My First Time

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Foot Fetish

“Have fun kid.” The man behind the counter smiled, handing my ID back. “Thanks.” I give a polite smile back and the door buzzes letting me in. The Flex Gym may have had a few pieces of exercising equipment in it, but it was far from a gym. Located in Phoenix, it was in a sketchy part of town off the side of the freeway and hard to find. But I found it, and I was going to enjoy myself. On paper it was a gym, but in real life it was a gay bathhouse that was always full of horny men looking for action.

It was my eighteenth birthday, and since legally I was now able to enter the building I had skipped work to check it out. It had only been a year now since my curiosity had got the better of me and I started to watch porn with more and more cock in it. The first time I had watched porn and it took me to the gay section I knew I was hooked. With a girlfriend at the time I kept this secret and even to this day no one knows.

When you first walk into Flex it is lockers where I get a key and a towel. I strip down to nothing, use to the locker room for swim practice, and wrap my towel around. It felt so freeing, walking around with a semi hard-on while in a skimpy towel. I decided the first thing to do was to explore. I hang a left and it is dark with red lights barely letting me see. There are lots of rooms with beds. I saw at the front desk that you could rent these for more privacy. A lot were empty but a couple had noises coming from inside. Noises that were all to familiar and sounded like my recent search history. I peak through the open door to see a man sitting on the bed with his head back. The noise was another man on his knees slurping on his cock.

It startled me, the first time I saw gay sex in real life. I was motionless, just taking it all in. The man that was receiving noticed me in the doorway, giving me a lust drunk smile. He waved me in but I got nervous and headed down the hallway of doors. Gay porn played on the TVs mounted on the walls. A couple more rooms had men laying on the bed stroking their cocks hoping someone would come help. That wouldn’t be me, at least not today. I made it towards the back where there was what I can only describe as a viewing room. A padded table sat in the center of güvenilir bahis a bunch of benches and a platform with stares to get a better view.

I climbed the stairs to the platform where I could lean on the railing to watch. On the table a boy, not much older than me, lay on the table. He lay on his back, his legs were held in the air by another man who had buried his face between the boys cheeks. I was captivated! The boy moaned as his hole was devoured by the man. My towel became a tent as me and a few men on the benches watched the show. I begin to rub my cock, getting hornier and harder the more I watched. A hand cupped my balls and startled me. A man from below had noticed me and thought I wanted help. Not prepared I panicked again, adjusting my towel. I walked off the platform, even though I was still erect.

I did more exploring and found a bunch of glory holes as well as showers and the pool area. I sat in the hot tub and watched some men make out in the pool. I noticed one guy sun tanning naked. His cock was semi hard, probably watching the the kissing. I stared at his cock like it was a block of gold, drooling over it. I noticed it getting harder. Growing from a good size to what had to be a eight inch, thick cock! That’s when I noticed him watching me. He had noticed me wanting his cock, and he liked it. His hand grabbed his cock at his shaft. Watching the way it moved in the sunlight made me harder than I had ever been. He began to stroke, his cock lubed from the tanning oil. I wanted his cock, I wanted it so bad! But I was still too scared to do anything. I sat there for maybe twenty minutes watching him before he got up to go inside leaving me but naked in the hot tub and hard. He was the one, I said to myself. I’m gonna go suck his cock, he will be my first.

I put my towel back on and go inside. Just to the left was the open showers where he was rinsing off. He shut off the water and walked naked into the steam room, his cock still mostly hard. My heart was racing, this was it. I open the door to the steam room and again I can’t see a whole lot. The steam was thick and felt good on my skin. I walk around the corner and the room is huge. A huge tile plate form about 10×10 sat in the middle at knee güvenilir bahis siteleri height and tile benches around the perimeter of the room. The only problem was it was so steamy I could see my man.

Not wanting to look dumb I just took a seat in the corner where it was the brightest. In the darker side of the room I could hear the -gwak gwak gwak- of someone getting really good head. It might be my guy, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. The slurping continued and the shadow of someone walked up to me. When he emerged into my brighter side of the room I saw it was him. Fuck yes!! I was hard to contain my smile even tho I was so nervous it took effort to not shake. I could see the bulge pressed against his towel and my mouth began to water. He didn’t say anything, he just stood there waiting for me to make up my mind. He knew I wanted him, and God did I want him!

No more being scared, it was now or never. I undo my towel so I am completely exposed sitting there. He smiles and does the same letting his towel drop to the floor. The it was growing in size as he got excited and my mouth opened. By the time my lips touched that eight inch cock he was fully erect. The sensation of his sock cock touching my lips made my own cock throb. I open my mouth and wrap my lips around the head of his cock. The smell, the taste, it all drove me crazy! My inner slut was beginning to take control as a hand slid up his thigh and grabbed his shaft. His hand grabbed the back of my head, just resting there for now as my lips sank lower on his cock.

He let out a pleased moan as my head began to go back and forth. It felt so good, feeling every vein of his cock brush my lips over and over. I began stroking myself in rhythm with my mouth. I couldn’t help but moan as drool dribbled down my chin. I was loving it, and he knew I was loving it. The hand on the back of my head let me know he wanted me to try and go deeper. I go for it, sliding my lips further down his shaft than I had before. I felt his head it the back of my throat and my throat tighten and I gagged. I had practiced this before on dildo and knew I had to keep calm. The sound of me gagging made him say “Oh fuck yah, good job baby.”

I was hooked, I had found iddaa siteleri my drug and it was sucking cock. Hearing how good I was making him feel made me want to keep going. I take both my hands and run them over her thighs and behind to grab his ass. It was firm and nice for a man of his age. I take his ass and brace myself as I force his cock further down my throat. I feel it hit the back of my throat again but this time I feel it tip downwards. Those last few inches forced my throat open as his balls slapped against my chin. I was so close to cumming in that moment I am surprised I didn’t. He did two more thrusts before I gagged again and he let my head go. I pull back to breath and give him a look that I had never given before. I look of ‘I am a slut’ and I was now cock drunk. Seeing this he grabs my face to lean down and kiss me.

I had never kissed a man before but I welcomed that tongue as it forced its way into my mouth. I played with his tongue with my own. The stubble on his face turned me on even more if that was possible. He stood up and my mouth automatically opened again and was filled with cock. I grab his ass again as he began to thrust again. He was in control now, I was just his little toy to be used and I was in heaven! I kept calm and tried to keep my throat open as he moaned “Oh yah, fuck that’s good!” The -gwak gwak- sounds I was making was intoxicating. “Oh fuck,” he moaned and stopped thrusting “here is comes!” Was he about to cum? I don’t even know what cum tastes like. What if I…

With a loud moan my mouth was filled with the hot creamy load from his balls. His cock twitched with every rope of cum he shot. He nearly filled my mouth, I didn’t even know men could cum this much. Not sure what to do with the salty surprise I had i swallowed I all in one gulp. “Mmm good boy.” He said ruffling my hair. I smiled, the after taste of the cum tasted good and I sat there stroking my cock.

“How old are you?” He asks, as if coming to the realization of what just happen. I laugh and say “Eighteen.” He replies with a “Good answer.” And leans down to give me a sweet kiss. He leaves the steam room and I sit back still stroking, still tasting his cum. I stroke till I blow a load all over myself.

My slut mister released now I go back into panic mode and decide that I did what I wanted and now it was time to go. I shower and get my clothes back and head out.

I would visit Flex many more and with each visit have more and more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32