Nick and Maria’s Reunion: Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction- any similarities of names is purely coincidence. And yes, everyone in this story is 18 years old.

* * * * * * * *

Nick Enriquez had been my best friend once upon a time. Ironically, given the story, I had met him through church. He was an older brother of a younger schoolmate, and I had gone up to him to talk because, well, he was cute. He was around five foot-eleven inches, tan, toned… he had dark black hair and somewhat hazel eyes. Not to mention, even though he was popular, he was a total nerd when it came to Marvel and Star Wars.

I don’t remember how, but we started texting on Instagram. We talked non-stop, every day and every night. And the thing about Nick was that he was a big flirt, even if he had his eyes set on someone else. I learned everything I could about him- his favorite games, his favorite sports team, and his family. He grew up sheltered, and I often had to teach him certain things about sex and girls or even simple things like cultural happenings.

But I had made a mistake- I had fallen in love with this charming and innocent flirt. The worst part was that I wasn’t the young woman I am today- I was fatter, and less confident and I always thought he wasn’t attracted to me. I was right- when I confessed, he made his own confession as well: He didn’t like me. That wasn’t what broke the friendship though. Not even when I talked to his friends and flirted with them.

I found out his love interest- let’s call her Kaitlyn- was flirting with other boys and being… promiscuous. I told him, but he didn’t believe me. It turned into a big argument, and we never spoke again. But I was still friends with his sister- my younger (ex)-schoolmate, named Elyssa.

Now, even though still chubby, I have thinned out in all the right places- I was more attractive than ever at nineteen. I was latina- olive skin, shoulder length black hair, brown eyes with long lashes… I had plump and pink lips, 36C breasts, a thin waist, and an ass that resembled Kim K- cellulite included- and all God given. Every week, I often hung out with his sister- Elyssa.

I loved going to his house, sitting on his couch, and watching him avoid me like the plague. I liked to rub in his face that even though he didn’t want me in his life, I was still in it. He had definitely grown up too- he had muscles and had gotten a haircut, he had gotten a little taller… he was a man now. I could recall all the times when we were friends that he would call me a ‘thick queen’ or a ‘curvy goddess’.

I wasn’t a virgin- not by a long shot. But when I was, my confidence barely existed. Now? Every man I’ve ever slept with could get a boner for me even after I just made them cum- I knew I was sexy and desirable now without a doubt. So whenever I went to his house, I would wear the shortest ripped shorts I had, I would wear low-cut crop tops, and always wear perfume. I knew that even though he barely reacted, I knew that when I bent over in front of him, his eyes were on me.

I walked out of the bathroom in Elyssa’s house. It was my lucky night- I had finally convinced their mom to let me sleep over. The PJs I wore were skintight garnet shorts and a tank top. I walked down the hall towards Elyssa’s room, ignoring the urge to glance inside Nick’s room as I passed it, and mockingly gasped as Elyssa tore down our pillow fort.

“Oh- Sorry.” Elyssa giggled. Elyssa was barely seventeen- she was pure of heart and still slightly sheltered by her mom. She got up, a sheepish smile on her face, “I was thinking we’d call it a night.”

“Alright, that sounds good.” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Elyssa was also a goody-two-shoes and never did anything wrong. She always slept early, she always obeyed her mother, and never did anything considered ‘ungodly’. Even through all that, she was still one of my best friends- even when she knew I was basically a whore.

I laid on the floor beside her bed after we fixed everything and put our things away. Elyssa smiled at me from her bed, “Goodnight, Maria.”

“Goodnight, Elyssa.” I closed my eyes, but I feigned sleep as I fantasized- my panties were soaked as I daydreamed about Nick. Him kissing me after an argument with me- bending me over roughly, and fucking me so hard that he has to cover my mouth so my moans wouldn’t wake the whole house. The more I thought of it, the more I had to conjure up, and the more I was horny. I scoffed to myself as I thought about how different I was back then- nerdy and fat, as to now: horny and slim thick.

I didn’t know how long it was when I sat up and breathed in deeply. I felt like I couldn’t get enough air- I slowly and quietly got up, walking on the carpet with my bare feet as I walked past Nick’s room again, past the living room, and into their kitchen. I sighed heavily as I opened their cabinet, and grabbed the bag of cheetos I had seen there earlier. I went over to the counter and climbed onto it, sitting and resting my head against the cabinets as I munched on the chips. I heard a door open and close-

I artemisbet yeni giriş froze, and watched as Nick walked into the kitchen. His lean and muscular body was dressed with a blank tank top and his sweats- I glanced down one, seeing the faintest outline of his delicious dick. He squinted at me, and cocked his head. “Are you eating my chips?”

“I guess I am.” I said, and held out the chips. He gingerly took the chips, his eyes looking me up and down as his fingers grazed mine. Nick turned away, and I realized this would be my chance. My breath hitched, and I lowered my tank top before speaking. “Sorry for taking the virgin’s chips.”

He stopped in his tracks, and then looked at me with furrowed brows. His lips had stayed the same- always serious, but with just a hint of a smile. “What did you just say?”

“I said sorry.” I said, my lips smirking.

“No.” Nick took a step toward me, and another. “You said I’m a… I-” He was dumbfounded, I suppose. “Are you not a virgin?”

I licked my lips, looking down and then back at him coyly. “What do you think?”

“There’s no way you…” Nick trailed off, his eyes narrow as they looked me up and down. My tank top’s cleavage showed the top of my breasts and the lacy brassiere I had picked up. It’s bright teal color contrasted my olive skin- and his eyes were trained on it. “You wouldn’t.”

“I did.” I confessed. In truth, Nick had always been my first love. Even when I had my first boyfriend, I still always loved Nick. No matter who or what I did, Nick had and always would be a constant in my mind. “Haven’t you?”

“I… I have done some things.” Nick looked down, his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. He walked closer, his eyes looking into mine intensely. “I’m not that easy-“

“I’m not easy.” I pouted my lips, “If anything, I’m picky.”

“Oh really? Then tell me your body count.” Nick challenged, his hands going to either side of me, and I cleared my throat at the close proximity. My knees were touching his abdomen and… groin.

“Nine.” I breathed out, and his hand snaked onto my thigh. I swallowed, never breaking eye contact with Nick as his hand hitched higher.

“Nine?” He asked, his fingertips meeting the hem of my shorts. His hand gripped my thigh, and his thumb rubbed the skin near my dripping sex. His muscular frame, his body so close… He practically glared down at me as his thumb went down to teasingly rub at my pussy through the tight shorts. I let out a silent gasp as my mouth gaped open, my hands turning into fists. I didn’t want to speak- I didn’t want to ruin this moment at all. Nick leaned in, his breath tickling my ear when he spoke, “Tell me about all of them.”

“Athan was my first.” I gasped out.

“Did it feel good?” He hoarsely whispered.

I exhaled shakily, his thumb rubbing harsher now and not so teasingly. “Sometimes- but he was a virgin too. He didn’t know what he was doing…”

“And your second?” The hand that had been rubbing at my wet sex moved upwards, tentatively squeezing my breast.

“A man named Victor in Vegas. He ate me out on his bathroom counter and… and then fucked me hard.” I let out a sharp gasp as Nick ripped down my brassiere, and goosebumps spread across my skin as my breasts met cool air. He bent down, looking at my tits like a man who had been hungry all his life. “I don’t remember the second one’s name- he was from Houston and was in my hotel. I went to his room and fucked him too- doggy style.”

Nick’s mouth latched onto my nipple, and I lowly moaned as my hand went to grip his shoulder tightly. His tongue rubbed roughly against my nipple’s bud, and he suckled so tightly and intensely.

I continued, breathless, “Then there was another Victor in Covina. He fucked me in his car at least ten times- I don’t even remember. He always made me cum- ah.” He nibbled on my nipple harshly, and I whimpered as my other hand dug into his hair. “Then there was Andrew. He hit deep and hard- but we only did it twice. And then there was Nicholas-“

He looked up at me as he pulled away from my nipple, his eyebrow raised. I shrugged, “A different Nicholas. He was one of the best.”

“And why is that?” Nick leaned, his nose rubbing against mine. I rubbed his cheek with my thumb.

“Because he was rough, and I love it when they’re rough…” My hand went lower, looking down at his muscular frame as my hand went down to his chest. “When they choke me, when they bite me… when they spank me…”

“Oh yeah?” Nick hummed, and his hand suddenly went to grasp my throat, making me meet his eyes. I swallowed, and he leaned in and pressed his lips against mine roughly. I moaned, kissing him back immediately. I felt the tension hit its climax as we made out passionately. His hands went to my waist, grasping it roughly and moving me forward and making it so I wrapped my legs around his waist. His large bulge rubbed against my clit, and I whimpered loudly into his mouth. He pulled away, panting, and covered my mouth as he rubbed against my throbbing artemisbet giriş wet pussy again. “You’re too loud.” My eyelids fluttered shut, and I moaned into his hand as he did it again. He was such a fucking tease- I needed more. I looked up at him, begging and whimpering as he dry-humped against me. “What’s wrong, Maria? Need more?”

I nodded, humping against him with desperation. All I could think about was him putting his dick inside of me- in and out. He nodded along, “Me too.”

He pulled away, pulling down his sweatpants and boxers. I hastily did the same, and took off my shorts completely. Nick looked down with a raised brow at my lacy panties. I looked down at his cock, licking my lips when he suddenly knelt between my legs. He moved my thighs onto his shoulder, and my ass was basically the only thing left on the counter. He exhaled, his face right in front of my pussy, and I knew he could see my soaked panties- his breath on it made me shiver. “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

“Nick- oh!” I immediately covered my mouth as he shoved his nose against my sex, breathing in my wet scent. He moved his arm and spread my legs further, his fingers tentatively moving my panties to the side.

“You shaved.” Nick observed.

I watched his fascinated expression aimed at my wet and clean-shaven sex. He gave one long lick up my slit. I gasped, throwing my head back. He did it again. And again- he eagerly ate my cunt, kissing and suckling and lapping at my juices with a hunger I’d never seen a man have before. I humped forward, moaning into my hand as I enjoyed the sensation of Nick Enriquez eating me out. I pulled on his hair, riding his face with joy and desperation. I could taste release- I could feel like I was coming close-

His nails dug into the skin of my thighs, and I tensed, my sharp gasp loud as my orgasm overcame me. I bit down my lip, holding in my moans as I came onto Nick’s face. I leaned back with a sigh, panting as I tried to regain my breath.

Nick pulled away, letting out a groan as he licked his lips. His chin was covered in my wetness, and he wiped it with the back of his hand. His cock bobbed as he fully stood, and I salivated at the thought of it inside my mouth. I looked up at him, cheeks red and flustered, “Have you ever had a blowjob?”

“N-Not really.” Nick stammered. I smirked as I hopped off the counter, and then slowly kneeled in front of him as I held eye-contact. I took his cock in my hand gently- I couldn’t even wrap my whole hand around it. I gave a long lick up his shaft, and he hissed as he leaned back and held onto the cool surface of the counter. I gave another small lick to the tip of his dick before happily started to take his dick into my mouth. He let out a low groan, “Ohhhh, fuck.”

I sucked strongly as I swirled the underhead of his cock, and bobbed up and down while using my hand to jerk off the rest I couldn’t take inside my mouth. Nick put his hand on the back of my head, his fingers curling and taking a hold of my black hair.

His grip on my hair tightened, and I could feel his hips instinctively jerk forward. I resisted the gag reflex by breathing in deeply as I placed my hands on his thighs- he moaned as my acrylic nails gently scraped across his skin. He changed position, his hands going to the sides of my face as he inched his legs apart. Suddenly, he started thrusting into my mouth faster. I gripped his legs, not resisting as I sucked as hard as I could, as his balls slapped against my chin. The clapping of his skin against mine only made my pussy more than soaking. Nick bit down on his bottom lip, his face contorting into one of euphoria as he felt his climax approaching. His thrusts into your face became sloppy, and he suddenly held still inside you as the first spurt of cum hit the back of your throat. You swallowed every drip of cum, sucking greedily with a surprised moan. He let go of your head, and you pulled away panting- gasping for air, and licking my lips. I leaned away from him, grasping the cum on top of my chest and putting it in my mouth.

Nick breathed rapidly, and helped me stand. He suddenly leaned in, kissing me with a groan. I kissed him back, roughly running my hands through his hair with a firm tug. He murmured as he pulled away, “You’re so fucking hot…”

He picked me up by the thighs, and put me on the counter while he continued kissing me with a groan. He dragged me over to the edge, and suddenly separated my thighs as he pushed his cock against my wet sex.

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to be ready so soon.” I breathed out, somewhat nervous. There was no going back once we crossed this line.

“Ready?” He asked, one of his hands held my cheek, and he pressed his lips against mine when I nodded. He pushed forward- and I gasped as the head of his dick started to stretch me out. I looked him in the eye as my face contorted, my mouth agape and my fingernails digging into his skin intensely.

“Holy fuckkk.” Nick slowly pushed his cock in to the hilt as I writhed and gasped against him. artemisbet güvenilirmi I grasped his chin, and made him look at me while I hooked my ankles around his waist. He held still, allowing me to adjust as I panted- I was somehow still aching for more. I moved my ankles slightly, and he groaned as his hips involuntarily thrust forward. I let out a yelp as he did it again, and he adjusted his stance while he covered my mouth with one hand. I moaned loudly as he withdrew himself, and then plunged back in roughly.

He did it again, and again. I let out whimpers as Nick truly started to fuck me on his kitchen counter. I could feel every ridge and curve on his dick as it thrusted in and out of my wet and tight pussy. He panted, one of his hand gripped onto my shoulder and his face dug into the crevice of my neck. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I closed my eyes shut, his hips clapping against my skin at my pelvis as he fucked me roughly.

Clap, clap, clap. Thud, thud, thud.

“You’re so warm, and so tight.” Nick groaned into my skin.

I nodded against his hand, humping forward just in time with his thrusting. He cursed under his breath, and his nails dug into my thigh so painfully good as he moved his hand. His mouth moved to my shoulder, kissing and nibbling on the skin- the sensations from everything started to overwhelm me.

I whimpered, writhing on his cock as my orgasm came to the brink. I tried to hold it in, to hold onto this perfect moment longer, but I just couldn’t hold it back. I practically screamed into his hand as I came, his dick still pistoning in and out of me as my juices flowed around him. Nick sharply gasped, taking his hand away to hold my back, looking at me with his face construed in pleasure and ecstasy, “Ohh- you’re- you’re so tight around me. Ohhhh, fuck. Fucking hell- Maria-“

“Oh, don’t stop, Nick. Please don’t stop.” I moaned, “Cum inside me- fuck, please cum inside me.”

“Yesss. I’ll cum inside you. Get you pregnant- Cum in you so much that it leaks down your legs-“

“God, yes.” I whispered, crying out.

His thrusts became harsher, sloppy- his breathing in my ear as he started to reach his own climax. I whined, my pussy sensitive as he continued to chase his orgasm. I felt like I was on cloud nine- another wave of immense pleasure washed over me as he fucked me with everything he had. Thrust after thrust, he didn’t stop, and I loved it. I pressed my ankles more on his waist against me, and he grinded up against me with a groan as I felt it- the first spurt of his cum warmed my abdomen, and he held still against my body as he orgasmed inside of me. Nick’s hands held me close, his hands gripping my skin as he moved to kiss me deeply. I kissed him back greedily, holding him close to me.

Nick pulled away with a sigh, and I rested my forehead against his, as we both caught our breath. I swallowed, my thumb rubbing against his cheek as I gently held his face. I couldn’t help but look at him- his face, his slightly crooked nose…

He huffed after a minute, his eyes never leaving mine. For the moment, we were in our own little world. A small bubble where it was okay to be in each other’s arms like this, where reality didn’t exist. He wasn’t my best friend’s brother, he wasn’t my ex-best-friend, or my ex-crush… He was just Nick. Nerdy, stubborn, and endearing Nick Enriquez.

He leaned in again, kissing me softly. Softer than ever before, at least. I kissed him back happily, loving the soft touch accompanied with his loving kiss.

Just as sudden as the sex had begun, Nick pulled away and reality crashed in. He looked away as he pulled up his boxers and sweatpants. I hesitated, before following suit and fixing my clothes.

I stayed on the counter after fixing my clothes, and Nick cleared his throat as he kept his gaze away from me. I was about to speak up when he did so first, “This was a one-time thing.”

“Nick-” I started, but he shook his head as he started to walk away.


I tensed as he exited the kitchen, touching my lips in disbelief. It felt like a fantasy- perhaps something I just daydreamed. But as I felt the warmth in the pit of my stomach, and the way my vagina was still slathered in juices, I knew it was real.

I fell asleep quickly when I laid down in Elyssa’s room this time. Sleep was peaceful and soothing, yet when I woke up, I was sore in my legs and shoulders.

All morning and afternoon, Nick was absent. I hated the way I kept expecting him to show up, to say hi at least… It was almost a relief to finally go home after all the time I had spent anticipating another encounter with Nick, if it hadn’t been such a disappointment.

It was late at night- already eleven when my phone pinged. I got up from my couch, running a hand through my hair as I walked over to where my phone was plugged in. I frowned as I saw it was a message from Nick on social media:

Nickenriquez22: Come outside.

I scoffed to myself before grabbing my slides and then going out on the patio, and I saw Nick’s car- which was usually in the driveway of his parent’s house. I looked down at my appearance, grateful that my jean shorts and hoodie crop-top were cute enough to make me look good. My dad was out, and my sister was asleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32