My Sister’s Panties

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My younger sister, Lisa, has been a cock tease for as long as i can remember. Now 18, she loves walking around the house showing off her long, lean legs and her tight ass. Although she was a little taller than I was at 5’08”, she had small but firm breasts and seldom wore a bra under her shirts.

As she grew into a young woman, again she paraded around the house, now with the very developed body of a young woman rather than a young girl. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a way of walking that just made guys stop in their tracks.

Our parents always were scolding her about her style of clothing, which was usually very revealing. She used to tell them that she liked teasing the guys and even the girls at school, and that she knew exactly what she was doing. She said she knew she was a cock tease and loved it. She did have a string of boyfriends she dated, along with her usual circle of girlfriends, but none were ever what you called steady.

I never minded her clothing choices, and actually looked forward to her more revealing outfits that showed off her best assets. which in my humble opinion, were her long legs and her tight little butt. She knew I ogled over her, and yet didn’t seem to mind parading half naked in front of me, partially dressed. She would sit while watching tv, crossing and uncrossing her legs, occasionally placing her legs on top of mine as we both sat on the couch.

She several times even asked me how she looked before she went out clubbing with her friends. A few times, at the dinner table, she would rub her feet on my feet and place her feet on my knees, smiling but never saying a word. I can’t say how many times I masturbated thinking of her sexy legs wrapped up around my head, imagining I was licking her sweet pussy till she came.

I also recall many times, after she had left either for school or out with her friends, going thru her hamper in her bedroom, searching for her worn panties. She usually wore white cotton panties, but occasionally would have thong panties among the mix. I at first sheepishly picked them out of the hamper, bringing them up to my nose bahçelievler escort to inhale her female scents.

They would smell heavenly, and my cock would immediately become hard as a rock . Lisa’s thongs would have her scent on the crotch and along the stringed area I knew would have been in her butt cheeks. Sometimes I would even masturbate on her panties, and would rub my cum all along her crotch area.

Knowing that she would be wearing them with my cum, even though they would have been laundered, would bring erotic visions to my mind’s eye. I didn’t think she knew I did this, as she never mentioned it to anyone.

As time went on, I became even bolder with her panties. I noticed several times the scent of remaining piss along with her female scents on her worn panties or nylons. I would bring my tongue on the crotch areas, again eagerly licking off any of her that remained on them.

I would also add a few squirts of my own pee on her panties, along with my cum after I masturbated. I always placed them back in the hamper underneath her other clothing. Her white cotton panties would be slightly yellow but I figured she wouldn’t notice as she threw them in the wash.

Several years had passed. Lisa, now 20, was in college, and I was still living at home. She resided in the dorms, so she usually came home on long weekends or vacations. I missed her being around the house, not only because I missed her sexy body but also missed the opportunity to play with her undies.

On one of her returns home, our parents had gone away on vacation themselves, leaving me and Lisa at home. She was now 19 years old, and a genuine knockout. Tall, tanned, long limbed blonde goddess. What was there not to love.

On this visit, I recall it was a Friday night. I was planning on staying home to watch my favorite NBA team, the Celtics, play the hated Lakers. Lisa was planning on going out with her girlfriends. Before she left, she had been showering and getting herself ready for the night out. She came out to the front room wearing one of her sluttiest short skirts and heels. balgat escort

The skirt just barely reached her thighs, covering just about all of her wonderful butt and not much more. Her shapely legs were accented by her heels, which were a good 4″ high. She was not wearing any nylons, as she had a great tan from the summer. She asked me what I thought of her outfit. I said the usual it looks okay, covering my growing erection with a blanket.

As if she didn’t already have my full attention, Lisa placed one leg up on the settee. She began rubbing her long legs up and down with both of her hands, literally begging me to look at her firm thighs, knees and calves. I could see right up her skirt, straight into her groin area, and saw she was wearing black panties.

I couldn’t swear to it at the time, but it even looked like she had placed one finger inside her panties next to her thigh. God how I would have loved to touch her firm sexy legs, lightly kissing my way up to her sweet pussy. She asked me again if I liked her outfit.

She, standing right in front of me now, asked me if the skirt was too short, and I said not for her. She asked me what I meant by that and I told her that most of her skirts were that length, and would probably get her the attentions she wanted. She then asked me if it had gotten my attention.

I feigned surprise, and asked her what she meant. She said that she knew I had an obsession about her legs, and then added, to my surprise, that she also knew about my panty fetish. I started blushing, and felt the blood rush from my face. Busted, I thought, and who would she tell was my next thought.

She put her foot back down and then walked right up to me. She said that it was okay, she would not tell anyone about my indiscretions with her panties. She said that she was actually flattered that her older brother had found her worn panties sexy, and that she had known about my depositing both my sperm and piss on her panties for years.

Lisa said that my additions to her panties had aroused her so much that she would usually put the dirtied batıkent escort still damp panties back on and finger herself into a shattering orgasm, mixing her pussy juices with my deposits. She said it made her feel like a real slut to actually wear them like that for the entire day or so.

I was now both petrified and sexually aroused at the same time. Lisa bent over and kissed me on my lips, a full and tender kiss, not like brother and sisters would usually kiss.

She then said that this was our little secret and placed one finger on my lips as if to say she wasn’t going to say anything. I thought I could almost taste her when I licked my lips. Had she fingered herself while she was teasing me, and if so, did she want me to actually taste her by placing her wet finger on my lips? She looked me in the eye and said she would see me later and to enjoy my evening home alone. She smiled and walked out to her car and left.

I stayed on the couch for minutes, thinking about what she had said, how she had kissed me, and the taste of her on my lips. I was still hard as a rock, and was already leaking precum from the tip of my penis. I knew I was about to cum, and not wanting to waste it on my stomach, I got up and went into Lisa’s room, looking into her hamper. Upon opening it, I saw one of her usual white cotton pair of panties right on top.

I picked them out and felt they were totally soaked. I recognized Lisa’s womanly scent right away, and also noticed they were soaked yellow stains from where she had peed herself. The panties were still warm, so she must have just wet herself as she was removing them. I placed them up to my face, and began licking the soaked crotch area.

I saw several of her curly blonde hairs inside the material. I quickly brought the panties down to my fully extended throbbing cock and jerked a few times, cumming almost immediately into her already soaked pantied. I came so much that my cum not only covered the small crotch area but ran down around the leg cutouts into the back of the panties.

I also squirted a few drops of my pee on her panties, which were now too soaked to hold any more fluids. After regaining myself somewhat, I replaced them right on top of the pile, leaving the top open for her to notice right away.

Returning to the couch, I wondered what would happen when Lisa returned home later that evening.

…to be continued?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32