My Best Friend’s Wedding Ch. 01

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Today started like any other Saturday; I slept in until my bladder woke me, went to the gym for a full body workout — and to check out all the straight gym rats, before coming home to shower. Pumping some iron always got me in a randy mood, especially surrounded by sweaty, scantily clad muscled men.

And in keeping with the ordinary, I scrolled Grindr profiles with high hopes of finding some burly daddy to plow me out. Alas, this was not the case. Instead I blew my load all over my smooth stomach watching a pretend mall cop breed some twunk.

Living in Philadelphia, I certainly had plenty of options. At 32, I no longer had enough motivation for a random hookup. My days of slutting around town ended as abruptly as my 20s. Nowadays I just waited around for my dream daddy. He’d be tall and thick with muscle, with dark hair and skin. The perfect contrast to my slighter frame and smooth skin. And of course, he’ll need beer can cock.

I was halfway towards another full erection when my phone vibrating stole my focus. On the screen was a message from my college best friend, Sara, In all caps I read, JOSH PROPOSED IM ENGAGED!!

I smiled and unlocked my phone to respond with congratulations. She continued on about how did it and finished with an invitation to an engagement party. It was to take place at her family home in upstate New York. Of course, I was more than happy to RSVP, it’s not like I’d have any plans. Plus, knowing she came from money, I was super curious to see the home she grew up in.

A month later, I packed up my Jeep for a long weekend away. I headed north towards Syracuse, the after work traffic giving only minimal delays. I decided to stay in Syracuse for the weekend as it didn’t look like there was too much available on n the small lake town of Skaneateles. Given it was early May, there was still a potential for a Grindr hookup with a local university meathead or even professor.

I stayed downtown, in a quiet but contemporary hotel. Getting into my room, I immediately stripped off my clothes, eager to wash off the sweat of the day and from the long drive. I logged into Grindr and was met by a sea of naked torsos, blank profiles, and every other type of guy you could imagine. I wasn’t ready to explore the locals meat just yet, but wanted to make presence known.

In the bathroom, I turned on the shower to a steam-inducing heat. I admired myself in the mirror, proud I was able to keep myself mostly trim into my 30s. My smooth, pale skin started to dew from the heat steam. I was a little softer around the middle, but I was happy I had noticeable pecs and cut biceps. Oh, and a perky bubble butt. I loved biking and the thickness of my thighs and ass proved it.

I set the water temperature of the shower to a more reasonable level, stepped in, and closed the glass door behind me. The warm water was refreshing. I turned the temperature even lower, borderline cold. The coolness set my skin alive with goosebumps and I shivered. My nipples instantly hardened, becoming more sensitive.

I didn’t last long with this, and readjusted the water back to a more normal setting. I started lathering soap across my chest, teasing my still erect nips. The suds dripped down my stomach to my trimmed pubes and cut dick. I fondled my balls and stroked my shaft, letting it grow it it’s full 7.5″. I gathered more soap suds and reached around with both hands to lather up the crevice between my ass cheeks. My two index fingers toyed my tight, pink hole.I tried sticking a finger in, wincing in pain. I hadn’t bottom in over a year. The last few guys I dated or hooked up with were all younger and shorter than me, which always led to my desire to top. In the moment, I thought of my dream daddy, rubbing his thick cock over my soapy hole. My own dick yearned for more attention, but I wanted to wait and see if maybe there was some DILF out there for me.

I finished showering, including a thorough cleaning of my ass and hole. I plopped on the bed, bahis siteleri naked, with my phone and opened Grindr. My photo was of me, shirtless on the beach, from my last vacation. Enough there to show I was reasonably attractive and fit. So far, most messages were from blank profiles or college twinks. Nothing I was interested in at the moment.

I set the age filter to 40 and up in hopes of finding a professor or sports coach. Most guys in the immediate area were not my type. I scrolled for a bit and found him.

Just over 20 miles away, he had a torso pic showing a mat of salt and pepper chest hair over hard, round pecs. Nestled there, was a beaded metal chain with a set of dog tags. He had a taut stomach with an equal amount of hair, and a faint v line hugged by a white towel. Enough hair was peeking out to hint at a full bush and below it, a rather generous mound of man meat. The hand holding the phone whilst snapping the selfie was coated with dark brown hair leading up to a smooth well-toned bicep. His other hand was on the bathroom sink, supporting his lean forward towards the mirror, showing a tight horseshoe tricep.I was intrigued, as was my dick.

I tapped to open his profile. The description was blank, but his stats set me fluttering; Age — 52, Height — 6’4″, Weight — 230, Body Type — Muscular, Tribes — Military/Daddy. Physically, he was already perfect, but I wanted to know more. I loved the idea of this tall daddy towering over my 5’8″ frame, ready to make me his bitch.

Feeling frisky, I typed out a greeting, ‘Hey daddy’, and hit send. I quickly added the smiling devil emoji. I wasn’t very good at this. My messages showed the “read” status, and my heart fluttered in anticipation of his response, but it didn’t come. Five minutes later, after more scrolling, nothing. Ten minutes later he went offline. Oh well.Feeling defeated already,

I aimlessly scrolled through Twitter, gently stroking myself to video clips from all the OnlyFans gays and their latest fuck adventures. It was nearly 11pm, and after edging for half an hour, I was nearly bursting. A Grindr notification made me stop. I switched apps to find my muscle daddy had finally responded, though simply with a ‘Hey cutie’.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and I noted how I was just in town for the weekend. I learned he enjoyed weights, hiking, etc. More importantly I learned he was a total top. The conversation seemed very one sided, with me initiating all the questions and him responding in minimal answers. I was bored of him to be quite frank. He went silent again, and I gave up hope. I finished jerking off to my Twitter feed and fell asleep around midnight.

The next morning I checked Grindr again. The daddy showed offline since his last message to me. No big deal. I turned my attention to other things.

I scoped out breakfast on my way to the hotel fitness center, fairly standard. I spent 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill and another 30 minutes with the measly weight equipment. After a quick breakfast, I was back in the shower. Once again I found myself fingering my tight hole, but I resigned myself to the fact I wasn’t getting any action this weekend.

By midday, I was headed out to my friend’s engagement party. The drive looked to be just over 20 minutes. It went quickly, but gave me enough time to enjoy the beautiful horse country. I drove through a quiet downtown area sat right next to a gorgeous lake. GPS took me along the lakeside, and eventually I turned into a long, private driveway that sloped down to a massive lake house. There were several cars already parked, and I stopped in an empty space.

I was excited to see Sara. She lives in DC with her fiancé and I only see her every two years. It will be great to catch up.

I followed an elderly couple, likely a set of grandparents, to the immaculately landscaped backyard. I instantly found Sara and rushed to meet her.

“Devin!” She squealed, meeting me halfway.

Her fiancé, canlı bahis siteleri Josh, waved and smiled to me on his way to help the elderly couple to find some chairs. This came as no surprise as he was always kind hearted the few times I’ve met him. He was tall, with dark olive skin. Gorgeous face with curly black hair. I think his family was Greek. Sara was definitely a lucky woman.

She ushered me around, introducing me to various relatives as her “GBFF”. I let her have that one, it was her day after all. Her mom, Diane, a stout woman with bleached blonde hair, gave me a warm hug. Behind her, was her husband, and Sara’s father, Jack. I’d only seen him in pictures. In college, Sara mentioned he was stationed in Germany. She was a former Army brat. At the time of graduation, he was on tour in Iraq.

In person, he was every inch the imposing Army lieutenant. Tall, dark black hair with wisps of gray, a thick mustache, broad shoulders and thick arms. He was a mountain of a man. His smile though, it melted the intimidation away into a gesture of welcome. He was wearing tight denim jeans and a simple white linen button down. He gave me modern day Tom Selleck vibes. He extended one large hand and grasped mine.

“Devin, after all these years it’s finally nice to meet you,” he said, my hand lingering in his.

“Of course! Thank you, sir, for having me. Your home is beautiful,” I responded.

“Glad you could make the trip, son,” he said, giving my hand a squeeze before letting go.

I smiled stupidly. Now this was a man who could inspire my daddy fantasies.

I allowed Sara to give a tour of the property and house before she left me on my own. I really didn’t know anyone, so I resigned myself to sipping mint juleps. As the afternoon wore on, my eyes followed either Josh, or Jack. They were easily the two most attractive males in attendance. More often, Jack won my attention.

The day had gotten warmer, and his white button down was damp with sweat. I self-consciously licked my lips watching him unbutton the top four rows of his shirt, exposing that beautiful hairy chest and a pair of dog tags. The torso of last night’s Grindr chat flashed in my head. Coincidence? I mean, that’s too good to be true. There’s very likely several retired Army men around this area.I made up my mind it was coincidence, but there was still a lingering hope.

I wandered into the quiet, empty house, in search of a bathroom. The one Sara had shown me was occupied. I walked along another hallway, in search of another. My bladder didn’t want to wait. At the far end of the house,I found what appeared to be a combination office and home gym. Along one of the walls there was an open door, and what looked like tile floor. Bingo.I flicked on the lights, and it was indeed a full bathroom complete with a small stand up shower. I quickly relieved myself and washed up. As I was drying my hands, I couldn’t help but notice how familiar the sink looked, and the wallpaper, and the mirror.

I had my phone out and unlocked in a flash. I opened Grindr and searched for the profile I’d been talking to the night. Everything in his photo was the same. He took this photo standing right where I was. My best friend’s dad, Jack, took this photo of himself. Instantly my dick hardened at the possibility of somehow fulfilling this fantasy. Did he recognize me earlier? I mean, my own profile picture has me in sunglasses with much shorter hair. It was possible he might not have.

I rejoined the party, thinking of ways this could play out. A catering company was busy setting up a barbecue. Sounds of laughter and soft rock filled the air. I searched through the attendees looking for Jack. I found him, away from everyone else, sitting in rocking chair at the end of a short dock.

No one noticed me circumvent the cluster of tables and chairs set up, making my way down to the waterfront. Jack rocked idly, nursing a glass of bourbon. He cocked his head to look at me when my I canlı bahis took my first steps on the wooden dock.

“Party getting too much for ya?” he asked.

“Oh it’s great, don’t get me wrong.” I replied, taking a seat next to him. “Just a lot of new faces, needed a break. Is it okay if I join you?”

He motioned to an identical chair to his right and I sat, kicking off my flipflops. The sun was setting over tue far end of the lake, the golden light giving me perfect visibility to this spectacular specimen. His shirt was still unbuttoned, and his jeans rolled up above his hairy ankles and bare feet. He looked totally at ease.

“I understand. Though, you hardly feel like a stranger. We’ve heard all the stories of you from Sara.”

We spent the next few minutes in silence.

“Are you still dating that Trent fellow?”

He was referring to my last boyfriend, which ended exactly four years ago.

“No, not anymore. Single right now actually.”

“Ah, Sorry to hear. A good looking guy like you, it should be easy to find another handsome young fellow,” he said, taking a sip from his highball.

He proffered the glass to me, and I also took swallowed down some of the amber liquor. He reached down beside him to a bottle, and refilled.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind being single,” I said.

The little bit of liquid courage I had made me continue.

“If anything, my type is definitely someone older.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly at my admission.

Another few silent minutes passed with us exchanging the glass of bourbon between the two of us, taking small sips. I needed to a bolder.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I started, trying to keep my voice steady while my pulse raced. “I found the bathroom in your office. The only other bathroom I knew of was taken.”

He shook his head slightly, not taking the hint.

“I like that bathroom,” I continued. “Looks like a great place to take a picture.”

He stopped rocking, and turned his head just enough for us to make eye contact.

There was a twenty year age difference between us, and he was my best friend’s dad, but I didn’t care. I wanted this man. Time to make my move.

“I enjoyed chatting with you last night,” I said in a tone just barely louder than a whisper.

One of his eyebrows twitched into a curve and he surveyed me head to toe.

I gently lifted my left foot and moved close enough to rub the tub of his foot with my big toe. He responded by lifting his foot from the heel, matching my pressure.

“When I saw you today, when Sara introduced us, I couldn’t tell if that was you,” he said. “If I’d known, I never would’ve responded.”

“It’s okay,” I said, continuing to run my foot against his. “I’m not in the business of outing people.”

“You really are a handsome fella,” he said, letting out a sigh of relief.

“And you’re one sexy daddy,” I whispered.

He smiled, and very nearly giggled.

“We can’t. We can’t do this, not here,” he said, coming to his senses.

“If not here, then where?”

“Go back to my office, and lock the door. Don’t worry, I have a key.”

I got up quickly, and tried not to run. I couldn’t believe this was happening. For the first time, I was going to live out my daddy fantasy.

I scurried through the crowded tables of partygoers, all intent on their conversations and plates of food. Sara saw me, with a look of concern. I mouthed ‘I need to pee’ and pointed at my crotch. She smiled and went back to listening to the story her fiancé was telling.

I retraced my path back through the house, the office with gym equipment. I closed the door quietly, and waited.

Sixty seconds passed by, and then five minutes. I could hear my heart racing in my ears. Five minutes turned to ten and I was sure he only said to meet him here in order to get rid of him.

I was getting annoyed, frustrated. I went to grab the door knob, but it jiggled. I stepped back, holding my breath. The door opened, and this 6’4″ stud daddy walked in, locking the door behind him.

“Now, let’s really get to know each other,” he said, grabbing his crotch through his jeans, a wicked grin painted on his face.

To be continued…

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