My Chemical Romance Ch. 08

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Big Dicks

I strode into the store with the confidence I wish I’d had the first time and headed straight for the lighted case of vibrators and dildos. I had seen Casey in the back of the store and avoided her eyes, wanting her to come to me so I lingered over the sleek toys, my mouth nearly watering over the possibilities that lay within.

“Back so soon?”

I shrugged, still avoiding her glare. “I wanted to buy something for a friend.”

Casey smiled and stepped behind the case, sliding the door aside. “Tell me about her.”

“She’s shy. Quiet. Just learning about her sexuality … “

“Interested in exploring?”

This time, I met her eyes, holding them and responding with a raspy, “Yes.”

Time seemed to slow, then freeze as she reached over and rubbed her fingers against the back of my hand. “Come with me. I have something special in mind.”

Her words made a deep trembling start in my stomach and I nearly stumbled, following her to the back of the store. We paused at the entrance to where the live shows were held and she went behind the counter, bursa escort retrieved a new dildo and a thin vibrator and dumped a fistful of tokens in my hand. Casey whisked the velvet curtain aside and escorted me down a hallway, using a key card to open the fourth door.

The room was dimly lit and consisted of four black walls, a beat-up wicker chair and an ottoman. She closed the door behind us, pulled her shirt off and laid it on the chair, then wrenched the toys out of their plastic prisons, setting them on her shirt. I gazed hungrily at her bra-clad breasts and she smiled widely at me, taking a token out of my hand and dropping it into the machine. The window slid up and a naked young man and woman gave us a grin, then turned to each other, caressing various body parts and kissing passionately.

Casey’s hands on my shoulders startled me but I allowed her to slide my shirt over my head, loving the feel of her hands on my skin. “So tell me … ” Her hands moved around my waist, pulling on the button on my pants and yanking my zipper down. “Why is your friend suddenly bursa escort bayan interested in exploring?”

The heat of her breath on the back of my neck made me gasp and shiver. “She saw something she liked.”

“Oh, yeah?” I wanted to lean back against Casey and to feel her hands on my breasts but she moved away, pushing my pants down and bending to remove them from my body. My attention returned to the couple in the window and I added two more tokens to the machine. Casey pointed to the ottoman. “Get on your hands and knees.”

I thought to ask her why but the curious part of me did as I was ordered, trembling when she ran a hand down the inside of my thighs, gently pressing my legs open. Her fat tongue swabbed my moist hole, sliding up from the front to the back and laving my asshole as well. I gasped and pushed back, but again, she moved away. I wasn’t to be disappointed for long. The blunt, rounded head of the dildo pressed into me and I held onto the window’s ledge, breathlessly watching the couple fuck as Casey pumped me.

“Oh, God, yes!”

She escort bursa pushed it all the way in, then tugged it out, giving my ass a stinging slap with each extraction and the wet sounds of my gushing pussy filled the tiny room, mingling with my gasps. I heard the buzzing of the vibrator but it didn’t really register until I felt the buzzing tip circling, then entering my asshole. The combination of the dildo and the vibrator plunged me into a state of continuous bliss, Casey’s efforts keeping my toes curling as I hurtled toward a teeth-jarring orgasm.

When she plunged the vibrator in to the hilt, I exploded, shouting as my pussy clutched the dildo, rippling against the plastic. She kept the vibrator shoved into my hole, twisting the dildo and drawing sweet, deep tremors that made me sob in pleasure. The window silently slid closed and it was several minutes before I realized that the couple was finished.

“God, that was fantastic.” I stood and held onto Casey as she pulled my pants back up and slipped my shirt over my shoulders. I suddenly realized that I didn’t want just toys any more. My addiction was growing and Casey was about to become its next victim. She seemed to notice the change in my attitude and moved close, her lips just inches from mine.

“Wanna try my toys?”

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