My Favorite Cousin

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It was a hot summer that year, I remember it like it was yesterday. Dean is one of my most favorite people in the world he is also my cousin. We always had something between us that was not what most people would call normal. We love each other as cousins but there has always been something a lot deeper and very,very naughty between us. When I was fourteen we flirted with each other shamelessly in front of his girl, and our family. It was at the time all that would come of our relationship. Until years later. It was the summer of 88 and I was eighteen, we were getting ready to celebrate our grandmothers birthday and the whole family was coming in to celebrate. We had planned a great party in the mountains that surround my home with a barbeque and a lot of fun. I was excited for many reasons but the biggest reason was that I was going to get to see my favorite cousin and the fact that I was legal for him to seduce. I remember it was hot, hotter than usual for Arizona in September. I loved the heat and had spent a great deal of time in thesun getting a tan and getting ready for Dean’s arrival. I knew that I should not be looking at my cousin in a sexual manor but I couldn’t help it, even though he is nine years older than me even now I get wet just wishing he was filling my pussy with his throbbing fourteen inch cock.

The day of the party I took my truck up the mountain and found us a great spot for the Picnic, I sat up my truck to keep all intruders of our party out and began setting out all the things I had brought up for the picnic.

The time seemed to stretch out into hours for me as I awaited for everyone arrival, when they did finally arrive I could feel my heart race as I waited to be greeted by the man I hoped would later that day fuck my brains out literally. The four play began immediately upon our first embrace and even though the rest of the family was unaware the sexual tension between us was thick, we spent a lot of time talking and visiting with the family then bored I went for a walk, I knew that he would follow. I walked slowly and deliberately lead him away from the rest of the family to a place where none of the others would find us for a while.

I knew that we could not do all the things we wanted to right then but I needed to feel his hands on me and his mouth against mine. When he caught me in the little clearing where none of the family was able to see us I turned into his arms and planted my lips hungrily against his.

I felt that kiss all the way into my already wet pussy, then his hand caressed my already hard nipples and he whispered into my ear “ I have been looking forward to this since I found out we were coming out for Grandma’s birthday.” I moaned as he kissed me again and rubbed his hand between my denim clad şirinevler escort thighs making the heat and wetness in my throbbing cunt all the worse. “ I have wanted you since before I should and now I will get my chance.” He told me and his hand continued to stroke my snatch.

“ I know I want you too.” I told him and I put my hand down the front of his pants and wrapped it around his thick giant cock.. I swear I almost came at the size of is fuck stick. I could not wait to feel it filling my pussy to the hilt and slamming me like the nasty bitch that I felt like at that moment. All I wanted to do was get down on my knees right then and there and take all of his mammoth cock into my mouth and let him fill me with all his love juices.

Unfortunately we had to cut that little interlude short because my stupid littlesister and her friend came looking for us. We went our separate ways making it back to the party from different directions so as not to cast suspicion on ourselves. After they cut the cakenand we all gave grandma her presents the “ Old folks” all decided they were going back to town to get some rest. After we helped clean up from the party and everyone was getting ready to leave and I decided it was now or never and since the family would be staying for a few days I might as well get him alone while I can so I invited Dean to go out with me and some of my friends.

He liked the idea readily enough the only problem was getting rid of my little sister and her boyfriend first. So we went and drove around for a little while then my sister and her boyfriend were ready to go find a party with some of their friends so we left them and went to make a party of our own. As soon as I had him to my self I put my hand on his hard cock and began to stroke him threw his pants.

Since he was driving my truck I told him where we could go, so that we could finally be alone. Little did I know that this would be the best sex of my life as well as the first time in my life that I felt something other than family Love for a member of my family. We went back up into the mountains, not as far as we were earlier with the family but far enough that we would not be found or disturbed by anyone other than perhaps the occasional teenager and their dates looking for a place to get laid or party.

We pulled off the road and parked, turning to him we kissed hot passionate kisses the kind that make you toes curl with passion. His hands stroking my already throbbing tits threw my cropped t-shirt making my nipples tingle and hard. My pussy pooled with wetness and pulsed with longing to feel him slam his cock in it. Hard and fast, soon we were tearing at each others cloths wanting no more barriers as we continued to explore all şirinevler elit escort the lust filled feelings we had for each other.

I began sucking is cock taking a little at a time I had never sucked a cock so big in my life but each time I went down a little further taking a little more into my hot mouth. I find it amazing that I took all fourteen inches deep in my throat and loved it, especially when he fucked y mouth like he was fucking my hot pussy. What I found even more amazing was I sucked him off taking all of his sweet hot sticky cum deep in my throat and swallowing every drop down like a glass of sweet water and even more amazing was that even though I had sucked him dry, he was still ready for more. I have yet to meet a man since who could fuck like he could. We were just getting started, much to my elation.

“ Damn, cousin, you give good head. You are a nasty little slut aren’t you.” he groaned as he ground his lips against mine and began rubbing my hot pussy sticking his fingers deep inside and pulling them in and out. I loved the feeling of his hands on me and all I wanted was for him to stick that giant cock of his deep in my hole and pound the shit out of me.“ Lay back on the seat, baby, let me get a taste of that sweet tang before I fuck you.” he moaned and my pussy became wet and sticky. Laying back on the seat, I spread my quivering thighs wide so that he could get to my throbbing snatch. The first stroke of his hot tongue sent my pussy into quivers, I thrust my snatch wantonly into his face holding his head down with my hands while he licked and sucked me to my first orgasm.

The slide of his fingers slowed and my tight hole began to convulse around them only wanted his throbbing cock now, as I began to beg and plead for him to fuck my pussy, instead he intensified my pleasure by sliding a finger in my tight puckered virgin ass. I never felt anything like it as he continued to eat my pussy into the second and third orgasms I found the pleasure of his finger in my ass too intense and thought I would pass out from it.

“ You like that you nasty little bitch?” he demanded as he continued to finger my asshole.

“ God Yes,” I moaned, “ Don’t stop Please don’t stop baby.”

I loved what he was doing to me then he told me, “ Straddle me baby I wanna fuck that pussy raw.” he stopped fingering my ass and pussy and sat back up on the seat, I climbed up onto his lap and straddle him.

“ I don’t think it is going to fit!” I moaned as his head pushed into my pussy.

“ We will work it in baby just take it slow and slide down on it a little at a time.” doing as he instructed I slide up and then down again taking a little more of him each time I did. He filled my pussy like şirinevler escort a nothing I had ever had before, I was no virgin by any means but when it came to this particular cock I thought I was being ripped in two as he took a little more and a little more of my throbbing hot snatch. Finally when he was fully in me he started to move gently at first then a little faster and faster until he was pounding into me like a jack hammer pounding the hard ground. As Dean jack hammered my tight snatch he sucked on my large dark nipples keeping them hard and erect.

I couldn’t believe how long we fucked in that position, then he opened the door to the truck and told me to get out, I did and he followed me out, bending me over the seat be began fucking me doggie style filling me even more than he had before, it was like nothing in the world that I could compare it too, so full and thick it felt like he was touching my heart. He began running his thick fingers across my ass again this time taking a special interest in my hole. I felt him slide his finger in on one of his deep thrust this caused an instant orgasm from me and I screamed “ Oh GOOOOD yess baby yesssss fuck me hard.”

And he did his thrust deeper and deeper as his hand was pumping my tight ass, then he stopped and pulled out of both holes, “ Your gonna like this you nasty girl, I’m gonna fuck you up your ass.” he told me.

I felt the head of his monster cock on my barely loosened asshole then he slid it threw my pussy juices and rubbed the head into them and the hole at the same time, then his Thick meat slowly began filling my tight hole, I squealed because it hurt at first. As he slides in more and more I begin to relax and enjoy the feeling of his cock sliding into my tight virgin ass. When he had gone as far as he could he began to pull out and then push back in going a little deeper each time, God how I loved the feel of him fucking my asshole. I started to reach down and rub my soaking wet cunt when his hand came around and beat mine to it. “ God, Your ass is so tight, do you like it like this baby?” he asked me. All I could do was moan, but he understood that I loved what he was doing to my ass.

Suddenly I was ready to cum again and I started pushing back on his cock making him fuck me harder and harder taking more of him up my now gapping ass. He increased his pace until I was screaming with pleasure finally he began to grunt as he shot his hot thick wad up my back door.

We both collapsed against each other, my legs felt like rubber bands and he must have felt the same because he barely moved and just continued to lean into me. I couldn’t believe the sex we had just had it was the best I have ever had. There are none that I have been with before or since that have given me so much pleasure and fucked me as well as he did that night. I still see my cousin everyone in a while and each time proves to be just as climatic as that first time. We still fuck each other when the chance presents itself even though I am now married, and I have to say that I would not give him up for anything or anyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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