My Online Love

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I was having a weekend all to myself. Just me, phone turned off, just relaxing and being by myself. Well, on Friday night, half baked and sipping on a Bombay gin and tonic, I decided to go online and surf a bit of porn. Now I love to masterbate and the way I think bout it is, if I am feeling a little frisky and I have time to waist, why not feel the power of an orgasm. I went to this one site, sexy girls, free and a ton if pictures, you guys out there know what I am talking about. There was a banner on that site about an online dating service, I am not going to tell you which one, don’t believe in the free advertisements in stories. I clicked on it and checked it out, pretty cool so I signed up.

I made my profile for the dating section and then just copied and pasted it for the relationships and intimate encounters section. I checked out the dating and relationships sections, but deep down inside I was horny so I explored the Intimate encounters section more. I looked at some profiles from people local, and then I checked to see online ladies that had a profile picture. There was this one girl from Russia that just amazed me, her profile was revealing yet mysterious and she looked so sexy in the little picture by her profile. I checked out other profiles but just kept coming back to hers. I HAD to message her, so I did and she replied back with her MSN contact.

We chatted for a while; I learned that she moved from Russia to Macau. Actually I learnt alot about her; she was very interesting to me. We got to the point of exchanging pictures, she thought I was very hansom but when I saw a picture of her, WOW!! She had darker brown shoulder length hair with no bangs. Her lips were very full and they complimented her innocent smile. Her eyes were so beautiful with nicely trimmed eyebrows; All in all I was VERY attracted to her. We chatted some more, and the more I got to know her mind the more I started to want her.

After a two hour chat, full of flirting, our conversations started to turn onto a sexual topic. I learned about her turn offs and ons and fantasies, and I think what really got me going was she was so comfortable with me to tell me her deepest desires. She asked if I would turn on my web cam so she could see me as we chatted. I turned it on and then was showered with compliments; I could definitely tell there was an attraction there on her end also.

She told me about her favorite toy and took a picture of it for me so I could see what she was talking about. It looked like an everyday normal vibrator, so I asked her why it was her favorite. She told me it was the perfect size for her pussy and she loved to feel the vibrations of the balls on it pressed against her clit.

Flirtingly I asked her what the perfect size for her pussy is.

She told me it was 6 inches long.

I asked her jokingly that I thought all women like above average sized cocks.

She replied that she has only tried one no longer then 6 inches, and asked if I was larger then that.

Now I know I am blessed in that department, but I am not one to brag about it, so I replied to her that I was a bit bigger then her perfect size.

She seemed very intrigued and asked if I would stand up and show me.

I was not hard at that time so I told her that. But she said she had a cure for that.

She sent me over a picture that she just took of her body looking down. My mouth dropped, she was wearing a grey tank top that was very tight to her body. From the look of it, she had bursa escort amazing breasts and you could see a hint of her nipples pushing the material out. My heart started to race as I looked at the rest of the picture. She was exposing her flat tummy a bit and her jeans were unbuttoned exposing the top of her black thong to me in a very teasing way.

She asked if that help, and I told her it was well on the way and I explained to her why. She loved the way I told her and sent me another one. This time she was standing giving me a side shot of her body. Still in the tank top which revealed her perfect, perky ‘C’ cup breasts. This time her jeans were removed and you could see a side view of her ass that just drove me wild. It had to have been the sexiest ass I have ever seen and I loved the way the back of her thong traced down the inside of her ass. Then I got another one, her standing front view with her tummy exposed to me. You could surely tell that she worked out and took care of her body. Her belly button was pierced with a gold bar, and a jewel that was dangling in her belly button. My heart was pumping and I could feel it in my cock as it started to grow in my pants. My mind was having a ton of thoughts as I looked at the picture. Her plain black thong looked so sexy to me but it didn’t go all the way down to the V of her pussy. Was she shaved? Maybe just a little strip? What did her pussy lips look like, longer/shorter? These were some of the thoughts that were running through my head.

She asked if those pictures worked and I told her, most definitely. I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants, pressed against the material wanting to be freed.

She asked if I would show her in the shy was that she did. I was so turned on I would have done anything for this girl. I moved my camera down and she told me when it was in the perfect place. She commented on how she could see the outline of my cock through my pants and that it made her pussy tingle in anticipation to see the flesh of my hard-on created by her. I loved hearing that and I knew this was going to be a good chat. I teased her with her strip show. I took of my shirt slowly and she complimented on what she saw. I moved the camera to my cock again and slowly started to rub my cock through the outline of my pants. She loved the show I gave her and liked that I just didn’t drop my pants. I slowly undid my pants and slid them to the ground with my awaiting cock hidden in my boxers. I wanted her to join in on what she saw so I asked her what she wanted me to do next.

‘Hands off’ she told me, as she explained to me what she liked about the way my cock looked in my boxers.

‘Now show me the tip through the end of your boxers’ she said and I did her every desire.

‘Now slowly remove your boxers’ and I slowly slide them down as I teased her with the show. I slide them to the point of where the elastic was bending my cock as it slowly slid down the shaft of my cock and then up and over the tip of my cock as my boxers slide to the ground. It felt so good to be freed from the constraints of my boxers. I was so fully hard I could feel the blood pumping and throbbing in my manhood and I so wanted to touch.

‘WOW!! You are much bigger then my toy’ she explained ‘It makes me wet wondering what that would feel like in my pussy’. I like to hear things like that, but it wasn’t the size thing I liked, it was the thought of her imagining me in her most private part that I so longed to see. Then the next picture came in.

When bursa escort bayan I opened it, I felt pulsating shocks going through my cock. There it was the place that I longed to be in. She exposed the mound of her pussy to me, with her hand gently placed over the mound with her fingers on each side of her opening and her middle finger lightly placed over her clit. I could see she was nicely shave cause some of her pubic hair was showing in-between her fingers. It didn’t show much more then that, but it turned me on to see how swollen her outer labia looked.

‘I like how that picture turned you on, I like watching you stroke your cock and gently pull on your balls’. I totally forgot that she could see what I was doing in my web cam cause I was so distracted from my fantasies that I got while I looked at her pictures.

‘Show me more’ she asked.

‘And how do you want to look at me?’ I asked

‘Lift your cock to your belly’, I did.

‘Play with your balls’, I did.

‘Lift your balls for me and gentle stroke the area between your ass and balls’, I did and I love that.

‘I love watching you masturbate, it has made my pussy so wet I can feel the wetness on my ass’ and then the next picture came in.

I nearly cummed when I saw it, fully exposed picture of her pussy that went up her body showing me her perfect round breasts and light pink but very hard nipples. She had a very short trimmed strip of pubic hair that led down to her very erect clit slightly poking out from under the hood. The rest was completely bald, her outer labia was so swollen and her inner lips glistened in the light by her own juices and were spread slightly open. I instantly thought about licking and kissing her there and I told her about it. How I wanted to spread her and slide my tongue from the bottom all the way up to her clit. Place little kisses on her clit and spread her lips with my tongue.

‘Tell me more!’ she insisted ‘I love picturing you doing that while I rub my clit and finger my pussy’. I told her how I would suck on her clit and pull on her inner lips while I licked her wetness. I explained how I wanted to see he body quiver through the feeling of a kiss on her wet pussy. How I wanted to see her hips gyrate as I tasted her and watch her pussy and ass clench as she had and orgasm. Then it happened!!

‘I AM CUMMMIIINNNGG!!’ she yelled. I was masturbating myself so fast when I read that and almost cummed myself.

‘That was GREAT, I loved watching you play with your cock as I cummed. I imagined you fucking me that fast and hard as I exploded.’ and the the dreaded message came ‘BRB’

Was she gone? I wish I got to watch her cum. I didn’t even get to cum with her. Those were some of the thoughts that ran through my head.

About 2 minutes after I got another message from her. ‘Sorry about that, I hope you didn’t cum, cause I want more and I want to watch you cum’. I had to clean up a bit and get you something for that orgasm’. Then the next picture came in.

There she was exposing her wonderful ass to me, legs spread over a chair with her vibrator connected to it. She was spreading her moist swollen lips over her vibrator as it was just about to enter her sweet spot.

‘What do you think of that picture?’ she asked.

I explained my ever fantasy that I had about it. How I would love to be the one spreading her pussy open with my cock. How I wanted to guide her movements on my cock as I grabbed her ass. How I wanted to see her pussy lips escort bursa grip my cock as I slide in and out of her pussy. How I wanted to lick her ass as she fucked her toy.

‘I love having my ass licked’ she told me, ‘I am picturing your tongue on my ass as I rub my fingers around the entrance. Wow, does this feel good’. Then two more pictures came through.

They were both of the same thing, one from afar and one close up. This time she had her legs spread over a chair facing me. She had her fingers spreading herself and her vibrator deep inside her pussy as she sat on it. Her clit was so swollen and I have never seen something so lovely as her lips spread around her toy, but in my mind it was my cock.

‘I can tell you are about to cum for me’ she said ‘look at the amount of precum on the tip of your cock’ I didn’t have to look, I could feel the wetness of my precum on my cock and hand as I stroked my cock for her. ‘If I was there I would love to have your lovely cock in my mouth to taste your cum’. The thought almost made me cum, I wanted to but I held off for a bit. ‘I would love to feel you cum in my mouth, but I really want you to cum in my pussy right now’

‘Well how am I supposed to do that, you live halfway across the world?’ I jokingly asked.

‘Well you have done everything I have asked so far, use your imagination’ she told me.

Well she asked for it, so I was not about to disappoint. I told her I needed another picture. A close up of her pussy, no toys inside her just her fingers spreading her as wide open as she could. I got what I asked for. The picture was better then imagined. Her hard clit standing at attention, her fingers on her outer lips spreading her inner lips wide open. She was so pink inside, so wet; it took alot not to cum when I saw it.

‘Will that do?’ she asked.

‘More the perfect’ I replied.

‘How are you going to cum in my pussy?’ she asked.

‘You just wait and see’ I said.

‘But I am going to cum again and I want you in my pussy!’ she exclaimed. I printed the picture and then stood up.

‘What are you doing?’ she asked. I placed the picture of her spread pussy on my desk and then moved my cam so she could see me stroking myself overtop of her pussy.

‘I like to watch you masturbate over my picture’ she said ‘I can feel you inside me’.

I could tell from her messages that she enjoyed what she was watching and that she was going to cum at anytime.

‘Fuck my little pussy!! I want to feel your hot cum fill my pussy!! Shoot your CUM on my pussy!!’

I couldn’t hold back, I could feel my orgasm rising. I stroked my cock over her pussy picture imagining being in that wonderful place. I could feel my ass and balls start to clench as my shaft started to pump. The first shot splashed all over her clit, the second, third, fourth? Who Knows? lost count, covered her entire spread pussy and ass. My orgasm was amazing, it was hard not to fall down as I cummed on her pussy. My body jerked violently with every ejaculation, if I was inside her she would have been getting fucked hard.

‘My pussy is so soaked with your hot cum, I am CUMMMIINNGG!!’ she yelled.

When we were done cleaning up, but she wanted her cummed on picture still in view, we talked about how intense our orgasms were. I was never much for cybering and either was she, but our minds had changed about that topic after what we had both shared. We talked about doing it again, and she said she loved to watch, but taking pictures of her became an inconvenience for her cause she would have to stop in order for her to take pictures. She told me she would like to do it again, and next time she would have a web cam.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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