One Night Getaway

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It’s a Friday afternoon and we jump in my car to head away for a night out. I haven’t told you where we are going yet but I let you know to pack for an afternoon of hiking so you are wearing some shorts and one of my t-shirts. I also told you to pack some nice clothes to wear at night so you packed the dress you wore at dew that I like so much. We arrive up in the mountains and start out on a little hike. I love just being out in the fresh air with you, plus I get a great view of your ass as you walk in front of me on the trail.

After trudging along the trails all afternoon we get back in the car and hit the road. By now you have probably figured out that we are on the road to Blackhawk. I pull into the garage of the Ameristar casino and find a spot. Grabbing our bags we head inside to check in. After finely getting into our room we drop our bags and lay down on the bed.

After just relaxing for a while I suggest we jump in the shower. I hope off the bed and grab you by the hand leading you into the bathroom. I start the water and turn around to find you already getting naked. I can’t help bahis şirketleri but to just look and admire your sexy body as you strip off all your clothes. After removing your panties you look up to see me still fully clothed and just staring at you with a smile on my face.

I snap out of my daze and start to lift my shirt over my head. Throwing my shirt to the ground I move done to my belt to find your hands already working on it. I just smile as you unzip my shorts and lower them along with my boxers to the floor. After looking at your sexy ass all day and now having you naked in front of me I am already starting to get hard. You stand back up and grab my growing cock in your hand as I move in to kiss you.

We start kissing deeply and before long I am rock hard in your hand. I press you up against the counter, sliding my hands up under your ass I lift you up onto the counter and lean into you. Wrapping my arms around your neck I press you up against the mirror kissing you all the more. By now the bathroom is starting to fog up from the shower. And I pull you off the counter and move towards bahis firmaları to shower with you. But you have another idea; you grab me and turn me around. Dropping to you knees you slowly start to kiss the tip of my cock.

You look up at me and flash me a devilish smile before moving your lips back to my cock and start to slowly lick and suck the whole length. I throw my head back in pleasure as you continue to play with me. Then without warning you stand back up and push me on the toilet. Straddling over me you take my cock and move it to your amazing opening. Slowly guiding me into you, you lower yourself down onto me.

Reaching up above your head you grasp the towel rack above my head and start to raise yourself off me before sliding back down. You continue to move up and down onto me. I grab your hips and moan as my cock slides in and out of you. It feels so amazing feeling your wet pussy so tightly wrapped around me. I’m moaning as loudly as you scream my name.

I know I cant last much longer, you sense that I am close to cumming; you come down one last time taking me all the way kaçak bahis siteleri inside you. You move your lips to mine and start to kiss me as you grind your hips into me. It feels so good having you on top of me, my cock all the way inside you. I want to cum so bad.

I wrap my hands around your waist and standup. You wrap you legs around my back and I press you into the wall. With your arms around my neck you look over my shoulder and into the mirror. You see the reflection of my back as I press you against the wall. Still deep inside you I start to thrust my hips into you. Harder and harder each time crashing you into the wall. I’m moaning and screaming your name as I fuck you against the wall. I’m so close to cumming I thrust harder and faster into you.

The wall is shaking with each thrust. At one point I hear the drywall crack as I slam your back into the wall. But that doesn’t stop us from continuing our fun. I keep thrusting in and out of you, pressing you up against the wall until I can’t last any longer. Holding you tight against the wall my whole body shakes as you send me over the edge. With one final thrust I scream your name and cum deep inside you. After I regain my senses from a mind blowing orgasm I lower you to the ground and pull you into a kiss. You break the kiss and by the hand lead me into the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32