Office Fun Episode 02

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Episode 2: Lunch With Chris

Well, today was the day. I had told my wife about my sex break of the day before and my luncheon invitation. She thought it would be great fun for me as I hadn’t had much extra-marital sex since we moved to this small mid-west town. She was having her weekly date with the yard boy today and said she would be thinking of me!

You see, my wife and I love each other very much, but we also recognize that love isn’t just sex, and we have enjoyed sharing sex with many other people over the years, both as a couple and as individuals. And we get a lot of enjoyment sharing our experiences, and maybe reenacting them, afterwards.

I pulled up in front of Chris’ house at the appointed time and walked up to the front door. It was an older house in a better section of the old town, and was very well kept up. As I reached for the door bell I heard Chris call from inside.

“Come on in, it’s open!”

I opened the screen and stepped into a dim, cool, entry way. Just then Chris stuck her head out from a door towards the back of the house.

“Hi, Bill! Be a dear, lock the door behind you and come on back, I am just finishing getting ready.”

I walked down the hallway and found Chris in the kitchen. It was a large, old fashioned kitchen, and Chris was dressed in an old-fashioned cotton house dress. And it was obvious to me that was all she was dressed in!

It was snug in all the right places, Over her breasts, and around her butt, and had enough flare to the skirt that it swayed very provocatively as she moved around the kitchen. She was wearing a pair of medium-heel sandals that showed off her calves quite well.

She saw me looking in through the door and held out her arms and spun around a couple of times. “How do I look?” she asked, smiling at me very sexily.

I licked my lips and answered, “Good enough to eat!” and winked at her.

“Good! I hope you are hungry. Sit a minute while I finish up here and we’ll go out on the deck.”

I stepped over to the table and pulled out a chair, spinning it around and sitting on it backwards. I sat there closely watching her moving around the kitchen.

I could see her nipples popping out slightly through the thin material of her dress, and her butt cheeks bounced up and down without a hint of any sort of panty lines. I could see the shadows of her legs when she stepped into the sun coming through the large window, and could barely make out the dark shadows of her pubic hair when her dress moved briefly between her legs.

Chris was quickly done and turned toward me. “Grab this tray with the iced tea and follow me, Sweetie.”

She grabbed a tray with some little sandwiches and some cookies on it and I followed her past a pantry and out the back door onto a very spacious deck. I quickly noticed that there were no houses in view for quite a distance and we had nearly absolute privacy. A high fence covered with vines and a lot of large shrubs were the main reason.

“Be a dear and unzip me,” she said as she turned her back to me, “And we can get comfortable!”

I wasted no time in complying with her request. As I had suspected, she had nothing underneath her dress and I felt like I was unwrapping a soft, warm gift. As I helped her slide the dress off I managed to get a good feel of her full boobs. The nipples were nice sized and stiffened slightly as my fingers brushed over them.

She didn’t object at all. After all, I was here to fuck her, and all this was just part of the preliminaries. She leaned back against me as her dress fell to the floor and purred as I played with her breasts. After a few minutes she turned around and looked up at me. “That is so much better. I spend so much time out here in the nude I hate wearing clothes! Let me help you off with yours.”

Well, I was really glad for the casual dress code at work. No tie, pull-over shirts, and loafers. Quick to get out of, and soon I was standing there in my birthday suit, admiring Chris’ all-over tan.

She looked down and took my hardening cock in her hand. “Oh my, it looks like you are prepared for dessert already!” Then she moved up against me and and pulled my head down and pressed her lips to mine.

I put my hands under her butt and hugged her to me and lifted her up. Her body and actions just begged for me to do that! My cock slid down halkalı escort her belly as I lifted her, and snapped down into her crotch. Chris wrapped her legs around my waist, and I could feel the heat of her cunt against my hardon and the softness of her boobs against my chest. Her nipples were firm enough that I could feel them too as we explored each other’s mouth with our tongues and rubbed our bodies against each other.

“Oh, I could do that all day,” she said, as she unwound her body from around me and slipped slowly down to the ground. “I am a little hungry though. Let’s have a sandwich.”

We moved over to a pair of lounge chairs that had cushions covered with a very plush, and very soft, terry cloth. It was so luxurious that just laying on them was erotic!

Chris and I laid back and enjoyed a little food and each other. She moved her leg over and was lightly massaging my cock with her foot while I had one hand between her legs playing with her pussy.

Chris was not extremely aroused, but I did have reason to lift my hand to my face to taste and smell her sweet juices.

“I hope I don’t smell bad,” she said. “I didn’t have time to shower before you got here.”

“I think you smell delicious!” I assured her. “I prefer a woman who has a natural aroma.” Then I thrust a finger as deep into her cunt as I could from that angle and slowly licked it off.

“Uhmmmmmmm … I think it is time you had your dessert!”

“I think so too!” I enthusiastically agreed, and started to move down towards her beckoning box.

“Wait a sec!” Chris said, as she stood up. “Put this on the table,” and she lifted up the cushion on her chair. “Then help me up and pull the other lounge over here and you can have your way with me!”

I was getting a lot of wood watching her as we rearranged things. She bounced a little as I helped her sit up on the table and the jiggling of her breasts made me forget how badly I wanted to eat her pussy! She had her butt planted nicely right on the end of the table, and I leaned over and took one of her nipples between my lips.

“Oh, Bill,” she moaned, and hugged my head to her chest.

I gently sucked and nibbled on her titties until her nipples were firm and extended. Then I gently laid her back on the cushion and sat down on the lounge chair between her legs.

The height was perfect. I slid my seat closer to the table and Chris’ hot pussy, which was right at mouth level.

She lifted up her legs and placed her bare feet on my shoulders, letting her knees spread outwards, opening herself fully to my gaze. Her pubic hair was a match to the hair on her head. A light brown, sunbleached and streaked, but very soft; almost like rabbit fur. Her dark tan went right to the edges of her outer lips, then the color changed to light pink, the color of a little girls first lipstick. The inner lips were a darker shade with dark, crinkly edges, and I could see a few drops of moisture seeping from between them. Near the top of her slit I could see the hood of her clit, with the end of it just peeking out.

“Oh, Chris,” I murmured, “You have such a pretty cunt!”

“Ummmm, thank you, Honey,” She replied. “Is it pretty enough to eat?”

“Oh yes! And I am going to do that right now!”

I leaned closer and kissed and licked the inside of her thigh. It was a little salty from perspiration, and the aroma from her cunt was filling my nostrils. I licked and kissed my way up the inside of Chris’ thighs as she purred and whimpered and ran her fingers through my hair.

When I reached the crease between her leg and body I carefully licked the entire area between her leg and her pussy until I had gotten every trace of the wonderful taste of her. Then I took her outer labia between my lips and sucked them and nibbled them until the light pink color had become a bright red, and Chris was moaning and groaning and holding my head firmly between her hands.

“Oh what a pretty cunt,” I sighed. Chris just moaned some more and pulled my head closer to her wet pussy.

I noticed that there was quite a few large drops of pussy juice seeping from between the dark folds of her inner lips and I moved my tongue down towards the spot where they joined. As I pushed my tongue between them and opened them up a taksim escort little I was rewarded with a large flow of her flavorful and fragrant juices. It ran down my tongue and into my mouth and I eagerly and happily swished it around in my mouth and swallowed it.

I licked all the way up to the top of Chris’ inner lips and she moaned and whimpered.

“Oh, Bill! Oh sooo goood … Uhhh … don’t stop … ohhh … myyyyyy … pusssssseeee …”

I licked up her slit, stopping just short of her clit each time. And each time I was rewarded by a fresh swallow of Chris’ flavorful cunt cream. And each time Chris moaned and sighed. This woman really liked having her cunt eaten, and I was really liking eating it.

I wrapped my arms around her so I could reach down with my thumbs and pull the hood over her clit up and away. As I did so it popped completely into view and Chris let out a gasp. It was small and reddish pink and sticking straight up. I touched it lightly with the tip of my tongue and Chris let out a little squeal and pulled my head down tight into her cunt. I pursed my lips as if I were trying to whistle and sucked her hard little clit in between them. I switched sucking in and pushing out and that hard little nubbin popped in and out like it was a little cock fucking my lips.

Chris definitely liked that. She was squeezing my head with her thighs and drumming her heels against my back, squealing and moaning. As she got closer to her climax she thrust her pelvis up against my face in time with my sucking and licking. After a bit her butt never touched the table, it was always in the air, pushing against my face as her hands, now very firmly gripping my head, tried to pull me deeper into her.

Now Chris was hardly moving at all, just holding her hips high in the air and her moaning and groaning had become a continuous wail, low pitched and undulating like some sort of siren. Then I felt her stiffen even more, and I stuck my tongue into her twat as far as I could. I could feel the pulsations of her pussy as she came, and the juices from her excitement ran out over my tongue into my mouth. The true nectar of the gods!

After a few minutes Chris relaxed and her butt was back on the table, her legs resting on my shoulders, bent at the knee and hanging down my back. She raised herself onto her elbows and looked at me.

“That was fantastic,” she whispered. “Come kiss me!”

I stood up between her legs, and noticed that where her hot twat had been at mouth level, it was now at perfect cock level. I leaned down over Chris and gently kissed her. She pulled my head down and kissed me more firmly, but gently. Warm and unhurriedly passionate, she licked my lips and kissed my eyes and cheeks, licking her lips as she cleaned her own juices from my face.

“You clean up real well!” she said, grinning at me. “Did you shoot you cum all over my deck while you were eating me?”

“No, I still have a full load.”

“Good! Fuck me! I want to feel your cock filling my pussy with all your hot cum.”

I stood and grasped my cock, slipping the head of it up and down her gash.

“Oohhh Bill …. that feels sooo goood. Here, take my hand.” And she held out her right hand to me.

I took my left hand and reached out and took it, still slipping my cock up and down between her wet pussy lips.

“Slip it into me, Bill, then take my other hand.”

I gently pushed the head of my prick into the opening of her cunt and it slid slowly in. I kept pushing until I was completely inside of her and I could feel her still flowing juices running down over my balls. I reached out and took her other hand.

“Oh fuck! You feel like you are about to come out my mouth!” she exclaimed, as she tried to slide her cunt even further onto my cock.

“Now fuck me good. Bill! I really need you!”

I leaned back, holding onto her hands, and slowly slid my cock in and out of Chris’ hot, wet, slippery twat. As I pulled out her pussy would tighten around my cock, then as I pushed back in it would loosen up a little.

“I can tell you are a country girl,” I said, as I continued to languidly fuck her hot pussy.

“How’s that?”

“By the way your pussy is milking my cock,”

“Ooohhh,” she sighed. “Then you will love this!”

And with that, as I had pushed nearly all şişli escort of my hard meat into her, Chris’ squeezed me with her pussy and the pulled me in further, if possible. She did that a couple more times.

“You keep doing that and I will fill you up with cum!”

“Ooooo … We wouldn’t want that!”

I looked down watched my creamy white cock sliding in and out of Chris’ well tanned pussy.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“I’m watching your pretty cunt swallowing my cock as we fuck,” I answered.

“Let me see,” she said, as she pulled herself up, bending at the waist.

As she watched I kept pumping my cock in and out and I could feel her pussy pulsing and squeezing quicker and harder.

Chris looked up at me. “Fuck me good and hard, Bill. Make me cum and fill me with your hot juices.”

As she reached up and put her hands behind my neck I fucked harder and faster. I put my hands behind her back as she rocked her hips up toward me.

“Ooohh gawd … yeessssss …. fuck meee … ahhhhhh ….. oooohhhh … shit … gawd … unnngggghhh …”

Chris was looking right in my eyes as we screwed our brains out. I don’t know how she could make all those noises and still keep her eyes on me.

“Look … at … me … bill … i … want … to … watch … you … when … we … cum … ooooohhhhh … puleeezzz.”

I smiled at her and gazed into her eyes. They were filled with lust and passion. We were hardly moving now, just thrusting against each other, squeezing, tensing, relaxing. Then I felt the pressure rising through my body. Chris must have felt something too.

“Cum on babeee … fuck meeee … oh fuck! … Billlleeeee billeee … fuck me …”

I did my best. As we stared into each other’s eyes I shot my cum deep into Chris’ hot cunt. Each spurt caused her to gasp and her eyes got big, and her pussy pulled on my cock, coaxing every last drop from it. Finally we slowed and were still, leaning back, our arms still around each other.

“Oh, Bill, that was fantastic!”

“Yeah, that was pretty great.”

Chris looked at her watch. (Strangely, that was the only thing either of us were wearing; our watches!) “We better get you cleaned up so you can get back to work! Too bad you don’t have the rest of the day off like I do.”

With that she hopped off the table and pushed me back down on the lounge chair.

“I wish we had time for you to get off again!” she said. “I love the feel of your hard cock shooting in my mouth.” And she sucked my entire soft cock into her mouth and had it completely clean in less than a minute.

“Mmmmm … That should take care of that!”

I got up and gathered up my clothes and got dressed as Chris puttered around, straightening up the furniture and picking up the dishes.

“Do you suppose anyone knows I was here?” I asked, as we walked towards the front door.

“Oh, I imagine so. A lot of people from work drive by here if they go to lunch downtown.”

“Hummm,” I pondered. “If anyone asks, just tell them I was here tuning up your PC. That would be the truth.”

“It would?” Chris asked, looking puzzled.

“Sure,” I replied. “PC, Pretty Cunt! You don’t have to translate though!”

Chris giggled. “That is cute! You don’t mind if I tell someone about our lunch, do you?”

“Well, I don’t think you should post it on the bulletin board, but it would be OK to tell a few friends. My wife knows all about it, but someone at work might object to an office romance.”

“OK, Sweetie,” she said, as she reached up and gave me a kiss.

“Oh, Chris?”

“Yes …?”

“Pleas don’t call me Billy. Not unless you are having a really great orgasm!”

“Sure thing, … Bill! See you later!”

She gave me a another little kiss and a friendly shove out the door.

I got back to work with minutes to spare, and the rest of the day went smoothly. About 3:30 my phone rang for an outside call. I picked it up and spoke the little sing-song greeting we use for outside calls.


“Yes, this is Bill.” The voice sounded familiar, but a little husky.

“This is Chris, sweetie. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you.”

“Well thanks, Chris, I have been thinking of you too! What’s up?”

“Nothing much. I was just sitting here on the deck thinking about our luncheon today and how much fun we had.”

“Yeah, that was a lot of fun! I am getting a little excited just remembering it!”

“Me too. Well, I have to go now. I have to take care of something.”

“OK, Chris! Let me know if you need some more work done on your PC!”

“Oh … I … will! … Bye … bye … Billeeee!”

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