Our Drone

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Fred, Mike, and myself are what some people would call nerds. We prefer the term technocrats, although some people seem to think this means technogeeks. They are so wrong. We just like technology and we study it and seek to improve it.

Our latest toy was a drone, and it was a good one. Even better after we’d finished modifying it. We took it up for a few flights and it flew like a bird. It had a camera attached that both recorded what was below it and streamed the video back to us so we could observe in real time. The camera wasn’t fixed in place, as we’d added some gimbals and could adjust the direction the camera was pointing. Forward, backward, side to side, and down. Not up, as the body of the drone got in the way. We were toying with the idea of a second camera to cover that blind spot but weren’t serious about it at that point.

One afternoon we were at a local park putting the drone through its paces, controlling it via a joystick connected to our laptop. After a while we brought it back to land, did some maintenance, and sent it off again, this time testing out our range. We had quite a powerful radio controller and I figured we could probably still control the drone for at least half a mile, possibly further.

Now we had set up our base on one of the picnic tables that were at the park. Mike was flying at the time and I, spotting something that disturbed me, asked him a question.

“Ah, Mike, you know that maintenance we just did?”

He grunted, which I chose to take as being a sign of assent.

“Do you remember I asked you to get the freshly charged batteries from the car?”

He grunted again, this time jerking his thumb towards where the batteries were, sitting on the table next to the laptop. It seemed that yes, he had remembered to fetch the batteries.

“Do you remember me saying that we had better change the batteries because the current charge was low?”

A grunt. He was so busy concentrating on the flying that the conversation was really just passing him by.

“And did you change the batteries or are they sitting right there on the table while the drone is limping along on the sniff of power?”

That got through to him, probably because the low power warning came up on the laptop at the same time.

“Oh, shit,” he snapped, frantically reversing the direction the drone was moving.

Way too late, of course. I could already see that the drone was lower than it was supposed to be. All we could really do was take note of just where it was going down. Mike actually managed to set the drone down in the middle of someone’s back yard, mainly because he couldn’t get enough height to lift it over the fence and into the street.

We piled into the car and raced around to where the drone had landed. Our first thought was to just race around to the back, grab the drone, and bolt. This thought came to a screaming halt when we observed the big gates at the side of the house. The big, locked, gates. We decided to opt for the polite solution. We’d knock and politely ask whoever was home if we could please have our drone back. If no-one was home, then we’d climb the damned gate. If they said no, well, we’d take that when it happened. No use borrowing trouble.

We traipsed up to the front door and rang the bell.

* * *

I’d been up late the night before. Very late. That meant that I’d slept in this morning. As a matter of fact it must have been nearly noon before I got out of bed. Seeing I was going to be going out again in a few hours I didn’t bother getting dressed, just having a quick wash and tossing on an old silk robe I had. I didn’t even bother to do up the tie, just letting the robe hang free. I followed that with what should be considered lunch, I guess.

I had a big date lined up for tonight and it was going to take me a bit of time to make sure I was properly primped for it, but right bursa escort now I was just going to bum around the house, doing nothing and enjoying it.

I was sitting back watching some useless reality show, don’t these producers know anything about real life, when the doorbell rang. I was tempted to ignore it on the grounds that it was probably a salesman, but you never could tell. It might be someone important, like the President or my mother. I clutched my robe closed and wandered over to the door and flung it open.

There was a cluster of nerds at my front door. Why in hell were nerds gathering at my place? Looking them over I had to correct that. Two nerds and a guy who looked like hired muscle. Why would nerds require a bodyguard? Silly question. To stop jocks beating up on them, of course.

I looked at them, waiting to be told what they wanted. They just stared back at me like rabbits caught in a spotlight. It’s nice to know that I can still fascinate nerds. The muscle at the back made a disgusted sound and pushed the two nerds to the side.

“We’re sorry to disturb you,” he said, flashing a brilliant smile at me, “but our drone ran out of power and landed in your back yard. We’d just like your permission to go and collect it.”

Yep. They were nerds. Full of brains and forgetful of little details, like the need to put gas in your car. Or drone, in this case.

“Sure,” I said, jerking my thumb towards the side of the house. “Help yourself.”

The muscle spoke up before I could close the door.

“If you would be so kind as to unlock the gate?” he suggested, and I muttered a pithy word or two. I was not going to go hunting around for the key, mainly because I was feeling too damn lazy.

“I’ll show you through to the back,” I told him. “You two can wait there. I’m sure you friend can fetch your toy without breaking it.”

I strolled through the house to the back door with the muscle following me. I made sure I was doing my model strut, swinging my feet so they landed in front of each other. That strut does amazing things to your buttocks and I just knew that the muscle’s eyes were glued to my gluteus maximus.

* * *

We rang the bell and waited. I’d just about decided that there was no-one home when the door was flung open and there was a woman standing there. I could just about hear the twin thuds as Fred and Mike’s mouths fell open, so wide agape that their jaws bounced off the floor. I like to think I showed a little more style that that.

The woman was a honey and a half. Playboy model material, slender with big breasts and shapely hips. Blonde and blue-eyed with absolutely flawlessly creamy skin. She was sensational and appeared to be dressed in a silk robe that clung to her curves in a most loving manner. If clothes have a sex then that robe was male and it was taking full advantage of its proximity to female perfection.

I waited for Mike to ask about the drone but I guessed he couldn’t get any words out of his drooling mouth. Same with Fred. Both of them were just looking at the lovely lady, totally entranced. She just looked back at them, amused.

I grunted and pushed the idiots to one side, then explained about our drone dilemma. She promptly indicated that we could trot around to the back and get it and she couldn’t give a damn. Before she could slam the door on our faces I quickly explained that the side gates were locked.

She looked rather put upon, but indicated that I should follow her through the house, telling Mike and Fred to just wait where they were. She didn’t actually say Sit, Stay, but the pair of them got the message.

She walked off, apparently assuming that her wishes would be obeyed, and I followed her through the house. I must admit to admiring her figure as she walked in front of me. Her bottom swished about, doing nasty things to my libido.

* escort bursa * *

I opened the back door and straight away I could see this thing sitting in the middle of the yard.

“Your drone, I assume,” I observed, nodding towards it.

“That’s my baby,” he agreed. “If that idiot has damaged her with that crash landing I’ll kill him.”

I was surprised. It sounded as though he was the boss, not the nerds.

“Be fair,” I murmured. “Running out of power could happen to anyone.”

“Not when they’re told to put fresh batteries in and actually have the batteries in their damn hand,” he groused, and I had to concede he had a point.

He headed over to the drone and picked it up, carrying it back as though it actually was his baby. As he approached the door I saw his eyes run over me and he blinked. Glancing down I saw that my robe had parted somewhat, caused by the way I was standing, and I was showing an awful lot of leg. I casually adjusted my stance, the robe falling back into place.

I decided that I’d let him lead the way to the front door and graciously indicated that he should proceed.

* * *

I grabbed the drone and turned back towards the house. Geez, but I blinked when I saw her standing there. She had her weight on one leg and her other leg was bent in a half-step forward, and this had caused her robe to drop away from it. I could see her leg all the way to her high inner thigh, and a very shapely leg it was. She must have realised how much she was showing as she quickly changed her stance, her robe dropping back to cover her. She moved just a little too quickly for it to be a casual movement. She’d realised what I was seeing and had taken steps.

As I approached I could see that her robe wasn’t actually fastened. It had a tie belt but that wasn’t done up, only her clutching hands holding the robe closed. I have to admit that I was curious. Really, really, curious.

She indicated that I should precede her to the front door but as I drew level with her I just succumbed to temptation.

“I’m sorry,” I said politely, putting the drone on the table as I spoke, “but I just have to know.”

With that I reached up and took hold of her wrists, moving them wide apart. If she’d had the sense to let go the robe she’d probably have been all right but her hands seemed to convulsively tighten upon the robe. The problem with this was that she finished up holding either side in each hand and as I moved her hands apart the robe just naturally opened wide, leaving her lovely body on display, the robe acting as backdrop to provide a proper showcase.

It’s one thing to suspect that a lovely young thing was sans underwear. It’s something else to see the living proof. Young, by the way, is relative. I was eighteen and she was at least a couple of years older than me.

* * *

I stood to one side to let him pass but instead of passing by he stopped and put his toy on the table.

“Excuse me,” he said, or something like that, and then he took hold of my wrists and casually moved my arms wide apart. Well, as soon as I felt my hands moving apart I just naturally held tighter to my robe. It wasn’t really my fault that I was holding the wrong halves in each hand. My hands moved away from me and my robe just opened wide, leaving me completely revealed, and I mean completely. I didn’t even have any undies on. Why bother, I’d thought. I’ll be getting properly dressed later.

He just looked me over and there was nothing casual about the way he was looking. He took a deep breath and seemed to give a sigh.

“You do realise that I don’t have any real choice, now don’t you,” he said.

About what, I was wondering, when I saw he was undoing his trousers. I, fool that I am, just stood there, still holding my robe wide open, watching as he exposed himself, and he had a substantial amount to expose. escort bursa The matter that he had no choice over was becoming abundantly clear.

He moved closer to me and instead of me covering myself up, or running, or screaming, or hitting, or any combination of these perfectly acceptable actions, I just backed away until my bottom was pressing against the table. His hands came up and covered my breasts, rubbing them, and I could feel my breasts swelling, my nipples coming to life.

“Ah, your friends will be waiting,” I told him and he shrugged.

“Let them wait,” he said dismissively, a hand running down to cup my mound. He started massaging me there.

“Move your legs further apart,” he said, speaking softly, and I found myself doing so.

Then it was a case of, oh god, he’s moving closer, and, oh god, he’s really going to do it.

His cock was between my legs and his hand was there, moving my lips apart and steering his cock into position. He gave a push and I gave a shocked squeak, and his cock was pushing into me, and my resistance would have struggled to reach zero.

He pushed firmly into me and I was like, what the hell am I doing? Well, I knew what I was doing. I was letting him fuck me. I just didn’t know why I was letting him. Had I lost my mind? I could feel him, big and fat, hard and hot, pushing along my passage, establishing ownership by right of conquest.

That was just the start of things. Once settled he started thrusting into me, long slow surges that almost lifted me off my feet. I was moving with him, pushing hard against him, still being taken by surprise when I found myself going up onto my toes as he drove in that little bit extra.

I started off wanting him to move a bit faster but I soon changed my mind. Those slow movements were getting to me. It wasn’t what you’d call a passionate loving, all fire and fury, but I could feel those thrusts all the way down to my toes. He’d pull back and I’d find myself anticipating the next thrust, eagerly pushing to meet it. I was totally aroused, with my excitement and sense of wonder spiralling up and out of control, my body completely surrendering to his desires.

I could — just — stand what he was doing to me. When he kicked it up a notch I totally lost it. I climaxed, and I mean in a big way. The only reason I didn’t scream my head off was because I lost my voice, unable to let out a single peep.

* * *

I have to admit that I was a little surprised by what had happened. I’d never dreamt that I’d have the nerve to try something like that. To have her permit it and to then respond in such a manner may have been in my dreams but that’s where I’d expected them to stay. What the hell was I supposed to say now?

I pulled up my trousers, watching her as I did so, only to find that she was just leaning back against the table, watching me, not making the slightest attempt to cover up.

“Ah, I’d better be going,” I mumbled, pointing towards the door. “The guys will be wondering what’s happened to me.”

She still didn’t say anything, just watching as I backed away, holding the drone between us like a shield. I was still mumbling goodbyes as I shot out the door.

“What the fuck have you been doing?” demanded Mike.

“Ah, she wanted an explanation of what we were doing and why a drone was flying over her property,” I told them. “Um, she was asking if it was legal for us to do that. I guess we’d better check that out.”

I choused them into the car and we got the hell out of there, me finding myself counting my testicles to ensure I still had both of them.

* * *

I’d never seen anything so funny in all my life. After coming on like a combination of Lothario and Casanova and screwing me ragged he’d turned into a frightened boy, not knowing what to do or say. He’d backed away as though I was dynamite with the fuse lit. Once he reached the front door he was out the house and practically throwing his friends into the car.

I still have no idea why I let him get away with that instead of just slapping him stupid but I did and I have to say I don’t regret it. It was fun.

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