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I awoke to Jackie’s warmth wrapped around me, the woman I had wanted for so long, had now finally treated me to the wake up oral I’d dreamed of these many years. I cleared my throat, tried to speak and all that came out was a moan. As well that is all I could do, because just the thought of her mouth on me made me speechless with words. I could only reach out and touch her softly. My hand stroked her face, wanting, there…her eyes locked with mine. I gently trace down her face towards her jaw line, down to her neck and across her arm…pulling her closer to me. Overwhelmed with emotions even more than the physical sensations, I touched her like she was mine.

I look up at him, my eyes looking into his, I can’t help but be drawn into them, he must know how I feel, my mouth pleasing him with all that I have, I need more yet how can I explain to him. I’m swimming…in a sea of sensation…acutely aware of how much my hips want to move, looking away from her eyes to see the flush of her arousal across her skin. Her breasts were a revelation by candlelight, but now in the morning sun…I let the shadow of my hand play across her swell, teasing her around but not quite touching her left nipple. What is he doing to me, the teasing, god I can’t stand much more, I lick a little more, I know my eyes are begging but words escape me, I want him to make the first move, I need him to do this.

I remember how we took our time last night…how sweet her name felt to call out over and over. My heart is beating so loudly she must certainly hear it, feel the blood of it pulsing in her mouth as she moves on me…oh Jackie… My lips where they touch him seem to be on fire, I am so glad he holds me. I know without his arms around me I would melt away, how can this be better than that which we’ve had before. My hands reach out to grasp him more firmly to me, I can’t let him go, I need………He pulls me to his lips.

As we kiss I say her name, Jackie, into her mouth…she responds…I can feel the heat of her…as she presses against me more firmly. One hand holds the back of her head, moving her to kiss me and kiss me and kiss me. The other hand silkily moves from her shoulder…to her spine… to the flare of her hips, to the swell of her cheeks…I open her, and catch the first of her scent. God, I want to please her and pleasure her.

He gives me what I need, my name to my lips, just the thought halkalı escort of Jeff makes me wet with desire. I softly say his name as his hands reach into me, Jeff…………………….oh my god what you do to me; I open wider knowing that what we have is special. I look into his eyes, I can feel his heart beat, my hands cup his face. How can so much of me be heart when all I feel is soft, warm…she’s melting me…I’m changed by her. “Time for your wake up call Jackie,” I say as I slide my body beneath hers. He enters me, it’s so soft, yet so hard, I lay on top of him, he moves gently, my hands slide to his shoulders to his chest, I push up not off, I want to see him, I need to move, I raise up just enough that I can see his eyes widen, he pulls me back to him. As we mold into each other’s bodies, I call her name again, “Jackie…you’re so wet…so close…look at me please…show me the depth of what you feel now.” Once she’s risen up I clasp my hands with hers, and we slowly begin to rock together.

Our rhythm is as old as time, yet I feel it is fresh with him, he moves up, I move down, our eyes never stray from each others, “Jeff…………I want”, “Yes Jackie…what do you want?” he says. My eyes tell him what I want; he looks deep, shakes his head in agreement and gives me what I desire. Each word she speaks, another kiss…on her face, on her chin, her forehead…burned by the press of her nipples against me. How can I burn yet live? As I feel her tighten around me, I remember our loving last night, all the times we played online together, and seeing the desperate longing in her eyes, I help to ease her leg, up and over me…staying inside of her…we turn, she now sits atop me facing away. We lean forward together; no words needed, and stretch out in our bed. The sight of her back, her neck, slows me down, and as I lean down to kiss her left shoulder, I move forward into Jackie.

I’ve imagined this from the day we first spoke, me on my tummy, Jeff’s body molding into mine, my back arches up, I need him deeper in me, yet no words will suffice to tell him, I need…………I need to get closer to him, his hands reach out to grasp mine as they lay out in front of me. His hair falls over us; the cocoon that he makes thrills me. He whispers into my ear, “Never, never do I want to leave you, but Jackie I must, my need is taksim escort to fill you in ways you have never been filled”. I listen to his words, he withdraws, yet I feel his return, he goes slow, I feel it enter me, oh my god the tightness, yet I let him enter.

As I feel the shift in angle from the arch of her hips, I know that we are so close…so close to what we both intuitively knew from those first few emails. With my eyes I see the clenched teeth as she pushes, envelops me…taking me into her deeper and deeper. I offer a finger to her mouth, and Jackie, my Jackie, greedily slurps it in. My cock slides out of her, just the head to part her lips…I look down at it…at me…at the wonder of her desire…and decide it is time…all last night I teased her, played with her ass, never going in. “Jackie…do you need me in your ass?”

“Damn you Jeff, yes I need you in my ass, I need you now, so deep we feel as one, is that enough, do I need to say more?” He laughs and kisses me on my neck. “Darlin, I just wanted to hear you say you wanted me as much as I wanted you, no more, no less. Let me show you how much I need you Jackie”. He strokes deep, ooooooooooooo my god I can feel it, I clench and release. “Oh Jeff” I say, as my hands hold his harder. He pulls back, his hips move again, my ass pushes back knowing I need more. My heart’s going to jump out of my chest…I slide out again; I look from her eyes to her ass. My Jackie, watching her swallow the tip of me…I hold still and let her push back, pull away as she needs. Her rhythm is soon matched; my right hand leaves hers, moves to her hip, across her belly and down to her clit. “Yessssssssssssssss Jeff” I moan, as his hand starts to stroke me, his cock going deeper his hand moving faster, my lips kiss his hand as it lays in mine. “This is what I need Jeff”. I turn a little, my eyes meeting his I say “I wanted you, I’ve needed you in me like this, us loving this way since the first day we met, make love to me as we have imagined Jeff, now, knowing me may not get this chance again”.

He cant speak, he just bends and kisses my lips, then drives deep, my body jumps yet I push back, his hand continues to love my clit, I grasp his free hand harder as I tighten. Did I will her to turn or did she choose? I seek the depths of her body, her heart; find myself there with her. I slow my cock…almost şişli escort a heartbeat…pulsing within Jackie’s flesh. I contrast that with a light and quick touch around her clit…trying to make her fever rise, break though. Oh my god what is he doing, I glance again, he knows that will be the death of me, I let him continue. I reach back with my left hand pulling his ass into me, my right grasps the cover and clenches. “Please Jeff, I need to cum, help me.”

She pulls me in. I am quaking with need. My legs are shivering. His hands are so soft, but strong as he pulls me deeper into him. Don’t leave me Jeff, fuck me. “Take what’s yours Jackie” “Help me Jeff”. “Focus on the feel, no hurries” I whisper in her ear. You feel me twitch in you, I flex my cock. “You are mine Jeff, I have had you since the first moment we met. The minute you touched me. I need you Jeff, take me the way you have wanted from the start.”

My skin is hot, inside and out where she is molded to me. I slowly stroke, pulling back, saying her name on each inbound stroke. She shivers with each whisper in her ear. I stroke so slowly its like I’m in heaven. I can feel him, deeper he thrusts. I arch again, he pulls out, then moves forward with all his strength, pushing me down. All the way in me now, he pulls me back onto my knees, cock coming out a little, pushing back in, I’m more open now. He goes even slower and strums my clit a little faster.

He lifts me. My eyes widen. He sits back, drawing me down onto his lap, his cock still in my ass. His kisses my neck as I grind down onto his cock. All I can do is hold onto him, he thrusts, I push. “Jackie cum to me” he says into my ear. I’m whimpering, grinding, words can’t express the feeling as I begin to tighten over him. He feels me tighten and pumps harder, faster, the bed is rocking with the motion. I am so wet, cum is dripping down me, his hands reach out to rub it. He moans my name and I reach out to pull his head into mine. “Oh god Jeff, I feel…………….oh damn………….” I can feel myself tighten, I haven’t had this before, tears are coming out of my eyes. “Yes Jackie, let yourself go babe,” he says into my ear. I can feel his sweat and my cum mingling on our body. The heat is building up, I can feel my body getting warmer, I feel a tightness in me. His arms wrap tighter around my body, I can almost feel the cum ready to break free.

“Jackie, Jackie wake up-wake up” I hear a voice in my ear. My eyes open, I struggle to find my bearings, my husband is bending over me. “Babe, you must have been having a nightmare, you were tossing and turning so much”. All I could do was say “Yes dear, I think you were right”. And I sat up from where I was taking a nap on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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