Open Marriage Chronicles Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 — Heidi’s Affair

Heidi awoke late, and did her normal ritual; coffee, muffin, then upstairs to satisfy herself with her toys. Then she remembered her cheating husband. “If he can do it, so can I,” she thought, and her pussy began to lubricate at the thought of a real cock in her pussy instead of one of her toys. The list of available men during the day was limited, and the list of desirable, available men was even more limited. She was looking over the back lawn and pouring over who she could seduce at this time of day, when she saw someone walking the back yard.

Of course! The neighbor’s son Mark came over once or twice a week to mow the lawn and clean the pool, and do other random things around the yard. Heidi watched him work for several minutes, and for the first time, looked at him in a sexual way. She was friends with his mother, and though Heidi was only ten years older than Mark, she always thought of him in a sort of motherly way. Heidi knew it was because she talked with his mother, and so the only perspective she had on him was motherly. Now she looked at his broad shoulders and bulging muscles, not as a mother, but as a lover.

Mark was tall, a few inches over six feet, and must weigh around 220 pounds by the look of him. He was broad through the chest, with powerful arms and legs. Heidi pussy began to dampen as she wondered what his cock looked like. Was it big, like him? She hoped so. She ran up to the bedroom and thought out how she would seduce him.

Heidi pulled her robe off, and studied herself in the mirror. At only 28, she kept in top shape, dancing in the basement and swimming in the pool everyday. She stood on her toes and spun slowly around, checking her legs and ass. The muscles bunched and shaped her legs under her smooth skin. She was satisfied that there was nothing that would turn off a teenage boy who would have his pick of any young girl he wanted. Heidi had an advantage, though. She was no teenager, as her 38D chest would attest to. Hoping Mark was a tit man, she made her plan.

She quickly showered and shaved her legs and pussy smooth, taking care to get every stray hair off her privates, and put on her skimpiest bikini, one that tied at the waist on either side, and at the back of the bra. It barely covered her mons, and just barely covered each hard nipple. Putting on her high-heeled strappy sandals, she went downstairs and checked to see if he was still out there. Perfect! He was cleaning the pool’s filter. His back was covered in sweat, darkening his shirt. He would be thirsty.

Heidi poured two tall glasses of iced tea, and walked out onto the patio, hips swaying and tits bouncing slightly. Mark heard the door shut, and stood up from his work to see the most amazing looking woman he had ever seen walking toward him. He knew Mrs. Whitmer was pretty, but he rarely gave her a second glance, with the conservative clothes that she always wore when she visited his mother.

Now she was walking toward him in nearly nothing, and walking in the way only a woman can; everything was moving, all in different directions and all of it beautiful. He gulped convulsively as he fought a battle of wills with his cock, which was trying to climb out of his pants. He lost, and it strained visibly against his zipper, angry at being confined around such a fine creature.

“Mark,” her voice chimed as she neared. “You must be thirsty sweetie.”

He made unintelligent noises, something like grunting for a few seconds until she handed him the glass of tea and he drank nearly the whole thing in one long pull.

“Thanks Mrs. Whitmer,” he said finally, finding his tongue.

“Please call me Heidi,” she said, “Mrs. Whitmer makes me feel like an old lady. Do you think I look like an old lady?” Heidi turned a quick circle, letting him see her bare ass with the thong bottom sticking out the top of her crack. The lack of any meaningful material in the back made her look naked. His cock jumped harder, becoming painfully erect. Her long blond hair fell in a silken rain around her shoulders, and she tossed it all to one side, partially obscuring her face. Her long, soft neck looked good enough to lick for hours.

He’d have to take care of himself, and soon, or he’d be sore for the rest of the day. He knew what he’d beat off to; the vision of Heidi walking toward him in her tiny bikini, then stripping it off and letting him fuck her brains out. His cock did a little dance as his mind wandered down dirty and sexual paths, with this married woman as the star of the show.

“I’ll take that, honey,” she said, taking the glass from him, and letting her finger nails trail like a baby’s breath over his arms. He gasped a little, as the chills danced through him, and he thought he noticed a small smile play across Heidi’s lips. “Will I be in your way if I lay out for a little while?” she asked as she walked to the chaise lounge, and put the glasses on the table next to it. She turned, bursa escort leaving her legs crossed, accentuating her exaggerated hour-glass figure.

“N…No, not at all,” he stammered, relearning how to breathe.

“In that case, would you help me with something?” she asked innocently.

“Sure Heidi,” he said instantly, his voice uncertain but hopeful. “Anything you need.”

“You’re a good man,” she said, waving him over. She let him get within arm’s reach and knew she had him by the way that his eyes were glued to nearly-naked tits, and the huge bulge in his pants. Smiling, she turned around and cupped her breasts. “Can you be a doll and untie me?”

“Huh?” he stammered. “Um, what did you say?”

“Well,” she said, demure and innocent as new-fallen snow. “I don’t want to get any pesky tan lines.”

“Um, okay,” he said, reaching for his neighbor’s bra strap, and untied it. He let his hands linger on her baby-soft skin for as long as he dared, and snapped his hands back to his sides, preying she would not yell at him, or accuse him of anything.

“Thanks love,” she said, turning toward him, holding her bikini in place. She stood up in her toes and planted a quick kiss on his lips. Stunned, Mark stood there, riveted in place. Heidi lay down with a sigh, and let the straps of the bikini fall off her, leaving her breasts bare. She closed her eyes, knowing he was watching her. She pretended to settle in more comfortably, and writhed and wriggled a little, rubbing her thighs together and making her ass cheeks dance.

Mark ran off, trying to keep his mind on the pool cleaning he needed to finish, but all he could think about was how much he wanted to grab that writhing ass and squeeze it, and kiss her from feet to head, but especially in between. He knew it could never happen, so his cock cramped painfully, desperate to escape its confines and bury itself in that fine piece off ass lying on the chair not fifty feet away.

Heidi quietly untied her bottoms, and shifting herself around slightly, pulled them off her through the front, leaving them bunched underneath her stomach. Mark splashed around the pool for a while, net really cleaning anything, but using it as an excuse to stare at the gorgeous sex goddess in front of him. It was torture not to try to seduce her, but she was married, and his neighbor to boot. She would tell his mom, and she’d ground him for life, and give him ‘the talk’ that he’d avoided up to this point. He’d already gotten blow jobs from some of the girls at school, but they’d been reluctant to let him in their pants yet. He’d eaten plenty of pussy though. They seemed to like that, and a few kept coming back for it. They were nothing compared to this woman, though. Come to think of it, even the girls in Playboy and Penthouse that he’d been using to masturbate didn’t hold a candle to Heidi. He made up his mind. Whatever it took, he would have this woman.

“Mark dear,” she called after thirty or so minutes. “Can you do me one more teensy favor?”

“Sure,” he came running over, and stopped dead a few feet from the lounge. She was naked. Not just topless; nude. When she meant no tan lines, she really meant it.

“Can you rub some lotion into my back and legs? I’m beginning to cook.”

“Sure thing,” he choked, picking up the bottle of suntan lotion. He squirted lotion onto his hands, and began rubbing it into her back and shoulders. He rubbed in sensual circles, pushing firmly into her toned muscles. His hands felt so good on her back that she momentarily forgot her seduction and succumbed to the feel of his strong, warm hands on her skin. He rubbed her neck and shoulders, taking away little knots of tension she didn’t know were there.

Mark squirted more lotion on his hands, and rubbed her lower back, thighs, and legs. She was wide awake now, acutely conscious of every inch his hands traveled over. He added a little more lotion, and began the trip back up her long, long legs, on the inside. She parted her legs slightly, allowing him greater access as his hands past her knees. Heidi’s breath came fast and shallow as his fingers teased the insides of her thighs, coming within a hair’s breath of her swollen pussy lips.

Taking a deep breath, and hoping he read the signs right, he shot some lotion on her ass, and began to rub it into her ass cheeks. They gave only a little under his touch, the muscles remaining tight underneath the womanly padding. He thought he caught the scent of female arousal for a second, and his cock jumped. Heidi sighed a little, letting a long-held breath shudder out. She opened her eyes and saw that his cock strained to break free, a large spot of pre-cum already soaked through.

“My,” she thought. “He is big, maybe bigger than Josh.” Her pussy contracted a little at the thought, and she wiggled her hips a little, trying to lessen the pleasurable itch that had become something desperate and needy with the touch of his bursa escort bayan hands.

“There you go Heidi,” Mark said, straightening up.

“Thank you so much sweetie,” she said, all innocence. Heidi gracefully swung to a sitting position, leaving her top on the lounge. Her legs unconsciously were crossed at the ankles, clamping her legs tightly together. Mark stared wide eyed at the vision of beauty in front him, naked in all her glory, and less than two feet away. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, trying hard not to sound like she was faking. “I didn’t realize that I’d done that to you. I should have realized that after all, you are a hot-blooded teenager. I just assumed that the girls would be lining up to your door.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” he said quietly.

“No?” she asked. “With your looks they should be falling over themselves to be with you.

“Well, I guess I’d better do something about that, since you don’t have a little girlfriend to do it for you,” Heidi said, pussy flooding with juice as the prospect of his monster cock in it loomed closer. She reached out and he stepped closer, mind disconnected and disbelieving.

Heidi reached out to him and ran her hands up his sweaty chest under his shirt, and he pulled it off his chest in one fluid motion of muscle. He was a masterpiece. All chiseled planes and rounded bulges of muscle. His six-pack stomach was prominently outlined, and his let her fingernails rake over them and she slid down to his belt buckle. Deftly unfastening his pants, she freed his long-oppressed cock from its prison.

Mark’s cock sprang free, thick and hard as iron. Heidi wrapped her small hand around its girth and was unable to close her fist around it. Her juice leaked out of her as she found that he was even larger than she imagined twice the size of her well-endowed husband. Her breath came in shallow gasps as she leaned in and planted a set kiss on his bulbous cock head. She sucked the pre-cum that head beaded there, and tasted his delicious, salty flavor.

She had a hard time getting the huge head into her little mouth, but finally was able to swirl her tongue around the sensitive head as she swallowed him deeper into her throat. Heidi got him into her throat on the second try, her throat muscles pulled and stroked his cock while her tongue danced around the shaft. Her hands were constantly moving, cupping and massaging his heavy ball sack, and letting her fingernails trail gently on the sensitive skin between his cock and asshole.

Mark threw back his head and grabbed Heidi by the shoulders, willing her not to stop. He’d never felt anything so incredible. She was an artist, touching him everywhere at once, and sucking him deep into her throat. She came up for air, swirling her tongue around the head for a few seconds before plunging her head down fast on his shaft, burying him in her throat again, much easier this time. He felt cum boiling in his balls, and she rose off him again, and he groaned in disappointment. She smiled that little knowing smile and went down on him again, sucking hard and squeezing his balls, and the base of his cock with the other. He felt cum surge, and cried out as it stopped at her squeezing fingers, and slowly ran back down.

“No!” he yelled, grabbing her head and beginning to move his hips, face fucking her. She let him, and let go of the base of his cock, but continuing to play with his balls. She gently rubbed behind his balls, and he stiffened, crying out. He buried his cock in her throat, and cum surged out, spraying her throat with shot after shot of youthful semen. He slowly pulled his cock out, and Heidi licked the remnants of his cum off him, savoring the salty-sweet taste of his semen. His eyes returned to focus, and Heidi was amazed that his raging erection had not softened at all. It stood proudly up, thick, veined and unsatisfied. Licking her lips, she stood and pulled Mark into a deep, tongue-probing kiss. He enthusiastically returned it, wrapping his powerful arms around the tall, thin blond and shoved his tongue hard into her mouth.

Heidi moaned into his tongue, enjoying the rough, passion of this virile teenager. Her hands found the thick shaft, and began rubbing it slowly. His hands fell from her face and began frantically fondling her entire body.

“Easy lover,” she said. “There’s plenty of time.”

He grunted something sat down on the edge of the chair, pulling her close between his legs. With a huge breast in each hand, he licked and nibbled her hard nipples, sucking them hard into his mouth. Heidi gasped and held his head to her bosom, enjoying the attention, and the relief from the tight tension on her nipples.

Mark pulled Heidi down onto the lounge, and suddenly she was on her back with him on top. He looked at her with an animalistic look, reason drowning in passion and need. He kissed down her flat stomach and parted her legs, dangling her strong thighs over bursa bayan escort his shoulders. He snaked his tongue out, tasting her honey dripping from her outer lips. They parted for him like a flower to sunlight, and he dipped his long tongue inside.

Heidi cried out as his tongue slid briefly over her clit, and she grabbed his head with her hands, trying to guide him back. He caught her hands in his, and pushed them back up to her breasts, letting her know that he was in charge. She moaned in frustration as he circled around her clit, licking everywhere. Dipping lower, he shoved his tongue deep inside her and drank her nectar. She tasted so good, better than anything in the world. Her pussy was soaking wet for him, and he felt his cock grow to titanic proportions as he felt this beautiful woman’s burning desire for him.

Heidi’s eyes rolled back in her head as she felt him lap at her insides with his tongue. She’d never been eaten like this. She didn’t think anyone had a tongue that long. She screamed as he came back out, and replaced his tongue with two long fingers, and fastened his mouth over her engorged clit. He found her g-spot and rubbed it hard, sucking her clit into his mouth. Heidi’s eyes lost focus as an orgasm ripped through her, locking every muscle tense and forcing her breath out.

She fell limp to the lounge as the orgasm reluctantly faded. “Please,” she whimpered as he began licking her clit again. It was too much. “No more.”

Mark pulled away a little, and looked at his handy work. The girls at school seemed to like that too. He read about it, and after two or three girls, found all the right spots. That girl still chased him around and he gave her what she wanted after hearing her beg a little. Heidi lay there, getting her breath, chest heaving, and her skin slick with sweat. She was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. He held her thighs in his hands, and placed his cock at the pouting lips of her wet pussy. Heidi barely registered what was happening until the head of his cock disappeared into the wet folds of her pussy.

“Oh, God, Mark,” she moaned, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers, encouraging him to drive further into her. Her silken pussy resisted at first, and he took it slow. Inch by agonizing inch, his thick cock sank into her silken depths. She gasped in short, almost panicked breaths as his monster penetrated her. After several slow strokes, he buried himself in her to the hilt, his hips grinding into her clit. She held him tight and wrapped her legs around his back, locking him deep inside her. “Please, just for a minute,” she pleaded. “Let me get used to it. You’re so big.”

She worked her inner muscles, squeezing his thick shaft with expert muscles, milking him. Mark made tiny little thrusting movements, his eyes locked on her sweaty, naked body as if recording the image. Maybe he was. She released his hips from her thighs, and lifted her legs over his shoulders, changing the angle of his penetration. Taking the cue, Mark began pumping is meat into her depths, first slowly then increasing the pace rapidly.

Mark slammed himself into her vise-like pussy, feeling his head bottom on her cervix, which brought a gasp from his little vixen. She felt amazing, it was the best thing he’d ever felt in his life, and didn’t want it to end. Soon, he was slamming himself into her with all his strength, and his cock pumped loads of cum deep in her womb.

Josh drove home at lunch time, angry over the breakdown of the entire computer system, but looking forward to a repeat performance of last night, spending the rest of the day buried in his wife’s willing pussy. He parked in the garage and walked into the house, not seeing Heidi. He walked to the patio door and froze. Fifty feet in front of him was a scene out of a porn movie. His leggy blond wife had her legs up on the shoulders of some ripped guy, his cock jack-hammering in and out of her. She had her eyes closed, and was thrashing around under him, obviously enjoying his fucking immensely.

Jealousy surged within him, but also a powerful arousal. It was indescribably sexy to watch his wife get pounded by this guy’s huge cock. Josh pulled his hard cock out of his pants and stroked it, watching the couple fuck.

Mark lifted Heidi into his arms, and she giggled, kissing him. “Flip over,” he breathed.

“Are you ready already?” Heidi asked, amazed. She reached down and found his cock hard as a rock. “Oh my, I haven’t even slowed it down!” Obediently, she rolled onto all fours, graceful as an otter. She arched her back, her pussy lips spreading invitingly. Gobs of his cum ran from her pussy, and his cock jumped. She looked so erotic, so primal, with her ass upturned to him and his cum running out of her. Mark stepped close and shoved his meat home in one stroke, grabbing her hips to steady her as he pounded away.

Heidi’s breasts swayed as he slammed her into his cock, filling her completely. He fingered her clit with one hand, and tweaked her nipples with the other. Heidi cried out, pressing her hand into his, and guiding him toward her clit. She slowed him how to rub it, gently but firmly, and she felt her orgasm building fast as he pounded her abused pussy with his meat.

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