My Indian Summer Pt. 04

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(This is a work of fiction and all characters are above the age of consent. It is a contemporary story drawing from the current situation with two main characters; I attempt to alternate between their perspectives. This is a continuation of my earlier work, “My Indian Summer”.

The story starts off with a young lad going to meet his newly widowed relative, who has a farm in the hills and finds himself falling in love with her. He proposes too, she asks him for 10 days time to think it over. A phone call home reveals that a lockdown has been imposed as a virus is on the loose. Over the next few days they discover hidden facets of each other, and end up in bed together as she guides him in the ways of love. She finally relents and wedding plans are under way)

The story continues…

22. Swimming against the tide


After the late night show, I was sleeping like a log. I envisaged her hand stroking me, smiling to myself, not quite awake, as I felt her move away. I groped for her still half asleep, as I heard some voices, groggily opening my eyes, to find I had a captive audience, with my morning wood, the star of the show.

The grandparents were at the door of the room, as she was venturing out, the hard evidence in full view, was a pointer to my guilty pleasures. I hurriedly grabbed my lungi, as I turned a deep shade of red, matching the blush that she was sporting, as we were literally caught in the act with our pants down.

But their very next words put me at ease, and I envied how chilled out they were, as they asked about our feedback to the show they had put on last night. A ;ittle dissapointed that we left a bit early and didn’t stay on for the grand climax. They had derived even greater pleasure from the fact, that they had a captive audience on hand, a group of amateur voyeurs who inspired them to exhibit their talents.

I was like a kid at a magic show and wanted to know the secret to their long-standing performance. They’d love to demonstrate it for us; we could join in as a foursome on our next visit, and get a hands on experience ourselves. “Consider it a wedding gift, a great way to embark on conjugal bliss”.

I loved the informal, matter of fact way, they were so comfortable talking about sexuality, unlike the two faced approach that was so common these days. They were at ease with their own nudity as well.

I couldn’t stop staring at nani’s huge knockers up front, defying gravity, and other parts of her voluptuous body in full view of my unblinking eyes. The swell of her hips, the toned belly, and the smooth mound were impossible to turn away from. Di glared at me, gesturing wildly to me to look elsewhere. But it was only the second nude of my life, a thing of beauty at that, and I was under a spell of her ethereal charms.

The grandparents, watching my incredulous stare, broke into a song “Bar bar dekho, hazar bar dekho, ke dekhne ki cheez hai, ye meri dilruba”- ‘See it again and again, even a thousand times, it’s a sight worth seeing”.

I blushed, moving my eyes sideways, to catch her stealing surreptitious glances at nana’s prick, that was quite an eyeful even when flaccid. So fit and well endowed were the couple, that they gave us, who were in our sexual prime a complex.

Then nani nudged nana, saying enough fooling around, that they needed to give us some alone time. So they left to prepare breakfast, but not before jiggling her boobies at my face, as a farewell gift.

As they left, she commenced giving me a piece of her mind, seething at me for staring at nani’s nipples. I said that I couldn’t help myself and besides had caught her peeking at nana’s prick. “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”, I retorted. She laughed at my clever use of phrase, “come here you silly goose” as she enveloped me in a hug.

Talking of tits, had made me thirst for my morning beverage, and I latched on to her full breasts drinking noisily. She asked me to not make so much noise as they would hear. But they had given us their assent, and would be upset if we didn’t follow their lead, I countered between mouthfuls, dipping into her thighs as well. She gave up reasoning with me , moaning away as I pleasured her and giving me a blow job as well to get her morning dose, as I indulged her with my frothy cream.

As we went into the kitchen for breakfast, the piping hot aromas of chole, and the sizzle of the puris being fried, filled the air. The food was quite spicy, but so tasty, that we couldn’t stop eating, tears streamed down our cheeks as the elders fed us. Nani had forgotten to temper the food to our tastes, and apologized, opening a jar of berry preserve that was simply lip smacking, better than any I had ever tasted.

She told Di, that she had kept a bottle aside for her to take back home as well. We insisted on feeding the grandparents breakfast as well, as they relished the food from our hands, making us feel right at home.

Breakfast done, nani said bonus veren siteler that the house was smelling like a bordello, and bundled us out to get a bath and freshen up. There was a chill in the air, I didn’t fancy a dunking in the icy cold waters of the river, so I ventured back inside. She held me firmly by the elbow, saying a good scrubbing would do me good. But instead of venturing to the river, we walked up the forested slope.

I looked at Di quizzically, but she was just as nonplussed. Half way up we heard the gurgle of flowing water, and a short distance away came upon a glade where hot water springs were bubbling away, as steam formed a misty haze colliding with the cool air. We were informed that these were age old springs, it was tradition for couples to bathe together to have a fulfilled marital life.

The grandparents motioned us towards one, while they went to another, allowing us some privacy. The water was clear that we could see the bottom, marred by the bubbles that rose up. She dipped her toe daintily into the water, and finding it to her liking, soon went further the water coming to the level of her knees. She splashed me and soon I was striding towards her, grabbing her up in my arms, as our lips met for a kiss.

It was magical as I sat down in the warm water, relaxed as it soothed my body, her sitting astride my thigh, just enjoying our own private spa up in the hills. It was so peaceful and quiet, almost magical and best of all her next to me. Through the silence we heard the sounds of passion coming through the mist, giggling at the thought of the grandparents getting down and dirty.

I felt a rise as well as she straddled me, looking even more enticing, her nipples now aroused to points, rising above the surface as she rocked to and fro, as my fingers strummed her clit. Her hands simultaneously were busy jerking me off, as we both erupted in a simultaneous orgasm. As she rose up out of the water, her entire body was glowing and she had never looked so pretty. I felt rejuvenated too, full of energy, as we draped ourselves in our towels.

The grandparents arrived out of the mists, looking more like teenaged lovebirds, than a couple celebrating more than a half century of togetherness. They were wrapped in a single towel and more importantly in each other. They just couldn’t get enough of each other, as I could make out the outlines of his hands caressing her breasts, as they kissed noisily.

They briefly broke off to ask us how we had enjoyed the experience, and whether they had disturbed us with their cries of passion. We loved the springs, and said that their visceral noises had aroused us to newer heights of desire too. “See, I was right” said nani, as she jumped on nana, wrapping her legs, around his torso, and her arms around his neck. “I told you it was them. Now you get to carry me down.”

“With pleasure dear, you are right as always,” said he, telling us not to mind them as he carried her light as a feather, making his way down. As he turned around, their mouths enveloped in a kiss once more, and he adjusted his cock to nestle in her cunt, providing additional support and pleasure on the way down.

I looked at her, she was as wide eyed as I was, absorbing all the details. She gave me a look, as if expecting me to do the same, but I shook my head. I was not half as fit as he was, and didn’t want to risk an injury to myself, more so to her. So she had to be content with resting her head on my chest as we made our way back indoors.

As we came in through the door, they were waiting for us, their passions cooled for now. Nani apologized for that display of unbridled lust, and said that something in the water did that to her every time. Nana said it was not the water, but the sight of his naked body, that made her go wild with desire, and she blushed, hiding her face in his chest. They looked so cute, that we were smitten.

Our clothes were freshly laundered and waiting for us, and nani gave me a gift, a smart brocade turban that I could wear for the haldi (turmeric) ceremony that they planned to hold three days later. Di protested that they were doing too much, and the proposal hadn’t been accepted as yet, but they would hear nothing of it.

They said that it was the least they could do for their granddaughter, if she indeed considered them her grandparents, and would make it a night to remember. She was flummoxed, they had got the better of her, but asked them to keep it low key, and not overexert themselves. They said that it would be an intimate ceremony, with only the four of us taking part. But the marriage would be a grand affair that would involve the entire village, and now it was our turn to blush.

She was in quite a playful mood so asked her grandparents, “What no gifts for me?” But they were ready for any eventuality, and nana produced a set of wooden combs, a utilitarian one for me and a decorative one for her that was so beautifully crafted bedava bahis that it took her breath away. Di joked that at last, I had no excuse to neglect the unruly mop that crowned my head, or I would have to wear the pagdi (turban).

To add to it, nani gave her a pewter mirror that she had received from her own nani, and though Di vigorously refused, nani was adamant, saying she was too old for mirrors and the such. She also had packed a bottle of her fresh berry preserve.

Di was so touched at the love that was being lavished on us that she became emotional once more and tears streamed down her pretty eyes. She hugged them both tight, and they tried to comfort her. Nana joked with her that the bidaai (farewell) ceremony was still five days away, no need to start practicing from now.

Nani shushed him, this was no laughing matter, a lot of work needed to be done. And her voice choked with emotion, said it was her own house, she was not going anywhere, they were not giving away a daughter, but gaining a son. And she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer, as she hugged her tight. We men were crying as well, much before that, and we joined in the embrace, sharing the love that couldn’t be contained in our hearts anymore.

As we made our way back to the village square, we were uncharacteristically silent, lost in our thoughts, after the outpouring of emotions we had just witnessed. I bid her goodbye at the schoolyard she I went on to meet the rest of the team, already busy at work, completing repairs left over from last night.

There were many loose ends to be tied up, I tried to complete whatever I could, and made a work plan for the rest. I had already discussed some of my plans with the guys, and they were very enthusiastic about putting them into action once the current crisis was concluded. I told them I’d be back in three days with more details.

As usual we were busy at work, when the kids called us for lunch. Di was in a much relaxed mood today, and after finishing the pending tasks was conversing with some of the girls. As she saw me coming into the yard, she blushed, and her friends all broke out into giggles.

I looked at her enquiringly, but she said it was all girl talk. She said that if I was through we could leave, and asked me if I wanted lunch. I was hungry, but not for food, just to spend time with her. So we said our goodbyes, but her friends refused to let her go, packing a stack of paratha and pickle, before we went on our way.

As soon as we were out of earshot, she asked me what I thought about children. I loved them, I said, telling her about all the fun we’d had with children in the village, that took all our stresses away. Then I saw her blushing and understood what she was hinting at, and why she was flustered as she saw me saunter into the yard.

“Of course, I said I’d love to make babies with you, it’s up to you how many you want.” She kissed me, hopefully I’d been on the same page as her. I was elated as the chances of my proposal being accepted, was now fait accompli. If she was considering having my babies then I had passed with flying colours, it was a done deal.

She started to hum a song, “Bade acche lagte hain, ye dharti, ye nadiya ye raina aur… tum” (I really love everything, the earth, the sky, the river and… You.)

I was quick to catch on ” Taarif karoon kya uski, jisne tumhe banaya.” (No words of praise can do justice to the creator for making you.)

She saw the besotted look in my eyes, and continued in the same vein, “Ankhon hi ankhon me ishaara ho gaya, Baithe baithe jeene ka sahara ho gaya” (The eyes expressed the emotions that were deep within, and I knew I had found my life’s purpose.)

As we crested the top of the hill, she turned and kissed me, an experience that I had grown to love, and could never tire of, no matter how many times we tried it. Every time we kissed, I could discern her feelings, her emotions, and I had no doubt that she could feel mine as well.

As our lips separated, her hands went to her garments, feeling constricted in them, but I motioned her to wait, as I did the honors. Slowly I drew a line of kisses from her lips to her chin, down her neck, taking my time, savoring every inch of her skin, making her sigh with a yearning.

As I reached the collar of the shirt, I opened the first button using only my lips and teeth. She was restless for my touch as I moved to the expanse of her chest. Her hands came up to aid my efforts, but I held them firmly to her sides as I reached her cleavage. She was now squirming, with a longing that permeated her entire being, as I brought my lips back up to her neck, and coaxed the shirt off her shoulders with a line of kisses on either side.

The shirt slid down, revealing her breasts, nipples erect, undulating with her breath, that was coming in line with the beating of her heart. As I reached the tips of her shoulders, my tongue flicked into her underarms, savoring deneme bonus the richness of her perfume mingled with the sweat that had gathered there. She lifted her arms, moaning as I licked her armpits clean of all vestiges of moisture. I ventured sideways up her breasts taking my time, as she entreated me to hurry up, and not torture her any more. As my lips enclosed her breast, she groaned as I relieved the ache, that now moved lower down.

As I reached her belly, I could smell her fruity essence, as she thrust her hips in a rhythmic fashion. I was now at the waistband of her shorts. I could feel her wetness seeping through, as I undid the button. She was now straining at the leash, as I lowered the zip holding it in my teeth. As the shorts fell away, she put her leg on my shoulder, bringing her wet mound to my face. My tongue pushed into her wet depths, a series of moans filled the air, as her hands went to my head, pushing me deeper into her core, as she released her pent up love coating my face and lips with her musky essence.

One good turn deserves another, and she was able to divest me of my singlet similarly using her mouth in no time. But as she ventured lower, she hit an unexpected snag. Her naked body and proximity had caused a bulge in my shorts, and my dick was straining against the front, presenting an obstacle that was hard to circumvent. With great difficulty she managed to pry the button loose, but due to the exertion, was panting even more than I was.

But the great part was, that all the hard work was done, as the zip lowered itself due to the penis pushing against it, and the shorts pooled down around my ankles and my dick was waving wildly celebrating it’s freedom from confinement. But soon was enclosed again in her warm lips, now a willing prisoner of love. And it didn’t take long before I was filling her mouth with my own love tonic, which she swallowed greedily, not wasting a drop.

Our sexual appetites sated, hunger assailed us, and we sat under the shade of the oak, feeding each other parathas rolled up with a spicy mango pickle, that left us smacking our lips noisily till they met in a kiss.

We resumed our journey homewards till we came to the stream, the flow reduced to normal. It was late afternoon and our bodies were streaked with sweat and bodily fluids from lower orifices. I volunteered to give her a swim lesson, if she was up to it, and she was game.

I asked her to lie prone in the stream, and kick her legs for traction, as I held onto her waist, giving her support. She quickly got the hang of it and the lessons progressed quickly, punctuated by bouts of mischief and passion, as I fingered her slit while she was holding on to me.

I showed her how to stay afloat by making bicycle movements with my legs. I emphasized the need to stay calm at all times, saying if I was tense I would panic; people had drowned in waist high water as they got flustered. I demonstrated floating lying down on my back, with my face up to the sky. She grabbed my dick in a vise like grip unexpectedly, paying me back in my own coin as I floundered in surprise.

Now was her turn to float, and she made me promise not to indulge in any hanky panky. I told her to relax and surrender to me, soon she was afloat like a natural. She was enjoying the serenity, looking up at the sky, even closing her eyes as she let her body go limp.

As she opened her eyes I told her that I was going to remove, one hand and then the other, to let her gain confidence. She nodded to me knowing, I’d always have her back. Soon she was agog to float without my support. I gave her the final test for the day, to apply her knowledge, venturing to the other bank and motivating her to swim across. She took a deep breath and after a hesitant start soon made it to my end without any mishap. I said she was a natural, and took to water like a fish, surprised that she hadn’t learnt earlier.

“I didn’t have such a good instructor like you”, she replied, asking me to teach her mouth to mouth resuscitation. I explained the theory, then got down to demonstrate on her, but soon was out of breath, as the passion overtook us. She laughed at me, saying that it was good, that I didn’t think with my dick when she was drowning yesterday; we’d need some more practice. But the results were the same, as it was just an excuse for some more lip locks, not that we needed any.

The sun was starting to go down, so we relaxed on the patio, side by side letting our bodies dry in the evening rays, cuddling up as the wind blew on us, enjoying a relaxed evening at home. As we entered the house the power had been restored, and we got busy, putting the house in order over the next hour.

She asked what I wanted for dinner, and I said that anything simple would do. She suggested a stir fry, and I got busy chopping the vegetables as we reminisced about the great day we had, especially the grandparents, that we could never stop marveling over.

As we returned upstairs after dinner, we were yawning away, and I felt that I might disappoint her, not being up to it. She said she was pooped too, as we both laughed in unison, how the grandparents, had the staying power to last so long like energizer bunnies.

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