Office Politics

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It was a hot hot day in the middle of a hot hot summer and it was nearing the end of the working shift. Lindsay stretched her legs under her desk, thinking about getting out of there. She had been feeling horny all afternoon, ever since reading about the 2 teachers who got sacked for having sex in the classroom after school.

‘Where was the harm in it?’ she thought – two consenting adults making love. It wasn’t as if it was in front of the kids – it was only the janitor who had seen them. But those tabloid papers always love going into too much detail – saying how they did it, when, where, how they were caught and how ‘he was the only man who has ever made me so happy’! Thinking about them having hot, naked, spur-of-the-moment sex made Lindsay horny. Its exactly the sort of thing she would never do, but the thought of it got her repressed libido racing. To make matters worse, shortly after that she had gone on a buying trip with Josh, the new young guy from administration that she had been working with closely for the last few weeks. He was a swimmer and very cute and funny. Probably 10 years younger than she was, and full of himself. But not too cocky, just the type who made all the girls swoon. Of course, as a happily married woman, she was above all that…

He had flirted with her and that made her feel good. She was in her early 30s, but could pass for mid 20s. Her body was in very good shape thanks to hours in the gym, and her long brown hair framed a pretty face still harbouring those girlish freckles. He was a big guy, about 6’4″, and clearly worked out. He had a cheeky broad smile and his short mousy hair made him seem even younger than he was. Although she had never cheated on Neal, her husband, she had been thinking about what it would be like to be with a young, strong man. Neal was in his mid-40s, and a good man who offered security, he made her laugh and she loved him, but she was in her sexual prime and her mind wandered from time to time.

The clock was ticking over to 5.30, and she hadn’t done a thing for the last hour since getting back from the trip. She was hot and flustered. Then the phone rang – external call.

“Hello – its neal, I just called to see how you are”

“Hey there – I was just thinking about you”, then in a whisper “I’m so hot, can you get off work soon so we can go home and screw?”

“Whoa baby, I don’t know what you’ve got on your mind, but it sounds exhausting!”

“I just got a little horny and lonely and want to get with my big guy”

“Oh Linds I’d love to, but you know this project cant wait – I’ve got to finish it this week, and that means ploughing through this for a long time yet tonight”

She put on her spoilt little girl voice: “pleeeaaassseee – you know how horny I get!”

“Look, I’d love to, but you know I have to do this. Sorry baby” came his curt reply.

“OK forget it then, but get home as soon as you can!” She put down the receiver.

Lindsay sat there for a couple of minutes, feeling frustrated but not getting rid of the heat between her legs. What to do? She could go home and pull out the dildo Neal bought her last Christmas and spend half an hour by herself on the bed, or maybe put one of their porno films on, but that meant sitting on the stinking hot bus for half an hour, cramped in by strangers.

So instead she did something she had never done before. Whilst her computer was hidden from the view of people in the corridor, anyone walking into her corner could see it. She clicked opened her internet explorer, through to yahoo, and searched for ‘big cocks’. She flicked through to one that took her fancy. Sure enough pictures of massive cocks filled her screen, and set her pulse racing. Whilst Lindsay was no easy lay, she had been with enough men in her time to know a big cock and how good it felt. She flicked from image to image.

A tiny redhead eyes closed, being shafted from behind by a huge cock; whilst barely getting her mouth round a thick black rod.

A beautiful blond staring into his eyes as the head of a huge black cock nudged her pussy lips open.

A pretty little Asian girl getting reamed by a monster cock, eyes shut and her head hanging back over a table.

Lindsay could feel the heat rise between her thighs, could feel the moisture building in her pussy as she shut the computer down. There were beads of perspiration running down her back, under her bra strap. She was so hot, she couldn’t settle. What to do? Her hand moved from the desk to rub her shoulders. Her skin felt so alive, she traced her fingers down her chest to her breasts. She only had on a thin white silk bra underneath her cream blouse. The nipples were rock hard. She slowly dragged her finger over the curves of her breast, over the top of the nipple, and gave a little sigh as it sprung back into place.

Her fingers continued down, over her taut tummy as she reclined in her chair, with her back to the corridor. The soft exploration of her body continued, past her navel and güvenilir bahis down over her belly. Onto her legs, a little ticklish, but as her skirt had hiked up her thighs, she could soon run her fingers past the hem and up the smooth skin of her thighs. She spread her legs, just slightly to get better access to her panties. With one finger, she traced a line along her inner thigh, then over the elastic of her panties and across her hairs, then down, following the dampening line of her slit.

No one could see what she was doing. Could they?

God; she was dripping wet, she leant even further back in the chair, spreading her legs wider, the smell of her sex wafting to her nose. Her fingers worked down, between her thighs. She could feel the heat coming from her pussy lips, it was on fire. As she rubbed softly, her touch brushed past her clit and a little gasp of excitement escaped her mouth.

Suddenly she heard a sound behind her and shot her head around, but it was people walking down the corridor to the front door, their backs to her. She had forgotten where she was for a minute. How could she do this at work? But could she stop? – she was so horny, she was past caring. She wouldn’t be in this job forever, so if someone saw her, so what? She was planning on quitting soon anyway, she had few friends there, and no one ever came to see her in her little office off the main corridor.

So she continued, her fingers not so soft now, rubbing her soft flesh through her white panties, the moisture building up and making the material damp. She could feel her thighs getting wet as her finger spread her juices. Then Lindsay drew her fingers up, inside her skirt and down the front of her knickers. They worked their way down inside the material, over her mound and found her burning slit. She worked a finger inside herself, slowly pushing it in, then drawing it out, brushing past her clitoris; making her nipples strain against her bra. She worked another finger into her hole, and moved them faster as her heart beat raced. Her juices were soaking her fingers and the odour filled her nostrils. There were beads of sweat building on her forehead, and she could feel her face get flushed.

Her left hand, holding on to the arm of the chair until now, moved across her chest and undid the top buttons of her blouse. Her hand slid in and down the front of her bra, homing in towards her engorged nipple. She pulled at it as the fingers in her panties worked overtime. Backwards and forewords they slid. Behind her eyelids she formed a picture of a man’s thick fingers pleasuring her pussy, and the man was young and strong. As this fantasy man took more shape, she could see it was Josh, his face flushed with desire as he brought Lindsay closer and closer to an orgasm.

Every time the finger entered her pussy they slipped past her sensitive lips, pushing them in a little, slick with her moisture. Then she could feel the fingers inside her, filling her pussy and exciting the nerves inside. As they pulled out, the fingers again rubbed her lips in a different way, and brushed past her clit sending her head spinning with desire.

She kept flicking her eyes open as she pleasured herself, checking the reflection in the window for people walking past, ready to sit up straight if anyone looked her way.

But as she got more and more into it, her eyes remained closed, and she concentrated on the sensations building up inside her soaking pussy. As her fingers kept pushing past her lips, then rubbing her clit, she could feel the hairs on her arms start to rise, and the blood rushing to her head, her passion rising. Her breath was coming in short spurts, her chest rising and falling. Her left hand was pulling on her nipple now, cupping her breast and heightening her sensations. Still, behind those lids, she saw Josh making her feel so good, immersing herself in the intoxication of his touch.

She was totally lost in the sensuality of it all, concentrating on the sensations taking over her body. Then slowly she realised there was something else. She could feel another hand, rubbing over her shoulder, sliding down her chest. In panic for a split second, she opened her eyes and leant her head back to see who it was, only to have a soft pair of lips meet hers and kiss her deeply. The natural reaction was to kiss back, she was feeling so good. But her breath stopped for a moment as she pulled away to see what was happening, and span round to see Josh standing there, his eyes wide.

“Oh my god” he whispered, “you look so hot. I’ve been thinking about you all afternoon……Maybe you were thinking about me too!”

Her mind was spinning, someone had seen her! But despite the shock, he saw Lindsay didn’t make any effort to cover herself up, her blouse undone, the skirt hiked up round her thighs and her soaking panties completely see though.

Lindsay was on fire, the shock of someone seeing her had been replaced by relief it wasn’t her boss or someone she had known for a long time, güvenilir bahis siteleri and by desire, because the one man she wanted more than any other at that time was there, seeing her in all her sexual glory.

Her mind was racing with thoughts. Would he tell her colleagues? Would he want her? Could she cheat on her husband? Why wasn’t she covering herself up?

“Josh, you wont tell anyone will you? I just got so horny, I lost my head.” She was clearly a little shocked at being found in such a state, but Josh could tell that there was something stopping her going crazy with embarrassment or anger.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not going to tell anyone about anything” he whispered. “In fact I haven’t been able to take my mind off you since we got back this afternoon”.

He looked down at her and saw she hadn’t made any attempt to cover herself up, her legs we still spread and her butt cheeks were barely on the chair. Her dark green skirt not covering her sopping wet panties. She made no attempt to cover herself up, and as Josh looked at her, he saw the lust in Lindsay’s eyes. He knew if he played it right he might soon be doing just what he had been thinking about all afternoon. But she clearly wasn’t the kind of lady who did this sort of thing every day.

“So what were you thinking about?” he said suggestively as he reached his hand out again to touch the shoulder of her blouse.

Josh’s touch felt so good, it was like electricity passing through her skin. “Oh, nothing really, well, actually, I was thinking about that story of the 2 teachers who got fired for being court making love in the classroom.”

‘Oh yes, and what do you think about sex in public places’, he inquired as his hand slowly slid down her chest to the top of her rising breast, his fingertips now touching the hot skin underneath her unbuttoned blouse.

“I couldn’t do it – I’m no prude but I couldn’t risk people seeing me making love, not people I work with” Lindsay said.

“But I have seen you like this” Josh replied.

“I know”. She didn’t bow her head, but kept eye contact, the passion still burning in her eyes. “But that’s different, naked sex is one thing, touching is another”.

“Maybe it would be OK if I touched you a little more Lindsay” he replied and moved a little closer, dwarfing her as she still lay back in her chair. His hand now moved inside her blouse, and round her breast. She let a little sigh escape her lips as she closed her eyes.

With his other hand he undid the next button on her blouse. Then one more, and then the final one, her blouse spilling open revealing her taut tummy, full breasts and rib cage pushing out as she reclined.

“Josh, we cant. Not here. What if someone might see?” But she kept her eyes closed and made no attempt to push him away.

“Its OK – we can stop whenever if you don’t want to go on.” Josh was now down on his knees, and his hands reached behind her back to undo her bra strap. It sprang free and he ran his hands under the cups, following the curve of her firm breasts. She might be in her 30s but her body was so fine. Josh knew he had to have her, whether or not she was feeling nervous. Her nipples stood proud, hard as bullets, and as his fingers dragged softly over them, he heard her emit a low moan.

He pushed her blouse over her shoulder and let it fall off her arms. Lindsay suddenly seemed a bit nervous

“What if someone should walk by? What if someone should see?”

Josh knew that people could see if only they turned their heads as they walked to the front door, and that any unusual noise might draw their attention, but Lindsay was looking so hot, and Josh wanted her so badly that there was no way he was backing out.

“No one can see Lindsay, just go with it, everyone has left for the day”. As she made no attempt to cover herself up, and with Josh blocking her view of the corridor, she seemed to forget about the chance of people seeing them.

He now pushed her bra off her shoulders and that too fell to the floor, revealing her breasts in all their glory. They were wide and firm, a soft tan that matched her face, and dark brown nipples framed in a small dark brown ring. ‘Perfect’ josh whispered as his fingers grazed over her exposed skin.

Her nipples, rock hard were obviously very sensitive as he circled them with his fingers, giving her goose bumps all over. He lowered his head to her right breast and flicked his tongue against the nipple, just lightly, then he licked from the bottom curve of her breast up, over the areola and brushing over the top of the nipple, up over her chest, up her neck and to her mouth.

Her lips felt so soft, but so warm, he opened his mouth and found her tongue coming at his feverishly. They tasted every part of each other’s mouths, and he could feel her breath coming in short bursts as he held her head.

After a minute of passionate embrace he pulled away. He began kissing her breasts again, whilst massaging her head with his iddaa siteleri hands.

She loved the feeling of him holding her head, of being dominated by this strong young man and their kissing and the touch on her breasts was sending her dizzy. She just kept her eyes closed and focused on the amazing sensations he was giving her.

She blacked out the outside world, forgetting who and where she was and for a moment gave into the pleasure Josh was giving her.

Then she felt Josh pulling down the zipper on her skirt and she came to her senses for a second. “No don’t – what if someone can see?”

Josh was beginning to get a little frustrated by this stopping, so used his brains. “Well, scoot round here, no one can see you then.” he said, pushing her chair behind the filing cabinet, so only her legs (and him) could possibly be seen by people walking past.

Satisfied for the moment, she got back into it, helping him push her skirt down over her hips, falling next to her blouse and bra. She sat there, eyes closed, reclining on the chair with this gorgeous hunk leaning over her, making her horny as hell. Josh kissed her stomach, her abdomen, building the sensitivity between her legs.

He could smell her pussy juices, filling his nostrils with an intoxicating scent, and as he kissed her stomach and breasts, his hands wondered down, over the top of her panties, and between her spread thighs. He rubbed around her pussy, purposely avoiding it, touching her inner thighs, her mound and up to her belly button. His fingers traced up, over her breasts, and again down to the centre of her arousal. She could feel the pressure building in her stomach, her pussy aching for fingers; or something. Then his touch moved for the centre, straight down, still softly, tracing along the line of her slit. They raised the juices out from her lips again.

Then a little firmer. Lindsay gasped as his fingers split her lips, through the sodden material of her panties. He could feel the moisture soak his fingers. She was so wet, her juices were running down between her legs and onto the chair.

Josh placed his fingers in the band of her panties and pulled them down over her thighs too, giving him free access to her pussy in all its glory. She kept her hair trimmed short, so he could see her lips, full and flushed, glistening with her juices. His finger worked harder now, less subtly, and delved between her thighs. He pushed them wider and inserted just one finger into her dripping hole. She moaned, a little more audibly now, her head falling backwards over the back of the chair, her eyes closed. He worked another finger into her and built up a rhythm. Her breathing was coming in fits and starts, and Josh knew he had her where he wanted her.

Lindsay could feel the pressure building between her legs. Josh was being just rough enough with her to make her feel dirty, sluttish, and she was loving it. If he went on much longer, she knew she would lose control and come for the first time in weeks. She bit down on her lip to stop herself moaning. Then suddenly there was something else.

She looked down for a second to see Josh’s head between her legs. There he was, holding her lips open with his fingers, spreading the nerve endings in her pussy and he began licking up along her gash, setting her pink flesh on fire. He lapped at her like a cat for a short while, then pushed his tongue into her hole. This was too much. She lost her self restraint again and a long guttural moan come from her throat, letting Josh know how well he was doing.

With his fingers spreading her lips and his tongue in her pussy, Lindsay knew her orgasm would come soon, but then she felt one hand move off, whilst his other hand and tongue continued their work. She felt Josh shifting position in front of her for a few minutes, but kept her eyes closed, blissfully concentrating on the fire in her loins. Then she felt 2 hands on her again, and she knew she was close to cumming. His tongue circled her clit as his fingers continued to piston in and out of her pussy.

Lindsay could feel herself running like a river, and all she could do was try not to scream out. He moved one finger from her pussy and traced a line to her anus, leaving a trail of her juices. With his finger dripping, her pushed it slowly into her virgin hole. The sensations were amazing as she felt her hole expanding and taking him in. She bit her lip again as Josh’s mouth moved a little closer to her clit, whilst his fingers kept working back and forth into her love tunnel. His tongue flicked round the sides of her clit, back and forth, and she could feel his breath on her, increasing the heat. Then, suddenly he put both lips around and sucked hard.

“Ooohh, oh my God!”

Lindsay’s head went spinning and she felt her back arch and the muscles tensed in her butt. She felt herself go over the edge.

“yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah” she panted.

Her pussy contracted around his fingers, its walls and lips pulsating as she came. She felt her eyes roll into the back of her head and her stomach muscles fluttered as Josh felt her juices gush from her pussy, over his chin and soaking his fingers. Lindsay tried to keep her voice down, but he could hear her grunt.

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