On the Hood

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Poor white trash, that’s what they called me. Left largely alone by an alcoholic mother and abandoned by my father, I had ample opportunity to run with the wrong crowd, even in small-town Kansas. The cops knew me, but I was a kid and hadn’t yet done anything more than misdemeanors. I wasn’t really angry at the world or anything like that. I was just young, dumb, and full of cum. I got arrested for the first time when I was 14. Mom couldn’t bail me out—she was in jail also. Sometime over the next few years the County Prosecutor, Mr. M, took an interest in me. He was, by far, the dumbest man I ever met. Dumb enough to believe in me, even when there was no evidence to indicate that there was anything to believe in and too stubborn to admit he was wrong. It is also around this time that Lynn entered my life.

Lynn is about 4 years younger than me and is Mr. M’s daughter. One day, when I was about 17, my girl and I were at the county fair, and she pointed out that Lynn had a huge crush on me. I remembered this and noticed that Lynn was often around. The town was small enough for us to run into each other periodically. I never entertained the idea of doing her—she was only13—but being a teenager, she pushed the limits. On a few occasions I escorted her away from our drunken parties. She was a kid, glasses, red hair and freckles, flat, braces, and once I told her to get out no one from my gang dared pursued her.

I celebrated my 18th by getting arrested. Mr. M managed to keep it a juvie crime, warning me that I would get no more chances. In December I got arrested two more times, and three weeks later I was involved in an armed robbery. Mr. M prevailed on the judge to give me a choice: 5 years or the Army. I took the Army.

The Army worked for me. I thrived in its regime. I found a different path than the one I had been on, and I took to it. Promotions came quickly. I became a Ranger. I started to study, but declined OCS. It was a good life. I could see myself making a career of it. It was around this time that Mr. M died. One night, drinking with my unit, I got into a fight with this pussy E-7 and chipped a few of his teeth. That little bitch pressed charges, and I was given the choice: Get busted to E-3 or get out as an E-6. I got out.

I immediately started college with my GI bill. I wasn’t cut out to study, but I forced myself. Three years later I had the Business degree I had started on in the Army, graduating second to last in my class. I got a job with a defense contractor, making good money. One day I got a call at my job and was informed my mother had died. I hadn’t spoken to her in years but ended up going home anyway to settle her affairs. I wouldn’t say I was upset, but even though she was no longer in my life, I was unsettled. It was during this time that I ran into Lynn again.

Lynn had grown since I last saw her. She was back in town after completing her pharmacy degree before going to her new job. She was about a foot shorter than I, maybe 110 soaking wet. Her hair was still flaming red, falling just below her shoulders, and her green eyes, free of glasses, sparkled at me while we talked. She was still small-chested, but the whole package was fantastic. Elegant, I would say. I really didn’t know anyone in the town any more, so I welcome sharing a cup of coffee with her. When I told her I was in town because my mother had died, she came around the table and hugged me in sympathy. She was sharp and had made a real good start for her life.

“Your father would’ve been proud of you,” I told her as we parted.

“He would be proud of you, too.”

The next morning I woke up in my hotel room and stared at the ceiling. Then the wall. Then my hands. Facing death on the slopes of a foreign mountain hadn’t fazed me, but facing it here was…difficult. I decided to go out for a run. As the miles peeled by, a light blue Miata pulled up to me. It was Lynn, and she asked if I wanted to go for a swim. Having nothing else to do, I got in. Lynn said she had been on the way to a swimming hole and “had just happened to drive by.” She asked how I was doing and chatted while she drove down the deserted backcountry roads of my youth. It was a scorching hot weekday in late August, and with school just in session we hardly passed any traffic on the way. She pulled off the dirt road and up to the well shaded swimming hole and we got out. She laid her towel out on the hood of the car and then turned to me, whipping her shirt off in mid sentence in one sooth motion. My mind immediately flipped over, that action of a girl crossing her arms and taking her shirt off elicits a Pavlovian response of lust in me. Her shorts came off next as she continued to chatter. She wore a plain, black, one-piece swimsuit, about as demure and chaste as possible, but it only accented her allure.

At this point it is relevant to point out that, for all the positive things that happened to me since I left, there was a dark side. Now, I love women. I love everything about them, and have no tolerance for any man who abuses his bahis siteleri girl. But I was into fairly rough sex. Fairly may be an understatement. Not like leaving bruises or–God forbid–scars or anything like that, but at 6’2″ and about 200 pounds of muscle, I fucked, like one of my girls put it, as if I were a banshee on crack. The years in the Army and then college had availed me to a number of…how shall I put it delicately…hardened girls. Girls who could take it and beg for more. They were rare, hard to find, but worth the searching once I got them home. I understood the irony; in the wrong light, it was practically assault, but I knew what I liked, and was very demanding. Afterwards I could be tender, but when I got it on, I got it on. I hadn’t been able to find a worthy partner since leaving college.

I was still in my running attire, so I just took off my t-shirt and shoes and joined her in the water. We talked and splashed and played, and I was hyper focused on her. The way she scrunched her face as she emerged from the water. The way she pushed her hair back. Little drops of water on her face. I drew her close. She stopped smiling and looked at me with those jade green eyes as her hands settled against my chest. We kissed. My tongue split her lips and danced with hers. We broke, and I opened my eyes to see the look of animal lust in her eyes. Only there was no look of lust; her face bore a small smile of blissful happiness. My world shook and I knew I had just done something wrong. I pushed her away.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

She opened her eyes in surprise and I had to turn from those confused pools of emerald perfection to gather my composure. I stalked to the far side of the swimming hole and leaned on a log, trying to pull myself together.

“Jesus, do I kiss that bad?” she whispered.

“No, you were fine. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not?”

I just shrugged. I’m not sure who was more confused, she from my pulling away or me from pulling away. My Id and Ego were already engaged in a death match. I didn’t know what to say, I just knew what came next, and she wasn’t that type of girl.

“Why won’t you look at me?”

I shrugged again. “I think I should go.”

“I’m still that ugly little girl to you, aren’t I?”

I shook my head, my back still to her.

“That’s what it is, isn’t it? You look at me as still see that little kid.” I could hear the venom in her voice as it rose. “Well, I have news for you Ben. I’ve changed a lot since then. I’m a not that girl any more.”

And then she said hurtful words. Words that maybe I had heard ten years ago. Words that maybe I had said.

“No,” I said over my shoulder, “You’re a beautiful woman.”

“Yeah, fuck you.”

“Lynn, you’re beautiful.”

“Yeah, well I know what beauty does do a guy, and doesn’t make them turn away. Damn you, Ben. Damn you!” She shrieked as she smacked the water, her voice quivering.

I turned to her in fury. “Lynn, you are a beautiful woman. A thousand guys would love to have your attention. But you don’t want this.”

“How the fuck would you know what I want?” She shouted.

Our eyes locked for a long minute before I looked down, drawing a hand through my hair.

“Lynn listen to me. I’m not like those other guys.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just trust me, okay? It’s for your own good. You don’t want to do this.”

She paused for a moment. “You gotta disease or something?”

I snorted and looked at her. “No, nothing like that. I just don’t think you and I should…”

“Ben, I’m not that little girl any more. You don’t need to protect me,” she said quietly as she slowly closed the distance between us. “I don’t need your protection.” She kissed my shoulder and touched my arm lightly.

“Lynn, stop, I…”

“Shhhh, she said, and kissed my neck. It’s okay.”

She pulled me down and kissed me lightly.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do,” she smirked with a lascivious glint her eye.

My Ego suddenly surrendered. She kissed me again, and then lunged away, begging me to chase her. I did, catching her in waist deep water, turning her abruptly enough to make her gasp before kissing her, hard. She wrapped her hands behind my head and responded in kind. I pulled her close, so she could feel my rising excitement, and she ground her hips into me. My hands drifted up between us to her shoulders and grasped the straps of her bathing suit. I pulled them down, not quickly as if I was attacking her, and not slowly as if I was loving her, but evenly, as I was taking her. She tensed for just an instant but didn’t even break our kiss. As I mentioned, the suit was very conservative, and she had to squirm to get her arms out. I had other ideas, however, and as she folded her arms behind her back I quickly wrapped the opposite strap around each of her wrists. She froze noticeably and even squeaked in protest, but I shushed her concerns away as my hands found her breasts. The swimming suit was tight canlı bahis siteleri enough to allow my bindings hold her in place, and after a few more caresses, she stopped struggling.

The freckles of her face continued down over her tits, which were otherwise completely white and topped with small, pink nipples. It seemed that she had spent only a little time in a tanning bed, but apparently wore a bikini, because her breasts looked like they had never seen the sun, they were that white. My hands and lips started to explore her body. I slid my hands under her suit to grab her ass as I started to suck on one of her nipples. Her skin was so sensitive everything I did elicited a new gasp. I kissed her, licked her neck, her shoulders, nibbled her nipples, squeezed her tits, cupped her face. She was panting incoherent “oh Gods”.

I kept a hand on her ass to hold her up, as her balance seemed to have gone, my finger slowly working its way down her crack. She suddenly realized what I was doing and tried to clamp her cheeks together to stop me. I smiled at her before kissing her again as I began to probe her ass, just enough to let her know I could. She struggled for awhile until she realized she couldn’t do anything. I broke our kiss and smiled at her again as her ass relaxed and allowed me uncontested access. I, of course, pulled my hand out. There would be time enough for that later. I grabbed the bottom of her suit and pulled it up between her cheeks into an impromptu g-string. I dipped and pulled up her left leg; fortunately she was flexible enough to go nearly vertical with it. This newly exposed flesh proved irresistible to me, and I nipped her calf and sucked the back of her knee as I supported her with my free hand, rubbing my erection against her pussy the whole time.

With her one leg still up in the air, I slid my hands under her armpits and lifted her up out of the water so that she was straddling my mouth. I began to lick her through her suit while I held her high over me in an armpress. She shrieked and bucked as my tongue worked her. Even through the suit I could start to taste her. The suit was too tight for my tongue to push out of the way, so I eventually lowered her to kiss her again and carried her back to the car. I set her back on her feet and then pushed her down to her knees before me.

“Blow me,” I demanded.

“You still have shorts on,” she said, looking up at me with confused green eyes..

I ground the tent in my shorts against her face, and after a few moments, she figured out what she needed to do, using her teeth to pull my shorts down. I was so hard that I needed to help her with my underwear, and like every good girl should she gasped when she finally saw my cock. I allowed her to stare at it for just a moment before putting a hand behind her head and ramming my dick all the way into her mouth. She squealed in protest and I allowed her to back off and suck me at her own pace. Leaning back to sit on the hood of the car, I fondled her tits and encouraged her as her head bobbed up and down. I was glad that I had pulled her swimsuit up her crack, as I could watch the white globes of her ass as she worked on me. Her hands would twitch and struggle, but the suit held them firm. I couldn’t resist and leaned forward to grab her ass and then smack it. Leaving one hand on her tit, I grabbed a thick handful of her hair and started to move her head at my pace. Her hands spread wide in alarm and she moaned in protest, but I was too far gone to care.

“You know what you’re going to do, right baby?” I said as I fucked her face.

She mumbled something around my dick.

“You’re going to swallow?”

She moaned.

“You’re going to swallow, right baby?” I repeated.

She nodded her assent.

“And you’re going to show me first, too, right baby?”

She nodded again. I was really close, so I stood and grabbed her head with both hands, moving her head in rhythm as my hips took over. Weeks of built-up frustration were about to boil over into her mouth. I came hard, my bellows echoing off the trees around the swimming hole. When I was finished, my legs gave out and I leaned back on the hood with my hands over my face.

“Christ, that was good,” I groaned and looked down at Lynn, kneeling before me with an open mouth full of cum and shaken eyes. I stared at her for a startled moment before I remembered.

“Swallow,” I said, and she did, coughing and looking away.

“That was really good,” I beamed at her.

I stood and tweaked her nipple before pulling her up to unsteady feet. I got behind her and quickly undid her hands and bent her forward to the hood of the Miata. She stood, hands on the hood, as I pulled the suit off her. I guided her up on the hood so that she was on all fours, thighs opened indecently to me. I stroked her thighs as I kissed and nipped her bottom, causing her to yelp in surprise. I knelt to admire her freckled, milky white ass.

“Look at that pretty little pussy,” I purred.

“Oh my God, don’t look at it!” she protested, canlı bahis trying to bring a hand back.

I intercepted her hand and put it back on the hood as I shoved my face into her crotch and licked her. She gasped in pleasure.

“What’s that?” I teased as I pulled back. “You don’t want me to look?”

“Noooo,” she complained, this time her hand staying in place.

She wiggled her hips, as if to hide, and I dove back in. I repeated the game until she stopped complaining, and then spread her lips to savor the look of her pink wetness. My eyes drifted up to her ass again, and it was missing something. Color. I smacked her ass and she jumped. I smacked her again.

“Owww, stop!” she cried.

“What’s that baby?” I asked as I smacked her again. Her hand came up and tried to cover herself, but I grabbed her wrist and put her into a soft arm lock. My other hand stayed on her ass and slipped down to finger her cunt.

“You want me stop? You want to go home?”

She shook her head and I let her wrist go and she put it back on the hood. I grabbed her hip to hold her in place.

“Good girl,” I said and smacked her ass again. “You like that?”

“Noooo,” she complained and I slid my finger into her cunt again.

“You want to stop and go home, baby? You took care of me already, we can stop and go home.”

“No,” she whimpered and I drew my hand back to smack her again.

She tensed and I waited until she relaxed to spank her twice more, dipping a finger into her honeypot again.

“You like that?”


I pulled my finger out. “Then let’s go home.”

“No, I just…”

I spanked her four quick times and slid my finger into her again.

“You like that?”

“Ohhh,” she said.

I smacked her four more times, this time more deliberately.

“You like that?”

This time she just moaned and I fingered her for a few moments before laying another fours slaps on.

“You like that?” I asked again as I fingered her.

“Yes,” she whispered.

I placed two more hard smacks on her rapidly reddening ass.

“What was that? You like that?”

“Yes,” she practically screamed.

“Wiggle your ass if you like it,” I demanded, slipping a finger in her as she wiggled her butt.

“Tell me you want more.”

“Spank me more,” she begged.

Normally, as soon as a girl relents and lets me do what I want to do, I stop and do something else, but in this case her ass was so perfectly enticing I had to lay a few more slaps on each side. Her ass was absolutely glowing.

I knelt down and shoved my face into her, licking her slit as my hands reached around to play with her tits. She started moaning as I worked her from top to bottom and deep inside. When she was good and ready, I stood and grabbed her hips, pulling her soaking cunt against my rock-hard cock.

“Put me in, baby.”

I knew what I was asking her to do was mechanically impossible from this angle, but God bless her she tried, rubbing her slit up and down my dick. I stroked her back, encouraging her, as she frantically rubbed herself against me. I finally had had enough and moved my hips back to place my now soaking dick at her entrance. She pushed back on me with a long moan and I leaned forward to press my chest against her back. I reached around to play with her tits and sucked neck as she rocked her hips against me. Due to the way we were positioned, I was only in about half way, but she was still working me.

“Stop moving your hips, babe,” I whispered.

She didn’t acknowledge me and continued to fuck. I leaned back, taking care to avoid giving her my last few inches.

“Stop moving your hips,” I repeated, as she continued to ignore me.

My hand slid up to the back of her head, gathering a good handful of hair. I let her screw me for a few more moments before I pulled back on her hair, hard. Her head snapped back, her back arching as I buried myself completely into her.

“Ow!” she screamed as she brought a hand up to fight with mine.

“I said stop moving your hips.”

“You’re hurting me!” she gasped as she smacked at my fistful of hair.

“Are you gonna be a good girl?”


I released her and she collapsed onto the hood, her hips no longer moving.

“On your hands,” I demanded, “I want to be able to feel your tits.”

She raised herself back on her hands and I growled my appreciation. I stroked her back, her sides, her breasts as I stood still, balls deep into her. She wasn’t wiggling her hips any more, it was more like she was quivering as she whimpered in ecstasy. I held myself as still as I could, heaping praise on her, fondling her and enjoying her smoldering tight pussy. Finally I reached one hand down between her legs and softly stroked her clit. She screamed and bucked and started to cum.

“Move, baby,” I growled as I stood, grabbed her hips with both hands and started to fuck her brains out, her pink ass smacking against me.

After a few minutes, moaning continuously, she collapsed on the hood as I pounded away at her, the Miata rocking wildly beneath us. Getting close, I decided I had to see those tits again. I flipped her over, her knees over my elbows as I held her biceps and went to town on her. It was almost time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32