Of Friends

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The plan was executed whilst they were bathing. He was placing his toe in her cunt playfully, as was his wont. ‘Let’s be friends’, she announced, seemingly spontaneously.

‘We are friends’, he replied and splashed her.

‘Girlfriends’, she mocked sarcastically, ‘ya know’?

Game for fun, he acquiesced. They got out the bath and towelled each other dry. Normal routine.

Let play begin.

She led him by the hand to the bedroom and to his surprise withdrew clothes from the wardrobe he did not recognise. Sensuously she lubed him down, his body, warm from the bath, glistened. As base, she clothed him in his familiar catsuit which clung to his familiar shape. She added a bra in pink latex which he had not seen, and filled it’s cups with silicone shapes. Pink matching latex knickers completed his underwear, they had frills on the rear in white, creating an ingenue image. The latex stockings she rolled up his legs were white too, with a fishnet pattern. His skirt was black latex, pinstriped with white and pencil slim ‘because darling, you have the shape for it’. The latex blouse was white and blouson. She unbuttoned it until it reached his faux cleavage. He could see his bra peeping up at him. With effort, since she was unused to it, she completed the ensemble with a waistcincher, black, some would say classic.

Then, enlisting his eager help, she dressed similarly. Though her underwear was black and her skirt more full. It was his pleasure to run his hands over her, but she tutted her disapproval as ‘too far for friends’.

She sat him at the mirror and applied make-up efficiently, but made him add his own lipstick. Then she made up her own face.

She topped his ensemble with a hood, transparent, and a wig, blonde to her dark. His make up was visible through the eyes and mouth of his hood.

He looked uncertainly in the mirror in their bedroom at the unfamiliar image before him. But goodness, he smelt good. He felt good.

‘Right esat escort then’, she said, matter-of-factly, ‘I need milk. Coming’?

‘erm, nope, I’ll wait here’.

‘Don’t be boring, c’mon honey’. She grasped his hand, dragged him downstairs. Shoes awaited them both. Intolerable shoes for walking outdoors, perilously high, treacherously spiky. He’d never seen these shoes. But they fitted him.

He was hopeless, although fine in the bedroom during the odd gender swapping play, he stumbled over gravel and wobbled on the straight. And all the time he looked. All around him, at twitching curtains, and peeking prying snooping people. A neighbourhood of eyes watched his agonies. ‘I think this is getting a bit much,’ he murmured.

‘Do you want to safeword’, she asked lightly but he was under no illusion of the gravity of his response.

’em, no, I’ll be fine’. And he shook.

They arrived at the local shop, run by a nice couple who lived in their street. She handed him her purse. ‘2 pints please, on ye go.’ He shook his head, no, no said his head, no, no.

The shop was empty. Just him and a gulf of uneven carpet to cross. He arrived at the counter with his milk, the nice man from down the road smiled at him, asked him if he thought it was getting colder, and requested money. His gloved clumsy hands struggled with the purse and money fell between them. ‘Just take the fucking money and let me go’ he screamed in his head. Courtesy forced him to smile as the excess money was returned to him. He left.

The walk back home was uneventful. ‘Well done, honey’ she said, and hugged him, a dry passionless hug. He felt cheated. He felt ridiculous. He felt exposed. His cock lay shrivelled in disgust under his frilly latex pants, his gender was removed and he was asexual.

With a safeword on his lips, he was as wretched as at any time they had played.

And then she suggested ‘fooling around’ upstairs. He perked. The etimesgut escort stairs were navigated well for shoes so high.

As he followed her up, he picked up her skirt and looked beneath, knowing the pleasures she contained therein. She laughed and ran faster than he.

The bedroom was familiar territory. He knew his role here. He knew the pleasures here, he felt more assured, his fear ebbed. But no sooner had he entered than she shacked his hands to the waistcincher and blindfolded him.

He was led to the edge of the bed and asked to kneel. ‘Me first’ she said happily and his face was thrust into her cunt. He delighted in it’s familiar warmth and it’s welcoming folds. With pleasure he probed and lapped to the sound of her moans. Her latex skirt lay delightfully around his face. Beneath his layers of latex, his cock sprang to relieved action.

She did not let him finish her. She leapt up and announced gratefully that it was his turn. ‘Thank fucking Christ’ he thought. She lay him on the bed. His pretty white latex panties were hooked unceremoniously aside and the opening of the catsuit zip brought a cold rush of air to his genitals. Her hair brushed against his skirt and legs. The barely opened zip still contained his erect cock.

‘Oh my God!’ A voice of shock.

‘What, what,’

‘Honey, you have no cunt. Why did you keep this secret from me’. He was getting frustrated, had no time for this bizarre role play. ‘Well, this spoils my surprise,’ she said, dejectedly, ‘but I can improvise.’

Noise, he heard noise as the bedroom door was opened. There was another there. ‘This, is Chris, Chris will play with us both. A lovely little threesome, we so needed a man, aren’t we lucky. But since you are sadly missing a cunt, we’ll have to take advantage with other opportunities.’

‘Come feel Chris’s cock honey,’ excitedly, breathlessly, ‘it’s pretty big already.’ And with trepidation and as she held him there, etlik escort he had his face rubbed into a latex covered groin containing a large and well erect member. He found, to his surprise, that he licked it, passing his eager tongue from base to glans.

‘I think you should be first’, she said magnanimous as she pushed him backwards onto the bed. ‘But I shan’t go without’, and with that his face was covered with her cunt. His breathing was now at her mercy. Simultaneously, his catsuip zip was opened further and he felt an eager tongue at his sweat covered anus. Though he had never been rimmed by a man before, he had barely time to consider, obliged as he was to consider the thorny issue of breathing and licking his moaning woman above.

Rimming stopped. He was disgruntled and then, cold, lube, and then the pushing, pushing of a warm cock. He adjusted his position as well as he could to allow ingress of this large member. It slid into his ass with only slight opposition. ‘Oh God!’

His cock would be contained no longer and zip or no zip, it sprang free. Chris noted it’s release and gobbled it fast, licking and sucking expertly. With cock in his ass, mouth on his cock and pussy on his face he felt that familiar push, that need for release. She sat on his face, and, sensing the approach of his orgasm, she stopped his breathing.

And oh……..


It stopped. No more cock in his ass, no more mouth round his cock, no more pussy on his face. He was bereft. Please don’t stop, please God don’t stop.

But no, the puzzle was merely adjusting it’s pieces. Now, his cock found an ass. Oh God, he’d never fucked a man before. He was beyond caring, it had never really mattered anyway. And oh, he wanted release. Above this accepting arse lay an equally accepting cunt, overflowing with gratitude. A hand entered his anus, and he was happy to be filled again.

To tumultuous shouts, they each exploded, he first. He was drenched with sweat, and his orgasm had been extraordinary.

‘Darling, see what fun we girls can have together’ she implored, breathy with pleasure.

And removing his blindfold, he saw his lovely girl and her girlfriend Chris, strapped on as if her life depended on it.

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