Office Fucktoy Pt. 04

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The next day she arrived at work feeling deliciously excited. After last night with her boss, she had come home with her pussy and ass still throbbing from the thorough fucking he gave her. God, she had loved every second of it! The way he touched her, grabbed her hair…and the way he talked to her, oh my! The way he could just look at her while he was pleasuring her, watching her cum for him with those piercing blue eyes.

She sighed. No time for this! See had to focus on her job. It was regular office hours, so everyone was here. She couldn’t stand to think about what would happen if her colleagues found out the boss had taken her in his office! She blushed a bright red.

“Well, well, what guy has got you blushing like that Elena?” Annie’s voice rang across their shared office space.

“Huh? What? Oh no…no, there’s no guy Annie.”

“Oh come ON Elena! Look at your face! You look all pleased and smug… kinda like me when I’ve had a really nice evening with a guy,” Annie winked at her.

She frowned. If it was this plain to see, she really had to get a grip!

Annie was her close colleague and friend, working for the financial manager of the company. She was the type of girl who could flirt with multiple guys on one evening, easily manipulating them into buying her drinks for the rest of the night, effectively not spending a dime herself. She would always come back to the office after the weekend with some good stories to share.

“COME ON Elena! I always tell you e-very-thing!” Annie kaçak iddaa pushed.

“I’m sorry Annie, there’s really nothing to tell.”

“Hmppf, riiight… fine, fine! I won’t press you.”

Annie turned back to her computer screen and opened up the management agenda.

“Elena… Jeremy wants some time with Derek to go over the financial planning for the upcoming year, but he’s completely booked. Can you try to wiggle in some room for Jeremy?”

“Eh, sure. Let me just check with him which appointment I can reschedule.”

“Great, thanks chicka,” Annie winked at her.

She turned on her computer and called up Derek’s agenda. She bit her lip when she saw ‘project work’ at 7PM pop up on the screen on yesterday’s schedule. She sighed, get a grip!

Browsing through his schedule for the rest of the week, she noticed more and more time slots where indicated with ‘project work’. Her stomach fluttered. She would have to go into his office and discuss which of his time slots she could use to schedule the meeting with Jeremy, since none of the reservations he had made came with more info then the label. She got up and quickly checked her face in the bathroom mirror, before walking down the hall to his office and knocking on the door.

“Yes?” his deep voice came from within the room.

She opened up the door and stepped in.

“Good morning Sir. Do you have 5 minutes to go over your schedule for this week? Jeremy wants to talk to you about next year’s financial planning.”

He leaned back in his kaçak bahis chair while she spoke, his arms behind his head and an appreciative smile on his face.

“Good morning Elena. You look very good today.”

She blushed, “Thank you, Sir…so do you.”

She couldn’t help but look at him with desire in her eyes. He’d rolled up the sleeves of his shirt and his top buttons where open. He looked sexy as hell and all she wanted to do was crawl on top of him and kiss that gorgeous chiseled face.

She watched a smile come on to his face as he sat back up and indicated her to come over to his desk.

“Alright, let’s see if we can wiggle Jeremy in somewhere.”

She crossed the small space between the door and his desk, coming to a stop standing next to him. God, he smelled so deliciously good. It made her weak in the knees. She inhaled and closed her eyes.

Suddenly she felt his hand on the inside of her left ankle and when she opened her eyes, he was watching the computer screen intently. All the while moving his hand up along her leg, underneath her skirt.

“Let’s see…”

She was biting her lip, trying to focus on the agenda while his fingers found the edge of her panties.

“Maybe… eh… we could move this appointment here…,” flustered she bend over to point at the screen. As she did, he took the opportunity to slip his fingers inside her panties and between her pussy lips.

“Hmppf,” she moaned.

“Come now… you can do better than that, surely.”

“Eh…ah-alright… illegal bahis what about this one here?”

“I’m not talking about the schedule, baby…”

Her eyes found his, piercing blue and looking at her filled with lust.

“I want to hear you moan like you did yesterday.”

She gasped and tried to step away, but his free hand caught her arm and kept her in place.

“Sir! It’s the middle of the morning, people are going to notice! What if someone comes in here!”

He looked at her as a grin spread across his face.

“Don’t worry, everyone can see I’m completely booked for today. Project work, you know.”

She gasped and he chuckled as his fingers continued to explore her pussy. He released his grip on her arm and pulled her closer to his chair. She looked down at him as his fingers pushed into her wet hole.

“Oh god…,” she moaned

“Yes… that’s it baby.”

His thumb found her clit as his index and middle finger kept pushing in and out of her. She grabbed onto his shoulders as her legs started to shake.

“Look at me baby… I’m going to make you cum so good,” he said as her eyes locked with his once more.

She mewled and bit her lip to try and stop herself from making more noise. His fingers increased their speed as he held her hips in place with his free hand.

“Oh, look at that beautiful face… yes baby… Cum for me!”

Her nails dug into his shoulders and her legs buckled as he fingered her to orgasm. She tried so hard to keep quiet, but couldn’t help herself from saying, “Shiit…shit…oh god…yessss,” as she came.

He licked his fingers and spun his chair around to face his pc screen again, ‘Now, let’s find that spot for Jeremy, shall we…”

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