Once Upon a Naughty Time Ch. 02

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Aubrey looked out the window the following morning and silently cursed the snow. She had no idea how she would be able to go downstairs and face Mr. Baxter. Delia scrolled through her phone and announced out loud that she was hungry. Aubrey was overcome with dread which quickly changed to excitement when she briefly pictured Scott’s sweat glistened body on top of hers.

The smell of breakfast followed the stairs down to the kitchen, where Delia’s mom was cooking and Scott sat at the table, typing on his laptop for work. Aubrey was keen to avoid eye contact, knowing she’d turn bright red if he looked at her.

Delia began chatting with her mom and Aubrey heard Scott clear his throat. Instinctively, she looked up and met his eyes. He was smirking. She could feel the heat rise to her face and she looked down. Immediately, her mind flooded with scenes from the night before. Aubrey on her knees. Scott, bending her over the table. Scott, slapping her ass until it was raw.

A plate was set in front of Aubrey by a smiling Mrs. Baxter. Aubrey tried to smile back, well aware she was still pink. “Looks like you’ll be staying another night here, love. The snow isn’t being kind to anyone.”

“And we’d feel much…safer if you stayed instead of trying to make it home in those conditions,” she heard Scott say.

Aubrey nodded, wondering if the kaçak iddaa previous night had been only a one time thing or if tonight could hold something just as promising. She hoped for the latter. a simple side glance at Delia’s stepfather told her he had the same thing in mind.

She rose from the table and brought her plate back to the counter. She felt a hand brush across her ass as Mr. Baxter brought his plate next to hers. He looked down at her and remained silent. She felt intimidated, but the thought of him being so close was just as arousing as it had been last night.

Delia and Aubrey spent most of the day inside Delia’s room binge watching a show with the occasional shirty horror movie in between. Scott had gone to the basement where he had been working for most of the day while Mrs. Baxter tended to her own online business. Aubrey wondered if her husband had ever fucked her the way she had been fucked. The thought both amused and excited her. It would have surprised her if she hadn’t.

“Hey, can you go down and get drinks from the fridge?” Delia asked, her eyes not moving from the screen.

“Sure, yeah. Anything else?”

She was met by a shake of Delia’s head, and she went downstairs to grab wine coolers from the fridge. Mrs. Baxter was in the kitchen on the phone. When she saw Aubrey, she waved to get her attention. kaçak bahis Removing the receiver away from her mouth, she whispered, “Will you take Scott a beer on your way back?” Aubrey hesitated, then nodded and grabbed a beer for Scott.

Leaving the wine coolers by the steps, Aubrey proceeded to head down the basement stairs. She tiptoed quietly so as not to disturb him but stopped when she heard sounds coming from the speakers. Moans. ‘No fucking way,’ Aubrey thought to herself.

Stepping onto the floor, she tried to see if she had been correct. She was. Scott sat behind his desk with his cock in his hand, vigorously rubbing it while the porno played through the speakers. A man had a girl on her knees, sticking his cock in the girl’s ass. Scott moaned softly while the girl moaned for the guy to fuck her harder.

Aubrey took another step, and Scott suddenly stopped. He turned around and to her surprise didn’t stop his actions. He gestured to her. “Come on. On your knees. Just like before. Come suck Daddy’s cock.”

Aubrey bit her lip and set the beer down. She looked at him. His cock was at full attention and she could see he was about come at any second.

“Now. Or I’ll punish you later.”

Aubrey slowly slid onto her knees and took Scott’s cock in her mouth. She began to use her tongue but stopped when Scott grabbed her hair illegal bahis and moved her head for her, causing her to gag slightly. He moved a little faster, his moans becoming labored.

“You’re going to take Daddy’s come, you understand. You’re going to take every bit of it or you’re going to get it later, and I won’t be gentle,” he said as he took one last thrust and came hard, holding her mouth around his cock until it had all slid down her throat.

Aubrey choked, but did as she was told and was surprised to find herself nearly soaking through her panties afterwards, something Scott must’ve intended for as he slid his hand through her waistband and tightened his fingers around her clit. He slid his middle finger into her followed by his ring finger. As he stood, he pulled her to him and sucked gently on her neck.

“I’ll take care of you later. We’ve got to work on that gag reflex,” he whispered, pulling his hand free. He gave one last approving look over before sending her on her way and switching back to his work. Aubrey made her slowly back upstairs, almost forgetting the wine coolers on the way back to Delia.

Delia looked at her when she came back. “Where were you? I’m dying here.”

Aubrey stuttered slightly. “Scott was showing me something.”

Delia snorted. “Lame.”

Aubrey was about to disagree but kept her mouth shut. Instead, she tried to immerse herself back into the show to avoid thinking any more about Mr. Baxter’s intense power over her. She couldn’t help but want more, and she hoped that’s exactly what she’d get.

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