My First Orgasm

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My name is Stephanie and this event happened about 15 years ago now. I was 18 when it happened.

This story happened when i was still living at home. My older sister then in her 20’s had begun to bring boyfriends home and i always enjoyed talking to them. I was very naive and thought all people did was kiss and cuddle. I’d been brought up as a strict Catholic. My elder brother had lots of friends and one evening one of them stayed over in his room.

I’d gone to bed wearing just patterned knickers and a long cream nightie. Earlier I’d had a bath but not before using my elder sisters dilapidation cream. She said that it made you really smooth and would clear away all that pubic hair. We’d been to the swimming pool in the day and I’d mentioned to my sister that hairs were showing under my bikini line. Using the cream proved to be so good. After wiping away the hair, drying myself off and using talcum powder my private area was so smooth.

I could hear my brother and his friend laughing and joking and wished i could be a part of it. Anyway i was falling asleep and soon drifted off.

It must have been about 2am when i heard a floorboard creak and saw a shadowy figure walk to one side of our bed.

I was actually a little nervous as i wondered what the figure was upto. I was laid on my back with my eyes peeking over the bedclothes. The figure knelt down by the bed and i sensed a hand slipping between the sheets.

I began to feel nervous but curious. The hand had moved across over one of my legs and touched my knee. I realised at that moment that I was the attention of my brother’s friend.

His name was Alan and with his long curly hair i liked him. He was 19 and here he was with a hand coming towards me. His hand was oh so slowly and gently beginning to rise up inside my nightie.

I became excited and knew what i must do. He thought i was still asleep at this time. I gently parted my legs and slightly bent my knees. He knew then that haymana escort i was beckoning him. His fingers touched the top of my thighs and gently touched my knickers.

A finger began to stroke over my knickers and along my slit. It was exciting and brilliant. A door was beginning to open for me and it was at that moment that i realised this was what my elder sister was probably experiencing.

My heart began to pound at the touch of his finger, it was so exciting and gentle. I literally felt like i was floating in the air. My breathing got quicker and shallower. My legs opened up a little more. I could feel my tiny lips begin to open and i became wet but it was an unusual wet.

A kind of sticky wetness, hot and moist. Then all of a sudden he stopped and i was so disappointed. What was he going to do, had he finished.

My fears were unfounded, he began to slide a finger under the elastic of my knickers between my legs and I felt his finger touch my bare mound.

His finger traced down to my slit and touched what i now knew was my clitoris. The feeling was wonderful. He stopped at the entrance to my slit but i needed him to carry on.

Whatever these feelings were i just knew that there had to be more. His finger gently stroked up and down my slit and i felt wetness from my slit being spread up and down.

It felt not wet but sticky and warm and knew it was my sex juices oozing slightly.

Then it shocked me, his finger began to insert into my hot sticky virginal pussy.

My lips parted for him just enough to know that it felt so large and the only thing that had ever been near me.

I was being fingered, it was only the tip but my virgin soft cunt, so bare without any pubic hair was being penetrated.

My sticky cunt was loving every second. The tip went in and out rubbing against my lips, just inside the entrance spreading my moist secretions, beckoning my cunt to flow even keçiören escort more. Inside me i could feel even more hot wonderful feelings.

I laid there legs apart with a boys finger inside my knickers slowly inserting back and forth, my mind was a whirl, my breathing quickening my tiny pussy lips opening to their fullest, moist sticky secretions finding their way out onto his finger, gently sliding down between my legs.

Then he put his finger in further and that shocked and brought me to my senses. He’d touched what i now know was my hymen, my cherry, my virginity…it was all that separated me from literally being broken in. I hadn’t and didn’t want this, so i shook my legs on the bed and quickly he removed his finger.

He removed his hand and walked out the door. I was disappointed but i didn’t leave it there.

With my hand i began to rub over my knickers which i now discovered were damp. I rubbed and then rubbed furiously not wanting to wake up the household.

The friction of the palm of my hand against my knickers against my wet cunt made the feelings impossible to hold back. My breath got quicker, my heartbeat bursting at every rub. I could feel the heat and excitement turning into something else.

Something was about to happen, my legs moved farther apart, i rubbed and rubbed then all of a sudden i began to experience my first orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed upon me.

I stifled the noise i was making by stuffing the bedsheets in my mouth. The pleasure of that first orgasm was beautiful, indescribable.

My legs were shaking, my hand furiously working away. Then i was finished. My breath slowed down, my heart began to slow down too and i rested. My cheeks flustered. I slowly drifted back to sleep.

The next morning when i woke i put fresh underwear on but not before looking at the ones i had taken off. They were slightly stained very lightly i took this to be from my kızılay escort moist pussy i smelt them and instantly knew that it was. Putting them in the dirty laundry i pulled out a red pair and on looking at my mound slid them up my legs and they fitted tightly.

I put on a dress and I went downstairs. Everyone was there and it was like nothing had happened.

Eating breakfast i looked at Alan and he showed no signs of what had previously occurred, i couldn’t have dreamt it could I. But the more i looked at him the more i knew he had fingered me and it turned me on…i began to get an exciting feeling between my legs and knew that i had to sort it.

Leaving the whole family and Alan chatting away i went back to my room, closed the door to and laid on the bed. I pulled my dress up and began to rub and rub with the palm of my hand over my knickers.

Once again i could feel the excitement and the heat…i rubbed and i started breathing heavily. This time there was no reason to stay quiet. I began to moan quietly and rub quicker.

My face grew redder with each rub. The friction of my knickers rubbing against my new found clitoris. I knew more than him, i knew where to touch.

My legs were open and my knees bent upwards…i began to climax. The climax took me over and i moaned as i came.

I, still rubbing, lifted my head up off the bed as i was halfway through my orgasm. There was Alan, I’d not closed the door and he had gently opened it.

He was looking at me halfway through a climax, rubbing over my red knickers. I immediately stood up and with my orgasm still going told him to get out. My climax reached its peak and my face as red as my knickers.

He quietly said ‘Shh, its ok’.

But i was so embarrassed i told him again to get out. He did so, I pulled down my dress back to my knees, walked downstairs and out of the door.

I may have been embarrassed, especially having a boy see my orgasm but Alan had awakened my sexual feelings and i will always be grateful for that.

I wondered as i walked away if i would ever get a boyfriend and see and feel a real cock, to kiss and do all the things my sister was probably doing. I was 18, had experienced my first climax. I couldn’t wait to explore more.

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