My Sister…All Mine Ch. 02

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I am not a man that lacks confidence but as I led my younger sister, Cynthia, through the hallways from her bedroom to my own I began to question my actions. I had just pinned my baby sister to the door of her closet, restrained her hands, and licked her pussy until she came all over my tongue. It was the the single most erotic moment of my life and if her body’s reaction was any indication Cynthia had enjoyed it as well. I’d heard her confess her secret desire to be taken forcefully, to have pleasure forced upon her, and though her obnoxious boyfriend had reacted in horror I had known I could give her what she needed. That I was the only one who could.

Still, Cynthia was young and I cared about her, about how she felt about what we’d just done. But, at the same time, I knew I would do anything to keep her, to make her mine forever. I had been looking for the perfect woman my whole life and had never realized she was sleeping right down the hallway. Once in my bedroom I closed and locked the door behind us and turned her to face me. She kept her head bowed, her lovely pale blonde hair falling to frame her face so I could see only a shadow of her beautiful features.

Reaching out to cup her cheek with my right hand I gently eased her face up until she was forced to look at me, to meet my eyes, and in her pale blue depths I could see her embarrassment. Whether it was over what I had heard her admit to or what I had done to her I didn’t know and didn’t care, the last thing I wanted was for her to feel any shame or embarrassment around me. What we had done was the ultimate taboo, I recognized that and also realized that I didn’t care, not one little bit.

“I love you Cynthia. What we just did was the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced. I heard you confess your secret desire to your ex-boyfriend. I want you to tell me all of your desires, everything you have ever wanted to do or try. I will never judge you for them and am delighted that you have this wicked streak lurking behind your angelic face.”

As I spoke I eased closer to her until I could draw her flush against my body, her soft curves pressing into me causing me to wrap my arms around her and tighten my grip, wanting to feel more of her, harder against me. I felt her arms rise and slide slowly around my waist as she tentatively pressed herself against me. I knew she’d be able to feel how hard my cock was against her abdomen but I made no effort to şişli rus escort hide it. I wanted her to know how much I wanted her. We stood there as we were for several long moments, holding each other, as if becoming accustomed to this new aspect of our relationship, when I finally heard her speak.

“I love you too Marcus and…thank you. What you did…it was so much better than my fantasy ever was. And…and I’m glad it was you.”

Her voice turned shy as she admitted that final secret and I could feel my cock throb in response. Drawing back until I could again see her face I smiled and lowered my head until I could capture her lips with my own. Her gasp of surprise mingled with pleasure filled my mouth as my tongue flicked out to tease over the soft folds of her lips before forcing them to part for me. Sweeping my tongue into her mouth she was quickly responding, sparring her tongue with mine and making these sexy little whimpers in the back of her throat. Her arms tightened around my waist and any concerns I had about what we had done melted away.

Finally breaking apart she was gasping for air, her kiss swollen lips parted as she panted softly, her breasts rising and falling beneath her shirt. Speaking of which, we were both wearing entirely too much clothing and sliding my arms from around her I began to swiftly undress her. I made short work of her clothing, tugging at it as if about to tear it from her body, an action that earned me a soft gasp that told me she enjoyed my aggressive actions. Finally she stood nude in front of me and I could only stand there and stare at her a long moment. She was stunning, utterly stunning, and my cock ached with my desire to spread her creamy thighs and fill her tight pussy to the limit.

She was slender but possessed an hour glass figure that gave her a woman’s delicious curves, her breasts pushing a large C while her hips flared out from a small waist. Her skin was soft porcelain perfection, her full breasts crested with pale pink nipples that begged for my lips and tongue. It took all of my will power not to grab her and fuck her then and there. Forcing myself to maintain some semblance of composure I instead began to unbutton my shirt while I toed my shoes off and kicked them aside. I had gotten three of the buttons successfully undone when Cynthia stepped forward, her hands rising to cover my own and halt my progress. Blushing şişli türbanlı escort gently at her bold action she drew my hands away and took over the task of unbuttoning my shirt.

The soft brush of her fingers against my chest as she finished with the shirt and slid her hands inside to run them over the hard planes of my chest was nearly my undoing. I take care of myself, I work out, and my body is a reflection of that, well muscled and defined without being disgustingly so. Her fingers explored every contour, palms brushing across my nipples until I hissed in response. She enjoyed my reaction to her, I could see it clearly in her eyes as she pushed the shirt from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Lowering her hands to my pants she undid the belt buckle and began to unfasten the button and zipper that held them in place.

I was nearly holding my breathe at this point, wanting so badly for her to touch me, to caress my throbbing cock, but she took her sweet time pushing my pants and briefs over my hips and down to my thighs, my cock springing free so violently it slapped against her belly. Hands clenched at my sides as she examined my length while pushing my pants the rest of the way down my thighs so I could step free, leaving us both nude. I wanted her to look her fill, to be comfortable with my body, but the intent gaze she fixed on my cock did nothing to help my self control and when she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me I nearly lost it completely.

I said nothing as she took my cock in her hands. I make no claims of having a porn dick, but I have nothing to be ashamed of. Slightly bigger than average at about 8 inches it was the girth that most women enjoyed, my cock being slightly thicker than the average man. I knew what she was thinking and I didn’t say a word, not wishing to ruin the moment, the anticipation of what she was about to do causing my breath to come quick and harsh.

Then she leaned forward, her lips parting so that her tongue could dart out and caress the underside of my cock, and I groaned loudly, my cock twitching in response as a bead of moisture formed on the head. Parting her lips further she took the head of my cock fully into her mouth and my hands went to her head, threading in her hair as she slowly inched her way down on my cock until she had taken all that she could, her hands wrapping around the base.

Though şişli ucuz escort obviously inexperienced I could tell she had done this before as her tongue flicked at the underside of my length, rubbing along the shaft before drawing her head back up. I let her get her lips to the head of my cock before using my grip in her hair to push it back into her mouth. I couldn’t stop myself as I began to thrust my hips gently against her, fucking her mouth wantonly as she used her hands and lips to work my length in perfect rhythm with every thrust. Looking down I watched as my cock disappeared between her lips, her teeth grazing my skin teasingly with every thrust.

Gritting my teeth I moaned every time she took my cock into her mouth, her tongue rubbing the shaft with every thrust, and soon I could feel my balls tighten. I knew I was about to cum and I tried to pull her head away but she fought me, forcing her mouth down onto my cock harder, faster, the head bumping against the back of her throat.

“Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum…stop…”

I loved Cynthia and was unsure how she would feel about taking my cum in her mouth so I tried to spare her but she wouldn’t allow me to. Hearing me announce that I was about to cum she moaned around my cock, the sound and vibrations causing my moans to grow louder. My cock throbbed between her lips, those sexy little whimpers in the back of her throat sending shock waves of vibration of my length until I couldn’t withstand it any longer. My hands tightened in her hair and I gave several final thrusts into her mouth, my head falling back as a loud shout filled my room.


Stream after stream of my cum filled her sweet mouth and she swallowed as much as she could before it began to run down her chin but she didn’t seem to care, her hands pumping the base of my cock as she continued to work the throbbing length until every last drop of cum had been milked from my shaft. Sliding her mouth free from my still semi-hard cock she used her shirt on the floor next to her to clean her face up before leaning in and using her tongue to do the same for me.

“Oh god baby…you didn’t have to do that,” I groaned as I finally released her hair and helped guide her to her feet. Drawing her in against me skin met skin as my hands skimmed down her back and cupped her ass possessively, pulling her intimately against me. She met my eyes, a blush still staining her cheeks over what she had just done, and so wantonly too.

“I wanted to. It was my turn, anyway.”

She pressed against me, rubbing her body against mine, and I knew then that my composed, shy, little sister harbored a lustful side that she had never shown to anyone before..until now. And she was mine. All Mine.

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