossed my mind of taking her right there, but I knew it was not safe so I gave her an awkward hug from behind putting my lips on the back of her neck and my arm across her tits and pulling her tight to my body. I had on some fine wool dress pants, and I could plainly feel her ass against my cock. I let go before I got too aroused and led her up the stairs, out of the stairwell, through the door, and quickly into our room.

When we got inside, I had pictured us wasting time chit chatting and catching up on each other’s lives trying to overcome the nerves once again like we had that first time so long ago. That was surprisingly not the case, and she was the reason for that. She tossed her flip-flops aside, pointing out to me that she had painted her toes the night before. I complimented her on that and thanked her for remembering what I liked. She hopped up on the big bed and lay down on her stomach. Much to my dismay, I could not see much of her ass in the jean Capri pants she had on. I quickly kicked off my shoes and unloaded my pockets and moved down next to her. She looked over and smiled and moved in for a kiss. I knew she wanted me to take her from the look in her eyes. I dove my tongue into her mouth, only in time to meet hers coming into mine. I put my leg over hers and drug my cock into her hip. We were making out like two teenagers again, which really turned me on because I could feel the hunger in her body language. She needed a good fucking, and I planned on giving her that before we got done. I backed away for a second,

“Katherine, do you want me to suck those toes of yours?”

“Oh God yes, please.”

I did not hesitate, as I knew that would elevate this quickly. I slowly drug my lips away and kissed my way down her neck and back and down her ass. It was obvious at that point just what sexual animals we are as humans, because I could instantly tell that she had been aroused since early this morning as I caught an aroma of her familiar sex through her jeans. That sent a jolt through my cock. I knew this woman was ready to fuck again, but my southern manners and politeness with women got the best of me, and I wanted to make sure I properly warmed her up with some stimulation and teasing before I took her. I stood back up on the edge of the bed and pulled her feet up. Diving for her toes, I started sucking them one by one on the left side, and then I moved to her right foot, and then back across trying to engulf her whole foot after I ran my tongue up and down her soles and listened to her moan in ecstasy. I began to move up her calves and up her thighs with my tongue, moving my hands in concert right along with it. I was beginning to be taken over by lust now, and I told her to turn over with a sense of urgency. She did, and I dove at her pant button to undo it. I had it down around her ankles and in the floor in no time. Exposing her pink colored cotton panties to me, her lust filled aroma spreading through my nose and the room now to the point of making me want to tear those panties off and drive my hard cock as deep inside of her as I could. I regained some composure though, and continued my journey up her body pulling her t shirt up, making her raise up to let me remove it to expose this gorgeous creature laying in front of me nude except for her wet panties and bra. I took that bra off with the skill of a craftsman, exposing her gorgeous boobs to some of the cool air. Her nipples were erect and elongated. I took one in my hand and one between my teeth, and she immediately moaned deeply. I worked her beautiful tits for a while with my hands, lips, teeth, and tongue. The desire to fuck her silly though was making me move away from my traditional approaches to sex. I wanted to make this woman cum, and I wanted to fuck her hard.

I drug my tongue down her belly, doing circles with it as I moved down. I teased her just a bit by stopping suddenly, as I stood up and undid my shirt and pants. I threw them on top of her clothes on the floor. I slid my socks off quickly and saw the bulge in my boxers. I looked over at her, a sexy look on her face, and I could tell she could see my hard cock too. I dropped my pants to expose my extremely hard, swollen cock standing at full attention and my balls hanging low from the weight of my cum that was already waiting to erupt just from the view of this sexy woman and the anticipation of what was about to start. “I beşiktaş escort shaved those for you this morning before I left for work baby, how does it all look?” Shaking my big balls in my hand like a sack of lead weights.

“Oh god I have missed those big balls and that rock hard cock baby. Let me feel.” She said in a deep, sexy voice. She moved over and cupped my balls in her soft hands and just fondled me for a while. It felt so good and I could feel her playing with their heft in her hand as she pushed them up and down. Enough of that though, I thought to myself. I want that pussy.

I moved her hand away and pushed her back towards the bed. She moved onto her back and instinctively opened her legs wide for me showing me her gorgeous pussy and body in full display. I picked up her feet again and started to suck her toes. This time I could see her face and tell from her reaction that she was close to climax. I did not waste a second as I drug my tongue down her inner left leg to her sweet smelling secret garden between her legs. I darted my tongue between her pussy lips and her hip just to tease her one last time. Then I dove for it, darting my tongue inside her lips, tasting her nectar that was leftover from her morning fantasies of this moment and her current state of excitement. I could feel her heat and saw her clit was ready for a workout. I slid my tongue up her lips and then began kissing it like I had kissed her mouth just a while earlier. She moaned as she looked into my eyes. I kissed and licked my way up her slit until I reached that swollen clit. I nibbled it with my teeth, just to expose it out of its folds of skin. Her whole body bucked when I did that. I looked up at her again and she never lost eye contact with me between those velvet smooth thighs around my cheeks and ears and through those erect nipples that almost looked like field goal posts by this time they were so hard and long.

I stopped nibbling her clit, and replaced it with a ferocious licking motion that almost made me look and sound like a wild dog the way I was licking her. I did this for several minutes, totally absorbed in my actions. I could taste her, hear her, and smell her complete sexuality, and I knew she was allowing me to do anything I wanted to her at that point. She had given her body over to me to do with as I pleased. I backed off for a second to regain my breath, and as I dove back into her clit, I slid one finger into that somewhat new and somewhat familiar pussy of hers. It did not take me long to remember the curves and cavities inside that wet, hot pussy. I started in on her clit again, a smile across my face, not that she could see it, but I knew in my mind, I had this woman right where I had wanted her since that last session we had in her parent’s house that summer five years ago. I plunged another finger into her body deep until it was side by side with my first and knuckle deep. I just relentlessly licked her clit, her breasts were starting to heave, and I knew she was seconds away from her classic hip thrusting orgasm that I had come to know. I began to back my fingers out until I located her G-Spot, then I massaged it with my thick fingers, moving my free hand down over her pubic area to apply pressure from the outside against the pressure I was applying inside. That was all it took. She let loose and exploded into an orgasm, clinching my fingers with her pussy and rolling her hips up. I backed off to give her somewhat of a break, and right in front of my eyes, her pussy turned a deep, dark red color from the rush of blood to her loins.

I wanted to be inside that pussy badly. I gave her no time to regain her composure, I used my strong body to move her with one arm back from the edge of the bed, while I reached down with the other to stroke my cock to make sure I had maintained my firmness through that barrage of oral attacks I just gave her. I placed my knees beside each of her ass cheeks and did not even ask, I just slid my cock inside that hot, red pussy until I felt my balls tap her ass cheeks and heard her moan deep and low. She snapped out of her orgasmic daze when my big balls tapped her ass and my cock split her pussy walls apart deeper than my fingers had just a few second ago. She was soaked inside as I felt her nectar engulf my shaft and slosh out on the base of my cock and balls to make room for my girth. I placed my hands on each side of her sides, flat on the bed, and I did not waste much time before I started pumping her. I got into a firm, forceful rhythm quickly, not wanting her orgasm to fade completely. I could feel and hear my balls slapping her ass, and it was a feeling that made me feel like a real animal. Unlike before when I pictured her husband, this time I only was thinking that this woman was taking everything I could throw at her. I was not even trying to hold back my cum. I could feel it boiling in my balls. I surprised my own self when I heard me speak up in a gruff voice without any pre-thoughts, “Do you remember those big balls slapping you now baby? I need to explode, where do you want me to cum, inside you or on you?”

Without hesitation, “God yes they feel great! beylikdüzü escort Explode all over me!”

I could not stand it any longer. I quickly pulled my shaft out of that hot, sexy pussy with a pop from her trying to hold it inside, her juice glistening. I aimed it right over her pussy, and before I could even manage to reach down to stroke, started to explode. But this was unusual. I am used to cumming hard, but this was outrageous. The first stream shot up the length of her body and landed on the top of her chest right at her collarbone. The following shots started flowing like water through a hose someone was shutting off and on with their thumb one after the other from my red hot, pulsing cock. It completely covered her belly and pubic area in thick, sticky cum, and I just kept unloading it on her for at least a minute with my back bowed and my toes curled under my legs straining to keep my eyes down even though my head and neck wanted to bow backwards towards the ceiling. I have never seen that much cum fly before, even in some of the nastiest porn where they fake those huge shots. It was incredible, and I could tell she was thoroughly shocked and pleased at what she had just witnessed even more than I was. It appeared like I had not even had a single orgasm in the five years since we last saw each other, and god what a feeling going through my body from my head to my toes, flowing through my veins and arteries. All I could see through my now blurry eyes was this gorgeous body laying in front of me completely covered in my hot, white cum. Her pussy gaping wide and red, her nipples red and firm, her toes curled, and her eyes glossy from orgasmic daze. I just sat there for what seemed like forever trying to regain my mind.

I just collapsed next to her on the bed, struggling to use a towel to wipe myself off of her. Normally, I would have made her lick it off or licked it off myself and kissed her under normal circumstances, but I was drained and could hardly even move. My heart was beating, pounding against the bed like I had just run in a lengthy sprint race. It took it forever to slow back to somewhat normal rates, as normal of a rate as a man can have when a sexy woman is lying next to him naked and willing.

Several minutes passed by in my mind, and it was actually more like a half hour. I lapsed into some sort of orgasmic coma it seemed, carrying on conversation but lapsing in and out. She came back around before I did and I could tell she wanted more, but I was in very unfamiliar territory having cum that hard. My body was limp. She laid her nude body on mine face down with her tits against my back, and we laid like that forever her still somewhat soaked in my cum and me soaked with my sweat. I started to shake myself out of this daze and could smell sex all over us and the air of the room. I smelled her nectar, my cum, and the sweat that we had created from that rough fucking we just gave each other.

I was mortally afraid that I was done for the day, feeling no life left in my cock or balls. They were limp underneath me, but then she did something that brought them back to life with no lingering hesitation. I slowly felt her nipples drag across my shoulders and her angle her hips so her wet pussy was on my ass. She darted her tongue across my left ear and sent a chill through my body. Then she whispered, “I want more” right in that ear. It reawakened the animal I was feeling earlier. My balls felt alive again and my cock was twitching. I was at least twice her size, so I used my excess strength to my advantage, tossing my hips to throw her down on the bed beside me. She had this look and smirk on her face that just said “FUCK ME!” I entered a “zone” and flipped over on my back where she immediately moved down to suck my cock. Oh god it felt so good when her lips hit my cock and started cleaning all of herself and myself off of me with passion. I felt blood surge into the shaft and I could see her taking longer strokes to accommodate my hardening cock. For some reason, I was so much in the zone I could barely feel this. I could only see the effects it was having. When she backed off to expose my full erect cock, I somewhat barked at her like a drill sergeant to sit on it. She jumped up and straddled me like a rider getting on a horse, using her hand to quickly guide me into her still hot, wet pussy. Her tits bounced when she took me down until her ass tapped those now familiar balls.

She started moving slowly, making sure to catch the underside of my cock with her talented pussy walls that she was flexing like pump. She began moving faster and faster, still on her knees but rocking the whole bed under the relentless pumping. I managed to reach up and massage her gorgeous tits while she did this, and this only made her work me harder. Eventually she leaned forward and grabbed the headboard for support, I raised my strong thighs up like wings to tap her ass cheeks and get my feet planted under me. I started to pound her in rhythm with her stroking. She looked so good over me like that, tits bouncing all over the place, a seductive look on her face, and her hips absorbing the impact of the hard thrusting we were giving each other. My legs eventually began to give way to the total release I had had earlier. I had to back off and let her do the work again by herself. I felt my cock slide out of her, and before she could reach to put it back in, I knew I had to take a break again, as badly as I hated to admit it.

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