My Brother, My Sister Ch. 03

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From Part II

It was too much for me and I started to squirt hot semen, drenching my panties as he squeezed me harder. Tom grunted and pushed himself into me as far as he could, I was pushed hard against the kitchen counter as my brother’s throbbing cock exploded deep in my ass. I felt the head of his penis pulsate against my prostate as he shot stream after stream of hot semen deep inside me. I continued to eject jets of come as his hand squeezed my penis harder through my silky nylon panties.

I moaned and squirmed my ass back against him to drain the last droplets of come from him. He groaned and collapsed against me, sated.

“OOOOOhhhhhh Sis, that was just so fucking good,” my brother whispered in my ear and kissed my earlobe.

Part III

Tom eased back and his long thick cock slid out of my ass; he slid my panties back into place, pulled my skirt back down, and patted my ass.

“Well done Sis,” he laughed.

“I really need to empty the old ball sack, and your ass was just the place to do it. Now cook my fucking breakfast bitch!” he scolded; any form of tenderness gone from his voice.

I sheepishly turned back to my chores as I felt my brother’s semen oozing from ass and mix with my own semen pooled in the crotch of my nylon panties as it start to cool off and congeal.

“Tom, can I please change my underwear?” I asked, using a pleading, subordinate tone.

“I don’t think so Mike, I mean Michele. When you have served my breakfast we might go back upstairs to where you keep your girly clothes and pick out something more suitable for company; but for now you’ll do fine as you are” Tom answered.

‘Company, Oh my God, what is my brother thinking of getting up to next,’ I thought to myself.

I decided to shut up and get on with Tom’s breakfast. As I laid the plate before him, Tom slid his hand up my sheer stockinged leg and stoked my thigh. I didn’t move, I decided to let Tom have everything his way for now; after all he held all the aces.

Tom continued to play with my stocking tops as shovelled food into his mouth with his other hand. Then his hand slid up to my soaked panties.

“Oh fuck Sis, you’re sopping wet. I must have come a torrent in your ass, and you’re soaked in the front too,” he laughed as his hand slid around and stroked my cock through the nylon panty.

“Well I’m glad that you liked that I gave you a ‘reach around’ but for fuck sake all that come in your knickers is disgusting!” Tom laughed evilly and then removed his hand and wiped it on the front of my black miniskirt.

“You fucking arsehole!” I yelled and made to slap his face.

Tom was too quick for me and grabbed my hand in mid air as he stood up and pushed me back hard. I tottered back on my high heels and fell flat on my ass on the kitchen floor, winded. I must of looked a sight, my legs spread, skirt rucked up to expose my stocking tops and soaked white nylon panties, and my thick makeup starting to run as I tried to hold back tears.

“You fucking well are a girl Mike!” Tom spat contemptuously.

“Now get your fucking faggot, girly ass into the shower and clean yourself up. And don’t think this is over, I’ve just started having fun. When you’ve cleaned my ‘man fat’ from your ass and made up your slutty face for me again, I’ll help you pick out the wardrobe for this afternoon’s entertainment. Now fuck off and let me finish my breakfast you freak!” my Brother said, dismissing me from the room.

I skittered up onto my heels and slunk off to the shower. I had never felt so humiliated. Even the raping I had received from the street gang last night had some semblance of respect and tenderness. My Brother Tom was treating me like a two-dollar whore this morning!

I beşiktaş türbanlı escort removed my come stained panties, garters, stockings and skirt then gathered up the soiled clothing from last night’s ‘adventures’ and put them in the washer while I showered. I spent at least half an hour washing myself and gave myself a quick enema to clean out my brother’s come from inside me. I vaguely heard the phone ringing and Tom answering during this period, but paid scant attention.

After three-quarters of an hour I retrieved my now clean clothes from the washer and placed them in the dryer. I felt refreshed enough to go to my room and get dressed. As I entered Tom was sitting on the bed surrounded by a selection of my girl clothes he had obviously taken from my secret hiding place at the back of the wardrobe.

Tom had laid out my red Lycra miniskirt, a black sheer blouse, black nylon panties and matching bra, and a pair of my sheerest black seamed nylon stockings. On the floor were my high heeled, patent leather, open toe, sandals. My blonde wig was sitting on the dresser amongst the makeup scattered there from this morning.

“Get dressed, Sis,” Tom ordered.

“And put on lots of that slutty makeup you wear, just like last night. And…fucking get a move on; we’ve got company coming.”

“What are you on about Tom?”

“Who have we got coming?” I sounded alarmed.

Tom grabbed me and threw me on the bed.

“Just do what you’re told ‘big Sister’, unless of course you want our family and the whole neighbourhood to know about you perversion!” Tom yelled into my face. He stormed out the room and left me to dress.

I knew I had no choice but to comply as I plied on my makeup, making my self look like a cheap whore with heavily mascaraed eyes, ruby red lips, and rouged cheeks. I fitted the wig, slid into the bra and panty set, pulled my matching black garter belt over my panties and squeezed into the tight red mini. I eased the slinky nylon blouse over my shoulders and bent down to glide the diaphanous, black nylons up my legs and attached them to the garters. I buckled the high heels and bent down to straighten the seams of my stockings.

As I was I stood up and turned my back to the mirror to check my stocking seams were straight, the door had opened silently.

“My fucking oath Tom, she looks even better than last night, I can’t wait to get my hands on her!” a voice I remembered from last night exclaimed.

I turned around and saw a jet-black youth that I identified as being the leader of the gang that had forced their way on me last night in the park.

“Well don’t wait Tone,” by Brother Tom, said matter of factly.

“Help yourself. Tony, this is my Sister Michele; Michele this is Tony. But what the fuck, you two met on a more than personal level last night didn’t you. So, no need for formal introductions,” he laughed.

“Go for it Tone!”

The black, heavily muscled youth sprang forward and wrapped me in his huge arms. He pulled me forward and I collapsed against him. He looked me in the eyes and then pulled my face towards his.

“Hello Michele,” he whispered.

“Remember me?”

Just before his lips crushed mine I tried to scream.


But his lips mashed against mine and my scream was stifled. Tony forced his tongue into my mouth and began to rape my mouth. He pulled me hard against him and I felt the growing bulge in his jeans as he kissed me. Tony’s right hand released its grip from around me and went to my ass and began squeezing my cheeks through my skirt and panties. He rubbed first one cheek of my ass then the other as he continued to French kiss me.

I beşiktaş ucuz escort tried to struggle, but his grip was too tight and all I succeeded in doing was moving my lower body against him and arousing him further. His cock now felt like an iron bar against me. Tony’s hand now reached under my skirt and started to caress my stockinged thighs. I was so breathless I thought I would pass out.

“Oh fuck yes, Michele,” Tony whispered as his lips left mine briefly.

“God you are one sexy little girly-boy!”

He then proceeded to kiss me again and steadily force me back towards the bed. I had no control over the situation and as my legs came into contact with the end of my bed I fell backwards with Tony on top of me. He reached under my arms and dragged me up the bed so I was prone underneath him; all the time his lips were locked on mine. The only thing I could think to do was slam my legs shut in protest.

Tony broke the kiss and as I lay there panting he straddled me. He was sweating and breathing hard himself. He tore off his T-shirt and unbuckled his belt; he pushed his jeans down and lifted each leg to shed himself of the garment. He wore no underwear and I caught sight of his huge erect organ. It looked even bigger than the monster he had forced into me last night.

I prayed that this would end soon. Maybe Mom and Dad would come home, maybe Tom would take pity on me, maybe the world would end; what chance did I have?

Tony now lay on top of me, taking his weight on his elbows and began a series of passionate kisses. His hands roamed over my body, stroking and caressing. Eventually one hand reached under my skirt and began to stroke my thighs again. I felt him squirm on top of me and realised what he was doing. Tony was working his cock between my locked, stocking encased thighs. He started a slow steady rhythm as he dry humped my thighs, his cock trapped between them.

I felt him get further excited now and his kisses became even more passionate as his rock hard cock continued its steady fucking motion between my nyloned legs. I made a mistake. I opened my legs slightly to try and thwart his pleasure, and Tony immediately seized the opportunity. He dropped one leg between mine and forced them further apart. He pushed up with his hips and his iron hard cock came into contact with mine through the gauzy nylon of my panties. Tony immediately began dry fucking me through my panties, his hard member pressed against mine, only the thin translucent nylon between them.

I couldn’t help myself. My cock began to harden and I started to push up to meet his thrusts. I responded to his kisses, driving my tongue deep into his mouth and mashing my lipsticked lips against his. The feeling of our cocks rubbing together with only the thin nylon panty between them was exquisite. Again I had gone from being the victim of a rape to willing participant, only because of my inability to control my arousal.

I was enjoying the dry fucking so much that I pushed my heels into the bed to force my crotch higher and harder to meet Tony’s thrusts. I locked my arms around him and began to groan. I then felt the bed shift as a weight was added just near my head. I turned to the right and opened eyes and saw my brother’s engorged member level with my face. I guess it was just instinct, but I opened my mouth and sucked the proffered appendage into my mouth, my lipstick leaving a red trail along the shaft as it slid over my lips.

I began to move my tongue around the throbbing head of Tom’s cock, licking under the glands whilst keeping it trapped in my mouth, my lips clamped on the shaft. I heard my brother groan.

“Oh Sis, yeah sweets, that what I wanted.”

Tony beşiktaş üniversiteli escort stopped thrusting against me and I writhed on the bed to indicate my disappointment, but he was only adjusting his position. He put his knees between mine and grabbed my silky, stockinged calves and lifted my legs up and locked them under his arms. I felt his cock prodding against the leg opening of my knickers and then felt it slide inside my panties and rest against my ass bud.

I was now getting exceptionally randy and began a steady long slow blowjob on my brother Tom. I kept his shaft clamped between my lips and moved my head up and down his shaft as my tongue continued to lash his tender glans. My own cock was rock hard and the tip had forced its way out of my panty waistband and was so sensitive, the friction of it rubbing on my skirt was painful. I reached down and pulled up my lycra skirt around my waist, fully exposing my panty clad ass and balls, my glans were now exposed and my cock was pushed flat against my stomach by the waistband on my panties against the shaft.

Tony started to push forward with his hips and his penis, lubricated by our ‘cock-kissing’ session, slid slowly into my ass. I relaxed my inner muscles and allowed him to enter me until his balls rested snugly against my ass cheeks. Tony then lifted my legs higher and placed my high-heeled feet over his shoulders, he was kissing my stocking legs, bending forward and moving his kisses up my legs as his cock started its outstroke.

I clenched my lower muscles tight and my ass gripped his cock as it started a steady in and out rhythm, on the in stroke his body rubbed against my cock adding to my pleasure. I was sucking Tom’s cock to the same rhythm, his cock being swallowed deep into my throat as Tony’s shaft pumped into my ass.

“Oh fuck Sis, this is just so good! Suck that cock honey!” my brother groaned.

“And take me deep inside you sugar,” breathed Tony.

The pace gradually increased as Tony started to fuck me hard. He was no longer gentle, but was pounding his hard, fat cock in and out of me faster and harder, his balls slamming into my panty ass and grinding himself against me at the top of his in stroke. Tom was keeping pace and was now holding my head as he fucked my mouth, I was breathing heavily through my nose trying not to choke when his cock was fully inserted into my mouth, his balls banging against my chin.

And me, the poor little girl being raped? I was enjoying every second! I was sucking and licking my brother’s cock, and rising to meet Tony’s thrusts as I concentrated on squeezing his cock tight inside me.

The pace was now at a crescendo and both of the boys where groaning as they approached orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck honey I’m gonna’ come, I can feel it,” groaned Tony.

“Ohhhhhhhh me too!” screamed Tom.

“Take it! Take it! Take it, sugar!” Screamed Tom, as I felt him push forward with a mighty thrust. He buried his face in my nyloned thigh and kissed me there as his cock started to spasm deep in my ass. He was pushing his cock into me as deep as he could, and grinding his balls against my panty ass to increase the sensation of his orgasm. I felt my ass flood with hot semen.

At the same time Tony groaned,

“Here Michele, take my load!” And he too pushed his cock deep inside my mouth down to the back of my throat, his hands forcing my head hard against his crotch. Hot salty sperm started to boil from his throbbing penis and fill my mouth. As much I sucked I couldn’t swallow it all and I pulled my head back. Tom pulled his cock from my mouth and rubbed it all over my face as the last of his seed ejaculated over my face. The hot, sticky come was in my eyes, my hair, and all over my cheeks. My makeup was running as his come was smeared all over my face by my brothers hot, jerking cock.

I felt last spasms of Tony’s orgasm deep in my ass, and my bother’s hand squeeze my cock and stroke it in a tight grip. I ejaculated against my belly; I felt the hot come pool there as my dick throbbed in my brother’s hand.

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