Nothing in Life is Free Ch. 04

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Amia Miley

Nothing in Life is Free – 04

I’m a middle-aged guy named, Bishop. I’m mostly bald and what hair I still have is completely gray. I’m not particularly fit or handsome but I’m self-sufficient, I own my own home and I’m usually very upbeat about life and I’ve been called ‘fun-loving.’ I live in town and either bicycle or walk to do errands. Most of the mileage on my car is from frequent trips to my cottage on the water where I keep my boat.

Nikki is twenty-two years old and living in the efficiency apartment above my garage. There’s something a little ‘off’ about Nikki. I think it may be Asperger’s Syndrome but I’m no neurologist. She’s not slow witted, as a matter of fact, she’s very bright but she just doesn’t seem to ‘get it’ most of the time. She doesn’t react normally to situations or to people; she’s quick to anger but she’s usually very polite and friendly. Nikki led a very sheltered life where she’d been pampered and coddled by wealthy parents. I don’t really understand why, but she left home at twenty-one without any means of support or any plans. Before she’d come to live in the apartment over my garage Nikki had been couch surfing with friends for a year; she’d essentially been homeless. I found out that she had also been giving the occasional blowjob in exchange for meals but I put a stop to that.

We’d agreed that she could live rent free above my garage and eat at my table at least once per day and that, in exchange, she’d stop having sex or giving blowjobs to anyone but me. She didn’t like the idea of being with a man who is the same age as her father but she decided it was better than being homeless and hungry. She’s since discovered that I can give her an orgasm with my tongue, fingers or cock and now she wants sex from me almost as often as she wants food.

We were both completely naked. I had just been going down on her and she’d had a very intense orgasm that had brought her to tears. It was the first orgasm she’d ever experienced from oral sex. Apparently, none of the men she’d ever been with had ever gone down on her or ever even tried to get her off.

“I love you.” She said.


I’m not sure the girl even knew what the word means.

“Nikki, you don’t love me. You’re just using me. I’m just using you. You remember our deal? Right?”

“Yeah, but I love you.”

“You’re very sweet but it’s really just sex. I gave you an orgasm, sweetheart. That’s not really love.”

I shooed Nikki back to her apartment for the night and headed for my shower and bed.

I woke at dawn. I hadn’t slept much but I got up at my regular time, pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of running shorts and made a pot of coffee. I started to make breakfast when Nikki came through the kitchen door in her sundress and said, “Good morning!” She seemed uncharacteristically happy.

“You’re never up this early. Are you OK? Did you sleep OK?”

“Yeah. I’m hungry.”

OK. That’s the Nikki I know.

“I’m sorry I acted so silly last night.”

“I’m making eggs and biscuits this morning. Would you like some?”

“Yes please. Can I suck your cock for you?” She’s always very blunt.

“That sounds great Nikki. Maybe after breakfast, OK?”

“OK. Will you kiss my pussy again too?”

“Sure thing, Nikki.” Since discovering the joys of orgasms from cunnilingus she couldn’t get enough.

Nikki seemed to be watching me with an intensity like never before. She tucked her dress under her and sat in her usual chair at the kitchen table. She sat bolt upright and waited silently for breakfast.

I served her four eggs, two buttermilk biscuits and a tall glass of orange juice and sat down across from her. “Nikki, you’re very sweet. You’re incredibly sexy and I’ve definitely enjoyed what we’ve shared but you’re not really in love. You know that, right?”

“I am in love.”

“Why do you think you’re in love?”

“Mom said that I’d know I’m in love when a man could make me feel like no other.”

“What I made you feel was an orgasm. That’s not the same thing as love. Any man who’s worth a damn can give you an orgasm. Just because I can give you an orgasm doesn’t mean that you’re in love with me. OK?”

“I guess so, but will you do it again even if I don’t love you?”

“Sure, Nikki. I’ll be happy to do it again.”

“Good! Can I have more eggs?

OK. Maybe we’re getting back to normal.

After breakfast I started to clear the table and Nikki jumped up to help. She put her own dishes in the sink and helped me rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. She had never lifted a finger to help me before so it seemed as if she was trying to rush the process.

“You’re in a hurry, aren’t you?”

She just nodded.

“You can’t wait, huh?”

She grinned widely and gave me an exaggerated shake of her head.

“OK then, why don’t you get started sucking my cock?”

Nikki immediately reached for the waistband of my shorts and pulled them and my jockeys down to my ankles as bahis firmaları she dropped to her knees. She reached up, took hold of my semi-erect cock and stuffed it into her mouth.

Nikki applied strong suction until I was stiff enough for her to begin to properly blow me. She didn’t bob up and down on my cock. She started at the tip and pushed forward with determination until she had all of me in her mouth and throat and her nose was pressing hard into my pubic hair. She held that pose for a couple of seconds and then backed off to the tip again. Nikki did this repeatedly every second or two while rocking her shoulders back and forth and sort of nodding her head at the same time. I just leaned back against the counter and she did all the work.

To enhance the experience Nikki did her best to keep eye contact with me the whole time. She knew how to make me cum and she was working hard at it. I’d never had a better blowjob in my entire life and I didn’t last long. I started to cum in her mouth after only a few minutes. She backed off so that just the tip was in her mouth and she sucked hard while she worked her hand up and down my slick shaft.

Nikki continued to suck hard until I’d completely finished cumming and then she pulled back a bit, looked up at me and made a show of swallowing my cum. She then proceeded to lick my cock and my balls clean.

“Nikki. You do that really well. Thank you.”

“I like it. I even like swallowing your sper… Uh… cum now.”

“Good. Now it’s your turn, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah!” She gathered her dress up around her waist and hopped up onto the kitchen counter. She hadn’t bothered with panties this morning.

I reached out and ran the fingers of my right hand up her pussy, spreading her juices all over her. When I touched her clit she threw her head back and hit it hard on the cabinet behind her. “OW!” I couldn’t help but laugh. She frowned for a split second but then started laughing too.

Taking hold of her hips I pulled her to the edge of the counter and stood very close between her thin thighs. Taking my softening cock in my hand I rubbed it up and down her tight little cunt. Her lips didn’t protrude at all but when she got excited they began to spread open ever so slightly and her moisture made her slick and shiny.

“Would you like me to make you cum?”

“Yes, please.”

“How would you like me to make you cum?”

“Kiss me, please.”

I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.

“Silly, I mean kiss my pussy, please.”

“OK. You should be specific about what you want.”

I kissed my way to her nipples, stopping to suck each one for a few minutes. I then kissed my way down to her shallow belly button and worked my way from one hip to the other. I was licking and sucking my way closer and closer to her pussy but taking my sweet time about it.

Nikki gave a tiny moan every once in a while, and continued to watch me fixedly. Every time I’d get within a few inches of her clit she’d squirm and try to maneuver it under my tongue. I finally knelt on the floor between her thighs. I took hold of her ankles and placed her feet on my shoulders. Nikki’s bald cunt was now staring me right in the face. She was slick with her own juices and her lips were beginning to spread like the petals of a flower.

I leaned in and gently licked from her between her plump little cheeks all the way to her clit and gave it a flick. Nikki, reacted by spreading her knees as wide as she could and placing a hand on top of my head. She pulled me into her and I kissed every millimeter of her wet pussy.

Nikki suddenly reached down with both hands and grabbed my ears as I’d done to her so many times. She pulled hard until my mouth was mashed against her pussy. I pushed my tongue as deeply inside her as I could and fucked her with my tongue for a few strokes.

I pulled back a bit and headed north for her clit. I took it between my lips and gently sucked on it while giving it a nudge with the tip of my tongue once in a while. Nikki’s hands were now both pressed, one atop the other, into her own belly. She was panting hard and her legs were trembling.

I reached inside her with my index finger and gave a little ‘come here’ gesture inside her pussy. I applied more and more pressure with the pad of my finger while, at the same time, increasing suction on her clit.

Nikki suddenly stiffened, shouted my name, and released a little stream of pussy juice across my palm and wrist. She put her weight on my shoulders with her feet and lifted her butt off the counter and fucked my face with her pussy. She was pressing into my face and hopping up and down on the counter. I had to bring my other hand up to hold on.

Nikki finally stopped convulsing after what seemed like a very long time and dropped her butt onto the counter with a thump. She slumped back with her hands flat on the countertop to either side of her and sighed as her breathing began to return to normal.

I stood up between her spread thighs and hugged kaçak iddaa her as she sat on the counter. She put her face into the crook of my neck seemed to be softly humming or perhaps just cooing. We stayed like that for a long time.

After a while Nikki reached down between us and took my cock in her hand and, pulling on me, guided me toward her opening. I was only semi-erect. I let her guide me to her where she rubbed herself with the head of my cock.

We continued like this for a few minutes until I was hard enough to enter her. I began to rock my hips, hugging her tightly and more or less just rubbing myself against her while my cock was inside her. After a long while I pulled out and let my cock droop between us.

“Did you cum inside me?”


Nikki reached down and took my cock in her hand. “It’s soft.”

“Yeah, Nikki. At my age it takes me a long time to get hard again after I cum the first time. I can’t usually cum more than once, maybe twice, a day.”

“Oh. That’s OK, I guess.”

“You want more, don’t you?”

“I really like it.”

“So, you want more, right?”

“Yeah. Kinda.” She rocked her head from side to side.

“OK. Maybe we’ll ask my buddy, Paul, to help out when you want more.”

“Help out?”

“Yeah. Maybe we could let him join us and that way you’d have all the cock you want.”

“You said I can’t fuck or suck anyone but you.”

“You’re right. I did say that. Maybe we should say instead that you can’t fuck or suck anyone else unless I first give you permission. How’s that?” She was still rubbing my semi-erect cock against her pussy.


I spent the next couple of days immersed in a new project at work. I didn’t see Nikki at all except at mealtimes. She seemed happy enough to be eating with me but I sensed that she wanted something more. I did too but I just didn’t have time.

When Friday finally came around I was ready to relax and unwind.

Nikki came down to the kitchen looking for dinner. I handed her a pint glass of beer and said, “I’ve been pretty busy so I haven’t prepared anything for dinner. How about we order pizza tonight?”

“Yeah! I love pizza!”

“OK. Pizza and beer it is. How about we invite Paul over too?”


“I’m going to have a quick shower. You go get cleaned up too and I’ll come get you when the pizza gets here.”

Nikki drank the remainder of her beer in two swallows and returned to her apartment for the time being.

I dialed Paul’s number. Paul is about ten years younger than me and is my best friend in the world. He’s always been there for me and vice versa.

Paul likes women his age or even a little older and he usually prefers Asian or Latin women. I usually prefer women at least ten or fifteen years younger than me who are athletic or even a little tomboyish. Despite our different tastes we discovered a long time ago that we both have strong voyeuristic tendencies and that we also share several other interests, if not kinks. Paul has even shared some of his girlfriends with me when I was going through a dry spell. I’ve never had the opportunity to return the favour but I was hoping to change that soon.

Paul had met Nikki once, after she’d first moved into my garage apartment and he was, shall we say, less than impressed with her. She was dirty, smelly and disheveled. “Dude! She’s a filthy skank!”

I’d told him how she’d cleaned up nicely and how, although very skinny, was quite pleasant to look at now. I told him all about her oral talents and about her quirkiness and apparent naivete. He said, “You must be desperate to want to fuck that skank.”

I got Paul on the phone and said, “Hey, buddy. You want to come by for some pizza and beer tonight?”

“Sure, Is Nikki going to be there too?”

“She’ll be here. I’ll have to get her a pizza all to herself. That girl can eat! So. Are you interested?”

“In Nikki? NO!”

“In pizza and beer.”

“On my way, buddy!”

I called for pizza delivery. I ordered a single large pie for Paul and me and another large pie just for Nikki.

I took a quick shower, dressed in my running shorts and a t-shirt and went up to Nikki’s apartment. “Paul’s on his way over and the pizza will be here in about thirty minutes.”

“OK. I’ll come down in a while.”

Paul arrived at the same time as the pizza. He grabbed a beer, popped the top and took a swallow straight from the bottle. “Don’t you want a glass?”

“Nah. I’m fine with the bottle.”

“I’m going to go get Nikki. That other pizza is for her.”

“OK, man. I’m curious to see her after what you’ve been telling me.”

I went up to Nikki’s door and knocked again. She had apparently just come from the shower; her hair was damp and she was completely nude when she answered the door.

“Hi Nikki, the pizza is here.”

“Oh, good. I’m hungry.”

No surprise there.

“OK, then c’mon down and join us. Paul is here too but you don’t have to get dressed if you don’t want to. kaçak bahis Paul has seen naked women before so it’s up to you.”

Nikki had decided to dress for dinner. She arrived at my backdoor in her favourite, brightly coloured sundress.

Paul took one look and stopped dead. “Nikki?”


“Wow! You look great!”

“Doesn’t she? That’s her favourite dress. Isn’t it pretty?”

“Yeah. It’s gorgeous.”

“Not the same girl you remember, right?”

“Not at all. She’s… Uh… You’re gorgeous, Nikki.”

“Thank you.”

“Show him your dress, Nikki.”

Nikki stepped forward, gave a twirl and did a little ‘Betty Boop’ pose.

Paul said, “That’s a very pretty dress.”

“C’mon, let’s eat. Who wants a beer?”

Nikki was quick to say, “I do!”

I served beer and pizza all ’round. We sat and ate, drank and made merry until we were all full and had a bit of a buzz going.

“So, how do you like living above the garage, Nikki?”

“It’s nice.”

“Is Bishop treating you right?”

“Oh yes. Bishop has been very nice to me.” She stepped up beside me and stretched up to kiss me.

I ran my hands down her back, gathered her dress a bit and squeezed her tight little butt. She stood on her tiptoe, pressed her crotch closer to me and smiled up at me.

“Did you wear your panties this evening?”

“Uh huh.”

“Should we guess what colour?”

Nikki grinned and looked at Paul and me.

“How about whoever guesses right gets a blowjob?”

Nikki just kept looking back and forth between Paul and me.

“I think you’re wearing the pink ones.”

“I think they’re blue.” Paul said.

Nikki’s eyes went wide as she turned to stare hard at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“They’re blue.” She whispered.

“Well. I guess Paul gets a blowjob then, doesn’t he?”

“You won’t be mad at me, right?”

“No. I give you permission to give Paul a blowjob. He’s my best friend so give him a really good one though, OK?”

Nikki was a little hesitant but started to get on her knees there in the floor of my kitchen.

“Would you rather go into the living room where there’s carpet, Nikki? It’ll be easier on your knees, don’t you think?”

Nikki paused, seemed to think about it for a moment and said, “OK.” She stood, turned abruptly and strode into the living room ahead of Paul and me.

Paul gave me a look as if to say, “Are you serious? Is she serious?”

I just nodded. “Go with it, buddy.”

We walked into the living room and Nikki was on her knees with her hands resting on the front of her thighs. We just stood there for a minute. Paul didn’t seem to know what to do next. “Just go for it, Paul.” I said.

Paul stepped up to Nikki and before he could do anything she reached up and opened the button and zipper on his cargo shorts and yanked them and his boxers down in one motion. Paul’s cock sprang up at a forty-five degree angle about an inch from Nikki’s nose.

She turned to me. “He’s bigger than you.”

“Yeah. That’s OK though. I’ll bet you can take it.”

Paul’s cock was indeed much thicker and longer than mine. He wasn’t enormous but he was a little over average. He was also as hard as granite and his balls were bigger than mine; they hung low between legs. He took hold of his cock and gave it a couple of leisurely strokes while pointing it at Nikki’s face.

Nikki, hesitated. She looked at me again and I nodded. She reached up and displaced Paul’s hand by wrapped her fist around his cock. She simultaneously pulled him toward her mouth and leaned forward toward him. She pursed her lips and took just the head in her mouth. She stopped, backed off and turned to me again.

“It’s alright, Nikki. You have my permission. I promise you that I won’t be mad if you suck Paul’s cock for him.”

She still didn’t seem sure but leaned in again, put his cockhead back into her mouth and began to suck on him. She bobbed her head back and forth while slowly and deliberately taking more of Paul’s cock into her mouth each time. She’d been at it for a few minutes when she finally had all of him in her mouth and down her throat. She looked up at him and then tried cut her eyes toward me.

I stepped up beside Paul and put my hand on top of her head. She looked at me and I smiled back at her. “You’re doing great, sweetie.” I started to guide her head back and for along Paul’s cock. “She’s great, right?”

For his part, Paul was standing, feet wide apart, with his hands on his hips. He was starting to rock his hips in time with Nikki’s efforts. “Bishop, she’s amazing!”

“Are you going to cum in her mouth.”

“If she keeps this up, I won’t be able not to.”

“Nikki, do you want him to cum in your mouth or in your pussy?”

Nikki stopped for a moment, withdrew Paul’s cock and said, “In my pussy.”

“Paul, would you mind cumming in Nikki’s pussy instead?”

“Not at all, buddy. Not at all.”

I took Nikki by the shoulder and she stood up facing Paul and me. I reached for the hem of her sundress and pulled it up. She raised her arms and I pulled her dress off over her head. I indicated her thong panties and said, “Paul, since you guessed the right colour, will you do the honours?”

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