One Night Out – Turnabout is Fair Play

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Female Ejaculation

So my muse got horny again and this is the result. I kind of like revenge stories, and while this isn’t exactly one, it’s similar. Enjoy!

In case it wasn’t obvious, this is a sequel to my earlier story, One Night Out.

Once again, all comments and feedback are appreciated!

I rested back on the sofa, yawning. I had had a looooooooooong day yesterday. Rick and Maegan had lent me out to a few of their friends, and I was still recovering from the marathon gangbang that had lasted most of the day. Two guys and a girl…the dudes had taken me in all my holes while the chick licked me out, and when they had gotten tired of that, the girl had put on a strap-on and did me doggy style while the guys watched and jerked off in the corner. It had been fun, but tiring.

As I flipped through a magazine that someone had left on the dresser, I rubbed my tummy absently. This was my sixth, and while I had gotten used to being preggers by now, it still took a toll on me. Swollen feet, morning sickness (not too bad nowadays, thankfully) and those strange cravings…oh well, this just came with the territory of being a sex slave. Didn’t really have much choice, so I just went with the flow. At least the sex was good.

The door slammed open and Maegan stormed in, her face as black as storm clouds. I looked up in surprise. While this wasn’t the first time the witch had gotten angry – she and her boyfriend had the occasional fight, which usually ended up with things being thrown and then wild makeup sex on the sofa (the same one I was using…which explained how the leather got all spotty) – this was different. She was royally pissed, and it showed in her furrowed brows and angry frown.

Rick came into the living room to see what the fuss was about. “What’s wrong, sweetcheeks? Spell went wrong on you?”

“Something much worse. I lost a bet.”

“What kind of bet?” asked her boyfriend.

Maegan heaved a heavy sigh. “You know Sylvia?” I did. She was one of Maegan’s witch friends, a tallish and thin woman with a hawk nose and cruel smile. No tattoos, but enough gothic clothes to make the late Amy Winehouse jealous. Maegan and her often drank together, and often got me to eat them out after their little tete-a-tetes. She was a little tarter than Maegan…apple to the other’s cider.

“We both got drunk, see? And after the fifth drink we wanted to see who could do five more without passing out. I knocked out first. Loser had to do whatever the other wanted.”

Rick whistled. “Not the best of terms to have a bet on.”

“You’re telling me! But we were drunk. Haven’t you ever been drunk before?”

“Well…yeah. So what happened? What did she want?”

Maegan sighed again and shot me a dirty look. I looked back in all innocence. Me? Where did I fit into this? I was just an innocent bystander!

“She wanted me to become a bimbo fuckdoll like her.”

I was both surprised and angry at what Maegan said. What a request to make! I mean, I knew that these witch types were twisted, but I thought they only took out their perverse desires on other non-witches.

Also, what did she mean by bimbo fuckdoll? I wasn’t a bimbo fuckdoll. Sure my daily routine consisted of sucking cock and eating pussy and getting reamed six ways from Sunday, unless it was Sunday in which case I went down to the nearest bar to pick up (or more likely, be picked up) by a handsome guy who would then bring me home and…ok. Maybe I was a bimbo fuckdoll after all.

“Whoa. So what did you say?” asked Rick. He seemed to be taking all this in stride. I guessed he had seen weirder stuff in his time as Maegan’s boyfriend.

“What do you think? It was the terms of the bet. I had to agree. Also, no magic for a month. Interferes with the process or something.”

“So…when is this gonna start?” Was it just me or did Rick seem a little eager? Maegan must have caught a little of his tone and shot him a glance that would freeze water.

“Tomorrow. She’s gonna bring me back to her place to cast the spell. And don’t you look so smug about it!”

I woke up the next morning to see an even angrier Maegan on the sofa, doing her nails…except that Maegan never did her nails. Never before the spell, that is. Her breasts were already bigger, and I could see that her eyes were done up in cat’s eye eyeliner that was so thick that it made her look a little like a panda. Sylvia had weird tastes.

I carefully avoided her as I went about getting my breakfast – were we out of cereal? – but Maegan glared daggers at me when I sat down to eat.

“I know what you’re thinking. Serves me right, right?”

I looked quizzically back at her. Actually I hadn’t been thinking that at all. I had been thinking about how hot she looked, and how the black nail polish she wants putting on contrasted with the blond of her hair, and just how sexy she would be when this was all over. Okay…maybe I was a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle smug. After all, she was the one who had turned me into sarıyer escort this. It was nice to see her get a taste of her own – or someone else’s – medicine.

“Who, me? No, not at all! But those nails look great on you!” I just smiled innocently and ate my cereal, leaving Maegan to fume over her long talons – had they grown too?

That was just the start of things. Over the next few days her breasts grew to be about the size of mine, and I heard loud complaints from the bedroom about how she was spending a fortune on bras. Her hips widened and butt swelled much like mine, but here was where Sylvia changed it up a bit – instead of giving her a bubblebutt like the one I had, the other witch instead changed her friend so that her ass grew until it was a rounded cushion the envy of any girl in a rapper video.

Sylvia also insisted she do up her hair in twin pigtails, and as per the terms of the spell she had no choice but to agree. The little-girl look they gave her was greatly at odds with her scowling expression, but maybe that was the point? And they did bobble about most enticingly when she was getting fucked, which was often. Because like with me, all those changes came with increased horniness. I got used to see Maegan and Rick go at it on the kitchen table, in the living room, and in the bathroom, practically the entire day. Hey, she was lucky Sylvia wasn’t renting out to others like they did to me…yet.

The changes seem to make everyone happy except her. Time that Maegan was spending fucking was time that she didn’t have to think up strange torments for me, and Rick didn’t seem to be complaining about his girlfriend’s new curvier body. After a week or so – by which time Maegan had begun to resemble me more than a little – Sylvia upped the ante and started decorating her friend’s body as well.

Now each time to went to Sylvia’s house she didn’t just come back with another cup size – she got more tattoos and piercings as well, until her entire body was practically covered with them. A wyvern on her black, flowers all over her plush behind, unicorns on her legs…she had more than me! Rings through her lips, nose and belly button, but nothing for her nipples…Sylvia was exercising restraint in that area. Or maybe she was just saving it up for the next month. You could never tell with these witches.

I’ll admit it – it was strangely exciting watching Maegan change. Turnabout was fair play, and even though I wasn’t meteing it out, it was still kind of nice to watch. How Maegan got angrier and hornier, and bustier, and curvier…and was powerless to do a damn thing about it. Watching her curse and swear in front of the mirror each day, I kind of got why these witch types transformed others into sex slaves. It was kind of fun!

Revenge was sweet…but not as sweet as Maegan’s cunt. When Rick was busy, her out-of-control libido had her turning to me. While our bodies weren’t exactly the type, I had been a bimbo fuckdoll (to use her words) much longer than she had, and so I knew just how to caress her overfull breasts to get her juices flowing, and how to finger her to screaming orgasm after orgasm. We had had sex before, but she was a LOT more fun to play with her new curves. I owed Sylvia a drink. Except that I wouldn’t want to get drunk and under her thrall – I’d seen where that went.

After about a month, Sylvia did what I thought she was eventually do – start loaning out her friend to random strangers. Man, with friends like these, who needed enemies? Maegan began to spend evenings on her phone, coordinating random hook-ups (either than, or sit on the couch doing her nails and scowling) which invariably ended with her stumbling back into the house the next morning, exhausted and dripping cum from all her holes.

Rick just watched the proceedings with a shit-eating grin on his face. Forgot friends like these – with boyfriends like these, who needed…ok, my metaphor was breaking down. But I wasn’t the only one who thought his behavior a bit weird. Maegan took him to task over it one evening.

“Don’t just stand there! Go talk to Sylvia about this!”

“What would I say? I’m not a witch. And a bet is a bet. You’ve got that whole sworn agreement thing between witches, right? That both of you have to abide by any pact, lest you be cursed come midnight or something…you’ve told me about it.”

“Well, yeah. There is that. But the least you could do is be nicer about it!”

“Nicer? I am nicer! Who drives you to all your meet-ups, huh?” That wasn’t nicer in my books, but I decided to keep out of it. Sex slave or no, I wasn’t going to get involved in any lovers’ quarrels if I could help it.

But one thing led to another, and eventually the time came where Maegan knocked on my door.

“Ummm, can I come in?”

“Sure, Maegan!” I opened it with a cheery smile and pottered about the room as she sat heavily on the bed. I gave her a half an hour, esenyurt escort but it was actually only after a few minutes

that she opened her mouth and said it.

“I’m pregnant.”

We both knew this day would come. The witches weren’t big on birth control, and Sylvia seemed to have a sadistic side to her that was only be thrilled by seeing her friend be knocked up. But I was different. Being a sex slave/bimbo fuckdoll (call it whatever you like – the terms were pretty interchangeable) did give me a little sympathy for her position.

So I sat down beside her and gave her a great big hug. Maegan didn’t cry or anything like that – would be way too softy for her – but she did return the hug and sniffle a little.

In the last month I had to come know a different side of Maegan. Sure, she had been kind of a bitch to me, but now that she was the one being transformed…I did feel a kind of kinship with her. But I wasn’t sure what to tell her. It was fun being pregnant? Seriously? That I loved the way guys would stay at my too-large tits, and the feeling of milk gushing from them as my lovers suckled on me? Hmm. Maybe not the best course of action.

Naah, I wouldn’t tell her all that. She’d discover it on her own.

“It’s ok, Maegan. It’s going to be just fine. How about I come with you to your events? Would you like that?”

“Really? You would?”

“Sure! Just two sluts on the town, having fun…we’ll be like sisters!” The look Maegan gave me told me that sisters was maybe pushing it, but I’m sure that she appreciated the sentiment.

I don’t welsh on my promises, and so we began to go to events together. Sylvia had her signed up for as many as three in a day, and it reminded me of my college days before I was fully transformed – gangbang after gangbang, until I had cum my brains out. Kind of fun.

Maegan was a nice partner to have. Between the two of us, whole rooms went nuts the moment we entered. I mean, how often is it that TWO bimbo fuckdolls come walking through the door on a Friday evening, willing to fuck anyone who wanted them? On second thoughts…don’t answer that.

The first event was the most fun. I had the distinct pleasure of watching my former captor as she was fucked by over ten men, one after the other. She was a little surprised when she first entered the room, but soon warmed up as they fondle her giant tits and full ass. Then they proceeded to start fucking as I diddled myself in the corner.

As gangbangs went it was pretty tame by my standards, but not by hers. She looked like she didn’t know what to do at all, but the men soon decided for her. Simple missionary first, and then a few blowjobs. After that some guys wanted titjobs, which Maegan have to give, still with that mixture of horniness, anger and resentment on her face. Which looked even hotter when splattered with cum. Then they did her doggy-style, and later a circle jerk…I tittered a bit the first time she took someone up the ass. She looked so cute trying to escape from the burly black guy who was buggering her, until she gave up and just let herself succumb to the pleasure.

The spell placed on her meant that she couldn’t disobey even if she wanted to, and so I watched in glee as man after man ordered her into all kinds of sex acts. Maegan was hot. Not as hot as I was, but that was hard to beat. But after about half an hour all this watching grew boring. It was time for me to get some as well.

So I grabbed her and planted a wet one smack dab on her lips. We sucked face for a while – it was hard to actually kiss properly because our breasts were so big they got in the way. But we managed, and by the time our lips parted we got a standing ovation from the men gathered around us. I did a little pose and blew them a kiss. As for Maegan, she was hot and panting hard. I knew how to kiss a girl right!

But it was also time for her to return the favor. “Down here, girl.” I said, motioning to my twat. She complied. She didn’t actually have a choice. A man came up behind her and started fucking her as her face was still buried in my pussy, starting a daisy chain of lovers. I spread my legs wide to allow Maegan greater access as I began to give some blowjobs of my own.

And when that was done I lay on the floor to start fucking in earnest, watching out of the corner of my eye as Maegan took a hard cock in either hand and another in her sopping snatch. Nice way to spend a Sunday night.

That set the tone of the events to come. Sylvia seemed to enjoy making Maegan fuck more than one man (or woman) at once, and she was more than happy to have me come along for the ride. I would never admit it, but my pussy was getting a little lonely now that Maegan wasn’t making use of it any more. So I tagged along everytime she got ordered out – it was just like college again!

Rick was enjoying all this a little too much. Nowadays he didn’t even TRY to hide his glee when he used us both, or avrupa yakası escort ferried us to our destinations. He didn’t seem to mind one bit that his girlfriend had been knocked up by another man. I guess weirdness came with the territory when your girlfriend was a witch.

Maegan minded though, and they had more than one argument about it. I typically just closed the door and shut my ears, but they were loud enough so that I heard a particular violent dispute get through my doors. I peeked out to see the pregnant witch (or bimbo fuckdoll? could you be both?) pointing a long-nailed finger at Rick.

“Don’t you care about what happens to your girlfriend?”

“I do babe, but you know, you did get yourself into this. What with the bet and all?”

Maegan scowled at Rick, who just grinned back. She could see he was pleased by the changes in her body, and her new subservient nature. Yes, in additional to all the physical changes, Sylvia had made some mental ones as well, and now Maegan couldn’t help but do what anyone asked her to. Which must grated heavily on her dominant nature – it wasn’t just a big deal for me. I just went with the flow and generally was happy to be ordered about.

But I couldn’t be happier than Rick. What guy didn’t want to have TWO hot sex slaves? He liked nothing that than to watch us go at it, then join in when things were getting good. He got a definite kick out of ordering his girlfriend to suck on her own nipples (her breasts were big enough so she could do that now) and finger herself while kissing me. Or get me to do that while kissing her. Or fuck each other with dildos as he took us in the other hole. Or any variation of the above, really.

“You…you…man! I don’t know why I put up with you. If I had my body back I would just…”

“But you don’t. And you’re horny now, right? I can tell because you’re angry. You always get horny when you’re angry.” Say what you would about Rick, he knew his girlfriend pretty well.

Maegan just scowled but didn’t demur. I think she knew that he was right on the money.

“Alright babe, back to the bedroom. Let’s not waste time arguing out here, okay?” I sometimes wondered why Rick goaded her like that until I realized that it was probably because he got off on “taming” his girlfriend. Sigh. Some people just really have to be the alpha all the time. But I had to admit that she was hot with her face all angry like that, but still unable to resist orders…there was something to this whole power dynamic business that just got me all wet.

As the months passed, I delivered my sixth without issue, but then it was fast approaching time for Maegan to pop out her first. As I suspected, as she got bigger and bigger she also got hornier and hornier. The cravings weren’t the same for her – she wanted eggplant-flavored ice cream, for goodness sake – but a pregnancy was a pregnancy, and so I had to put up with her loud complaints about morning sickness, swollen feet and all that…until Rick ordered her back into bed. I wasn’t that loud when I was knocked up! (Was I?)

A pregnant witch was also a slow witch. Her belly had ballooned to the point at which she could barely walk. But that didn’t stop her from fucking and sucking like a champ. Her suitors came to our house now that she was too big to walk about, and they screwed her six ways from Sunday on the same couch that she did her nails on. She put up a show of resistance, but I suspected that she secretly enjoyed it. You couldn’t fake those moans coming from her mouth, or the juices gushing from her pussy. Even though she was a lot of resistant that I initially was, the spell had broken down her defenses over time, and I got to watch her cum helplessly as she was taken roughly from behind on all fours, her huge breasts bouncing. Being a voyeur made me kind of horny, and it was even better when the men finished with her and I got to be next.

It was nice to not be the only sex slave around for a while. All good things had to end – in this case, the terms of the bet were that when the first baby was done with, Maegan would go back to being a normal witch again. Well, insofar as any witch can be considered normal. But until then it was good to have another slut around the house to deal with Rick’s insatiable urges, and play with in the shower (soapy boobs are fun!) and eat me once in a while. Plus I never got tired of seeing Maegan’s angry face turn to gasps of pleasure as one of her lovers fucked her silly as I watched. Turnabout isn’t only fair play…it’s also fucking hot.

The baby was delivered with no problems. I think it was a girl, and it was whisked off to the coven almost as soon as it popped out from Maegan’s belly. The sex slave spell (say that three times fast) always gave the victim child-bearing hips, which made a lot of sense considering what kind of activities they would be engaged in. These witches do think of everything it seems.

So finally, it was over. I resigned myself to going back to my normal existence in which I was subject to Rick and Maegan’s whims. Well, it was fun while it lasted. Until a still very busty, still very tattooed and pierced witch walked through the door after coming back from the hospital. I blinked a little at her and she just smiled back – that cruel smile that I remembered so well.

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