My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 2

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I had Mandy, my first virgin, naked and gasping on my bed, what I had wanted for so long I was finally going to enjoy. She was 18, with lustrous red hair and a soft thin muff covering her sweet tight pink cunt. Her pink nipples were hard and her soft white body was spread out before me, while she looking into my eyes and moved her hips, pushing onto my fingers.

I eased my fingers out of her cunt and with the same hand took my cock and put the hard wet knob between the lips of her cunt. I rubbed it up and down til I found the sweet spot, and looking into her eyes I used my hips thrust it just a little and looked down to see her tight cunt stretch around the knob and then down onto the shaft of my thick bulging cock as it went in.

When I looked at Mandy’s face her eyes were closed and she had an intense half smile on her face. I leaned forward and put one hand either side of her body with the only point of contact now was four inches of my thick cock in her tight hot flaring cunt. She looked up at me and softly said, “I’m a virgin.” A jolt of adrenalin went right through my body and my cock.

I let my weight push the full length of my hard cock deep into her belly. Mandy moaned and I felt her pushing up, pushing her cunt onto my cock. “Can you feel my cock inside you?” She opened her eyes and gasped, “Yes!” “You aren’t a virgin Mandy.” With that I went down onto my elbows, kissed her deep, bent my back and pushed my cock deep to the hilt.

Mandy arched her back and her eyes closed tight. Her sweet mouth was wide open and she was gasping for breath and letting out a moan while I felt her luscious cunt stretching on my thick hard cock. I held my cock deep, deep in her belly, feeling her pushing down onto my cock, I took hold of her shoulders now and pulled myself even deeper and harder.

I was on top of her now, her tits were pressed flat and my pubic mound was pushing against her clit. I let my mouth fall onto hers and pushed my tongue deep into her throat in a kiss to match my cock going so deep into her soft wet quim. Now I started to move my tongue in her mouth and I started to use my hips to slowly move my cock in her tight virgin cunt.

I don’t have the biggest cock in the world. When it’s angry my cock is a bit over 7 inches long but it is nice and thick, and girls seem to like it. Now I was experiencing the amazing sensation of knowing that whatever the size of my cock, it was the biggest thing Mandy had every felt slip so deep inside her warm, soft, wet quim – and she loved it.

While I kept my tongue busy in her mouth I slowed down and started to enjoy the delicious sensations flooding up from my cock while the thick ridge of my knob rippled along the soft stretching inner folds of Mandy’s cunt. Slowly, slowly I eased my hot heavy meat deep into Mandy’s belly, feeling the thrilling surge up my spine with each thrust.

I had been fucking for four years by this time, four serious girlfriends and a handful of stray fucks when I got lucky at a party. My standards were high and most of the girls I had enjoyed on my cock were intelligent, attractive and confident – and they wanted good sex. I was smart enough to know I had to work on my technique – learning how to control my rampant lust.

The reward for a lot of effort learning how to keep control of my blinding urge to cum in a warm wet cunt was to feel a girl’s cunt spasming and clenching on my cock and the incredible sense of power it gave me to watch and feel a girl totally losing control on my cock. I don’t think you can ever really know a girl til you have made her cum.

Now I was seeing Mandy like no one had every seen her before. This was the feeling that was gonna get me hooked, taking control of a sweet pretty virgin with my cock, feeling her tight wet cunt stretching on my hard cock, watching her face while she had her first experience of something she had thought about again and again, every time she had said no before.

I was gonna use my technique, my control, to make sure Mandy would never forget feeling me opening her up, popping this luscious cherry. Now I broke away from our long long kiss and pushed myself up on my hands. Mandy opened her eyes and I saw that glaze of lust I love so much. While she watched I slowly pushed my cock deep deep into her cunt.

“I love your cunt Mandy!” I said, with a really casino şirketleri heartfelt intensity. “Can you feel my cock? Can you feel my cock in your hot cunt?” As I said “cunt” I thrust my cock hard and deep and Mandy’s eyes flared and her mouth opened. “Can you feel my cock in your cunt? Tell me!” “Yes!” she gasped, “Oh yes!” Her face expressed shock and surprise and pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm now I am gonna fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you? Tell me.” Like most girls, Mandy found it easier to fuck me than to talk about fucking me, but now she was going to learn. Maybe some people don’t get off on talking dirty, but for me, watching a girl tell me she wanted to feel my cock stretching her cunt made lust wash through me.

Mandy was still gasping and moaning with each deep slow thrust of my cock. “Tell me!” I persisted. “Bobbie, I want you to fuck me.” And as she said “fuck” I bent my back and pushed deep. It made her eyes roll and she let out a grunt. This was it. This was fucking. This was the animal act that she had held off from her young life all this time.

Mandy was laying on her back with her legs spread wide. Now I moved my knees up to take my weight and with each hand behind a knee I pushed Mandy’s legs up to her chest while my cock stayed deep in her cunt. Now I just wanted to feel her on my cock, I used my hips to just fuck, thrusting again and again, just enjoying the sensation of wet cunt on bare hot cock.

I put Mandy’s legs over my shoulders so I could reach down and take one of her firm round tits in each hand and squeeze her hard pink nipples. The good thing about having been in a series of steady relationships for me had been getting a lot of sex, lots of practice on my technique, and I had come to love trying all the angles of penetration.

I was gonna make sure Mandy would never forget this first time. Every time some new boyfriend came up with some naughty idea about how to fuck her and asked her, “Have you had it this way before?”, Mandy’s mind would come back to this time and this place, sprawled naked on my bed, with me taking my time to fuck her every way a man could.

Now I let her left leg fall down onto the bed and, keeping my cock in her hot cunt (keeping it in to feel her cunt twist on my knob as I moved her legs), I straddled her leg and then took her other leg and moved it across her body, so now she was on her side, with my cock in her tight twisted cunt, with me holding her right leg pulling myself into her cunt.

I don’t know why exactly, but all the girls I have fucked tell me they feel my cock go deeper in any position than any other, and a girl having her legs crossed like that makes her cunt so tight on my cock. Now I bent my back and thrust my cock deep into Mandy’s belly, pulling on her leg to pull her deeper onto my cock, feeling my knob lodge deep into her cunt.

Mandy bucked with the shock of the feeling of my knob so hot and deep, she let out a sudden gasp and then a deep moan, her cunt tensed up like she was squeezing my shaft with her hand and I just kept my cock deep while she twisted and turned while my cock stretched her tight cunt deep into her belly. She had thought about fucking a lot, but not like this.

Some of the best feelings I have when I fuck don’t have a typical sexy description. Feeling a girl stretch on your hard cock is well described, but how to you describe the sensation you feel when your hard knob is banging against a girl’s cervix, pushing up into her cunt next to her cervix, the only hard place in a girl’s quim. What’s the dirty way of describing that?

Now I leaned forward and let my cock start to just gently move in Mandy’s cunt. My face was just inches from hers, her eyes were shut tight, an expression of pain and ecstacy on her face. “Look at me,” I said, “let me see your eyes.” Mandy moved her face towards mine and opened her eyes, eyes that flared when they saw the lust in mine.

“Are you glad you gave me your cunt?” I smiled, “Do you like my cock?” Mandy was an intelligent girl, a law student, and she was catching on. “Yes Bobbie. I am happy I gave it to you.” “Say it! Say you want me to have your cunt.” “Yes Bobbie, I want you to have my cunt.” As she said it again I thrust my cock deep into her, and she gasped.

I dropped my head now onto her left breast, taking the hard nipple in my mouth, casino firmaları with my back bent like a bow between the two points of contact, my mouth on her nipple and my cock deep in her hot cunt. A lot of girls have told me that when they feel me suckle hard on their nipple while my cock or my fingers are inside their cunt the feel a little jolt, a little twitch.

I sucked hard and Mandy’s nipple and let my teeth catch it on each side, sucking hard then flicking the thick pink button with my tongue, and pushing my cock deep into her cunt. On each flick I felt a little twitch, those incredible muscles that make a girl’s cunt flutter and squeeze when she cums were responding to my mouth. Mandy was moaning again.

Mandy’s cunt felt so luscious on my cock. These days I guess a lot of guys spend a long time fucking before they get to feel that amazing feeling, but these were the days before AIDS, no rubber to blunt sensations, just hot wet cunt to send that crazy electric buzz from your cock down into your balls and up into your brain. Sweet, tight, hot, wet, young, virgin cunt.

I was in heaven having my way with Mandy’s body, but now I wanted to get her into it, to get her fucking. Now I pulled her leg back over and laid down on top of her and kissed her again. Putting my arms around her, and of course keeping my cock lodged deep in her belly, I rolled over taking her with me, so now she was on top, now she would learn to fuck.

Mandy naturally spread her knees apart so now she was straddling me. I broke off the kiss and arched my back and thrust my cock up into her. “Fuck me,” I murmured, “work your hot cunt on my cock.” I used my hands to push her upright, and as her weight started to push her body down onto my thick hard shaft, she tensed again and braced herself with both hands.

I put my hands on her hips and started to work my cock upwards. I could look down and see her cunt lips, a deep hot magenta, stretched around my shaft. “Fuck on me, fuck down onto my cock.” Now Mandy started to ride me, bracing on her hands she began to rock on her knees and I could feel her pushing down, harder and harder on my cock as she opened up.

Now I put my hands tight on her hips and started to work my hot knob in her cunt, playing with it, feeling the hot hard lump move, feeling the sensation, enjoying a new angle of penetration. I was watching Mandy’s 34C tits bobbing, I was in heaven. I let go of Mandy’s hips and stretched out across the bed, with just my thick cock connecting us.

I could feel Mandy getting used to the feeling, getting a rhythm in her movements, now she leaned forward on her knees and put her hands on my chest and started riding me seriously, moving her cunt up and down the length of my shaft. I reached up and took her hips to take a little control and as she moved up my cock I pulled my cock out of her tight ring.

Now I held her there and I started to knob her, pushing my hard knob into that tight ring of her cunt then pulling it out, again and again, watching Mandy’s face as she closed her eyes and her lips curved in a happy smile. “I love your cunt.” I burbled. Again and again my knob was pushing in and I could feel the hard ridge of my knob stretching her each time.

It is a great feeling when you know a girl has given up any doubts and she just wants to fuck. But the best feeling on earth is the feeling of a girl losing control to a long, throbbing orgasm. I knew enough about sex back then to know that not every girl will come when she is fucked, but there are very few girls who won’t come when mouth and tongue are at work.

I sat upright and leaned back on my hands, I crossed my legs and now Mandy was perched in my lap, with my cock still lodged in her cunt. I took her shoulders and gently laid her backwards til she was on her back, and then, pulling away from her and pulling her legs apart with my hands, I saw her tender pink cunt, now all stretched and hot and engorged.

Mandy was looking up at me, wondering what next. I smiled at her and let my head drop down to her muff, planting my mouth right over her cunt. She was hot and tasty and my tongue slipped easily deep into her hole. Now I was kissing her cunt like I had kissed her mouth and she was murmuring and pushing her ass up so I could get deeper.

After straining my tongue for a while so Mandy could güvenilir casino feel it moving inside her like the original snake of the original sin, I moved my attention to her hard clit and replaced my tongue with two fingers while I suckled on her clit, sucking it then licking it, then flicking it with my tongue, trying to find out what would get the best response.

When I flicked my tongue on her clit Mandy gave a little spasm and pulled her legs tight against my head. I kept flicking in a hot steady rhythm and I could feel Mandy was starting to really feel it building inside her. I held her tight with my hands now and just concentrated on keeping my tongue tantalising her clit, feeling her get tighter and more urgent.

You don’t really know a girl until you make her cum, how intimate it makes you feel knowing that you are making her lose control. Mandy had grown up a good Catholic, and now she was pushing her cunt into my mouth, holding my head and moaning as I mercilessly worked my tongue on her clit. Breathing hard, panting, moaning, then “I’m coming, I’m coming!!!”

I pushed my fingers back into Mandy’s gorgeous cunt while I kept my mouth tight on her clit, now I could feel her pushing and then the deep involuntary spasms of her orgasms came, a little buck of her hips with each spasm, while a high panting moan filled my room. “Bobbie! Bobbie! Bobbie!” She wanted me to know she remembered my name.

As her belly subsided from the bucking orgasm I moved my mouth up over her belly, kissing her while my fingers dabbled in her soft hot wet hole. I brought my mouth to hers and kissed her deep, like I had kissed her cunt, so she could taste her juices on my tongue. Looking into her eyes I smiled, “Was that good?” “Mmmmmmmmm yeah the best, the best Bobbie!”

“Good, now it’s my turn…” I took a pillow and put it next to her hips. “Roll over.” said, using my hands to guide her as she rolled onto her belly with the pillow under her hips. Mandy had the soft natural curves of a girl who never played sports. Her ass was round and firm but her skin had the soft, white, feminine quality that brings out the animal lust in me.

While she looked over her shoulder to see what I was doing, I straddled her legs on my knees, her ass pushed up by the pillow underneath, her wet cunt puckered and stretched. I took my cock in one hand and put the knob into that tight ring and leaned forward, letting my weight push my cock deep. I leaned forward and took hold of her shoulders. Now it was my turn.

“Push your ass up for me, push onto my cock!” I demanded. Now I was learning another thing about virgins that would make me want them even more. A virgin has no real idea of what is normal, a virgin is giving her body up to a man, so he can teach her about the animal act of love, and once she has said yes, there is nothing a virgin won’t do for her first man.

With my cock deep up in her cunt, pushing into her belly, Mandy was arching her back, pushing back on her elbows, pushing her cunt up onto my shaft. Now it was my turn, and I started thrusting deep, deep and deeper. Now Mandy was really grunting with each deep surge of my cock. Thrust! “Ah!” Thrust! “Ah!” Thrust! “Ah!”

This was heaven. Bliss. “Do you want me to fuck you deep Mandy?” It was a question but also a demand. “Yes! Yes Bobbie!” “Say it!” “Say it!” “Fuck me Bobbie! Fuck me Bobbie! Fuck me Bobbie!” Hearing this girl I had only spoken to for a few minutes urging me to fuck her made me feel a tingle up and down my spine. This was great. It was intense.

I felt my orgasm building up on my balls. Now I took my hands away from Mandy’s shoulders and grabbed her hips, pulling her deeper onto my cock. Now I was thrusting with a purpose, on a rhythm, holding Mandy’s ass up, feeling my cock start to swell. I knew Mandy could feel it to and my hot hard knob pushed up deep.

One last deep thrust, pushing my cock with every muscle I my back deep up into Mandy’s body, she let out a sharp moan as I felt the first surge of hot thick cum spurt into her, holding my cock deep, feeling each spurt and my own low moan drowning her out, then falling forward, laying on top of her while the spasms in my cock subsided, and Mandy softly sighs.

“I love your cunt!” I whispered. “I love your cunt.” Mandy was breathing hard, my cock still hard inside her, “I love your cock, Bobbie.” Now she didn’t need me to tell her what to say. She had learned a lot. And I had learned a lot, about Mandy, about virgins, and about myself. Now I knew that I wanted more. I was hooked. I was addicted to being the first.

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