Not Gay, Butt… Ch. 02

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Part one of this story introduced us to Ron and Jessica, a couple who had discovered a new sexuality, invigorating their marriage. In part one, Ron had been indoctrinated into by his wife into anal penetration. The two plan to buy a strap on for her to use, but this story is about Jessica opening up her back door for her husband.


Ron and his lovely wife Jessica’s sex life has been reawakened. Problems that they had in the recent past were all but forgotten with their freshly discovered sense of sexual adventure. Gone were Jessie’s inhibitions involving oral sex, and she had even promised Ron that she would try anal again. The one time that Ron had tried to fuck his wife in the ass hadn’t worked out. Ron was too impatient, and Jessica wasn’t patient or adventurous enough. That had all changed after she had bought some sex toys and surprised him by fucking his ass with a seven inch vibrating dildo. He “took it like a man” and impressed his shy wife who it seems had her sexual giant awakened.

Jessica had experienced trouble accepting his cock in her cunt until their recent experience, but it seems that once the dam broke the flood of pussy juice was without limit. The two enjoyed fucking like they never had before, and for a time the promise of back door action on Jessie’s beautiful ass was forgotten. Ron enjoyed the tight squeeze of her womanhood surrounding his cock, and the generous amount of her slippery nectar that she would bathe his member in when they fucked. Of course he loved that taste, that smell of a woman in heat. His favorite new thing with her was that she enjoyed him tasting her ‘slept in’ pussy. “There’s nothing like the sensuous scent and flavor of a woman when she first awakens in the morning, a light odor of piss along with the intoxicating aroma of her womanly juices” thought Ron.

This was a special morning for them though, as they had both decided that it was time for Jessica to take the ‘back door plunge’. He woke up with his usual morning wood and glanced over at his slumbering wife who had recently taken up sleeping in the nude. The light blonde down on her sex beckoned to his tongue and nose, her legs slightly spread as she laid there in their king sized bed. Taking his time, trying not to wake her too soon he slid next to her and hovered his face over his target, inhaling deeply as he neared her womanhood. That scent drove his cock mad, sending precum out the slit on the end in a small rivulet that dripped over his wife’s leg and formed a little puddle there. He dipped his finger in his lubrication and gently ran it along her slit, smiling as her lips glistened with his fluid. Lowering his face to her sex, he slid his tongue along those same lips, enjoying his own taste mingled with her scent. She began to stir as she drifted from the world of slumber to the coherent, her legs instinctively opening to allow her husband better access to her flavor.

“I can see you’re not wasting any time this morning lover” she murmured to him as she became fully awake. “Only a crazy man would pass on the chance to taste you,” came his reply, slightly muffled by his lips nearness to her cunt. Now that she was awake he took advantage, dipping his tongue deeply into her pussy, slurping up her flavor, savoring her scent. He was careful not to press on her bladder as he knew she had to pee. Raising her legs up a little higher he delved into her even deeper, exploring her lower region fully, even circling his tongue around her crinkled rose bud. Jessica squirmed at the touch of the sensitive muscle, and she felt a little sensation as if she was peeing. “Oh yeah” thought Ron, “she’s leaking a little piss for me to add to her flavor.”

The realization that he not only tolerated her little leak but welcomed it made him wonder if he could get into urination. He’d read stories about it, but never really gave trying it much thought. “Damned if I’m not getting more and more demented every day” he thought as he sucked on her damp pussy, licking and swallowing every drop that she had to offer.

“I think I peed a little, honey” she groaned to her husband, his ministrations making it difficult for her to speak. “I think you did baby, and it’s turning me on even more, if that’s possible,” he replied in between licks. “We may just have to explore that some more.”

He continued eating his breakfast in bed, Jessica moaning and writhing up to him, spreading her legs as wide as possible to get more and more of his tongue inside of her. She felt herself wishing that he could fit his whole head in her wet cunt. “That’s it baby, you’re gonna make me cum all over your face! Eat me baby, I want to feel your tongue in my ass.”

Not needing any more prompting he lowered his tongue and slid it into her tight back door, wriggling it as far into the brown hole as he could. Circling her clit with his thumb brought the reward they were both looking for as her spasms wracked her body in a powerful orgasm. “Oh yessssssssssssssss!” she cried, humping her ass off of the mattress into her loving husbands face. His tongue left her ass-hole and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri moved up to her melting cunt, lapping up all of the sweet morning nectar that she offered.

Slowly they both came down from their euphoria, Ron moving up to cover her mouth with his, their tongues intermingling in a passionate mutual sigh. “Baby, I need to suck your cock” she told him, reaching down to feel his iron filled member. “I need it too Jess, because if I was to try to fuck your ass now I’ll come in two strokes. Empty my balls for me you sexy slut.”

She was more than willing to comply with his wish as she slid down his body to engulf his engorged cock. Her tongue slathered the length of his rigid member, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside and enflamed corona. She spun her tongue around the pink head and poked it into the slit on the end, tasting the precum that escaped from it. Squeezing his cock yielded even more of the tasty liquid, and she used this slippery juice to coat her finger just before sliding it into his wrinkled butt hole. At the same time that she began finger fucking his ass she opened her throat and swallowed his entire cock, the head pressing against her tonsils as he writhed in ecstasy. “Oh, unnnnnnnnnn he moaned,” the pleasure intensified by her finger in his rectum. “You’re gonna get a rich reward very soon my hot little suck slut.” Jessie pushed her finger as far as she could into his butt and sucked even harder, feeling his already steel like member getting still harder as the head expanded and began pulsing in her throat. Wave after wave of pleasure shot through his body as he injected ropes of cum into her mouth and down her throat. Swallowing as much as she was able to Jessie pumped and sucked on his throbbing member, greedily milking all of the jizz from his balls and into her stomach. Try though she did, his orgasm was so intense that some spilled from her mouth and onto her chin, and as she rose up dripped between her breasts.

“I didn’t think I could ever come that hard babe, you’ve turned into one grade A cocksucker” he told her, kissing her lips and licking his cum from between her tits. He cupped her pussy in his hand and tongue kissed her deeply, his finger slipping into her wetness as he savored the taste of their combined juices once again. “What do you think sweetie, are ya ready to get butt-fucked soon?”

She had almost forgotten her imminent ass deflowering in the heat of passion, but she bucked up and replied, “As soon as you’re up for it lover.” “It won’t be long sweet butt” he smiled. “Let’s have some breakfast that’s more sustaining than come and pussy juice. I have a feeling we’re going to need all the energy we can muster for your ass christening.”

Ron and Jessica had pretty much forgotten about their botched attempt at anal a few years ago, and were considering this the first experience. After all, he’d just barely poked his dickhead inside of her ass when she stopped him, there was certainly no stroking and poking involved. “Your virgin ass is in trouble today, Jess. After today you’re gonna be my anal slut.” “Just like you’re my ass slut, eh Ron?” Jessica winked back.

Jessica cooked up a hearty meal of ham, eggs and hash browns and served it to her soon to be anal king. They ate ravenously, the mornings workout had stoked their appetites. “Tastes almost as good as you,” Ron commented, stepping behind her as she stood at the sink cleaning up the last vestiges of their meal. “Let me compare just to make sure.” He kneeled behind her and lifted her robe to expose her pussy and ass hole, burying his face between her glorious globes of butt flesh, tongue slithering up and down her crack, tickling her crinkled opening and teasing its way into her cunt. He gave her pussy a big suck, then smacked his lips and commented, “Nope, without a doubt you taste better!” She just smiled and pushed her ass back towards his face, encouraging his sampling. She wriggled her butt and spread her cheeks with a grin, getting in the mood for what was coming up. Moving her leg back a bit she felt his crotch and noticed that he was becoming hard again. “I think that my ass is going to love that big cock opening it up, lover” she encouraged.

Ron was a patient man, but he was becoming more and more eager to feel the inside of Jess’s rectum, so he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. “Oh my, you’re such a forceful man when my ass is on the line darling” she cooed. “I take it you’re ready to fuck me?” “I sure am baby, and I’ve got things prepared to get you ready too.” After removing her robe and stepping back to admire her beauty, he laid her down on their bed and ran his hands up and down her body, caressing her inner thighs and tickling the light down that adorned her pussy. Reaching into the small suitcase that Jessie had filled with love lotions and sex toys, he found the feather applicator and sweet almond honey dust. He lightly coated her breasts with the aromatic powder and twirled the feathers under her chin, across her lips and eyes, and around her forehead before güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri dipping it again and tracing the lines of her pussy lips. “Ooooh, such a sensuous man” she complimented. “I’m eager to feel my cock in your ass lady, but I’m keeping myself in complete control this time. My prick is shouting at me to roll you over and fill you full of meat, but my mind knows better. We’re going to savor this moment; its memory will stay with us forever.”

Jessica simply nodded her agreement and enjoyed his sensual treatment, opening up for him in invitation to possess her body completely. Ron was eager to please and continued with the feather applicator and honey dust, tickling the inside of her thighs and tracing a path along her smoothly shaven calves. He moistened the wooden handle of the brush and teased her clit with the feathers, then turned it around and spread her pussy lips with it. “Ummmmm, yes, push it in me just a little hun” she encouraged. He wriggled it a little to spread her lips even further and watched as the knob disappeared into her pussy, while at the same time his tongue found her swollen clit and pressed on the base, up to the tip and back down again. “Ah yes baby, so nice!” she moaned.

Ron continued circling her clit with his tongue and reached for a bottle that he had all prepared for her. He coated the applicator with lubricant and slid it into her ass-hole, slowly penetrating her sphincter until it was inserted all the way, then began sliding it back and forth into her virgin butt. His tongue kept her distracted enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable for the alien presence in her rectum, until he squeezed the bottle to fill her with the enema fluid. She immediately felt full as he emptied the contents into her bowels, trying to clinch her hole shut to keep the fluid in. Ron removed the applicator and replaced it with his hand, helping her hold it in for a bit, all the while administering to her clit in a sensuous rhythm.

After a couple of minutes they both decided that it was time to empty out, so he helped her up and walked her to the bathroom where she found relief. Filling the bottle again with warm water he slid it back into her ass one more time to make sure she was good and rinsed out. They stepped hand in hand into the shower and Ron treated her to a thorough washing and rinsing, paying close attention to her butt.

“I think I’m ready lover, how about you?” Jessica asked her eager husband. She already knew the answer but had to ask it anyhow. “Your ass is mine Jess!”

He toweled her off and dried himself before picking her up and carrying her to their bed. She immediately assumed a prostrate position, her face in her pillow and her beautiful ass high in the air. Ron was finding it hard to slow down, taking in the view of his once cold wife offering her beautiful virgin ass to him, but he steeled himself and somehow found patience. Spreading her cheeks he dipped his tongue into her pussy, moving it up higher to her puckered rosebud. Shaping it into a point he pushed into her, and as he did he felt he flex to open up for him, as he had shown her. His tongue entered her farther than it ever had before; her freshly washed butt-hole felt so good squeezing it. He worked on her ass with his tongue for a bit, and then replaced it with a lubed finger.

Soon he had his middle finger buried to the hilt in her ass, and she writhed toward him, moaning about how wonderful it felt. “Come on baby, I’m ready for your cock up my ass” she pleaded, wriggling against his invading finger. Ron was ready too, and as he rose up he coated his cock with plenty of lube, smearing more on her crinkled opening and aiming the head towards its goal. “Oh yeah baby, butt-fuck me!” she moaned, “Please, please, now!” He slid his lubricated pole up and down the crack of her ass until it was aimed at her dark opening, pressing gently forward to open her up. Jessie flexed her ass again, and her eyes popped open as that big cock head slipped into her virgin hole. “Oh my, slowly baby. Your cock is so big!” she instructed. Ron didn’t move a muscle for a moment, allowing his lovely wife to get accustomed to the anal penetration. Slowly, ever so slowly Jessica began to move back towards him, but she found it impossible to impale herself on his engorged prick. She was starting to have misgivings about this whole thing, and Ron sensed it. He pulled back and slipped his cock free of the tight grip her sphincter had on the head, allowing his love instant relief. In seconds though, Jessie felt empty, her desire to have his cock in her ass overcame the fear of the pain, and she reached back to grab the marauding monster, aiming it once again at her tight opening.

“Try it again lover, nice and easy.” Ron resumed his position behind her and pushed into his wife’s butt again, this time it went in a bit easier, and just a fraction of an inch further. “Yes baby, I’m opening up for you, slow, slow, slide that big dick into my butt.” Gently, agonizingly slowly he pressed forward, trying to sense her feelings. He knew she wanted güvenilir bahis şirketleri his entire manhood up her ass, but neither of them was sure she could take it. Jessica felt trepidation, desire and wonder at the feeling she was experiencing. Part of her wanted to wrench away and free herself of the marauding cock that was splitting her asshole, but another part needed to feel the entire shaft filling her. The two lovers seemed to be feeling and thinking as one, Ron only moving when he felt she was ready, and Jessica doing her best to open up for her loving husband.

When he glanced down at his shaft buried about a third of the way in her ass he immediately came. He couldn’t believe it, he didn’t want to, but he had no control over it. The sight of his cock stretching her sphincter and disappearing between her cheeks was more than his libido could take, and he began shooting his sperm deep into her butt. “Oh babe, I can’t help it, I’m filling your ass with my cum!” he announced without warning. “Yes darling, do it, I can feel your cock pulsing in my ass, shoot it deep into me!” she encouraged.

His shooting sperm added to the already generous amount of lubrication in her rectum, and although he tried not to push into her as he came, his involuntary spasms overcame his control and he slid deeper into her ass. He was amazed that his cock didn’t go soft after coming. It lost a slight bit of rigidity, but stayed hard enough to bury itself in her stretched ass-hole.

“AAAhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmmmmmmmm!” She cried out when his cocked found the depths of her bowels. “Oh baby, baby I’ve got all of it!”

It seems that Jessica had a sexual epiphany at that moment. She came to the realization that she could take his whole cock in her ass, and that she loved it. He wasn’t moving, but she could feel his balls pressed against her pussy, and she could feel the pulse in his dick. She needed to feel it stroking in and out of her butt, and she told him. “Fuck me now baby, I can take it, I love it my darling!” she encouraged her husband.

Ron was worried at first, when he heard what he took as an agonized scream, but was elated to discover that it was not of pain, but of complete pleasure. He slowly withdrew from her depths and paused with just the head stretching her sphincter, and moved forward once again until he was half way in, then pulled out again, repeating this action with more penetration on each stroke. Jessica felt stretched, filled by his erect man flesh, the slight amount of discomfort waning with each foray into her darkness. Soon they developed a rhythm, no words were spoken as they melted together in extreme sensuous pleasure. His in strokes were met with her pushing back to him, allowing full penetration into her back door. The pressure of her sphincter stretched around his member was wringing his cock like a vise, his balls slapped against her cuntlips each time he entered her fully. They fucked like this silently for a couple of minutes when Ron realized that he wasn’t paying attention to the rest of his wife’s erogenous zones. Reaching forward he cupped her breasts in both hands, squeezing her nipples hard as he massaged her flesh.

“Oh yeah baby, pinch my nipples, they’re so sensitive, pinch them hard!” she cried out as this added stimulation increased her pleasure. “Play with your cunt Jess, slide your fingers in there, spread your juices on your clit!” he prompted his moaning wife.

Jessica’s head was pushed into her pillow, her ass raised up to meet her husbands thrusts as she readily complied with his instructions, cupping her pussy with her right hand and sliding two fingers into her dripping snatch. She slid her middle finger as far up her cunt as she was able, searching for and finding her elusive g-spot. Pushing up and rubbing her finger back and forth produced waves of pleasure as she continued to hump back at her husbands marauding cock. Ron let go of her left tit and reached down between her legs to massage her engorged clit, setting of the first of several multiple spasms through her body.

“Yes yes yes yes lover, rub me, fuck me, I’m coming so hard!” she exclaimed as one orgasm melted into the next. She was unable to distinguish when one ended and the next one began, and didn’t care. All she cared about were the fingers pleasuring her sensitive zones and the very hard cock pistoning in and out of her ass.

Ron felt his own orgasm approaching, trying desperately to hang on until his wife had experienced her full compliment of pleasure, not wanting to stop or slow down his pumping into her rectum. “I can’t take it any more babe, I’m filling you with my sperm!” he announced as his cock erupted in her ass, pulsing and throbbing as he emptied his balls deep into her being.

The two lovers writhed and moaned together in total ecstasy, juices spilling between them flooding their bed and coating their legs and thighs. “Fuck Jess, you’re squeezing the life out of me!” offered Ron, “Pump those ass muscles, milk all of the jizz from me baby!” Jessie complied as much as she was able, but her incredible orgasm had drained most of her strength. Slowly the two came down from their euphoric sexual cloud as their bodies drained themselves of all energy. Ron lay on his now prone wife, his hand still between her legs touching her own hand that remained there, a finger still buried in her sopping cunt.

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