Nicola Ch. 01

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Nicola has just turned sweet 18. Unable to get into college due to low grades she is stuck living at home under the watchful gaze of her over protective parents. This however doesn’t stop her from experimenting with her sexuality and exploring new means of getting her kicks.

Part 1:

Nicola was bursting for a pee. She had been banished to her bedroom following on from an incident where her younger sister had revealed Nicola’s activities the night before. It had been stupid of her to allow herself to be caught kissing her lesbian girlfriend at the gate at the back of the house and even more so for not getting to Angela first before the young brat could spill the beans on her sister’s sexual preferences. Needless to say, her parents had been less than thrilled to discover that their not-so-little girl was more infatuated with girls than with boys. Her punishment had yet to be thought up, her parents more than likely enjoying an endless stream of ideas of how to strip away her freedom whilst in the mean time she was to remain in her room.

She really needed to go to the bathroom now, an intense fire burning in her insides. Her parents however had been very strict about her bedroom door remaining closed until they were ready to see her again. This put Nicola in a very awkward situation. Should she risk her parent’s wrath by visiting the bathroom or should she simply find a different alternative to relieve the intense need in her bladder.

Nicola surveyed her bedroom desperate for inspiration. There was nothing large enough to use as a make shift potty. Even her bedroom bin was constructed of woven wooden slats and as such completely unsuitable as a latrine. She gazed over at her bedroom window recalling a party she had been to where first the boys had started pissing out the upstairs windows before the girls joined in by hanging their bums out of the dinning room window and peeing into the bushes below. Nicola had been severely drunk by this stage and remembered little of the event apart from her own turn where she had quickly yanked down her panties and placed her thighs on the cold wooden window frame before sliding backwards to hang her bum cheeks out into the chilled night air. A lovely warm feeling had then started to spread between her legs as a fat gushing stream of her honey coloured pee shot from her pussy hole and started to patter noisily down onto the ground below.

Nicola walked over to her large cebeci escort bedroom window. It was a two pane affair with one quarter opening outwards. This would make it an easy affair to hold onto the edges whilst squatting with her bum over the lip and relieving her pent up piss over the brickwork side of the house. The idea was so tempting and Nicola could feel the butterflies starting to dance in her stomach as she slid open the window. A cool breeze wafted into the room from the dark night outside. The chill of the air caused Nicola to loose control of her bladder for a split moment and she suddenly felt a warm spot growing at the base of her panties as some of her pee escaped her pussy lips. The feeling of peeing in her panties was electric and for a split moment she was very tempted to continue the flow of piss into her underwear. The warm spot between her legs where the small amount of spent pee had been absorbed by her underwear felt so lovely that she longed to continue going to the toilet in her clothes. However, she was far too conscious that she could be summoned downstairs at a moment’s notice and it might not aid her parent’s foul mood to find their daughter wearing piss stained jeans.

Nicola peered out of the window. To her intense disappointment the light from the room down below was on which meant that there was a very good chance that having a naughty pee out of her window would result in her golden rain falling to the earth below being seen by her irate parents. With immense reluctance Nicola closed the window. She could almost no longer stand the urge in her bladder and she realised that she was only moments away from involuntarily opening her pussy lips and starting to squirt her piss into her lower garments. Desperately she started to undo her jeans, her trembling fingers struggling with the top button before sliding down her fly. As the tight hugging denim slid from around her pert, well formed bum cheeks her white panties came into view. Her underwear was a matching set; virgin white in colour with a lace pattern of flowers sewn into the material. Within moments of her jeans leaving her ankles, her panties were following suite, allowing her curly mass of pubic pussy hairs to appear, nestled in a small triangular shape between her creamy thighs.

Now she was half naked, her lower garments discarded on the floor. The seconds were running out for Nicola. Here she was all ready to take a piss, half naked çukurambar escort her bum and hairy muff on open display and yet nowhere to go. At the very last second Nicola acted. Dashing to the end of her bed she yanked open the large chest like Ottoman and immediately placed her bare butt cheeks down over the wooden rim. With an incredible sense of almost indescribable exhilaration Nicola started pissing. Instantly her pee hole nestled under her clit in her pussy opened wide, allowing a thick gushing torrent of body warmed urine to come jetting out of her cunt and spray over the contents of the Ottoman.

With a loud sigh of intense pleasure and relief, Nicola settled down to enjoy her piss. Parting her legs she gazed downwards with dancing butterflies in her belly whilst she observed the incredible mess she was making with her pee. Down past her erect breasts, her nipples visible as they poked through the thin fabric of her bra and blouse, her eyes wandered over her belly and to the exposed mass of flesh and pubic hairs on display below. Surely enough her golden pee stream was shooting out of her pussy with incredible force and to her horror she discovered that she was actually busily urinating all over her winter clothing. Her gushing squirt of piss emanating from her pussy hole was washing over two separate items of clothing; her white ski jacket which now had a growing yellow stain forming over the hood as she peed all over it, and a thick red jumper which was catching the offshoot of her piss as her urine stream bounced off the former and onto the latter. Nicola could barely believe what she had been reduced to doing. The jumper was easy to replace but the ski jacket was an expensive commodity and she could barely afford to be see wearing a piss stained hood on the ski slopes!

Try as she might Nicola found she couldn’t halt the stream of piss leaving her pussy. The urge in her bladder was still too strong, the need to continue peeing too intense. Between her legs her golden pee shower continued to flow out of her pussy hole before spraying her clothing with a hot wash of squirting piss. Desperately she reached down between her legs and grabbed hold of her ski jacket and pulled it out and clear of her shooting pee fountain. Warm spots of pee landed on her arm as droplets of urine bounced from the main impact point of Nicola’s golden piss shower. Instead of being disgusted with having peed over herself, Nicola demetevler escort found the sensation to be rather nice. Staring back down at her pissing muff she marvelled at the thrill she was getting from taking her piss like this at the bottom of her bed. Her pussy fountain was now playing over a second jumper, this one a dark blue affair. It was already covered with a growing dark stain which spread by the second as her peeing continued. The way in which her piss flowed so easily out of her pussy in such a naughty place as this was an incredible turn on. She had never once imagined that she could get such a feeling from having a pee like this. The sheer naughtiness and exhilaration of squirting her pee in a location other than a toilet bowl was intoxicating. Her golden pee stream looked wonderful as it continued to flow from her pussy lips, the feeling of relief in her bladder growing along with another much darker sensation.

Slowly Nicola ran her one hand down her exposed belly below her blouse, moving lower and lower towards her pussy. Finally her fingers were running through the tangled mass of her curly pubic hairs before with she reached her clit. It was like a jolt of electricity running through every pleasure cell in her body as she fingered the little fleshy protuberance above her open pee hole. She couldn’t hold back now and with complete abandonment Nicola let her fingers stray further. Instantly a warm wet sensation started to play over her fingers as her hand moved into her shooting pussy shower of hot piss. This was an incredibly gorgeous moment for the young woman and she savoured every second. Now with eyes shut in complete bliss and sexual arousal Nicola continued to happily play with herself. Between her legs her right hand moved up and down, changing every second or so from playing with her clit to entering her hot pee shower gushing from her pussy. As the moments passed the volume of pee leaving her slit began to wane, her desperate toilet coming to an end. By now Nicola was in such a state of sexual euphoria that was barely aware of the fact. As soon as her pee hole closed, her probing fingers were sliding inside of her warm wet love hole sending her hormones into overdrive. For a split second Nicola’s pussy lips parted to allow a new squirting jet of piss to shoot out over her winter clothing before closing again. In fact Nicola was so far lost in her own private world of ecstasy that she was completely oblivious to the sound of her father’s footsteps ascending the stairs. Not even the turning of the door handle stirred Nicola from her intense finger fuck; her soft moans of intimate pleasure the only sound in her ears. Seconds later and the bedroom door started to open as her burly father entered the room….

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