My Exhibitionist Nudist Daughter Ch. 04

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Note: All characters are over the age of 18.

Sam and Molly arrive home about 30 minutes later. They took their time as it’s about a 5 minute walk. They come in through the front door giggling and both kind of sweaty with dried cum still visible on both of them.

“You two took a little detour, huh?”

“We stopped and had a little fun along the way,” Sam tells me.

“Yeah, what kind?”

“Just some fooling around that got a little carried away,” Molly says. “Sam got hungry and had to eat,” she says motioning to her pussy. “I was more than happy to help.”

I hope they were careful and that no one saw. “Well, it’s getting late. I think I’m gonna go to bed,” I tell them.

“Us too. It’s been a long day,” Sam says. “The best day ever, though.”

“I agree. It was amazing.”

Sam walks over and throws her arms around me for a hug. “Thank you again for tonight. I can’t wait for the rest of the weekend,” she says into my ear before sticking her tongue in and licking around it. She breaks the hug, looks at me, and leans in for a kiss. I do the same and we share a short but sweet kiss to end the night. The girls head upstairs. After I cleanup and turn off the lights I head up as well. As I walk by Sam’s room the door is closed. I get into my bedroom and they are both on my bed.

“Can we sleep with you, Daddy?”

“Sure baby, but I think I’m spent for the night. I need to actually get some sleep.”

“I just want to cuddle with you,” Sam says.

“Me too,” says Molly.

“Sounds good to me.” I head into the bathroom and wash up. I return and they are on each side of the bed. “I guess I get the middle.” I shut the lights off and start to climb in.

“I think you should be naked like us,” Sam says.

I stand up and take my clothes off before getting into the bed. As I lie down between them they each put their head on one of my shoulders while their hands lightly caress my body. I could get used to this.

“Goodnight Daddy,” Sam says after a few minutes as she leans in for another kiss. This one is a little longer and more passionate than the last. She closes her eyes as she settles back on my shoulder. I watch her drift off before falling asleep myself.

As I wake up the next morning I feel a weird sensation. After my vision comes into focus I look down and see Sam giving me a blowjob. I am not very hard and guess that’s probably because I was sleeping and didn’t know what was going on. As I watch her suck I grow hard and she looks up at me with my dick in her mouth and takes it out. “Good morning sleepy head. I’ve always wanted to wake up a guy with a blowjob so figured why not. You don’t mind do you?”

“Not at all.” I notice her hair is wet.

I look to my right and Molly isn’t there. “Molly’s in the shower. I just got out.”

“I’ve never been woken up like this. It feels amazing.”

“We’ll have to do it more often,” she tells me.

I just lie back and enjoy. After a bit I feel I am getting ready to cum and start to breathe a little heavier. Sam stops and looks up at me as a popping sound escapes her mouth after removing my dick. “Good, you’re close. I don’t want you to finish and want you to save up for later.” I shoot her a look of disappointment.

“Don’t worry, it’ll feel great.” As she says this she climbs up toward me and gives me a kiss, her naked body rubbing against mine.

I almost open my mouth to ask if this is the way things are now, but think the better of it. I just want to enjoy this and not put any labels or pressure on it. Molly comes back in after her shower and sits down on the bed next to us, still naked.

“What are we doing today,” she asks.

“Well, our options are pretty limited with you two wanting to stay naked. It’ll be one week straight for Sam tonight.”

“Yeah, she told me. I’m gonna have to try that myself soon.”

“I have an idea, Daddy.”

“What is it, baby?”

“You know how you said we’d celebrate my week of nudity with a nice dinner?”


“Well, how about we go out for a late dinner tonight? Maybe Joe’s?”

“Sounds good,” I tell her.

“A full week of nudity won’t be until later tonight, but if we go to a late dinner I’ll consider it a week to meet my challenge. I want to stay naked longer, but going out will be fun.”

“Whatever you want.”

“Can Molly come?”

“Of course.”

“Thanks, Mr. Spencer.”

“I have the perfect dress to show off in. We can find something for Molly too.”

“Well, don’t make it too risqué. I don’t want people wondering why I’m with my daughter while she’s wearing a revealing dress.”

“They don’t have to know that I’m your daughter.”

“This is not a big town,” I reply.

“Alright, well how about the other restaurant in Lincoln then,” she asks. That one is about 45 minutes away. Better chance of not running into anyone we know.”

“Good idea,” I tell her.

“Then it’s settled. Naked for the rest of the day then dinner tonight,” Molly says.

“What are we going to do until then,” I ask.

“Go take a shower while yalova escort Molly and I discuss.”

“I don’t know what you two are up to, but alright.” I get up and go take my shower. I come back to the room naked and they are still on my bed. They look up at me at pat the bed, motioning for me to sit down. I join them.

“We were talking and decided we want to do whatever you want. Anything come to mind?”

“Anything, huh?”

“No limits,” Molly says.

“Well, it’s been a long time since I had my ass licked and I’ve always enjoyed that…”

“Then lie down and we’ll fix that,” Sam says.

I do, then scoot up the bed and spread my legs. They position themselves on their stomachs near my dick. They start to kiss my legs and all around my dick, and then both start to lick each side of it. As I grow harder they continue to lick up and down each side, maintaining eye contact with me the whole time. They take turns sucking it very slowly while deep throating. Every so often they go back to licking the sides from the bottom up and end in a kiss at the top.

“Move down to the edge of the bed,” Sam tells me as they get up and get on their knees at the foot of it. “This way you’ll be able to see us better.”

I sit at the end of the bed, lean back on my elbows, spread my legs, and lift them into the air giving them access to my ass. I grab my phone and start recording. They each start kissing the underside of my legs then make their way to my balls. They get right near my asshole and then go back the other way, teasing me. After repeating this a few times I see Sam moving closer and feel her tongue finally reach its destination. The feeling is incredible. She slowly, and lightly, licks around then glides her tongue over it. She also inserts the tip of it and wiggles it around. She licks and sucks for what seems like minutes then pulls away. Molly takes her place and does the same while Sam takes me into her mouth. She smiles at me while gently gliding her teeth up my shaft before going back down and repeating this over and over, alternating between sucking and using her teeth lightly. She then rejoins Molly on her knees on the floor and they both are licking my ass at the same time. I’ll never forget their eyes meeting mine while both of their tongues are licking my ass.

They continue this for a while then go back to alternating between one of them sucking my dick very slowly while the other licks my ass and both licking it together.

“I’m close.”

“Not yet,” Sam replies. “I want you on edge all day.”

They stop sucking my dick but continue to rim me for a while longer as I sit back and enjoy the sensation.

“If you don’t stop I won’t be able to hold it.”

They stop and make out with each other, sharing the taste of my ass.

“Our turn,” Sam says.

They climb on the bed and get on their hands and knees next to each other with their asses facing me sitting on the end of the bed. I turn around and get behind them. I pull Sam’s plug out of her ass. It is a black rubber one that I haven’t seen before and is about a medium size compared to her other ones. I reach around her and stick it into her mouth. She accepts it and starts sucking. I then start to kiss her ass and tease her like she did me. I lick everything but her hole and hear her kind of whimper each time I pull away. I then go to Molly and do the same. After a while of alternating I go back to Sam and glide my tongue over her asshole lightly then go back and lick it harder and hear her moan. She is grabbing and massaging her tits with one of her hands while holding herself up with the other. I have a thought to insert my fingers into her pussy and play with her clit, but want to respect her anal only decision and not touch her clit until she tells me to.

I go back to Molly and insert my fingers into her pussy while licking her ass. She tells me “faster.” I speed up both and do so for a while until I hear her orgasm while her body shakes. I keep doing both throughout until she pulls away and collapses forward on the bed onto her chest. She looks back over her shoulder and smiles.

“I don’t want to orgasm yet and also want to be on edge all day, but will you do it a little longer? It feels so good.”

“Sure, baby.” I go back to licking her ass all over and then inserting my tongue as much as I can. As I do I lightly run my fingers along her ass and hips.

“Ok, stop,” she says after a couple of minutes. I stop and she lies down next to Molly. I am still on my knees, looking at them.

“Well, we still have a lot of time to kill before dinner,” I tell them. “What’s the plan?”

“Can we go for another drive,” Sam asks me.

“It’s daytime. That’s not a good idea.”

“We don’t have to get out of the car. I just want to be naked out in public. It’ll be fun.”

“I don’t know,” I tell them.

“Pleeeease, Daddy,” says Sam with a fake pouty look on her face.

“Pleeeease, Mr. Spencer.”

“I can’t turn down those faces. Ok. I assume you’re not going to bring any clothes just in case?”

“Of course yalova escort bayan not,” Sam tells me.

“Anywhere in mind?”

“Let’s just cruise around.”

“I’ll be ready whenever you two are.”

“We’re both wearing our outfits so we’re ready now,” Sam says.

I throw on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. We all go downstairs and I put my shoes on. I still don’t know how they are able to go barefoot outside like they do. It’s pretty sexy watching their bare feet touch the pavement outside, though. We climb into the car and I head off to nowhere in particular. The girls crack their windows slightly.

We drive around town with them looking out of their windows. Every so often they kiss and run their hands over each other.

“You hungry, Mol,” Sam asks. I wonder what she is thinking.

“I could go for a snack.”

“Daddy, can we get some fries or something?”

At this point I realize it’s not worth fighting anymore. “Where do you have in mind?”

“There’s a McDonald’s on Chestnut a few minutes away.”

“Ok,” I tell them as I turn and head in that direction. When we get there I pull into the parking lot and begin to park.

“What are you doing,” Sam asks.

“I’m going inside to get your fries.”

“No, silly. We want you to go through the drive-thru.”

“The back windows are tinted, but not that much. They will very likely see inside.”

“Well, duh. That’s the point.”

“Are you sure,” I ask.

“100%,” Sam replies.

I back out and pull around to the drive-thru. I place our order for a couple large fries. As we inch up the girls look so excited. I pay at the first window and the cashier doesn’t look into the back windows. I pull up to the pickup window and as it opens Sam leans forward and says “pull up, I’ll get it.” With not much time to think about it I do as she says. Sam rolls down her window all the way, I assume exposing herself and Molly completely. The worker goes to hand her the bag and stops halfway, realizing what he’s seeing. Luckily it’s a guy that I doubt will complain or report us.

“Is that for me,” Sam asks him.

“Uhhhhhh….yyyyyeesss,” he stammers.

“Well, can you please hand it to me,” Sam asks.

The guy is frozen. “Well fine then.” Sam leans out of the window with her top half outside of the car and grabs it before quickly getting back in. As soon as she gets back in I say thanks and pull away. I hope the people behind us weren’t paying attention.

“Not sure that was smart,” I tell her. “What if someone saw and reports this?”

“I don’t think he’s gonna care and I doubt anyone else saw.”

“That was so hot,” Molly says.

“It felt amazing. I almost opened the door and walked out to grab the food to show him everything.” I thank God she didn’t do that.

“You seem to be getting riskier,” I tell her. “When you go on your walks at night you’re careful to make sure no one sees you and now you’re saying you almost stood outside naked in the middle of the day in the McDonald’s drive-thru line for anyone to see?”

“I’m caring less and less if people see me. I actually don’t look around as much when going out at night. I’m proud of my body. If someone sees me naked then so be it. I’m not embarrassed. The only issue is getting in trouble. I have common sense and won’t push it too far. I’ll do my best to make sure I have a way out of any situation I’m in, but I think I want to show off more and have more people see me when possible.”

“Just make sure you don’t put yourself in any situations where you’re in danger or can get yourself or us in serious trouble.”

“I promise,” she tells me, looking at me in the mirror. “I won’t go walking through town naked during the middle of the day or anything like that. Just at home, outside at night, or when I think there is a chance no one will see me or care if they do.”

“I trust you,” I tell her. “I’ll help as much as I can.”

“I’ve also decided that I’m going to be completely naked as much as possible going forward. No clothes, jewelry, socks, shoes, nothing. There will not be a single thing touching my body, except my toys, from now on when home and as much as possible anywhere else I can be.”

“Aren’t you doing that already?”

“I mean permanently. I realize that I don’t just like being naked, I’m a nudist. I feel way more comfortable naked than clothed. I’m not going to go out much anymore unless we find places I can be naked. When I go to Molly’s I’m going to leave the house and drive over naked. I’m only going to put something on once in a while when we go out to do something that requires clothes and when we do it will be the bare minimum. Maybe at some point we can live or spend a lot of time somewhere that I can be naked at all times.”

“You better not move away from me,” Molly exclaims.

“Maybe not, but wherever we are you are welcome anytime. Right Daddy?”

“Of course. We can talk about all of this and figure it out later,” I tell her. “I’m not sure about you driving around naked, though. What if you get pulled over or something escort yalova happens?”

“I feel that it’s probably fine and if anything happens I will deal with whatever comes.”

I look at her in the mirror with a worried look on my face.

“I promise I will always take as many precautions as I can.”

“We’ll talk later, but like I said I trust you. I just worry.”

“I know. I also want to get rid of most of my clothes. I’ll keep my heels and some slutty dresses for fooling around and going out, a pair of gym shoes and flats, and just the minimum amount of other stuff for when I want to go do something. I only want a few articles of clothing in the house somewhere, but not a single one in my bedroom. My bedroom will only have my furniture and personal belongings from now on.”

“You want to throw away your clothes,” I ask.

“Maybe. Or you can put them in storage or something. I do want to throw out all of my bras and the couple pairs of underwear I have left, though. I haven’t worn them in forever and never want to wear them again. We can keep the dresses, shoes, jewelry, and few articles of clothing anywhere. The rest can be stored away or thrown in the trash. I don’t care.”

As she is saying this Molly is masturbating. “This is so fucking hot,” she says.

“How about we keep the few things I might want access to in a locked trunk or box or something and only you have the key? That way I have no access and can only get something if you open it for me?”

“I can add a lock to one of the basement closets and keep everything down there if that works. That way they won’t even be in the main part of the house.”

“Perfect,” Sam exclaims happily. “If I ever need to wear something you will have to unlock the closet and give it to me. When I come home I’ll immediately take it off and give it to you to lock it back up. We can figure out the laundry situation later.”

“I’ll just do it for you when needed before locking it up. It’s not like it’s going to be much, or often, anyways.”

“Thank you, Daddy!”

“No problem. What about your other friends? You said you’ll visit Molly, but you’re not gonna want to see them?”

“I guess not much. Once in a while I can see them while wearing hardly anything. I don’t want to let anyone else know about our arrangement for fear of judgment and consequences, mostly for you. I don’t want you to get in any trouble or lose your job or anything so won’t have anyone other than Molly over for now. We’ll see, though. Maybe I’ll sense others will be accepting of my decision and let them know.”

“I agree that it’s best to keep this small for now, but if you feel like there’s anyone else you can trust they are welcome over anytime. Around anyone else you can be naked and we won’t do anything sexual. I’ll just tell them I support your decision.” Sam smiles at me in the mirror.

I cruise around for a while as they eat and continue looking out of their windows. Even after everything that has happened this last week I can’t believe I am going to help my daughter be naked pretty much all of the time and that I’m the only one that will be able to give her anything to wear. It’s kind of crazy, but extremely hot to me. I keep thinking how lucky I am.

“What do you say we go home and relax for a little bit before dinner,” I ask.

“Ok,” Sam says.

We get home and they both get out of the car without a care in the world, walking slowly to the front door. I look around and don’t see anyone around.

After they finish eating we decide to play a board game. “Join us naked, won’t you,” Sam asks. I disrobe and join Sam on the couch while Molly sits on the floor across the table from us. Molly wins after about an hour. After that we watch some TV as they both again put their head on my shoulders and run their fingers over me. They take turns lightly caressing my dick, but never grabbing, stroking, or leaning in to suck it. We do this for a while until they finish some stupid shows they like.

I excuse myself telling them I have a few minutes of work to do, but have something else in mind. I come back after 30 minutes and stand in front of them on the couch. “Ok, so we have a reservation at 9:30 for dinner.”

“Don’t they close at 9,” Sam asks.

“Nope. It’ll be a late dinner. Is that ok with you?”

“Sure. It means I’ll fully reach the one week mark of no clothes,” Sam says excitedly.

“So, about that.”

“About what?”

“Your nudity streak. Do you want to keep it going?”

“I’d love to, but I want to go out for a nice dinner. I’ll just wear the bare minimum and start a new streak after.”

“Well, what if I told you that you can do both?”

“Are you going to go pick it up and bring back or something,” Sam asks me.

“Nope. We are going to eat inside the restaurant.”

“I’m confused. How can we go there to eat in the restaurant and I can still be naked?”

“Well, I gave them a call a bit ago and asked if they would like to make some extra money tonight.” Sam leans forward and her eyes widen in anticipation. “They actually do close at 9, but I asked them how much it would cost to keep it open late for a private dinner. After initially declining I threw a number at them and they asked if I was sure. I said yes and they finally agreed.”

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