Olivia’s Revenge

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This is not a multi-part story but it might have a sequel if people thought it could. It is my first on so I hope you like it.


Olivia sat down at her desk stunned. Moments before she had expected to be given a promotion and made director. But she watched her boss name Sharon to the job. She liked Sharon, she was nice enough. But Sharon was new to the company and Olivia had been there for more than ten years. It didn’t seem possible. And he boss didn’t even apologize.

She was still sitting there staring when her boss stopped by on his way out.

“Olivia, I’m still waiting on the details of the Smith contract. I expected that before my meeting Monday. It was embarrassing not having it. I want it by tomorrow. Good night.”

She was too stunned to say anything but it slowly sunk in. The company may have lost a big contract but she knew she had given him her report. How did he not have it? And he was angry too. That’s probably what cost her the promotion. But how was it possible?

By the time she got ready to leave the office, most people had gone but the new queen was settling into her office and Olivia knew she had to be nice even though she had lost out. She walked down the hall and paused a few minutes to let Sharon finish a phone call.

Olivia heard Sharon talking to what must be her husband. “I said shut up. I’ll be home when I feel like it. I didn’t ask you to think. I made this promotion happen for myself and I’m going to enjoy it. Get something out with a friend and don’t wait for me. I have a lot to do. Yes, yes, I love you too, bye.”

Olivia waited a few minutes, embarrassed she’d heard Sharon fighting with her husband. Then she walked by the door and just poked her head in. “Hi, Sharon, I’m leaving now. I just wanted to say congratulations on the job. I’m sure you’ll do a great job.” It was hard to say but the polite thing to do after all she mad at her boss not Sharon.

Sharon looked up and smiled sweetly. “Oh, hi Olivia. Thank you. I’m sure I will too. Even though you’re working for me now, I’m sure we can still be friends. Good night now.”

Olivia thought the whole thing felt odd. Congratulating the woman the job that should be hers. And Sharon’s attitude was part polite but it felt sort of demeaning too like she was reminding her that she was her boss now. It seemed a little insensitive. On the other hand, at least she wasn’t as rude to Olivia as she was to her own husband.

At the elevator she saw the janitor and said hi. He was a nice and they always said hello to each other. But today Jerry had something to say. “Miss Olivia, hi, I found this. It was crumpled up by that Sharon’s rash but it has your name so I think it’s yours. I didn’t throw it away cause it has your name.”

“That’s okay, Jerry. Sharon’s still here so you can give it to her if you don’t think it’s trash.”

“No, no, Miss Olivia. It has your name. It’s yours.”

“OK, Jerry, thank you. Have a very good night.” Jerry was very nice and a hard worker but stubborn and she thought it was easier just to take it and throw it away herself.

She rode down the elevator and glanced at the papers. That was odd, Olivia thought. It was her memo to her boss about the contract. She kept walking to her car. If her boss gave Sharon the papers, why did he claim he didn’t have them.

As she was driving she figured it out. Sharon took them and made sure their boss didn’t see them.

Olivia was so distracted she almost ran a red light. Why that bitch, Olivia thought, she sabotaged her. Olivia got angrier and angrier on the ride home. She walked into her apartment ready to explode.

She couldn’t believe it but it made sense. How else did Sharon who was very new to the company get the promotion. The problem was she just didn’t know what to do.

The next day at work she was friendly because she decided to wait for the right chance to make things better. She also went to Sharon and asked if she could have the small empty office next to Sharon’s. “I thought it would be a nice consolation.”

Sharon could not have been nicer or less helpful. “I’m sorry, Olivia, but there is a problem with the electric in the wall. That will have to be fixed but you can have any cubicle you’d like to move too. Talk to Tim in facilities and get yourself a good spot.”

Olivia was annoyed about the office but decided to change desks anyway. She was uncomfortable being so close to Sharon and her boss. A change helped. Unfortunately the only desk vacant was around two corners and near the stairs. No one took the stairs and she was actually in a private spot but also very isolated.

But a plan was forming in her head. At lunch, she bought a transmitter. It was designed to catch cheating husbands but it would do. That night she worked late after everyone left and planted the bug in Sharon’s lamp.

The next three days were an education. She heard Sharon and her boss in a private meeting. Her boss felt bad about her but Sharon reminded him “She did completely screw bahis siteleri up that contract. I don’t think we should fire her but let’s not give her much more authority.” That made Olivia mad.

Olivia also discovered that Sharon had actually doubled her salary, more than she thought. The boss seemed to rely on her and actually sounded like he had an interest in her. It helped that Sharon was showing off. She dressed very well in high heels, much higher than Olivia’s, pencil skirts that really showed off her legs and stockings, and her blouse never seemed completely buttoned. She had a very large chest that she showed off for the boss. Olivia wasn’t sure if Sharon was flirting or teasing.

Olivia also discovered that Sharon was treating her husband like dirt. Every day she heard Sharon demeaning him and she rarely went home early. “Tom, I’ll be home when I’m done. My boss and I have a lot of work tonight. Why don’t you be a man and do something? There’s a football game tonight why don’t you have dinner at that Sports Bar and watch the game. Just sit at the bar then. Now I have to go.”

Olivia made her plan. She went to the same bar. It wasn’t very crowded which was bad for the bar but good for her. She hadn’t ever seen Sharon’s husband but there was a sad guy at the bar ordering diner and she guessed.

She sat at the bar herself two seats away. She ordered then made eye contact. “Hi. Long day and I didn’t want to cook. I don’t eat at the bar often, I swear” and laughed.

He laughed too. He was cute when he smiled. “I eat at the bar too often or at least by myself. Hi, I’m Tom.”

“Tom, I’m Olivia. We’ll have to be lonely together. Let me buy us each a drink.”

They ate and drank all night and had a great time. Olivia kept touching his arm and never asked him about his wife or anything like that. After an hour and a half, they both decided to go. Out in the street, Olivia thanked him for a nice night, turned and then turned back and kissed him passionately. “I’m sorry, I needed to do that. I hope you don’t mind.”

As she thought, Tom became flustered even though he had kissed her back. She pressed a finger to his lips to shush him and grabbed his phone. She sent herself a text. “There now we have each other and I can send you whatever pops into my head.”

Before she left, she kissed him again and ran her tongue around his ear. “And you can never tell what exactly is going to pop into my head,” she whispered. Then she ran off with him staring after her looking surprised but happier.

The next morning at work she texted him, “I thought about you as I went to sleep.”

He replied an hour later, “me too.”

That afternoon, she sent him a selfie down her blouse showing her cleavage and the top of her black bra. “is this too naughty or is it playful?”

Reply: “wow.” She took that as a positive sign.

Something else happened that day. She was in with Sharon listening to her but marveling at her cleavage. They must be fake, she thought. But then her boss came in and said “they’ll take the office wall down tonight…oh, hello Olivia.”

Olivia just smiled and left, closing the door behind her hurrying back to her desk to listen. At least now she knew why the office couldn’t be hers.

She heard her boss finishing “…so it’ll be done tomorrow and you’ll just need to pick the furniture. Sharon, you look so good I can barely stand it. I can’t concentrate.”

Olivia could almost hear the smile of Sharon’s face. She heard rustling and the chair moving. “You have to control yourself, darling, her let me show you what’s under this blouse. Do you like my titties?”

“OH, you know I can’t resist when you talk that way. You’re amazing, you, oh OH.”

Olivia heard the faint sound of a zipper and then more groans from her boss. Sharon wasn’t saying a thing. The she heard a wicked slurping noise followed by a slight gagging noise and Sharon saying throatily “oh it’s so big, please be gentle with me.”

Olivia rolled her eyes and thought no man could possibly be buying this act but it sounded like her boss was completely taken in. She heard a lot more slurping and groaning and then a grunt. There was much clothing rustling before she heard Sharon say “thank you, sir, for the lovely coffee break. I can’t wait for dinner.”

Olivia hadn’t realized it had gone that far but she wasn’t surprised. Sharon clearly dressed to tease her boss and was using her body as a weapon. She was a very smart woman but as also getting ahead through physical means as well. Olivia was even angrier than before and resolved to get even.

She texted Tom and asked him his favorite color.

He replied, “I don’t know. Red I guess. Why?”

She didn’t answer the question but just texted, “I’m sure you aren’t eating out again but I’m going to the Italian place near the bar tonight.”

She didn’t hear back but knew Sharon had already told him she had a business dinner at her boss’s house.

She went home after work and changed. What she wore might have canlı bahis siteleri been for work but wasn’t something she usually wore. Her skirt was black and a little roomier than tight skirts she wore to work. The white blouse was a little too tight so the buttons gapped a little when she bent forward. She wore black pumps to work a lot but these were four inches high and had lovely corset style lacing as an accent.

She wasn’t surprised when fifteen minutes after she arrived Tom came walking in. She waved to him and he came over and joined her. He seemed very nervous.

“I had to eat out again too so I thought I’d try this place. I hope you don’t mind.”

Olivia knew he’d come. “Tom, I’m so happy to see you. I hope you will join me. I think we’d both be happier eating together and I think we both enjoyed the other night.”

She knew if she went slow she’d reel him in and it was easier because he was easy to like. He sat and they had another great night. They talked a lot and she had fun teasing him. She undid a middle button so her shirt had a big middle gap which distracted him. She also kept teasing his legs with her feet. Her bra was thin so her nipples which were firm on their own made very noticeable bumps.

Toward the end of dinner, she took out her phone. He asked what she was doing and she obviously moved it under the table, then came a flash, then she smiled and typed on it. Instantly he received a text. Olivia gave him her naughtiest smile and said “I think your favorite color is red so that’s what I wore. Tell me, do you like them?”

He stared at the picture of her panties she sent. “Olivia, I can’t believe you did that. That’s amazing but I’m not sure…”

She just leaned and whispered, “I said do you like them?”

He nodded his head and barely managed to speak the words, “yes. Yes, Oh yes.”

When the check came he insisted on paying and she walked out with him, parting at her car. “Tom, I’d like to come home and have dessert but I suspect your wife might be home and our friendship isn’t any of her business. For tonight, we should say good night right here.”

With that comment, she leaned in and kissed him. And she kept kissing him. Her hands were all over his body. She pulled him closer. He didn’t respond at first but then he started to. She felt the throb oh his cock straining inside his pants. She could just how excited he was. She was excited too. If they hadn’t been in public leaning against her car she might have started tearing at his clothes or her own. She gripped tight by the ass and pulled him against her as their kiss became wetter and sloppier.

Finally she pulled them apart, breathing heavy. She didn’t want to go to far too quickly and ruin everything. “Good night, Tom. I wish I didn’t have to get up in the morning and you didn’t have to go home.”

She left him standing there, watching her leave. Not long after she got home, he had texted her.

“I hope I didn’t do anything that was too much or might make you mad.”

Olivia texted “The only I wish is that you were inside me right now.”

It took Tom a long time to reply. “I hope we can have dinner again. Maybe there will be a longer night for us.”

Olivia knew she had Tom hooked. She hadn’t slept with her rival’s husband but she was almost there. It made her happy to be so wicked. But she also liked Tom and she thought she would have wanted to be with him anyway.

She spent hours a few days later in a board room with Sharon and spent a lot of the time studying her. Sharon was really very beautiful. She dressed perfectly. Olivia admired her sense of style. She managed to look very professional but had an undercurrent of sexuality. For most of the men it was just the big chest. Sharon seemed to know it and her style accented her breasts. She usually showed a little cleavage but nothing unusual or inappropriate for the office. But her size made it more noticeable and more powerful. Olivia decided that Sharon had definitely had surgery. Men being men it gave Sharon a lot of control. She could get anyone to do anything she said. It was very impressive.

It was like with their boss. She controlled the boss without seeming like she was doing it. Olivia could tell that Sharon was controlling and almost dominating him. But he was just hypnotized by her breasts. The blowjobs also helped. But she didn’t make herself available like someone obviously seeking favors. It seemed more natural. Olivia was convinced the boss thought so but she could tell from the bug planted in the office it was done very carefully. She almost admired Sharon for being a manipulative, controlling, backstabbing bitch. But she also hated her more every day. Sitting in a desk that should be Olivia’s, collecting a salary that should be Olivia’s and a lot more. Taking two offices and making them into one. Taking control of the boss. To that list, Olivia added that Sharon treating Tom like a pet dog and ignoring him.

After the meeting she was in Sharon’s office collecting papers and canlı bahis taking orders. Sharon still pretended to be very good friends with Olivia and kept calling her friend but she also gave orders and did something every day to make sure Olivia knew who was in charge. When the boss came in Sharon smiled sweetly and said “Olivia, be a good girl and get us both a cup of coffee. You’ll find a machine on the new wet bar I have.”

It at least made Olivia happy that her boss was nervous. He kept clearing his throat and said “Oh, Sharon did I mention that I need you to do a presentation for the corporate retreat? I hope you don’t mind having to come to the conference for two days. It can’t be helped. I need you there, for the presentation I mean.”

Olivia could read between the lines of that. She handed them coffees and excused herself quickly turning on the listening program on her smartphone so she could hear on her blue tooth in case anything good was said before she got back to her desk.

“I’m sorry, Sharon, I didn’t know what to say but I think that will be the story, won’t it? You don’t think Olivia suspects anything? I must be obvious whenever I see you.”

“Don’t be silly. Of course she doesn’t. No one does. Your wife didn’t notice anything the other night did she? I was so wet until she went upstairs and left us to our work. Did it scare you to fuck me with her upstairs?”

“Oh, Sharon you know what it does when you talk like that!”

Olivia heard Sharon saying, “Oh, you mean your cock gets hard when I talk about fucking you or is it just because your eyes are drooling all over my tits? You better go back to your office before I can’t control myself and fuck you right on my desk and scream for the whole office.”

Olivia couldn’t believe the boss believed everything but he did and their business trip three days later gave Olivia some ideas. But before she did anything, she was thankful for her isolated cubicle and reached under her desk and took a picture. Then she texted Tom a note: “your daily hello. Pink today.”

She smiled to herself.

For two days, Olivia mostly ignored Tom. She replied to texts with “busy can’t talk” and didn’t send any pictures at all. She thought it would drive Tom crazy and it did. He wasn’t sure why he was so obsessed with this woman but he was. His own wife was ignoring him lately and seemed involved in her job. She only told him Thursday that she’d be gone Friday and Saturday night. He thought about Olivia constantly.

Olivia spent two days taking care of anything Sharon needed and being a perfect employee. Sharon and the boss were keeping their hands off each other in the office. Olivia made sure Sharon knew she could text or call at anytime “in case you need help.” When Sharon looked puzzled Olivia added, “with your presentation or anything else.”

Sharon caught herself and said, “Yes. I should be fine but thank you for the offer.”

As Sharon was on her way to the airport, Olivia got busy. She texted Tom. “Sorry. So Busy. TGIF. Need relaxing meal. Wish we could eat but short notice.” Then two minutes later, she texted a picture with the caption “black and I have matching garter belt.”

It didn’t take long for Tom to reply. “I can eat. Italian? 7:00?”

She hurried home and took a long time getting ready. A long slow bath during which she whispered to no one. “Sharon, darling, do you mind? Please take my job, I need something else.” Slipping her hands under the water they found her inner recesses and she slowly touched herself under the water. The warmth of the water and the feeling of her fingers on her sensitive button made her squirm. Her voice talked about the fantasy. “Sharon, sitting there inside my job, I need something deeper. I need your husband. I need his cock inside me. You don’t mind if he fucks me do you? You can watch and see how much more he enjoys me.” She was panting now and pushing herself to the brink of her first orgasm of the night. “Yes, bitch, he needs me and all you can do is watch.” Those were her last words before she stopped using complete words and her orgasm overtook her.

Eventually she got dressed. She wore all black: heels, stockings, the garter belt she hinted at, panties, skirt, blouse and bra. But her earrings were simple white pearls and her lips a vivid red.

She didn’t get to the restaurant until 7:15 on purpose. She made eye contact with Tom already seated and walked over to him very slowly. He watched every step.

She leaned over and kissed him, a long soft kiss. He couldn’t speak. He looked like he was having trouble thinking.

“I know I said I was hungry but would you think I was horrible if I told you that a little part of me wanted to skip dinner and find a very dark spot?”

He laughed nervously and said “a big part of me feels the same way.”

He almost choked when she replied “I can’t wait to see just how big a part.”

The tension was there the whole time but they settled into a very nice dinner. Olivia kept playing footsie and even playfully poked a foot in his lap one time. Before dessert, she excused herself to the bathroom. She made sure her very excited nipples teased her tight blouse. She had no cleavage showing but her had to stare at the bumps.

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